This story is based on the characters from the ABC TV show, Will & Grace.
This is not meant as an infringement on their copyright of the series, but
fulfills the fantasy of mature audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of gay, NC, and bestiality.)

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the other hand,
you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Will And Grace: Salt And Pepper
by David Oberman ([email protected])

Part One

"I have to find a way to break up with Paul," Will Truman told his friend,
Jack McFarlane, over breakfast. "He's just not right for me. He's much too
possessive for one thing."

"My, I don't believe you and Grace," Jack responded. "You both have such bad

"I know..." Will started to agree with his flighty friend then paused when he
caught the inferred insult. "He's so needy, and desperate. And he's always
telling me how gorgeous I am."

"Oh, yeah," Jack agreed sarcastically. "Just brought up a little eggroll

"Like last night," Will went on. "He tried to say 'I love you' in sign
language. The candle caught his sleeve on fire... I had to throw my
margarita on him."

"To put out the fire?" Jack asked.

"No-o-o," Will explained. "Because he tried to say 'I love you' in sign

"So why are you still going out with him anyway?" Jack asked. "Are you a
tubby chaser?"

"I'm almost embarrassed to say it," Will said. "It's so ridiculous. He's
got this amazing dog."

"Ooooh!" Jack said, misunderstanding Will, as he usually did. "His dog.
I've stayed with many a guy because he had a nice big dog," he obviously
thought that Will was referring to his friend's cock.

"So well trained," Will continued.

"I'm sure it is," Jack said jealously.

"Totally kissable," Will said.

"Aren't they all," Jack threw in.

"You do realize I'm talking about an actual dog, don't you?" Will asked.

"I do now," Jack replied, embarrassed by his faux pas.

Just then, Will's roommate, Grace Adler walked into the living area. The
slim interior decorator wore a sleeveless sweater and wrap-around skirt. As
usual, she wore no bra whenever she chose a sweater to work. She didn't feel
she needed one as she thought of herself as having no breast to speak of.
Men would tend to disagree with her on that.

"Good morning," she said.

"Morning," the two gay men greeted her.

"Really, I'm not going to ask you again," Grace angrily said, pointing a
finger to Jack. "Stay out of my underwear drawer. Nothing fits me anymore."

Jack shook his head dejectedly. The stereotypic gay man had a tendency to
break many barriers. Many of them at the expense of Will and Grace's lives.

"Soooo," Grace asked Will. "How did Paul handle the big shove off?"

"Mmmm, I couldn't do it," Will grimaced at his failure. "The dog gave me
that look. And started wagging its little tail."

"You are such a sucker for a little tail," Grace said in all seriousness.

"I just wished there was some way I could keep the dog and lose the guy,"
Will said.

"Hey, don't say that. That's bad karma," Grace said. "I mean, I know. I
know you love to play with his dog, and pet it, and talk baby talk to it..."

"Wait, wait," Jack quickly broke in. "Let me stop before you embarrass
yourself. You know he's talking about an actual dog."

"Ewww, Jack," Grace scowled at her gay friend. "You've got a sick mind."


Grace went to work at her offices, frustrated at still not finding a man for
herself. She was really getting disheartened at not getting fucked for so

"Damn, I need to get laid," she said aloud as she walked through her office


Meanwhile, at the other side of town, Will was knocking on his latest date's
door in the hopes of finally breaking off with him.

"Hi Paul," Will said softly as the door opened.

"You look gorgeous," Paul greeted him.

"Paul," Will said, his frustration over this man's infatuation apparent on
his face. "You don't have to keep saying, 'you look gorgeous', 'you look

"All right," Paul said. "Hello sexy."

"Gorgeous is fine," Will relented as he walked into the man's apartment.

"We need to talk and..." Will stopped as he got distracted by Paul's large
St-Bernard on the couch. "Aroo face," he said playfully to the large dog.

Pepper was a large dog. Its soft fur was mostly white with splotches of
light brown color. Will guessed the dog to weigh about 100 pounds, which
Pepper did.

"The reason I came over here was to..." and again he got distracted by the
playful animal. "Did someone have a bath?" He said, hugging the friendly

For the next ten minutes, this went on. Will trying to finally break off
with Paul, but constantly being distracted by his dog.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! I've got a great idea," Paul interjected. "You know
that medical conference I have to attend next week."

"Great!" Will said cheerfully. "Oh, I mean. O-o-o-oh! Go on."

"Well, I was going to board Pepper in a kennel," Paul went on. "But since
you get along with him so well, I was thinking that maybe you'd want to take
care of him next week."

"Really," Will said cheerfully. "Well, that would be great."

"So, ah, what was it you wanted to tell me?" Paul asked.

"Oh, ah, nothing," Will backed out once again, not wanting to jeopardize his
time with the large dog.

That night, Will brought this one hundred pound dog to stay in his apartment
with him and Grace for the next seven days.


At the end of the day, when Grace walked through the door of their apartment,
she was bounded on by Pepper. The dog's oversized head sniffing at her face,
soon to be followed by his thick tongue.

"WILLLL!" She screamed. "Wha... what is that?" She said pointing at the
large beast.

"Oh him," Will said quietly.

"Yes, HIM!" She scolded him.

"That's Pepper," Will informed her. "This is Paul's dog."

"You mean the one you can't break up with?" She looked at him sternly.

"Yeah, him," Will admitted. "Well, Paul is out of town this week, and he
asked me to keep an eye on Pepper for him. Can I? Can I? Can I?" He
begged like a child.

Once over her shocked greeting from the large dog, Grace had to admit that he
was kind of lovable. She slowly approached the large dog and petted him as
she sat on the couch, her wrap around skirt parting slightly. The friendly
animal returned her affectionate touch by licking her across her bared knee
that had been exposed as she sat down.

"Oh, all right," she finally relented. "But you have to clean up after him."

"Thank you mommy," Will said jokingly.

Part Two

Over the next two days, Grace got to enjoy Pepper's company in the apartment.
He was playful and lovable as he greeted her at the door everyday.

On this particularly hard day at work, she decided to relax with a good novel
she had picked up. So, as soon as she got home, she headed straight to her
bedroom and stripped off her clothes. All she kept on were her panties as
she threw on her short kimono robe.

Then she went into the livingroom, crashed in her favorite chair and opened
the trashy romantic novel. As she began reading, Pepper wanted to give her a
friendly greeting like he usually did.

"Wiillllll!" She called out on the third day.

Pepper had jumped on her while she was sitting in a chair reading. His one
hundred pounds knocking her breath away.

Will came rushing in from the shower and skidded to a stop, wearing only a
towel. He looked around and quickly saw what the problem was.

"You called, madam?" He jokingly asked.

"Would you please," Grace told him, as she tried pushing the heavy animal off
her lap. "I was reading here."

"Oh, okay," Will agreed, as he tugged on Pepper's collar. "C'mon Pepper,
let's leave the bad lady alone."

"I am not bad," Grace said defensively.

"Of course you're not," Will replied, patting her thick hair.

"Oh! Oh!" She stuttered as she pulled his towel off.

"Grace!" Will grabbed a pillow to cover his nakedness.

"Wow!" She gasped, her eyes leering down. "I almost forgot how nice you
were... down there."

"Thank you, madam Adler," Will continued his act. "But you can't have any."

And he turned around, covering his bare tushy in retreat. Grace watched
with envy as her best male friend scurried away with the medicine she truly
needed. A nice hard cock.

Ten minutes later, he came back in the livingroom dressed for a night out.

"Grace," Will approached her. "Can you keep an eye on Pepper tonight. Me
and Jack are going to catch that show, 'Les Girls'."

"Oh, that sounds good," Grace said. "Why didn't you ask me to go? Oh, wait.
'Les girls' are drag queens, aren't they?"

Will just nodded in agreement and blew her a kiss as he walked out the door,
leaving her alone with the large St-Bernard dog.

"Well, I guess it's just you and me tonight boy," she looked down at his big
face with a smile. "Got any plans?"

Pepper just tilted his head in confusion as dogs usually did. Grace simply
returned to reading the trashy novel and imagined herself in the role of the
heroine as she usually did. This was getting to be a regular occurrence in
her, so-called, love life.

