Will And Grace: Just Getting Bi (MF,MM,voy)
by The Fan ([email protected])

William Trumann sat in the passenger seat of the volkswagen. He was doing
something very like himself. He was reading his favorite novel "Invisible
Life." He recalled his days of struggling with his sexuality and could
totally relate to the character in the novel. Raymond Tyler, a handsome
young black man caught between what society wanted for him and his own
desires. The driver of the car was none other than Grace. A slender, witty,
funny woman with dark hair and blazing eyes. She was a designer slash
interior decorator in the big city. She had known Will Trumann for years.
Many years. They were best friends no matter what. Will Trumann was a
homosexual and no longer ashamed of it. Grace Adler was a straight woman.

They knew each other since college. Back then, Will had been torn about his
sexuality. He felt something for women, so he still dated them. Grace Adler
was not interested in him romantically in those days. He was sort of geeky.
A law student. An insecure young man. Back at school, Grace dated Matthew
Gideon, captain of the basketball team. He was a handsome athlete. Imagine
her surprise when she found out he was a homosexual.

Will became her friend and she developed feelings for him. Will cared for
Grace a lot. He could not imagine life without her. But hopping into bed
with her was a no-no. He was a homosexual who never acted on his desires.
He was in a lot of denial and hoped they would go away. He would be rid of
his homosexuality. He tried, at least.

He read books about it. Some considered it a simple variation of human
sexuality, others viewed it as a disease. Something to be cured. Will spent
many years in the closet. Uncomfortable years. He tried to prove to himself
that he was a man. He dated a woman named Diane. The relationship lasted an
entire year and he had sex with her. It was the one and only time in his
life that he had a sexual relationship with a woman. Will liked Diane. After
awhile, he began to despair. He did not want people to know he was a
homosexual. He couldn't stand to see his mother, father or brother
disappointed in him. He fought them all his life, those needs and impulses
and urges. There were nights he recalled crying himself to sleep.

Then, he met Jack. A flamboyant, obnoxious and arrogant homosexual. Jack
McFarland was the one to bring the closeted, straight-acting Will Trumann out
of the closet. He introduced Will to the homosexual lifestyle. He taught him
how to pick up guys at bars. Soon, to the world's shock, Will came out. Will,
the masculine, intelligent lawyer. The one who dated women in the past and
liked to watch sports. The one who looked "so hetero." Will Trumann was a
homosexual and a proud one. This shocked his parents. The one it hurt the
most was Grace Adler. She could not believe Will was a homosexual. She vowed
to herself she would change him, and make him hers. So, she became his best
friend. They hung out a lot. He told her everything. They went everywhere

They made friends like Jack McFarland and Karen, a feisty, ditzy woman with
fabulous wealth and an ego the size of Montana. Grace Adler dated other men
but always on her agenda was William Trumann. Presently, he was going to some
meeting in Los Angeles. She agreed to drive him there. She just loved being
around him. He was just so funny and smart. And honest. Always there to give
her advice. And she was dying to get on top of him. If he knew that, he
didn't let on.

"What's on your mind, Will?" Grace asked out of the blue.

"Michael," said Will sadly.

Grace remembered Michael. Michael Thorne. He was a handsome football player
who was at the very least bisexual. Even though Michael had a girlfriend, a
bimbo named Michelle Dwight, he was interested in Will. Will agreed to see
him. This infuriated Grace. She went to Dwight and threatened to expose his
sexuality to the media if he did not break off his affair with Will. Scared
straight, Dwight agreed. He broke up with Will. Over the phone. Grace was
pleased that Dwight was leaving Will, but hadn't anticipated how much this
would hurt Will. He was falling in love with Dwight. Grace wanted to see
Will happy. She almost wished he was like Dwight. For some reason, Mr. Big
athlete was attracted to guys and girls. Grace thought about it. Maybe
Trumann could go bi? She looked at him. Not a chance. Will Trumann was a
homosexual through and through, out and proud and gadabout. She recalled
one time when she walked in on him and one of his lovers.

