This is the first installment in what I hope is to be a several part series.
This series will take movies and begin at the end of a scene to show what
might have happened if the scene had kept going. I would appreciate any
feedback, positive or negative. Also, if anybody has any ideas of movies I
could use, I would definitely consider them.

This scene takes place just after Rosalee has realized that she is in love
with Pete, and Tad has decided to turn around the plane and bring her back
to Frasier's Bottom.

Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!: When The Camera Stops Rolling (MF)
by Shakespeare48 ([email protected])

"I can't believe this," said Rosalee, still giddy from her sudden
realization. "How could I not have realized that I'm so in love with him?"

Tad was similarly surprised at the current situation. "I can't believe that
the first girl who dumps me is a nobody from West Bumblefuck. I didn't even
get to nail you."

"Oh, Tad," said Rosalee. "We have a great friendship, and I'm glad we didn't
ruin it."

"Oh cut the crap," said Tad. "That friendship bullshit was just so I could
get to fuck you. Don't you know anything?" Tad shook his head as Rosalee
stared at him, shocked at what she was hearing.

"Tad, I thought that I was more than just a piece of ass to you."

"Yeah, you wish," said Tad. "Oh, man, I am so fucking horny. Can't you at
least give me head before the plane lands?"

"Tad, that's disgusting. I'm in love with Pete and I don't want to- oh my
god!" Rosalee's speech had been cut short when Tad had unzipped his pants and
pulled out his rock hard cock. "Is it always that hard? And big?"

"It's been like this for the last two days. That's what no fucking for that
long can do to a guy. As for the size, yeah, it's 11 inches hard." Rosalee
was shocked. Pete's 6 inch prick, which she had seen when his bathing suit
had come off one day at the beach, paled in comparison to this monster dick.
She had thought that cocks that big only existed in the pornos she and her
friend Cathy sometimes watched together. "Well?" Tad's voice broke her from
her reverie. "Are you gonna suck it?"

"I wouldn't know how to begin," said Rosalee, still in shock. The only time
she had ever given head was in high school when she had gone down on Jake,
the school football team quarterback. He had been 7 inches and she had had
trouble with that. She didn't know what she would do with 11 inches."

"Well it's not gonna suck itself. Come over here," said Tad, pulling her
towards him. Normally Rosalee would have objected to being treated so
roughly, but Tad's large... everything, made her feel very subservient. Tad
pushed her face next to his dick, which was even more intimidating up close.
"Now lick around the head, and then down the shaft," ordered Tad, and Rosalee
immediately obeyed. She enjoyed licking on his cock, imagining it was a large

"This feels so good," said Tad. "Man I needed this." Rosalee, encouraged by
his comments, licked with a greater passion. "You ready to actually suck it,
bitch?" He asked, and Rosalee nodded her head eagerly, still licking away.
"Alright, first just try to get the head in your mouth."

This was more difficult than it sounded, as Tad's cock was thick as well as
long, but Rosalee succeeded in sticking his cock head in her mouth. "That's
great," said Tad. "Now, lick around the head while pushing down and see how
much you can swallow." It took Rosalee a few minutes to get used to this,
but once she did she managed to get about half of Tad's dick down her throat
before she started to gag. Tad was smiling when she came up for breath.

"That was pretty good. Is this your first time giving head?" Rosalee shook
her head while catching her breath, and said that it was her second time.
"Still, few beginning cock suckers can get this much down on the first try.
But now's the hard part: fighting your gag reflex." Rosalee got nervous when
she thought about this, but went back down to try.

On her third try, she managed to get Tad's cock down her throat without
gagging, and a few minutes later her nose was buried in her pubic hair.
After that it was much easier, and she was going to town on his cock when
she noticed it was swelling. She started to pull her mouth off when she
felt Tad's strong hands pushing her down. "Here it comes, bitch!" He

Rosalee felt like a hose had been turned on in her mouth. Gallons of cum were
flowing from Tad's cock, and she was having trouble swallowing all of it.
Finally, Tad slowed down, and she removed her mouth from his limp dick. She
licked the come off of her lips, and was surprised that she rather enjoyed
the taste. It was tangy and salty, and very interesting.