As she read about the muscular, and regrettably fictional, hero caressing the
heroine, she dropped a hand to her robe and parted it open. She then slipped
her fingers under her panties and began rubbing her clit. Her breathing began
getting more strained as her arousal grew. She figured that if she couldn't
have a man to satisfy her, then her hand would have to do.

Pepper just sat there in front of her and watched the strange behavior of
this human female. He simply didn't understand what she was trying to do.
Then his sense of smell picked up the unmistakable aroma of a female in heat.
The large dog got up and began roaming the room in search of this mysterious

Grace paid him little attention as he sniffed around the doors, then the
kitchen area. She didn't even care when he came back in the main livingroom
area, narrowing down his search.

Pepper couldn't understand where this bitch in heat was hiding, but he knew
she was somewhere nearby. He would simply let his nose lead the way to her.
He continued sniffing and slowly closed in on Grace's location.

Grace could feel her orgasm nearing. She slowly parted her legs further so
she could bury a couple of fingers inside her cunt. With no cock available
to her, what other choice did she have. She placed her heels on the arms of
the chair, using them as stirrups.

Pepper finally located the source of the sexy aroma. He approached the human
female and shoved his big head between Grace's parted calves.

"Wha... what?" Grace stammered in surprise.

When she looked between her legs, she saw the large dog sniffing at her moist
panties. Shocked at this, but not expecting anything more out of it, she
never bothered removing her fingers from inside her panties.

"Pepper!" She scolded the dog. "Get away from there."

The huge dog just looked up at her for a moment, and then lowered his head
back down into her crotch again. Before she could react, Grace felt his huge
tongue brush against her panty-covered pussy.

"Oh-my-god!" She gasped at the unbelievable thing the dog had just done.

She was frozen as the dog repeated this action again and again, sending
shivers down her spine. Feeling that she had to put a stop to this, she
pulled her hand out of her panties to push the dog away. In doing so, her
panties were moved off her cunt momentarily.

Pepper took this opportunity to lick her crotch again, this time licking her
exposed clit.

"Oh fuck, that feels good," Grace moaned. "Wha... what am I saying?" She
realized her submission to the dog.

Pepper didn't bother making sense of the thin woman, he just happily lapped
away at the sexy juices that was now seeping from between her legs.

"OH god, Pepper," Grace pleaded. "You can't do this. It's not right.
It's... it's soooo goooood."

Grace's head dropped back in exhilaration as she involuntarily let her knees
fall apart further, opening her pussylips to the dog's talented tongue.

"God, how can I be enjoying this?" She asked to nobody in the room. "But it
feeeeels so nice."

Then she realized that she wasn't really getting the full benefit of Pepper's
lapping. Her panties still obstructed him from the best she had to offer.
Deciding that this licking was far more preferable than a measly handjob,
Grace reached down and pulled her panties aside. This gave Pepper free
access to her cunt.

She just watched as he hungrily lapped hard against her pussy, his rough
tongue scrapping across her sensitive cunt. She especially enjoyed it when
the sandpapery tongue brushed over her blood-engorged clit. She could feel
a monster orgasm nearing, and to think that a dog was doing this to her.

"Oh fuck it!" She finally conceded. "Go for it Pepper. Lick me till I cum!
Make me cum, big boy!"

The huge St-Bernard was only too happy to oblige. He licked feverishly at
the pussy that was presented to him. He could feel his own loin shiver in
sexual arousal. His cocktip started peeking out of its furry sheath,
unbeknownst to Grace.

The slender decorator watched, mesmerized, as the thick doggy tongue
slithered its way inside her wet pussy. It dug itself deeply inside her,
deeper than any past lover ever could when eating her out. She couldn't
believe how... talented the dog was at this.

"Who taught you this Pepper?" She asked, unable to believe that this was his
first time licking a woman. "I thought Paul was gay, so he couldn't have."

The dog disregarded the woman's persistent babbling. His instincts told him
all he needed to know about her, and that was to ready her for mounting.
Already he could feel the cool air of the apartment on his overheating,
growing cock.

Now that she wanted to be satisfied by the dog, Grace saw no reason not to
assist in her pleasure. Unfastening her robe, she exposed her bare chest and
began pinching her hardening nipples. Though she wasn't as well developed as
she would have liked, her nipples made up in size what her breast seemed to
lack. Once hard, they would stick out like eraser-heads on pencils.

She breathed heavily as the wide dog tongue slithered inside her pussy,
licking places that no man bothered touching. She still couldn't believe how
deep he was going with his stiff tongue.

Pepper was feeling about ready to mount this bitch, but he was confused as to
why she wasn't in the proper position. How was he to fuck her hole if she
just sat there on a human chair.

Then the dog's patience ran out and he jumped up, his forepaws wrapping
themselves around Grace's slim waist.

Grace was surprised by the dog's sudden move. Suddenly she found herself
face to face with his large head, his soft fur caressing across her sensitive

"Oh that feels nice Pepper," she cooed the huge animal. "Now, why don't you
get down so we can finish what you started. Auntie Gracey still needs to

The huge dog had every intention of finishing what he started. Only thing is
his instincts told him that it was time to mate the bitch.

The large St-Bernard began humping his rump trying to locate Grace's well
lubricated cunt. With each hump, his chest would rub across her's and cause
her to gasp in exhilaration.

The naive decorator still had no inkling as to what the dog was really trying
to accomplish with her. She was much too busy enjoying the sensation that
his prickly fur was giving her. In fact, she could feel her orgasm nearing.

Pepper kept humping furiously in his attempt to find the warm hole of Grace
Adler. Then his cockhead finally touched the moistness of her pussylips.

The poking contact of the dog's rigid cock instantly triggered Grace's morale
alarm button. She peered down between her stomach and the dog's and was
shocked to see the large dog with a hardon. Quickly she tried shoving the
heavy dog off of her.

"Off Pepper! Get off me right this instant!" She scolded the dog.

The huge St-Bernard had no intention of stopping what was started. Now that
the tip of his cock had made contact with her pussylips, he intensified his

Grace struggled to push the huge animal off her, but he nearly weighed as
much as she did. And with her legs spread over the arms of the chair, she
had no leverage to use in her defense.

"OHGOD! OHGOD! OHGOD!" She was yelling in a frenzy.

Pepper shuffled his hindlegs forward a bit more and his cockhead was hitting
Grace's overexcited pussy harder with each hump.

"OH! OH! OH! OOOOOH!" Grace grunted with each poke of the dog's cock.

Finally, Pepper's cockhead found refuge in her pussy and he curled his back
sharply, driving six inches into the horny woman. With each hump, a few more
inches would find their way inside Grace's soaking cunt.

Already thicker than any cock she had ever taken before, Grace felt her
breath knocked out of her lungs has the large dog continued thrusting inside
her. Realizing that she wouldn't be able to stop this from happening now, so
Grace began arching her back to allow him easier access.

The dog felt her compliance as his cock managed to slip in deeper still. He
then lowered his large head and began licking her already hard nipples.

"OH MY GOD!" Grace moaned, not noticing how her attitude had changed.
"You're soooooo deeep!"

The dog had buried ten inches of his penis in Grace's pussy and still three
remained before his knot would even get close. And he fully intended on
burying that knot in this bitch, no matter what.

Grace had no inkling of a dog's knot. She was much too far-gone to even care
by this point. She was enjoying her first bestial fuck and was oblivious to
anything else.

Pepper thrust harder and harder now. Grace could feel the chair shake
violently with each of them. And with each of them, she could feel his cock
reach depths she wouldn't have believed possible before tonight. Already, it
felt to her as if his cock was shoving her inner organs aside to make room
for him.

"Fuck me Pepper!" She shouted. "Fuck my hot pussy! I'm gonna cum! Cummm!

Grace's body shook as her orgasm flooded through her. Her breathing came in
short hard gasp as the dog continued humping into her. Then she felt some
large obstacle hitting her hard against her already filled pussy. When she
looked down again, she got her first look at the orange sized knot trying to
squeeze inside her.

"OH MY GOD PEPPER!" She groaned. "Yo... you don't expect... you can't
seriously think of... not in my pussy! It'll never fit in my pussy!"

But the huge St-Bernard wasn't even listening to the terror in her shacking
voice. He just kept humping as hard as ever. His thrusting was finally
paying dividends. He could feel his knot squeezing past her resistance, and
slowly it shoved its way in.

