This is a story written for fun and not for profit.

Victorious: Two Guys And A Jade (mmf,oral,anal,voy)
By Phil the Dirty Old Man

Beck Oliver was more than a little irritated. His oldest, best friend had come from Canada to LA to visit him and they had hardly spent any time together. And since he and Jade seemed to have disappeared at the same time, he called Jade's cell and left a message. No answer so he texted her with the same message.

'Where's Moose?'

Same result as his phone call.

Beck decided to call on the West house. Ringing the doorbell brought no response. Not that Beck was surprised, Jade's parents would still be at work. And if Jade was home alone, she would often ignore the door. But he knew a secret way into Jade's room. He saw the window was open so Beck scaled a wrought-iron trellis to Jade's bathroom window. Once inside, he stopped at the door into her bedroom, which was ajar. He heard sounds coming from Jade's room - sounds of passion.

He slowly pulled the door open. The room was in shadows with her desk lamp set on low. Most of the more bizarre items Jade had collected were there but difficult to make out. But what Beck did see was his best friend Moose lying on Jade's bed, naked. And equally naked Jade was kneeling between his legs with his cock in her mouth. Knowing how good Jade was at fellatio, Beck understood the look on Moose's face and the groaning noises coming from him.

Beck stood watching, Jade's pale skin contrasting with the tanned Canuck body she was enjoying. He had been blown many times by Jade, at school, under the table at a restaurant, and most often in his trailer/home. But he never got to really watch the girl as she sucked on a cock. She really was good. Phenomenal, in fact. Her mouth and tongue touched every millimeter of hard cock with relish.

Jade held the base of Moose's dick in her left hand, slowly jacking it while she sucked on the helmet, her tongue sliding down the shaft and around the crown occasionally. Her right hand was busy and Beck knew she was fondling Moose's balls. She pulled off the throbber and flattened her tongue to slide down the underside of Moose's shaft. Then she began to lick the fat testicles, her tongue flowing all over the gith scrotum before she slurped one and then the other ball into her mouth. This was followed by both balls, which she finally managed to inhale, stretching her lips.

Jade pulled her head back and Moose's balls popped out of her mouth. She immediately swallowed the head of his cock and began to really work it.

Beck had seen Moose naked when they were kids but never imaged his friend was so well-hung. Ten inches at least, and thick too. As he watched, Jade managed to deep throat that moose-cock, her throat muscles working hard as she swallowed the big slab of meat. Beck smiled, he taught Jade how to do that and she was better than any porn star they had watched.

As he watched his friend get sucked off, Beck's jeans were straining. In the time since he and Jade had broken up, he had a few flings, mainly with some loose North Ridge girls and a weekend with Allyssa Vaughn. But the most recent was several months before and he had a serious case of blue balls.

The anger he had been feeling was already replaced by arousal. He wanted in on the action he was watching.

Moose's moans grew and he began to bounce his hips. Jade slid up the shaft until just the top inch or so was still in her mouth. Beck saw this and knew Jade wanted to taste the boy's cum.

Just as Moose began to spurt into Jade's mouth, Beck yelled, "Hey! What the hell is going on here?"

Startled, Jade pulled her mouth off Moose and his jism arced up. The first few, more powerful jets fell into her hair, the white come standing out in her black hair, and the following spurts spewed onto her face. Several strands of Moose's seed draped criss-crossed Jade's face, startlingly white against her pale skin.

Both naked teens on the bed wore similar expressions of shock and surprise - the difference being that Jade's face was had several streams of Moose's cum slowly dripping down.

"Beck, dude... I can explain... Jane ran out of gas and we started to make out and she found some gas and..."

"It's Jade," the girl said even as she swallowed the cum in her mouth then started, "I was just... Hey! What the hell are you doing here?!?"

"Catching you two having fun without me."

Jade glanced at the straining zipper of Beck's jeans and smiled. "Guess you're not really mad then..." She stood up and slowly walked over to him, her beautifully nude body fully on display - large, firm breasts capped with perfect nipples, a small triangle of dark brown hair between her legs and a natural hourglass figure women would kill for. She used a finger to wipe the cum off her face and then sucked the finger clean. "You liked what you saw, didn't you? And you want some too, don't you?"

