Victorious: Robbie's Hard Night (mFFfff,oral,anal,nc-cons)
by Marc S

Robbie Shapiro lay curled up in the fetal position on his cot. He had spent the day in prison, which was horrible, and to make things worse he had been put on the female side.

"This has got to be the worst day of my life." he thought. "Hopefully the plan to get out of here works." Just then he hears some movement and looks towards the sound. He sees a tough but fairly attractive woman walking in what seems like his direction, with a tattooed brunette accompanying her. Frightened, he pulls his thin cover up closer to his chin.

"Hey, you," barks the brunette, "pull that cover down." Robbie whimpers in fear but complies with her demand.

"What are you going to do to me? I don't want any trouble."

The brunette chuckles slightly, "You hear that Mika? He thinks we are here to give trouble."

The attractive one grins and shakes her head. "Well Lise, we have been in here for a long time, but we remember how nice it is to have a man around. We'll show him a good time." With that she suddenly grabs the hem of Robbie's pants and pulls him up. He lurches off the bed and stands rigidly in front of the two women. "Now," says Lise, "take off your pants."

"But, I... I"



Robbie quickly pulls down his pants and stands there.

"The underwear as well."

Not wanting to make them mad, Robbie drops his boxers past his knees and embarrassingly covers his penis with both hands. Mika once again reaches forward, only this time she smacks his hands away from his groin. Lise reaches out and grab Robbie's hardening cock. "Well now, let's have some fun."

Mika disrobes, revealing her beautiful body with her round b-cup breasts, shaved pussy and firm ass. Then she drops to her knees and moves her friend's hand before replacing it with her mouth. Robbie let's out a groan of pleaure and shuts his eyes at the sensation of his first ever blowjob. With both of her hands now free, Lise lifts her shirt off, displaying her amazing d-cup tits, then lowers her pants too show that her cunt is shaved as well. Robbie looks her up and down, realizing that while Mika had a gorgeous face, her body couldn't compare to Lise's, whose tattooes only served to accentuate her sexiness.

"Mmmmm, nnnnnnn." Mika moans around Robbie's throbbing 7.5" dick. "That's a nice rod you have there, for such a little boy."

Robbie smiles awkwardly. "Really, gee thanks."

Lise winks at him as she drops to her knees next to her friend, who takes the man meat out of her mouth and gives her a passionate, sloppy kiss. After a little tongue wrestling, Lise takes her turn on Robbie's monster.

Once again groaning in pleasure, Robbie places his hands on the brunette's head and slams his hips into her face. He just closes his eyes again when he hears someone calling his name.

"Robbie! What the frick is going on here?" Robbie's head snaps forward and he sees his friends Tori, Cat and Jade staring at him, dumbstruck.

"You guys, it's not what it looks like. They attacked me. I didn't do anything."

As this exchange is going on, Lise takes Robbie's cock out of her warm mouth and turns to once again make out with her friend.

"Whoah there Robbie." Jade grins, walking seductively towards him. "I never realized how, attractive, you are."

Cat and Tori just stare, there eyes bugging out of there heads at the size of their seemingly pathetic friends large penis. Cat runs forward and without a word shoves it all the way down her throat.

"You bitch," Jade exclaims. "I was about to suck him off."

Robbie suddenly feels different now that he realizes the effect he was having, and he smiles. "Jade, relax, there's enough of me to go around. Why don't you go over and entertain yourself with Tori."

Tori manages to tear her eyes away from the cock that her bff has her lips around and looks at Jade with a sultry grin. "You know, I have always thought you were attractive. Even if you are a gank."

Jade glares at her for a moment then rips off her own shirt. "You are so hot Tori." The two girls lips mash together before Tori finally takes advantage of the exposed young flesh. She sucks a tit into her mouth, lightly biting on the nipple. "Oh, god, that feels amazing."

