Will And Grace (MF,F-mast)
by Ben Grimm ([email protected])

Karen was sitting alone in Grace's office. It was 11:30am and she was on
her eigth gin and tonic. Karen had a nice buzz going and was listening to
the pencil sharpener pretend to talk to her. Then a cool breeze brushed
against her shoulder and she noticed how hot she was feeling. She was
wearing a skintight black dress that tastefully covered her upper thighs
and prominetly displayed her overflowing clevage. She hiked the dress up
a little and started fanning herself, but she was still so hot.

She knocked down another drink and found that she was absent mindly stroking
her inner thigh. All the while hiking her dress further and further up until
it was barely covering her black silk thong. She started to think about her
first time. She was only fourteen. She still remembered the way his grubby
hands had clawed at her panties, ripping them off her quevering legs. And
she still remembered the way he whispered in her ear as he took her from
behind. "Oooh what a slut you are. A little virgin slut giving it up just to
get backstage. Ooooh your so tight you filthy little cunt."

Karen had never been talked to like that since and everytime she thought of
that filthy language it got her rich snatch dripping. She looked down. Her
hand had moved inside her thong and her two fingers were working themselves
vigirously as her thumb ran ciricles around her engorged clit. She was
starting to moan, to pant almost in short high pitched squels. Her shrill
voice was going even higher then normal as she worked herself closer to

Just then she heard someone cough behind her. At first she was worried it
was Grace, that girl was such a prude. But then she looked behind her to see
a delivery man. He was delivering some new wallpaper samples and Karen could
tell by the tent in his pants that he was enjoying the show. He was white,
and unshaven, wearing plaid shirts and blue jeans, and he was eyeing Karen
up and down like a lion looking at a gazelle.

Karen's dress was hiked up to her waist and the man began licking his lips.
Karen was so horny she couldn't stop starring at his crotch. She lept out of
her chair and onto her knees and before he could say anything the delivery
man was getting the blowjob of his life. Normally Karen started slow but she
was so worked up from her session she immediately deep throated him and
started licking his balls with her tongue. The man grabbed her by the hair
and started to face fuck the shit out of her.

"Ooh yeah I always knew you rich cunt's were sluts, suck that dick, take
it all down." Karen was in heaven she let her head go loose so he was in
complete control. He kept pulling her all the way off his cock and then
ramming it back down her throat, then he'd scream, "Oh yeah, take me
bitch! Now lick my balls! That's it you bitch, I'm gonna make you work
for it."

Karen was working three fingers out of her pussy at a rigerous pace and her
thumb was all over her clit. She couldn't stop squeling and moaning which
only encouraged the delvery man more. After a few more times up and down the
pogo stick the man pulled her off. Karen looked up at him with dissapointment
as she wiped the spit and saliva from her lips.

"Don't worry baby I'm just getting started with you. Now get up and bend over
your desk."

Karen did as he asked. Her snatch was so wet is was dripping on the floor and
she said. "Please just ram it in me baby, I can't wait anymore I need your
blue collar cock in my pussy right now. Give it to me, make me your slut."

The delvery man didn't need anymore encouragement he ripped her thong off and
shoved his eight inches up her snatch. Karen had never been more turned on in
her life and she was panting and moaning so loud that with her high ptiched
voice she sounded like a banshee or an fire alarm. He kept thrusting in and
out in and out in and out. Picking up the pace he started to smack her ass.
And then after a minute or two of this hard animal fucking pace he pulled her
head up by her hair and whispered in her ear. "Oh yeah your cunt is tight for
such a slut. Your my slut aren't you you cunt?" Then he slapped her ass hard.

"Yes, ooooooooh god yesss! I'm your's daddy! Fuck me daddy! Fuck me like a
little rag doll! Ooooo I want your cum! I want it so bad! Cum for mommy baby,
cum for mommy."

The delvery man couldn't believe the piece of ass he'd scored and he knew he
couldn't last much longer. He reached around and grabbed her big swaying tits
he started to pull on them tweaking her nipples while moaning the word slut
in her ear. The raw animal lust was too much for Karen as she was racked by
the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her knees went week as her voice rang

The delvery man knew he was about to bust, so he quickly pulled out and
forced Karen to her knees. "Push those tits together baby, I want to mark my

Karen still barely concious from her orgasm looked up at him with a glazed
look in her eyes. She pushed her tits together and stuck her tongue out at
him. This unbelievable erotic sight, so submissive and so defiat finally put
the delivery man over the edge and he let loose wave after wave of cum. It
landed all over her tits, and then Karen blew his mind. She pulled her big
beautifully silky white tits to her mouth and started to lick them clean.
The delveryman went weak in the knees and had to sit down.

Five minutes later he had cleaned himself up, but Karen was still lying on
the floor licking his cum off of her. The delveryman looked down at her one
last time and said. "Damn baby you are one serious piece of ass. You better
be here next week cause I'll make sure to bring another package for you."

Karen just nodded. A glazed look still in her eye. Then as the man left she
got up made herself a drink, and wondered if maybe Grace could use a little
package delevry of her own. Her hands began to work their way back up her
theigh as she continued to think about the prude little redhead she knew and
what could she do to loosen her up.

The end...?


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