Grace's mouth could only form a silent "O" as she felt her pussylips being
stretched beyond reason. She concentrated her stare to the dog's large eyes
so as too not feel the pain his knot was causing her.

Pepper could feel his final goal nearing as he kept humping, thrusting and
shoving his knot past her cunthole. He had already managed to bury thirteen
inches of cock flesh inside her, and all that remained were the final few
inches of his knot.

Grace's mind heard a cracking sound as the knot finally lodged itself in her
cumming pussy. Then, for no apparent reason she could comprehend, the large
dog stopped moving. He just stood there above her, his cock impaled in her
tight pussy, panting.

"Oh God Pepper!" She groaned, tears of pain streaking down her cheeks.
"You've got to pull out boy. You... you're too big for me. I... I can't
take all of you."

Obviously, her objections were a mute point, as the dog already was inside
her, and she could indeed take him all.

Grace could feel tiny squirts hitting her womb and thought that the dog was
cumming inside her. This triggered a new round of orgasms for her as well.
Little did she know that all that she was feeling at the moment was just his
pre-cum still shooting out of his tip.

"OH shit, Pepper!" She groaned, arching her back as she climaxed yet again.
"I'm cumming doggy! You're making me cum again! HEAR THAT WORLD! A DOG IS

The huge dog's ears perked up as she yelled right next to him. It's hard to
know if this is what triggered his own orgasm, but suddenly the large animal
began shooting a high-powered stream of hot sperm deep in the bowels of Grace
Adler's pussy.

This in turn made her climax yet again. Grace was lost in oblivion as she
couldn't discern when one orgasm ended and the next started. It seemed to
her that she was cumming with each powerful squirt of dog jism.

"CUM! CUMM! CUMMM DOGGY!" She was cheering him on as she ranted in orgasm.
"I can feel your spunk filling me Pepper. It's so warm. I want to take it

Pepper was only to happy to oblige as his balls continued emptying themselves
inside this new bitch's pussy. All that he cared about was planting his seed
and moving on to the next one.

Sweat was pouring down Grace's forehead as she was feeling exhausted from the
dog's pummeling. Never had she been fucked like this before. And if it
hadn't happened to her, she would never have believed it to be even possible.

After what seemed an eternity to her, Grace could finally feel Pepper's
spurting slow to an apparent trickle.

"Thank god its over," she breathed a sigh of relief. "And Will won't be the
wiser about it."

She then tried pushing the heavy dog off her, and Pepper seemed to be
complying to her wishes. But then the inevitable occurred. As soon as he
stepped off the chair, he began dragging Grace down with him.

"AAAIIIEEE!" Grace yelled in sudden pain. "Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Don't
move Pepper. Please don't move," she pleaded to the animal. "Something's
wrong. We're stuck together! How could this happen? How could your cock be
stuck in my vagina?"

Part Three

Grace Adler had thoroughly enjoyed the large St-Bernard's cock as he fucked
her pussy. But now they were tied together and her roommate would be
returning soon.

She watched helplessly as the large animal threw one of his hindlegs over
hers and faced away from her, his cock still stubbornly imbedded in her cunt.
Grace was only grateful that he stopped trying to pull out of her pussy. She
stared down at her stomach, and could swear that she could see the outline of
his cock pushing her tummy up and out, like some alien creature from a sci-fi

"Oh god! What am I going to do?" She started to panic. "Will and Jack will
be back soon, and I can't let them see me like this."

She looked around the room for something to help her in this situation, but
what could there be. The only thing she could think of was how she would
handle a horny man. So, she cautiously reached down, and tickled Pepper's
balls to try to make him end this... this violation for lack of a better
word. She figured that if she could somehow make him end his desire for sex,
then his cock would shrink enough as to allow her to break free.

In the process, she figured she might as well pleasure herself. So, with one
hand on Pepper's cock, she used the other to rub her still aroused clit.

For the next twenty minutes, this went on. Grace was getting anxious about
the dog cock still trapped in her cunt. She kept glancing frequently to the
clock as she kept expecting Will and Jack to come bursting through the door
in any instant.

This is not to mean that she wasn't enjoying Pepper's cock. In fact, she had
experienced numerous orgasms just by its constant pressure inside her pussy.

Finally, Grace felt Pepper's plug relax slightly, and a trickle of his jism
was seeping out of that gap. She was sure that this was a good sign, she
grasped his cock-stalk and pulled. Despite the pain that it was causing, she
desperately needed to get the dog's cock out of her pussy before the other's

Slowly, reluctantly, the canine penis began slipping out of her suctioning
pussy. Grace couldn't believe the size of it as it never seemed to end. In
fact, it was so long that she needed to move her grip closer to keep pulling
on it.

And finally, Pepper's semi-hard cock plopped out of her cunt, followed by an
unbelievable flow of doggy sperm.

"Oh shit!" Grace swore. "Now I'm gonna have to clean that up."

Seeing all of that jism spilling out of her, Grace became very curious about
what it might taste like. Peering to her right, then the left to see if some
invisible person might be about, she slipped her hand to her crotch and
gathered some of Pepper's glistening jism. She then brought it up to her
face and sniffed at it. Finding that it didn't smell too bad, she stuck out
her tongue and got her first taste of canine sperm.

"Mmmmmm!" She moaned. "You don't taste too bad Pepper. A bit salty, but
not bad. Maybe next time I'll drink from the tap."

She clasped her cum-filled hand over her mouth in shocked surprise at the
depraved thought she had just uttered. In so doing, the remainder of the
cum hit her tongue and she instinctively began lapping her hand clean of his

Now satisfied, Pepper simply sauntered into a corner and licked his cock
clean before nestling down for a nap.

When she finally finished licking Pepper's cum, Grace closed her eyes trying
to take in everything that had just happened to her tonight. Her mind still
couldn't register that a dog had fucked, much less how much her own body
responded to it. Then it had to accept how much she liked licking his cum
off her hand.

Finally, she got her body moving and rushed around the apartment for cleaning
supplies. She had to clean up the cummy puddle in front of the chair before
Will and Jack returned, or she'd never hear the end of it.


Fifteen minutes later, she was finally satisfied that the place looked
respectable again. Just in time as she heard the doorknob jiggle.

"Did you see the look Cher gave me Will?" Jack said as he slid into Will's

"You know Jack, that that wasn't the real Cher," Will told his gay friend.

"How dare you think that," Jack argued. "You know me and Cher share a
special relationship."

"You both like younger men," Will said sarcastically. "But then so do most

"Pptaa!" Jack turned his head in dejection. "Oh, hi Grace."

"And how is my lovey puppy doing?" Will crouched down to hug the large
St-Bernard dog.

"Something different about you?" Jack commented, looking Grace over. "Oh, I
know, I know. You had sex last night!" He finally blurted out.

"Hah! Ah! No," Grace stuttered.

"Yes you did," Jack said excitedly. "You don't get enough to hide it from
these eyes."

Will looked over at Grace and could see a glow about her.

"You did!" Will said loudly. "Grace, how could you? You... you didn't do
it in front of baby here," he referred to the dog. "You could have
traumatized him. Please tell me you didn't."

"Okay, okay," she finally admitted. "A friend came over and we had sex.
There, happy. And no, Pepper wasn't traumatized." She had to fight her urge
to laugh out loud. 'To think that Will was worried that the dog might be
traumatized,' she thought to herself. 'What would he think if he knew what
really happened here tonight.'

"Well, I think you should be more discreet," Will scolded her. "How would
you like it if I did it in front of your mom."

Grace's body shook at the image in her mind.

"Fine," she said. "But do you expect me to be celibate in my own home."

"Well," Jack interjected. "Aren't you?"

Grace shot him a hard glance, which gave him a clear signal that it was time
to leave this abode.

"Grace, you have to be more considerate when having a man over," Will scolded
her. "After all, we do have a guest staying with us."

"Fine Will," she finally relented, holding back her bemusement. "I promise I
won't have a man over while Pepper is here with us. But you have to promise
the same."

"Awp! I suppose its only fair," her gay roommate conceded.

They both turned in a huff and went into their bedrooms, leaving Pepper alone
for the night.


