This is a story written for fun and not for profit.

Victorious: Survival Of The Sexiest (mmmmf,inter,oral,anal)
by Phil the Dirty Old Man

Cat was having fun with her new friends, unaware that her friends were trapped and slowly roasting in Beck's trailer. She was so glad she met them when she was coming back from the bathroom. Nate, who reminded her of Andre (and not just because he was black but he loved music too), Justin, a hot blonde surfer dude, Ben and Paul - they both reminded her of Big Time Rush.

They had just finished a super-soaker fight and Cat was soaked, naturally. The cold water had her nipples poking out of her red top. She glanced down and said, "Ooops! Heh-heh-heh! I have erasers..."

Justin openly stared, "Big erasers too."

The other three each had a different look on their faces. Nate was looking at Cat out of the corner of his eye while Ben was looking anywhere but at Cat. Paul was pretending not to look but his eyes kept going back to those pert, covered breasts with their hard nipples.

Trying to be subtle, but failing badly, Justin said, "You want to go to our RV and dry out?"

"You mean a recreational vehicle?" Cat asked.

The four boys laughed. "Yes, the recreational vehicle."

Giggling, Cat jumped up and down once, her pert, wet breasts moving up and down. "Kay-kay."

Cat, for all her apparent bubbly innocence, knew what the boys wanted. And she wanted to give it to them. And take it from them too.

Justin led her to the parking lot. She didn't even spare a glance at Beck's trailer, not knowing her friends were inside sweltering in the heat.

The other three boys followed them, all hoping for the best outcome.

As the last one, Ben, entered the RV, Cat looked around and saw the large bed that filled the back compartment. "Wow! Look at that bed! I bet it's a great trampoline!"

"I don't know. I'd hit my head. But, if you want to try it, your clothes have to be dry. I don't want my mattress getting wet..." Justin replied as he clumsily tried to get the girl naked.

"No problem!" Cat pulled the knot between her breasts and her shirt fell open. As she shrugged it off, she pulled her short-shorts off. Seeing the four boys all gazing at her body, she forgot all about jumping on the bed. Then she saw the bulges in their shorts.

"There are better things to do on a bed, than jump," Cat said, eyeing the bulging shorts arrayed before her. She walked up to Justin and rubbed her body up against him, "You're a nice host!"

"Well, being the host, I'd like you to see to my friends first."

"Kay kay." Cat walked to Nate at the end and knelt down, pulling his shorts off. His big, black cock bounced free. The hard, dark shaft was well over eight inches long. Cat smiled innocently enough as she said, "I wonder if you taste like chocolate!"

The boys were all used her childish ways by now and none took offense, especially Nate who was enjoying the red head's small, soft hand holding him. Her tongue snaked out and licked the tip like a lollypop. Nate moaned in pleasure and Cat smiled, "Nope, not chocolate. But it's very tasty..."

Her agile tongue snaked out again and slid all over the large hear, causing pre-cum to start drizzling out of his pee slit. Cat lapped that up, crying out, "Yummy!"

The fake red head started to take more of the hard cock in her mouth, getting close to his pubic hair. She made some noises in her throat as she worked her throat muscles and her mouth slid all the way onto the boy's rod.

The other boys stripped and Cat got an eyeful. Justin was even bigger than Nate, at least nine inches and wide. She wanted to suck on his dick next. Neither Ben or Paul had anything to be ashamed of - both were at least seven inches or more.

Cat got them all to stand in front of her and she moved from one boy to the next, sucking and licking their shafts. Each had a different taste and aroma and all of them were hot. Cat stroked her pussy with one hand as she held whatever cock she was playing with in the other.

The licking and sucking had the already turned-on teens on the verge of their first orgasm. Cat could tell and pulled her head back, both hands holding Ben and Paul, jerking them rapidly while Nate and Justin stroked themselves.

In seconds, a volley of come sprayed out of one dick then the next and so on, until all four were spewing their seed on Cat's upturned face, her mouth open to catch what she could. The rest sprayed into her hair and across her face, dribbling down onto her cute little tits.

She swallowed and then sucked the remnants off each still-hard cock then yelled, "Yay! Better than a milk bath!"