Will's lover was a tall, muscular man whom Grace would have labeled straight
by the looks of him. His name: Jeffrey. Jeffrey and Will were lying in bed,
and pleasuring each other. Will sucked Jeffrey until the other man was rock
hard, then fucked him. What a sight! Trumann topping a tall, muscular macho
man. He was no longer the geek she remembered. In bed, he was dominant and
powerful. He fucked Jeffrey until he came, the withdrew. Jeffrey welcomed
Trumann into his arms and they lay there. Grace felt jealous, and strangely

She drove until night fell. Then, they checked into a motel. She insisted
that they share a room and he agreed. Will got ready for bed. He kept on his
Hanes. Red ones. He looked really good in them. "Looking good, Will, " she

Will smiled. He looked at Grace. She wore a bra and panties. "You look good
too, Grace," he said.

They went to bed. Grace was eager to know what was going on with Will. He
told her how his life sucked because the men he sought were either tragic
closet cases or bisexual men who led straight lives. None of the six men
he had dated recently were out. It took courage to be out and not every
homosexual or bisexual male could do it.

"Why do we always make mistakes with people?" said Will.

Grace smiled. "We want what we can't have," she said.

Will nodded. They talked about their lives. Grace dated an endless stream
of men but could never settle. Will was always chasing after closet cases
because they were so cute.

"Will can I ask you a question?" she said.

"Shoot," he said.

"If you could go straight, like take a pill or something, would you?" she

Will looked at her. Then past her, he had a faraway look on his handsome
face. "When I was younger, I would have given anything to be normal. Now,
I'm okay with who I am." he said.

"Good for you," said Grace. She pressed him. "Will, have you ever had sex
with a woman?" she asked. This was very forward of her but they kept almost
no secrets from each other.

"Once, in college," he said.

Grace gasped. Will had sex with a woman? "Who?" she asked.

"Diane," said Will.

He told her of Diane, a cheerleader chick he met at a frat house. Grace
considered this.

"Did you enjoy it?" she asked.

Will looked at her. "Mighty forward tonight, arent we?" he said.

"C'mon, answer me," she said.

"Yeah," he said. "I guess I did." He went to sleep.

Grace Adler did not sleep. She was thinking about what Will just told her.
He had sex with a woman, and enjoyed it. So, maybe he wasn't completely
homosexual? Maybe a five or four on the Kinsey Scale? Maybe. She waited
until he had fallen asleep to proceed with a crazy plan.

She took off his clothes and then, his underwear. He was there, naked. He
was so deep in sleep that he did not notice. She looked at him. He looked
so good. She loved him. It was hell pretending to be his faghag when she
wanted to be his wife or girlfriend.

She freed Will's cock and began to suck it. She sucked it until it was hard.
Conscious or not, the male body responded to stimuli. She sucked his cock
until he was hard. Eight inches and fairly thick. She then licked the head
of his cock. Will gasped and bolted awake. He looked around, a scared look
on his face. He looked down, to see Grace sucking his cock. "Grace, what are
you doing?" he said.

Grace paused. "Pleasing you, Will. Shhhhh." she pressed two fingers against
his thin lips and told him to lie down and enjoy what she was doing to him.
"Just let me work, Will. You have gone without sex for weeks now. You need
release. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't help you?"

Will surprised himself and Grace by lying back in bed, relaxing and closing
his eyes. Grace sucked his cock until he was so hard and throbbing. She
grinned and slowly started to lower herself onto his thick cock. Will's arms
reached out and he embraced her, hugging her waist, all that with his eyes
closed. She began bouncing up and down on his cock. She loved the feeling of
Will's hard cock in her pussy. She gave in, welcoming the hard cock and
making it go deeper into her. Finally, he came in her. She got off and began
sucking him off, milking him dry.

When she was done, she said, "Will, open your eyes!"

He did. He saw the sight of the lovely Grace sucking his cock. What a pretty
sight. "Thanks," was all he could say. He needed release and there was no man
around. He closed his eyes and fantasized about a man while Grace worked her
magic. He drew her close and kissed her. "Thanks, my beautiful friend," he

Grace kissed him back. "You're welcome, Will."

They lay in bed. Grace was asleep. Will was awake. What had he just done?
Sex with a woman? Sex with his best friend? He knew he loved Grace, but...
The weirdest thing of all was that for an actual moment, he was fantasizing
not about a male but about Grace, and the thought of her bouncing on his
cock made him harder. "Oh, God, Could I be Bi?" he wondered. If there was
the slightest chance in the world that he was bi, he knew exactly which
woman he was gonna explore it time. Decisions, decisions. He
would figure it out later.

The End


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