'I've got to get another shot at his cock,' Grace thought about the dog's
prick. 'He's only going to be here a few more days. So, how am I going to
do this?'

All the while, Will had no idea of what went on tonight. Or of Grace's plans
for the near future.

When they woke up the next morning, they got up and went off to work as if
nothing had happened the night before.

It was a long, insufferable day for Grace who could feel her cunt moistening
everytime she thought of the large dog cock waiting for her at the apartment.
She was so distracted that she didn't bother reacting to her 'secretary's'
usual taunts.


Will decided to prepare a warm meal for the large dog. He emptied a can of
dog food in one of Grace's favorite pans and added some extra fixings in it.
A bit of wine and spices for added flavor.

"Yeah, I'm preparing his favorite food tonight," Will was telling Jack over
the phone. "After all, he's not going to be here much longer. I thought
this would make it special."

Just then, Grace walked in the door. She immediately caught the aromatic
scent of the food on the stove.

"Hey Will," she squeaked. "That smells terrific. Trying something new," she
said as she took a spoonful of the dog food mix and tasted it. "Mmmmh! Not

"Why, yes it is," Will told her. "Its dog food. I was preparing a special
dinner for Pepper."

"Needs more salt," Grace's face squinted, as she was tempted to spit it out.

"Well, thank you Misses hound dog," he sarcastically replied. "By the way,
I'm going out again tonight. I met this fabulous guy and we're meeting
later. So don't wait up for me."

'Great!' She thought to herself. 'This is my chance to try Pepper again.'

She quickly scanned the room to find her canine lover. There he was just
lying lazily in the corner of the room as always. She'd never have guessed
that he was such and energetic stud from looking at him.

"And like I promised," she told Will. "I won't have any guy friends over for

"Thank yhew," Will said gratefully. "I'm sure Pepper doesn't need a repeat
performance of your sexual appetite."

Grace held herself back. Obviously, Will doesn't know Pepper as much as he
thought he did. He might be warm and cuddly to be with, but he also had
something much more valuable to offer to his human companions.

"What about Jack?" Grace needed to know. "Is he going with you too?"

"Are you kidding," Will guffawed. "I told you I'm going on a date. I'd like
it to last longer than an hour."

"Well I hope he doesn't come over tonight then," Grace said. "I'd like a
night of peace and quiet for a change. Why don't you take your keys with you
and I can lock the door."

"Well, we never bother with that before," Will said suspiciously. "But I
guess if you really want to have privacy, I could do that."

"Thank you Will," she gushed. "You don't know how much I need this rest."

They settled at the table for a quiet dinner. A few hours later, Will got
himself gussied up and left for his date. Grace locked the door behind him
and rushed over to Pepper.

"Okay Pepper," she said, petting his belly. "We're going to see if the other
night it was a fluke, or if you and I can do it again. Only this time, I'm
ready for it."

She led the large dog to her bedroom and pushed the door shut, not realizing
that the latch hadn't clicked in. Next, she began tearing her clothing off,
not caring if buttons popped of. As in numerous days, she hadn't bothered
wearing a bra at the office today. Her nipples already hardening in
anticipation for what was to come.

Pepper simply canted his head in confusion as he watched the human bitch shed
her skin. But his nose had already picked up the unmistakable scent of a
bitch in heat, and his cock was reacting accordingly.

Even before Grace had unzipped her skirt, she caught site of the pink tip of
his cock protruding from the dog's furry sheath. This just added to the
urgency to get ready for the fuck to come. Her zipper got stuck a quarter of
the way down and try as she might she couldn't get it moving again.

"Fuck it!" She swore, grabbing a pair of scissors on her night table. "So I
lose a $90 skirt."

And she began cutting her clothing down the side until it spilled to the
floor in a bundle. Pepper quickly strode over and sniffed at the musky scent
of her sex still lingering on it. Grace stepped back and watched in
amusement as the dog sniffed her sex on the now ruined skirt. As she watched
him intently, paying particular attention to his still surging penis.

"Mmmmmh!" She moaned as she watched the virile tool grow. "I know how good
you are at sticking it to me Pepper. I'm kinda wondering what you might
taste like."

As if that had made her mind up for her, she kneeled next to the large animal
and began stroking his glistening cock with her hand as he continued sniffing
through her discarded clothes. She found it rather enjoyable to feel how
slimy it was already.

"God Pepper," she moaned. "Your cock is already all wet. Don't tell me you
came without me?"

Peering under his belly, she could see him squirting almost constantly, not
knowing that this was normal for a dog. Believing that he was wasting his
cum on the floor, Grace ducked her head under him and began lapping up the
clear fluid as he squirted it out.

"Mmmmmh!" She moaned as she savored every drop.

But this wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to suck the monstrous penis.
She wanted the huge dog to cum in her mouth so she could taste his jism as it
sprayed the back of her throat. Lying on her back, she slid her body under
the dog and lifted her head to his cock.

Tentatively, she stretched her tongue out and made contact to the canine cock
for the first time. That first touch felt almost scalding to her. She had
to retreat a moment before trying it again.

Pepper raised his head from his sniffing activities in surprise. He looked
back and noticed the strange thing the human bitch was doing to him. Feeling
that she meant no harm to his jewels, he resumed his sniffing of her skirt
and panties.

Finding the taste of the dog's cock very pleasant, Grace decided to take the
next logical step and opened her mouth at Pepper's cocktip. Closing her
eyes, as if that would negate what she was about to do in her mind, she let
the dog penis slip past her lips and in her already sucking mouth.

As soon as the large dog felt his cock wrapped by her warm mouth, he
instinctively began humping. The dog had nothing to base himself on for a
blowjob. As far as he knew, his cock had somehow found a wet pussy willing
to get filled by him, and he was only doing what came natural to him.

For those first few seconds, Grace was concerned about the dog thrusting in
her mouth. But she soon relaxed, as she grew more confident in her sucking
abilities. Already she had managed to suck in four inches of his thick cock
and she didn't want to stop now.

Pepper lifted his head from sniffing her discarded clothing and turned around
as his nose picked up the unmistakable scent of a pussy in heat. As he
turned himself around Grace felt his cock twist inside her mouth. But she
was too enthralled in sucking him to look at what the dog might be up to.

Pepper straddled himself over Grace's stomach so that this inter-species
couple was now in an ideal 69 position. The large St-Bernard lowered his big
head and began lapping at Grace's leaking pussy. His thick, rough tongue
lathering her reddened pussylips, and not missing her blood engorged clit in
the process.

Feeling his thick tongue licking at her cunt again only helped Grace in her
lust for his cock. She could feel her rock hard nipples poking almost
painfully on her naked breasts, feeling as if they wanted to launch
themselves out of her skin. Craning her neck sharply, she allowed Pepper's
cocktip to find its way in her throat. The wideness of the dog's cock would
plug her airway, so that she had to pull it out frequently to gasp another
breath of fresh air.

"Mmmmmh! Mmmmmh!" Grace would moan constantly as her tastebuds made contact
with Pepper's constant flow of pre-cum.

She recalled that he did that the other night as well. And what, at first,
she thought was him cumming, she soon learned that it wasn't. She had spent
the past few days looking up general information about dogs and their mating
habits. That's when she found out about the male dog's pre-cum, and its

As he felt his cock being sucked sharply by this human bitch, Pepper had no
choice to thrust even harder into her. Not understanding the vulnerability
of Grace's throat, he shoved ten full inches of his cock down her throat
blocking all access to fresh air.

At first, Grace didn't object to the deepthroat penetration the dog had just
indulged himself in. But when she tried to push him back to get a new breath
of air, Pepper held himself sturdily in place. The interior decorator could
feel herself choking and gagging as the last vestige of air in her lungs was
about to give out.

Pepper continued to lick this bitch's pussy, oblivious to the danger he was
putting her in.

Now in a state of panic, Grace began punching the large dog on its furry
side. In the position she had placed herself, she could do nothing in
pushing the heavy dog away, and her struggle against him proved useless.

Already the color on her face was turning red and would soon change to bluish
if she failed to get the dog's thick cock out of her throat.

Feeling a bit unsteady on his legs, Pepper shuffled them a bit. This finally
allowed Grace to pull her mouth off the huge cock shaft that had imbedded
itself down her throat.

"Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!" Grace coughed loudly and she took in deep breaths of
fresh air. "Fu... fuck Pepp... Pepper. You... you should let... you should
let a girl breathe... sometimes."

The huge dog paid no attention to her ranting as he just kept licking her
pussy, enjoying her sex.

"Just like a guy," she said sarcastically. "All you care about is what you

Gazing at his hard shaft, Grace decided to try and take him on again.
Parting her lips, she let the large canine phallus in her mouth again and
urgently began sucking, being more careful about letting him deepthroat her
this time.

Pepper immediately tried thrusting in her mouth again, but this time Grace
used her fist on the back end of his cock to keep him at bay, and this seemed
to work.

Grace soon found that with only part of his cock in her mouth, she could now
use her tongue across its surface as he humped the six inches that she
allowed in. She was fully satisfied with this arrangement. She would enjoy
sucking the dog until he shoots his warm jism in her mouth and she would then
drink as much as she could.

For ten long minutes, she was sucking the large dog's cock with no sign of
him nearing his climax. She had already had two orgasms from his constant
licking, and she was desperate to have him cum in her mouth. Thinking hard,
Grace decided to speed things along by playing with his testicles. Reaching
over with her hands, she began massaging the dog's oversized balls.

'God! He must be holding a quart of sperm in them balls,' she thought to
herself as she continued licking and sucking the cock. 'I hope I can take it

Feeling yet another orgasm nearing, Grace parted her legs as widely apart as
she could, pulling her pussylips open in the process. Noticing the gaping
hole of her pussy, Pepper quickly shoved his tongue inside her gash, reaching
depths that no tongue should have to right to reach.

Feeling that wiggling intruder deep in her womb, Grace arched her back
sharply as she came even more powerfully than the last ones. Her love juices
splashing all over Pepper's snout was enough to trigger his own climax as he
began filling her mouth with his warm cum.

Grace's eyes gleamed in pleasure as she felt the first powerful spurt of his
jism fill her mouth until her cheeks ballooned out. She had to force herself
to swallow the delicious doggy sperm so as to allow his next spurt to follow.

"Mmmmmmmh!" She moaned through her cum-filled mouth as she enjoyed her
orgasm while relishing the flavor of the dog's seed.

Pepper remained steadfast as he emptied his balls in the willing human bitch.
He didn't really care that it wasn't a cunt that was receiving his seed, all
he needed to know was that he was shooting and the hole was willing to take
his jism.

Spurt after spurt, Grace tried to taste, then swallow before the next one
would arrive. But she was finding it difficult to keep up with the rapidly
cumming animal. Even when she reluctantly decided to swallow directly his
jism, she found that he was cumming faster than her throat could manage.

A few more squirts and she found herself coughing out cum through her nose
and past her clenching lips. But still she tried to drink in as much as she

After what seemed an eternity to the sucking woman, Pepper's climax finally
began to slow to a trickle. Now Grace could savor those final few drops of
doggy cum before she would have to let the dog go.

Finally, Pepper, now satisfied, pulled himself away from Grace's still
sucking mouth and moved off her prone body. Grace watched with a satisfied
grin on her face as the dog just stood there proudly next to her. Then, as
she observed him, she noticed that his cock was showing very little sign of
sagging. It just stayed there, hard and proud, almost parallel to his belly.

"Oh Pepper," she moaned. "You're staying hard for me. What do you want to
do next? Do you want to fuck Auntie Gracey?"

As if reading his mind, Grace got up and kneeled on all fours in front of
him, facing away from the door of her bedroom. As soon at the large
St-Bernard saw her assume this submissive doggy position, he leapt up and
mounted her like any other canine bitch he had had before. Instantly, he
began humping into Grace's behind expecting to connect automatically with
the bitch.

"Ungh!" Grace grunted as she managed to take the weight of the large canine.
"C'mon Pepper. You can do it boy. You did it to me just the other night,
remember. Fuck my pussy doggy. Get your big doggy cock in there and fuck
the life out of me."

But this wasn't a dog bitch that he was trying to mount. This was a woman,
and her pussy wasn't where he expected to find it. So, he kept on humping in
the hopes of connecting.

"C'mon Pepper," Grace groaned in disappointment. "How hard is it to find a
pussy. I thought you dogs could find a pussy no matter what."

As her desperation mounted, Grace tried to think of what she should do to
make this happen.

"God! What a dolt I am," she hit her hand on her forehead. "I'll just guide
him in."

Reaching between her parted legs, she tried to grab hold of the humping dog's
bouncing cock. It was like trying to catch a loose firehose under pressure.
Each time she brushed against it, the dog's humping would move it away from
her grasping fingers.

"Stay still Pepper," she urged the excited dog. "How can I help if you keep
bouncing around like that?"

Finally, she felt her fingertips wrap themselves around the dog cock near its

"Finally!" She shouted cheerfully.

Moving carefully, so as to not lose her grip on the few inches she had, Grace
guided the throbbing dog phallus to her cunt entrance.

As soon as the dog felt the warmth of her pussylips caressing his cockshaft,
he surged forward. And unlike their previous session, in this more natural
position, the dog had the proper leverage to fuck her pussy. His forepaws
wrapped themselves tightly around her waist as he drove the first seven
inches inside Grace's cunt and shoving her whole body in the process. She
quickly had to get her arms ahead of her body and rigid to try to remain in
position as the dog began to furiously pummel her pussy with powerful

"Ungh! Oh! Oh! Ungh!" She groaned with each of his drives forward.

Now happy to feel his cock buried in her pussy, Pepper was curling his back
sharply with each thrust forward, driving an inch more with each one. Within
only a few humps, his knot began striking her entrance demanding entrance.

Grace remembered this knot from the other night, so she wasn't panicking over
it this time. Having discovered the pleasure of getting the huge bulge
inside her pussy, she was looking forward to it. And to help the dog achieve
this final goal, she began humping in unison and against him to increase the

With their combined counter-thrust, it didn't take long for the orange-size
bulbous mass to gain entry to Grace's painful pleasure.

"Ungh! Arrrggghhh!" She groaned as she felt it push its way inside her tiny

Grace came so hard that her arms collapsed, forcing her face to the floor.
And Pepper continued humping her for a few moments more. Grace reached under
her body and frigged her clit as the large dog fucked her pussy.

She could feel her pussy being pulled everytime the dog tried retreating his
now tied cock. At first, she found this a bit painful, but it didn't take
long before she was cumming repeatedly from this action. Her orgasms were
hitting her at such a rapid pace that she couldn't tell when one ended and
the next hit her.

Finally, Pepper stopped moving. He just stood on top of her, motionless.
Grace remembered that this was how he had acted the other night just before
his hot jism flooded her pussy.

"Oh yessss Pepper!" She moaned in anticipation. "Cum in my pussy! Make me
cum! Fill me with your jism and make me cum you fucking stud!"

And Pepper did just that. A massive explosion of sperm shot out of his
cocktip, reaching depths Grace hadn't even realized existed at the bottom of
her womb. The exhilaration that the dog's powerful climax gave her triggered
within her the best orgasm yet. She took a look gulp of air as she felt her
belly fill with Pepper's jism and her own climax.

"O-o-o-oh!" Her voice shook in ecstasy as she luxuriated in her orgasm.

Pepper lowered his large head over Grace's shoulder blades and just rested
there as his jism flowed out of his testicles. Grace could feel him drooling
on her bare skin and that only excited her more. She'd already lost count on
how many times she had orgasmed tonight, and she hoped that it wasn't over

Now that he had finally finished cumming, Pepper did what he normally did
with his other bitches, he got off Grace's back so his forelegs were on the
same side.

Grace expected him to simply pull out now that he had been satisfied. But
instead of pulling out, she felt his hindleg literally step over her back.
As he did this, she could feel his cock shaft twisting and turning inside her
cunt, triggering another powerful orgasm.

She suddenly found herself butt to butt to the large St-Bernard, his cock
still tied in her cunt.

Part Four

Grace was flabbergasted at the absurd position she found herself in. Now
don't take it wrong, she loved the fucking the huge dog gave her. But now,
here she was on her hands and knees with the dog's cock still tied in her
pussy but they were facing away from each other.