Jade's free hand was stroking Beck through his pants and he moaned loudly. It felt so good. "Oooo.... Jade..."

The black-haired girl dropped to her knees and opened Beck's jeans. She pulled them down along with his shorts and his already rigid cock, over seven inches of Canadian bacon as he liked to joke, popped out and bounced off her forehead, a smear of Beck's pre-come mixing with some of Moose's seed that was still there.

Pulling the fresh meat into her mouth, Jade groaned. She loved sex. She loved to get fucked, both in her cunt and her ass but she loved to suck off someone even more. Blow jobs used to be considered degrading, and to some people it still was, but to her it was control. She had control over her lover, or even casual partner, when she was sucking dick. And Jade loved control.

Moose calmed down when he saw Jade begin to suck of his old buddy. He leaned on one elbow to watch as his temporarily limp member rested on his thigh. As he watched, he felt himself recover and the flaccid, but still large, penis began to swell.

Beck kicked off his sandals then his pants and shorts. His flannel shirt fell near him and then he pulled off his t-shirt. His firm, muscled body was on full display as his ex-girlfriend continued to suck on his rigid shaft.

After two years of dating, she knew what Beck liked and concentrated on the swollen head, her tongue sliding all around it and the tip probing into the pee-slit, evoking more pre-come. Her mouth descended his shaft until her nose was buried in his pubic hair, her tongue sliding along the hard flesh then along the base of Beck's cock. She swallowed both his balls at once and laved them with her tongue while sucking them into her mouth. Beck's pre-come was dribbling onto her forehead again, the warm syrupy fluid mixing with the earlier deposits of jizz.

As with Moose, that talented mouth moved back up the shaft and Jade began to lick the spongy helmet, tracing the crown and the notch below the pee-slit. Taking the head into her mouth, Jade sucked and tickled it with her tongue. Before too much longer, Beck grabbed the back of Jade's head and yelled, "I'm coming!"

His semen flooded Jade's mouth and, as much as she tried to swallow it all, some oozed out around the spasming shaft. She licked her lips, smiling up at Beck. "You still have the tastiest cum..."

"What about me?" Moose asked plaintively.

Jade glanced back and said, "You're damned tasty too. Must be something about Canadians..."

Then Jade saw his half-hard shaft and smiled wider. The afternoon fun wasn't over yet. Wiggling her ass, she turned back to her ex and took the semi-hard dick in her mouth and began to suck again. She felt hands grip her hips and knew it was Moose. She pulled off Beck's cock and said, "Give it to me you big fucking moose!"

He slammed into Jade's tight, wet cunt. Jade cried out in pleasure at the thick log that started to thrust in and out. Again, she began to suck on Beck. She knew both boys would last longer now at they'd both climaxed.

Slowly the Canadian teens thrust their cocks in and out of Jade's mouth and pussy. They were both in heaven as was Jade. She always wanted to be taken from both ends and now she was getting it. And with two magnificent cocks.

Jade felt nicely filled with men fucking her at either end. The teen loved the feeling of being double-penetrated and knew her large, firm tits swaying in reaction to their movements had to look hot as hell! But, as much as she loved a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy, she knew she wanted another type of DP. Reluctantly pulling Beck out of her mouth, she said, "Hey boys? I wanta try something..."

Beck smiled, he was pretty sure what Jade had in mind. He reached over her and tapped Moose's shoulder as he continued to fuck Jade's sweet cunt. "Buddy. Hold up a minute."

Moose stopped pistoning the girl, his cock still buried in Jade. "Huh?"

"Jade wants to try something different."


Jade spoke up, "Moose, please get out of me for a minute."

"Oh! Sorry," the Canadian boy said as he pulled his glistening penis from the girl.

"Okay, Jade, how do you want to do this?" Beck asked.

Jade stood between the two sexy boys, holding a hard cock in each hand, slowly stroking them. "Well, I want one of you to fuck my pussy and the other to fuck my ass... You decide who gets what while I make sure you both stay hard.