Jade turns her head back in time to see Cat removing her bottoms and positioning herself in front of Robbie's stiff cock. She slowly eases herself onto his pole, working her way down until he's completely in. As she begins to slowly move back and forth on his prick, he grabs her by the hips and starts to ram as hard as he can into her, causing her to moan loudly.

Mika and Lise, not ones to sit idly by, are busy 69ing. Mika has her hand in Lise's pussy as she sucks on her clit, furiously working her hands in and out. After a few minutes, Lise lifts her head from between the other girls legs and starts to wail out her orgasm, her entire body shaking. She sticks two of her fingers into Mika's asshole, instantly putting the beautiful raven haired prisoner over the edge. As the two come down from their respective orgasms, the others are getting close themselves.

"Oh yes, fuck me, FUCK ME HARD." Jade screams at the top of her lungs as she slams back against Robbie's waist while he fucks her doggy-style. Cat is laying between their legs, her mouth latched onto Jade's pussy, greedily sucking all the juices that she can, with whatever she can't sexily running down her chin. Tori is on top of her, one hand in Cat's pussy, one in her own, and her tongue lapping at Robbie's ballsack and taint. The cot creaks under the strain, but no one takes notice. Jade whips her head back and forth, yelling in ecstasy, her hair flying out in all directions, as she experiences one of the greatest sexual highs of her young life.

Finally coming back to her senses after her mind blowing orgasm, Jade slumps limply off the cot, the dick in her pussy exiting with an audible pop. Immediately, Tori flips Robbie over and climbs on top of him, her small pert breasts smothering him. Cat takes up the now open space between their legs, eagerly taking the balls into her mouth, savoring the taste of fresh girl-cum on them.

Robbie licks frantically at Tori's chest, unable to believe his luck. He grunts as he slams his cock into her slit as hard and fast as he can. Tori sits up to ride him after a while, reaching her hands up to play with her own boobs. Robbie feels the sweat dripping down his face as he tries not to cum. He doesn't have to worry though, because after a little bit, Tori starts to buck her hips sporadically and lets out a series of loud moans before finally collapsing on top of him.

"Yay, it's my turn." Cat squeals. "I didn't get a chance to cum yet so I hope you can handle me."

Robbie grins. "Oh yeah, I can. Just umm, give me a moment to catch my breath. Alright?"

"Awww," Cat pouts. "Alright. I guess."

She sits there and plays with her pussy while Robbie recovers. After about 90 seconds she decides she can't wait anymore and pounces on the unsuspecting Robbie. She straddles his lap, reverse cowgirl style, as she grabs his shaft and guides it towards her asshole. The head pushes against her sphincter and she takes a deep breath. She has had plenty of experience with anal, but never with a cock this size. She tries to relax and slowly pushes the head into her hole. The juices from Jade and Tori still lubing up the dick make the process easier. Robbie, excited to get to find out what an ass fuck feels like, rams his dick into her, spearing her with his entire length in one stroke. Cat lets out a cry of pain, taking a moment to readjust herself, before she starts to ride the cock.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhh my god, it feels sooooo amazing." She slams her hips up and down, letting the cock almost leave her ass on every up before taking it balls deep again. Robbie reaches his hand around and starts to rub Cat's clit with his thumb, while his other hand grabs her tits.

"Oh Cat, I think I'm about to cum."

"No, not yet. I'm almost there."

But it was too late. Robbie let out a groan as he started to shoot his jizz inside her tight ass. Cat must have been closer than she thought, because when she felt the hot thick cream spurting inside of her, she shook violently as her own orgasm overtook her.

* * *

An hour later, Robbie woke up, Cat still on top of him with his now limp dick pressing into her cute little ass cheeks. He looked over to see Tori and Jade snuggled up on the cot next to him, both still naked. He scanned around, trying to find Mika and Lise, but they had disappeared. He smiled and looked up at the ceiling.

"That, was the greatest day of my life. Thank you Yerban prison."


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