"Thank god Will isn't here," she said aloud.

And just as those words escaped her lips, she heard the front door lock being

"Oh god! Oh god! Oh my god!" Her eyes bulged as she panicked. "Its Will!
What's he doing back so early? What am I going to do? Oh, please Pepper you
have to get out of my cunt now. C'mon boy get that cock of yours out of my

She tried pulling away from him but that only caused her excruciating pain,
and Pepper reciprocated by moving towards the door to greet Will, dragging
Grace by her cunt as he moved.

"Oh god Pepper! Stop that!" She cried out silently, trying to keep her
voice down from Will. "You're hurting me. Please, I beg you, stop pulling!"


Finally, Will got the front door open. The fresh air pressure that the
opening door created was enough to cause Grace's bedroom door to open to
Grace's shocked dismay. She now realized that she hadn't closed the door
quite as securely as she had thought she had.

"Grace!" Will called out. "Tonight was such a waste. This guy I went out
with was such a loser."

'Oh please Will, don't come in here,' she begged in her mind. 'Please don't
come in. Please don't come in.'

"I mean he seemed like such a great guy the other night," Will went on. "But
tonight, he just wanted me to pay for everything and then wouldn't even put

Grace could hear his voice getting nearer. Desperately, she looked around
the room for cover. The only thing her panicked mind thought of doing was
grabbing the cover off her bed and hiding under it, her butt still tied to

"Grace?" Will called out, concern in his voice that she hadn't talked back
to him. "Is everything okay. Nothing happened to Pepper, did it?"

"No," her voice squeaked out. "Don't come in here."

With her voice muffled under the bedcover, Will thought he heard her say to
come in her bedroom. So, he pushed her door open and was greeted with the
sight of Pepper.

"There you are, you naughty doggy you," he talked to the dog as he would a
baby. "And were you a good doggy tonight?"

Pepper yapped happily at the sight of Will and tried to rush up to him.
Under the blanket, Grace gritted her teeth to the pain and somehow managed to
hold the powerful animal in place.

"Grace?" Will called out, not noticing her in the room. "You in here?"

'Oh god Will!' Grace's panicked mind screamed out. 'Get out of my bedroom
now, please! Please-please-please!'

That's when he noticed the lump of cloth behind Pepper. He couldn't figure
out what it could be. So, he cautiously moved up to it and jerked it off

"GRACE!" He yelled out. "Wha... what do you think you're doing?"

"I... I can explain this Will," she blurted out, looking up at him from her
kneeling position. "It... it's just... oh god! It's just that I was so
horny the other night, and..."

"THE OTHER NIGHT!" He blasted down at her. "You mean you and Pepper.
Pepper and you. You've done this before?"

"It wasn't like that Will," she tried to explain. "Pepper just... well, he
just started licking my pussy the other day and it felt so good."

"Oh! Of course," he stood there, sarcasm in his eyes. "That explains
everything. Grace, how could you?"

"It wasn't me Will, honest," she told him. "Pepper started the whole thing.
First, he... he licked my pussy, and then his cock got hard and then he just
jumped me. Before I knew it, he was inside me and fucking like there was no

"And that makes it okay for you to fornicate with a dog!" He yelled down at

"I don't think of it that way," she replied in a straight manner. "It...
It's just another cock. And a rather good one at that."

"Oh really?" Will questioned that assessment. "And just how good can his
cock be?"

"Well, for one thing," Grace began to tell him. "His cock is deeper in my
pussy than any guy ever had."

"Oh get real Grace," Will grimaced. "How can you even compare it to a man's.
You're letting a dog fuck you for gods sake. And why aren't you standing
while I'm trying to talk to you?"

"I... I can't," she blushed. "Pepper's kinda... stuck in me."

"Oh for crying out loud," Will groaned.

He began tugging on the St-Bernard's collar to pull him away from his female
roommate. All that that accomplished was dragging Grace by her pussylips and
her scowling in pain.

"ARGH! Stop pulling Will," she cried out. "That hurts too much. Just leave
him alone and he'll pull out when he's done."

"Well, will you look at that," he grinned. "A cunny choo-choo."

"That's not funny Will," she scolded at him.

As he watched the inter-species couple on the floor, he couldn't help but
admire Grace's upturned ass. Just under that, he could see why the dog's
cock wouldn't come out, even with his assistance. The huge canine prong had
bloated to an inconceivable size and was acting as a plug.

Then his eyes drifted back up to Grace's ass and an idea crept into his mind.
Without taking time to really consider what he was about to do, Will began
unbuckling his belt and pants. Within a matter of seconds, he had stripped
off his pants and underwear and began stroking his cock.

"Will? Will, what are you doing?" Grace asked, not able to see what he was

"Shhhhh!" He hushed her as he straddled between the two tied buttocks. "I
figure that if I can't find fault in your way of thinking, I might as well
join you."

He spat down on her butt and ran his finger along her asscheeks, guiding his
saliva to her asshole. Grace's sphincter contracted as she felt his finger
probing her there.

"Will! You shouldn't!" She objected loudly. "You can't! You're gay!"

"Oh c'mon Grace," he told her. "Don't get all righteous on me now. After
all, its just another asshole."

"It's not the sam..." she began to object, then shut up when she felt his
cockhead being shoved against her hole.

"Damn Grace, your tight," Will groaned as he tries to get his cock inside
her. "Just relax will you. You've been butt-fucked before, right?"

"N... grrrr... no!" She grunted under the pressure of his cockhead. "And
definitely never with another dick in my pussy at the same time."

For some reason, hearing that he had a virgin ass at the tip of his cock
excited Will all the more, even if it was a female ass. He couldn't believe
the tightness of Grace's ass as he kept pushing forward, trying to gain

"Damn Grace!" He kept groaning, still not in her. "You got the tightest

"Will, how can you do this with me," she pleaded. "You'r... you're supposed
to be my best friend, and... and... and you're gay."

"C'mon Grace," he replied. "You just got fucked by a dog. And besides, you
wanted me to fuck you when we first met. You know, before I found myself."

"You know I gave up on that a long time ago," she groaned as he continued
putting pressure to her virgin ass. "And now... and now isn't the best time
to go down that roaaadddd... AAARRRGGGHHHH!" She groaned as he finally
gained entry in her virgin poop-chute.

"Relax your ass Grace," he instructed her. "It'll go much smoother if you
just relax."

Reaching her hand under her belly, Grace began rubbing her clit to take her
mind off Will's ass fucking. As she rubbed herself, she could still feel the
bulge of Pepper's cock still stretching her pussy. As she felt herself
moisten, she relaxed her sphincter muscles, allowing Will's cock to surge
further inside her ass.

Will began stroking his cock in her tight ass easier from that point on. He
managed to shove four inches in as he felt the presence of Pepper's cock next
to his through the thin membrane that separated the two penises.

This new friction wasn't lost on the large dog. He too could feel Will's
cock and that get his balls churning out yet another load to give Grace.
Though in this position, he couldn't fuck the bitch again. This meant that
it would take him twice as long before he could empty his balls.

"Oh god Will," Grace moaned. "Pep... Pepper's cock is getting bigger again.
I... I think he wants to cum again."

"So? What's the big deal?" Will asked.

"You don't understand," Grace replied. "It'll... it'll be his third one

"You mean to tell me that you've made him shoot a double barrel already?"
Will asked.

Grace could only nod her head to confirm it, as she bit her lower lip trying
to endure the double cocks in her rear.

"My, you are a virile doggy, aren't you Pepper," Will patted the dog's head
in reward. "Maybe you could show me how good next time."

Grace couldn't believe her ears. Did Will just suggest taking Pepper in the
ass for himself.

"I... I don't think you should try that Will," Grace warned.

"Why Grace Adler," Will said in disappointment. "Are you just going to lay
there and be greedy about sharing Pepper's obvious talent?"

"No, you don't understand..." she tried to explain, to warn her gay roommate
of the size of the dog's knot.

In reprisal, Will shoved all nine inches of his cock deep into her bowels.
Grace buried her face in the blanket to muffle her cry of pain at his savage

"Fuck you, you bastard," she swore at him. "You want to try the dog's cock.
Then you go right ahead and do it. See if I care."