"You have no idea how much I needed that," said Tad. "You are one hell of
a cock sucker." Rosalee beamed at the compliment, and both of them sat in
silence for a moment, catching their breaths. "You ready for a fucking?"
asked Tad.

"You're ready to go again?" asked Rosalee, shocked.

"I've gone almost a week without sex," said Tad. "I could go all day." And
sure enough, after just a few strokes of his cock, Tad was hard again. "Now
how about you get those clothes off?"

With a look of lust in her eyes, Rosalee quickly pulled off her dress, and
removed her bra and panties. Tad looked her over, and while she was no super
model, she did have a hot body. Her big, perky tits looked nice and firm,
and her untrimmed pussy was soaking wet. "Are you ready to win a fucking from
Tad Hamilton?" Tad asked, smiling.

"You have no idea," said Rosalee. Tad grabbed her, lifted her up, and lay
her down on the floor of the jet. He removed his shirt, leaving them both
completely naked. He slowly slid his cock along her wet pussy, causing her
to shiver with excitement. This would only be her second time having sex.

"Damn you're tight," said Tad, trying to stick his thick cock into her
snatch. It took some struggling, but after a minute or two his cock head
was embedded in her pussy.

"This feels so good, Tad," said Rosalee, moaning. Tad started rocking back
and forth, trying to get his cock in deeper while moving it around. Rosalee's
moans got louder as he shoved two, and then three inches into her wet pussy.

"Okay, this might hurt a little," said Tad, as he started pushing his dick in
deeper. He had gotten in five inches when she started objecting.

"Tad, that's too much." Tad decided to just slide his first five inches
in for a little while, getting her used to that. Soon she was moaning
uncontrollably, and Tad decided to go for the gold. With one swift move
he jammed his entire cock into her pussy, and she screamed into a mixture
of pleasure and pain.

Now that Tad had stuffed his dick in all the way, he could have some real
fun. "Oh, God!" Rosalee screamed. "Oh fuck, Tad. Fuck me! Don't ever stop
fucking me like that." Tad smiled as he slowly slid his cock in and out of
her tight pussy. He liked getting girls off almost as much as he liked
getting himself off.

Tad decided he was ready for some serious fucking, and he increased his pace
until he was slamming into her pussy, and she was screaming like a mad woman.
earsplitting shriek as her pussy started pouring juice. Tad slowed down,
realizing she had just come.

"That was my first orgasm during sex," said Rosalee.

"Well hopefully it won't be your last," said Tad, again quickening his pace.
Soon Rosalee was once again delirious with pleasure.

"You're my little cock slut, aren't you?!" asked Tad, his balls slapping
against her ass.

"Oh yes! I'm a total slut for your giant cock, Tad! I love it. I could fuck
you forever!"

Rosalee came three more times before Tad finally sunk his cock into her pussy
and shot his cum into her tight snatch. She came again when that happened,
almost passing out. "How'd you like a little piece of Tad, slut?" Asked Tad,

"There was nothing little about what you gave me, Tad," said Rosalee,
grinning exhaustedly.

* * *

Tad looked over at Rosalee as she finished getting dressed before they landed
in West Virginia. "I guess you have seven smiles," said Tad.

"What do you mean?" asked Rosalee.

"One when something really makes you laugh, one when you're making plans, one
when you're laughing out of politeness, one when you're uncomfortable, one
when you're making fun of herself, one when you're talking about her friends,
and one when you just got fucked." Rosalee laughed.

"Well it's been fun, Tad," said Rosalee. "And you were a great fuck, but I
need to go and meet up with my boyfriend." Rosalee patted Tad on the knee,
stood up, and walked out of the private plane.

Tad stared at her, confused. Had she been using him? Had he, Tad Hamilton,
the hottest star in Hollywood, just been taken advantage of by a grocery
store bag girl? Tad shook his head. It had been a weird week.


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