Kneeling between the two high school boys, she took turns sucking each cock. As she did that, she used one hand to smear her own cum around and into her ass, using it as a lubricant. As she did so, she pushed two then three fingers inside, readying herself for whichever cock was fucking her ass.

The boys quickly decided but were enjoying Jade's mouth too much. Finally, anxious to try the new DP, Jade said, "Okay. No more sucking. You each pick a hole."

Beck said, "Well, since Moose already had your pussy, he'll get your ass. I'll fuck your sweet, juicy cunt. Okay with you?"

Jade smiled broadly, "Definitely."

Beck laid down on Jade's bed, hold himself erect. Jade straddled him and lowered herself onto the hard shaft. Moose climbed onto the bed, kneeling behind the girl and slowly pushed into her incredibly tight ass. It felt like a redwood was being shoved into her ass and Jade cried out, "Hey! Slow down. Let me get used to that big fucking log!"

Both boys paused as Jade's sphincter slowly loosened. The pain, which she loved in short doses, faded and she smiled, saying, "Okay boys. Tear me apart! Fuck me hard!"

Moose actually did most of the work. He was leaning over Jade's back, his cock buried in her ass. As he shoved in and out of her, Jade's smaller frame moved, causing Beck's cock to slide in her pussy. Her clit had come out now and was either rubbing the hard, hot shaft or the bristly pubic hair at the base of Beck's dick.

When Moose pushed into Jade, she moved up Beck's body and cock. When he pulled out, her body was pulled back until Beck was buried in her to the hilt again.

Both Beck and Moose had climaxed already and had more staying power. Jade, who had not come and was more aroused than any time in her young life, was ready. The feeling of two large cocks in her and the stimulation of her clit brought her to her first, screaming climax. Her brain went blank and her body shivered while the two Canadian teens continued to pummel her ass and cunt.

In fact, Jade's climax was so intense, her pussy and her sphincter tightened on the two shafts they held. It was a rare treat for either Beck or Moose and almost set them off then and there. But neither wanted to end this too quick. They both loved the feel of being buried in Jade's sexy body.

The fucking resumed. As she recovered Jade felt the heads of each cock as they brushed the deepest recesses of her lower body. She half-expected Moose to start poking up her throat.

The fullness was incredible. Better than Jade had hoped. She wasn't a virgin in either hole and Beck had managed to fill her whenever they had sex. But she never had two cocks in her at once.

If only there was a third so she could have that one shoved in her mouth. 'How hot would it be to have all my holes full at the same time?'

That was the last real thought she had for several minutes. She was still incredibly aroused and her clit was now ultra-sensitive. She had another small climax, quieter but still intense, but that didn't take the edge off her arousal yet.

"Oh god, babe! I'm coming!" Beck moaned. His cock spasmed in Jade and she swore she could feel the semen coating her pussy.

"Ah Kee-rist! I'm gonna blow!" Moose yelled. As he shot off in Jade's ass, she knew she could feel the white-hot come filling her.

The boys' climaxes set off Jade's third and biggest orgasm. She screamed loudly then fell onto Beck's sweaty, heaving chest as pleasure replaced everything else in her body.

Moose rolled off to the side, his dick leaving Jade's ass with a pop and a rivulet of seed flowing out. Beck slowly shrank until his cock slid out of Jade's pussy.

With a shuddering gasp, Jade rolled over and between the two boys. "Oh my god! That was fucking incredible! I've never come so hard in my life!"

The teen trio lay quietly recovering in the dimly-lit room.

Finally, Moose said, "Y'know, I take back what I said about American girls, Beck. She may not know hockey and is smaller than girls back home but Jane is fucking awesome!"

"It's Jade, you dope," Jade muttered with a small smile. Then she looked at Beck, "This doesn't change anything between us. This was just sex, nothing else."

"Works for me," Beck agreed. "And Moose is right, you're incredible.

"And I finally got to spend some quality time with my bud!"

Leaning over Jade, Moose said, "Hey Beck, I'm hungry. Wanna get some burgers?"

"Sounds good, dude. Jade?"

"No. Maybe next time. I'm full."

As Jade laid back on the bed, she felt her matted hair and understood her friends Tori and Cat's use of hair gel...


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