Meanwhile, Will was actually enjoying the ass fuck he was giving his female
roommate. Who would have thought it possible that a gay man could enjoy a
female body so much.

Grace was, by now, becoming used to the invading presence of the two cocks.
She could quite literally feel them brushing against each other through the
thin membrane separating her anal passage and her cunt. The feeling was the
most fantastic sensation she had ever had. She could feel Pepper's knot
swelling again, obviously the dog was enjoying this new experience as well.

"Geez Grace," Will groaned. "If I had known how tight an ass you had, I
would have gladly fucked you ages ago."

"I... I've got to admit," Grace muttered. "Your cock in my ass does... feel
good. Just don't invite Jack to try my ass, will you. But for now, just
fuck me harder! I want to feel both your cocks shooting in me. Fuck

Will was only too willing to keep fucking his first female body. Being gay,
he never would have thought he could enjoy it this much, but Grace's ass was
so tight on his cock it had to be the best ass-fucking he had ever given.

Grace was luxuriating on the feeling the two thick cocks were giving her.
She could feel Pepper's knot pressing up against Will's. And each time her
gay roommate fucked into her ass, she could feel it rub along the length of
the dog's imbedded cock through the thin membrane separating them.

The large St-Bernard just stood there patiently as his tied cock waited for
its time to unload for a third time this evening. Its thick tongue hanging
from his jowls as he panted in excitement.

"Grab my tits Will," Grace begged. "Grab them and pinch my nipples. Make me
cum you big stud."

"Aw c'mon Grace," Will said. "You know I don't do that."

"Please Will," she pleaded again. "Please-please-please-please."

Reluctantly, Will reached under her body and rubbed his hands over her chest.
Granted, Grace wasn't as well endowed as her 'secretary', but her nipples
compensated for that. Will quickly found her eraser hard nipples and began
playing with them, twisting them hard.

Grace's nipples stood out prominently when she got excited, and this night
was the most erotic thing she'd ever experienced in her life.

"Oooooh! Harder Will!" She moaned. "Make me scream! Twist my titties off

The gay lawyer did as she asked and twisted her nipples even harder.

"AAAIIIIIIEEEEE!" Grace yelled out. "Oh fuck Will, I'm gonna cum! Do it
again. Make me cum hard!"

Will pounded his cock even harder into his roommate, never having dreamed
that he would be fucking any woman and enjoy the experience this much. He
grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her whole body back to him for maximum

"ARRRGGGHHH! I'M CUMMING, WILL! I'M CUMMING!" Grace's voice reverberated in

Grace's orgasm hit her so hard, that her elbows gave way, slamming her face
hard on the floor. Will just continued pounding his cock in her ass, wanting
to fill her with his jism.

Just then, Pepper began emptying his balls into her pussy. But with already
a full load of his seed in her pussy, Grace's cunt couldn't hold it all. The
creamy doggy jism began squirting out past the tight grip of her pussylips
and his cock.

Grace came yet again, as she felt the warm jism trickling down her legs. She
knew how perverse she was by enjoying this so much. And now with the added
pressure of Will's cock in her ass, her deviancy became all but complete.

"God Grace," Will groaned. "I don't believe it, but I think I'm about to cum
in you."

"Gee, thanks for the compliment, Will," Grace moaned, still coming down from
her orgasm.

"You know what I mean," he replied in defense. "You know I'm not into

"Well you are now," she scolded him. "So watch what you say."

"Screw you," Will told her as he continued churning his cock in her ass.

"I think you're already doing that for me, thank you," she humped her ass to
meet his thrust.

Oblivious as to what his human companions were arguing about, Pepper twisted
his body around and began licking his cock and Grace's pussylips while they
remained tied. Then he noticed Will's cock pistoning in her ass and gave
that a lick as well.

"Oh fuck, Grace," Will exclaimed. "Pepper's licking my cock."

Then the huge St-Bernard would return to Grace's pussy and take care of her.
Then return to the man's cock in her ass. The large canine would simply
continue alternating from one to the other, causing both of them to get more
and more excited about the whole experience.

Will could feel his cock twitch as he neared climax. While Grace could feel
another, even more powerful orgasm creeping up on her.

"OH GOD! I'M GONNA CUM!" Both Will and Grace exclaimed in unison. "HERE IT

Pepper was just happy to keep licking both partners as their juices poured
out of Grace's holes. He was familiar with the taste of his own jism, but
found Will's offering tasted a bit bland. And the large dog definitely
enjoyed the taste of Grace's juices as he couldn't stop licking her across
her blood-engorged clit, causing her to shake violently as she came.

Grace couldn't tell when one orgasm ended and another started as they ran
concurrently one after another. And with Pepper licking her overexcited clit
nonstop, she couldn't stop cumming herself.

Now his lust satisfied, Will pulled out of her ass and the large animal
began licking his cock clean for him. Will could barely stay steady as he
luxuriated in his first bestial contact.

If he hadn't walked in on Grace and Pepper, he would have never dreamed of
trying something like this. But now that he has, he hoped that it wouldn't
be the last time for him. Maybe he could talk Grace into getting a dog for

"My turn now," Will said, as he got down on his hands and knees.

"Ar... are you sure?" Grace asked.

"If you can take him, then so can I," he assured her.

"Al... all right," his roommate said. "But don't say I didn't warn you."

At those words, she led Pepper to Will's rear and tried to get the huge dog
to mount his ass. But the dog showed no interest in mounting a male. Giving
it a bit of thought, Grace dipped her fingers in her sloppy cunt and pulled
out a large glob of the dog's and her jism. She then proceeded to
finger-fuck Will's ass, lubricating him with their juices.

This scent caught Pepper's attention and he began licking Will's ass to get
to the slimy mixture. As his tongue slipped in Will's asscrack, he couldn't
help shaking in anticipation.

Grace stepped back and watched for a few moments to see if Pepper would take
the bait she had set for him. He seemed to be attacking Will's ass with
gusto and that got her pussy all excited. She had never witnessed a
homosexual coupling before and this one was to be the most unusual she could
have ever imagined.

"Shit, Grace," Will groaned. "Now I see why you liked his tongue so much.
He can really get in deep, can't he."

"Yes, he can," she grinned as she dipped her finger in her crotch. 'Hey!
Hey! Hey! Why should I settle for a handjob?' She thought to herself.

Moving next to the two males, she got down on her back and slithered under
Will's kneeling body in the traditional 69-position. Will had no idea what
she had in mind, but he felt really uncomfortable having her naked, wet pussy
right under his face.

"Grace?" He exclaimed. "What do you think you're doing?"

"You fucked me in the ass before," she said. "Its only fair that you suck
out Pepper's jism from my pussy."

"You know I'm not into... THAT," he said.

"Will," she replied. "If you want to feel Pepper's hard cock up your ass,
you better start licking my snatch."

"Oh all right," Will finally conceded. "But you gotta help Pepper get in

"Deal," Grace readily agreed. "Now start licking."

Reluctantly, her homosexual roommate lowered his face and began licking his
female roommate's pussy. To keep himself from being revolted by what he was
doing, he simply concentrated on getting at the dog's jism that filled the

Once Grace was satisfied that Will was fulfilling his part of the deal, she
reached up and grasped Pepper's blood engorged cock and ran it across Will's
upturned ass. She had to giggle as her roommate wiggled in anticipation to
his first doggy dick. And as he wiggled, his own stiffening cock hung just
inches above her face.

As she watched Will's cock lengthening and hardening as the dog rammed its
shaft in his ass, Grace recalled her own fantasies of making love with Will,
before he discovered his homosexuality. She was dating him at the time and
now those fantasies were resurfacing at the sight of his stiffening cock.

'Should I?' She asked herself as she rubbed Pepper's cock across Will's

Before she would try anything like that on Will, she figured that she should
first bury Pepper's cock up her friend's ass. This would keep him docile
while she got her own thrill out of him. So, with that plan in mind, she
grasped the large dog's stiff cock, aimed its head at Will's sphincter, and
began pushing it in.

"Oh fuck Grace!" Will groaned as he felt the canine cockhead push past his
tight asshole. "Why didn't... why didn't you share this with me before. His
cock is... is fabulous."

"You haven't felt anything yet, Will," she told him as she shoved another few
inches in his ass.