And the seemingly innocent girl was far from done. She slowly wiped the sperm off her face, sucking her fingers clean. Then she ran her fingers through her hair, some of the come combed into her hair and the rest she sucked clean from her hands. The four boys all stood there watching, their dicks barely shrinking as the girl lapped up the come like her namesake would cream.

"Now, I want two of you to fuck me while I suck off the other two. Kay?"

Justin asked, "Who do you want to fuck you and...?"

"Silly, all of you! He-he-he! So, Ben, Paul, I guess I'll start with your two while I suck on Justin and Nate. Kay?" The boys nodded eagerly. "Kay-kay. Paul, lay down on your back. Hold your pee-pee up. Just like that!" Cat crawled over him and slowly sank onto Paul's shaft, "Aaaaaahhh..."

She leaned over, her hair falling around her head. "Ben, I want you to fuck my ass! Go ahead, I already got myself wet back there with my own juice."

Ben began to push his rod into Cat's tight ass. The head popped in and Cat yelled, "WAIT! Hold it a sec! I gotta get used to you. You're both so big..."

After a minute, Cat brightly said, "Kay-kay! Go ahead, Ben. Shove that puppy in. Justin, Nate, come over here."

The blonde surfer dude and the black workout dude were a perfect contrast as they knelt on the bed in front of Cat. She slowly slurped one then the other, alternating cocks. Using her left hand (she had to use her right hand to hold herself up), she jacked the cock she wasn't sucking on. When she got to the serious sucking, she deep-throated each of them, massaging the heads with her throat muscles. When she felt one was ready to blast, she pulled off and took the other in.

She took both cockheads in her mouth at the same time, running her tongue all over the soft mushroom caps and around the edges of their glands.

Meanwhile, the other two boys were thrusting into Cat's pussy and ass. The girl's forward motion pushed more of whichever cock she was sucking into her mouth. At the same time, Paul's pubic hair rubbed Cat's lower belly and her clit, especially when Ben thrust forward, pressing her into Paul. Combined with the thrills from her ass and cunt, Cat was moaning continuously around one of the cocks.

The pressure of her tight ass and nearly-as-tight pussy was becoming too much for the boys fucking her. Soon, Ben thrust forward and froze, his cock pumping his cum deep into Cat's rectum.

Ben's forward thrust pressed Cat's clit into Paul's curls and she went off with a scream that was only muffled by the cocks in her mouth.

As her cunt spasmed around his shaft, Paul shot off and filled her throbbing cunt with his cum.

Cat screamed again and her tongue vibrated against the undersides of both cock heads. Justin with Nate only a second behind, blasted their loads into Cat's mouth. She tried to swallow as fast as she could but some still dribbled down onto her chin. More slipped out as the two boys fell back from Cat, spent for the moment.

Ben fell backwards, his cock popping out of her cum-oozing sphincter. Cat then rolled off Paul and swiped up the excess cum on her face and her pussy with her fingers, swallowing it greedily. She shoved her fingers into herself for more of the tangy, salty mix.

"I wish I was like Elastic Lass," she said. "Then I could stretch down and lick myself clean..."

The boys were slowly perking up as she giggled. Looking around, she said, "I hope you're not done... I wanna play some more."

Soon enough, she got the boys pumped up, literally. Then she settled down on Justin's large member before Nate filled her ass with his ebony shaft. Paul and Ben got to enjoy her mouth and tongue while their buddies fucked the horny girl.

As the boys had already cum twice, it took a bit longer to get the 4 off again. Cat herself came twice while fucking and sucking the quartet.

After spending their last loads into Cat, the boys let her use the small shower before they exited the RV.

They sat and smiled at each other and at Cat, who again looked like innocence personified. Before long, Cat stood up and declared she had to find her friends.

The bedraggled high schoolers had just exited Beck's trailer when Cat came back. Not to waste the day, Tori led the charge to the beach. Cat waved to her new friends as she raced past.

Jade glared at her when they were laying under a large umbrella. "Where the hell were you?" Then she ran her fingers through Cat's hair. "And since when do you use hair gel?"


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