"Gggguuuurrrr!" Will grunted as he took another few inches of doggy-dick.

Now that he had his cockhead safely imbedded in another tight hole, Pepper
took over from Grace and began humping his hindquarters, driving his cock
deeper and faster into Will's male hole.

"OH GOD, GRACE!" Will groaned loudly at Pepper's bestial intrusion. "Ho...
how did you ever take him before! He... he's huge!"

"Oh, don't be such a crybaby Will," she told him. "If I could take him, then
so can you."

As she watched the St-Bernard drill his thick cock into her friend's ass, she
could see the reaction it was having on Will's cock. It seemed that both
cocks were intricately linked, as with each hump of the dog, Will's cock
seemed to grow longer and stiffer.

She watched, mesmerized, as Will's prick grew bigger than she thought he
would be. Already, his cock was over nine inches and still lengthening.

Will was groaning as Pepper's cock rammed harder and harder up his ass,
eliciting strong surges to his cock.

As the St-Bernard continued fucking her roommate, Grace lifted her head and
began lavishing Will's cock with her tongue.

"God, Grace," Will jumped in surprise, but Pepper's heavy weight kept him in
place. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Shut up Will," the decorator said as she continued licking and sucking the
gay man's hard shaft. "I'm doing to you, what you did to me. I'm enjoying
myself. Now get back to licking my pussy."

Will reluctantly lowered his face to Grace's cunt and resumed sucking out
Pepper's earlier deposits. At the same time, he luxuriated in the feeling of
his cock being sucked off his horny roommate as the dog continued ramming its
hard shaft up his ass.

'Damn!' He thought. 'What will we do next? Maybe I should talk to Grace
about getting us our own dog.'

He realized that Pepper would be leaving soon and that they would be back to
their previous living condition. This usually meant Grace going dateless
for months on end, and him not doing much better. But it they had a dog as
talented as Pepper around, at least their sexual needs could be squashed.

'God, I don't believe that I'm actually... finally making out with Will,'
Grace was thinking as she sucked on her roommate's turgid cock. 'I've been
dreaming of this since college, and now I'm actually getting it.'

Though, at first, she didn't much like getting fucked in the ass, but once
her anal passage got stretched sufficiently she really got a kick out of it.
And now, thanks to Pepper, she was also getting a taste of Will's cock as an
added bonus. And he had to admit, he was as delicious as she had always
imagined he would be.

The threesome continued in their fucking and sucking for what seemed like
hours. Pepper, having already climaxed three times this evening, wasn't
rushing another load. Will, being gay, wasn't as enthusiastic about cumming
in a woman's mouth, even if it was Grace. And Grace Adler was loving her
pussy being eaten by Will too much to quit. She figured she could stay there
all night, orgasming as many times as she wanted.

Pepper hugged Will's waist hard as the large St-Bernard continued humping his
ass into the man's asshole trying to empty his load in him. The dog didn't
seem to care that it wasn't a pussy he was humping, as long as it was a hole
and that it was tight, he was happy.

"Mmmmmmh! You suck good, Will," Grace hummed. "You should do me more

"No need to be insulting," the gay man said, pulling his mouth of her pussy

"Hush now," she chastised him, pulling his face back into her wet crotch.
"Get back to sucking my pussy, you naughty boy."

For the next ten minutes, the threesome continued sucking and fucking each
other. Grace couldn't believe how good Will's cock tasted, or that she had
convinced him to finally satisfy her lust for him in her pussy.

"Ungh! Unngghh! Uunnnggghhh!" Will began grunting in her cunt as the first
spurt of doggie jism began shooting in his ass.

"Ooooh! Ohh! Oooh! I... I'm cumming Will!" Grace exclaimed. "I'm cumming
on your tongue! Oh, how long I've dreamed of this moment. I'mmm cumming!

Grace came from the grunting vibrations he was transmitting in her pussy,
soaking his sucking face with her juices. For the first time in over fifteen
years, Will was drinking a woman's juices and he was disgusted. But it
seemed a reasonable sacrifice to get the chance to have the large dog fucking

At that exact moment, Will began ejaculating over Grace's face, his cum
streaking across her cheeks and over her tits before she could get her lips
wrapped around his spurting cockhead again. Once she did, she hungrily began
drinking down his jism as if she was dying of thirst.

As the threesome orgasmed together, Grace's bedroom reeked of sex. Their
juices fermenting the air with its thick odor.

It took Pepper about five minutes before he finally pulled out of Will's ass,
his jism leaking out of the gay man's ass and down his thighs. Seeing all
that delicious doggy jism going to waste, Grace leaned over and began lapping
it up for herself.

"God Grace," Will finally gasped out. "Th... that was fantastic."

"You weren't bad yourself," she shot back.

"Not you, silly," Will retorted. "Pepper."

In mock insult, Grace stuck her tongue out at Will, before lapping it along
his thigh to gather more of Pepper's cum.

Will was too exhausted to object anymore. He didn't care if it was a woman,
even Grace, that was licking his legs. He was simply glad to have discovered
how talented Pepper was. But then a thought hit him.

"Damn, Grace," he finally said. "Pepper has to go back tomorrow."

"Oh, God, you're right," Grace suddenly realized the undeniable fact. "You
sure we can't keep him... maybe a little longer."

"I don't think so," he said. "You know how possessive Paul gets."

Grace pouted dejectedly at their upcoming loss. Then an idea came to her.

"What if we get one of our own?" She suggested.

"No can do," Will told her, seeing the disappointment in her eyes. "It's
against our lease. The only reason we were allowed to dog-sit Pepper was
that it was a temporary situation."

In disgust, Grace got up and wrapped a silk robe around herself. Will
followed close behind wearing another of Grace's robes.

As they entered their livingroom, Jack burst in through the door and stopped
dead in his tracks at seeing them standing there, both with nothing more than
robes on. Their openly gay friend began sniffing the air around and stood
back with a shocked look in his eyes.

"Will! How could you!" He yelled out. "You and Grace! Grace and you! Oh,
how could you betray our mantra like this!"

"Wait a minute Jack," Will interjected. "Grace and I... we didn't... you

"Don't lie to me," Jack confronted him. "I can smell you all over her...
her... her face."

He stepped close to Grace again and sniffed between her breasts before she
could cover herself again, his tongue lapping across her bare tits, and

"JACK!" She shrieked, closing her robe tightly over her tits.

"See! See! I can even taste you on her!" Jack said, pointing at Grace's

In total embarrassment, Grace stomped off to her bedroom and slammed the door
behind her.

"Now see what you've done," Will scolded Jack.

"Wellll, it's all your fault," Jack defended himself. "If you hadn't
betrayed your fellow gay Parisians, I wouldn't have done that."

"Jack! I'm still with the team," Will scolded. "I haven't' slept with
Grace... so to speak."

"Oh really... then how was it that your... treasure was all over her," Jack

"Well... um... she just sort of got in the way," Will bluffed.

"Oh, dear," Jack blushed, placing two fingers over his lips. "Did I just do
a faux-pas?"

"Yes you did Stanley," Will said mimicking Laurel Hardy.

"Do you think I should go apologize to Gracey?" Jack asked, peering down the
hall towards her closed bedroom door.

"I, er, think you should wait till tomorrow Jack," Will said. "I think
you've done enough for one day."

He escorted Jack to the door and closed it behind his gay friend, then turned
around and made his way to Grace's bedroom. Coming up to the door he rapped
his knuckle lightly to announce himself.

"Grace?" He called out. "Grace, are you okay? You know Jack didn't mean
anything by that. He's just... well, he's just Jack."

But there was no answer from behind the door. Cautiously he turned the knob
and opened the door slowly, he wanted to make sure that his female friend was
all right. Peering his head around the door's edge he smiled.

There in the middle of the bedroom floor was Grace Adler sucking on Pepper's
throbbing doggie cock. He was tempted to join her again, but he figured that
she needed a cock more than he did. And since Pepper wouldn't be with them
much longer, he left them alone and closed the door quietly behind him.

'Grace needs to get laid much more than I do,' he thought to himself as he
squeezed his own hard-on. 'Besides, maybe I should give Paul another shot.
That way I'll be able to borrow Pepper once in a while for myself.'

The End
(for now)

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