This is a story written for fun and not for profit.

Victorious: Puppy Love (f-zoo,dog,ncon)
by Phil the Dirty Old Man

Tori was panicking. The big St Bernard's leash was wrapped around her ankle and as she tried to finish the National Anthem, the dog had dragged her back and forth across the gym floor at North Ridge University.

Some late arrivals opened one of the doors of the gym. Before anyone could stop the dog, he bolted out the door into the building's corridor beyond. Tori could only see either stunned and surprised faces or the blurred gold of trophy cases flash by as she screamed for help.

As he roared through the door, Tori was pulled along in his wake. He made a sharp turn and Tori's head bumped the corridor wall hard.

At the end of the corridor were several doors leading outside. The St. Bernard made a beeline for those doors and the outdoors. The doors were open and a few more students were coming in. This funneled the beast's charge towards the far right door.

The dog cleared the doors, and down the empty wheelchair access ramp rather than the crowded steps (for which Tori was eternally grateful) and raced down the ramp and onto the quad.

'At least I'm on grass now.' Tori thought as she was towed across the dew-wet lawn. By now her shirt was bunched up around her breasts and the cold, wet grass slid across her bare back.

The dog came up on a new sidewalk that was flanked by open holes for new light poles. Exposed wires stuck up out of the small holes. As he raced past one of them, the wires snagged Tori's jeans in two places and, due to their momentum, shredded the denim along her ass and hip. Another wire caught her short and pulled it completely off her.

A nearly-naked Tori was now being dragged across rough concrete then grass again. As she passed over the concrete, Tori felt her bra clasp partially separate.

The crazed dog continued on across the grass into a rougher spot of grass, crab grass and weed. Tori continued to be bounced and dragged along behind.

A wall of bushes and trees appeared ahead of them and the large animal found a small hole and tore through it. An exposed root finished the job of breaking the bra clasp. And the branches of the prickly bushes further tore Tori's jeans while the dog went up the hill behind the foliage.

Rocks and brush tore at her jeans and she felt painful scratches all over her back. At some point, the bra had fallen behind and her B-cups were exposed to the night air, the coolness hardening her nipples.

Finally the dog began to slow down and entered a small cave. With a self-satisfied woof, he sat panting for a moment.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Tori started to sit up so she could untangle the leash handle on her ankle. With a loud, happy woof, the St. Bernard jumped on her and began to lick her face, his big, sloppy tongue covering her with his saliva. Then, as if playing with a doggie toy, he turned her over with one massive paw and began to snuffle around her butt. His big tongue swiped at the exposed skin from her shoulders down. The cold wetness actually felt good against her scrapes and scratches.

The wide, wet tongue began to slide across her ass, wetting the shredded denim and coating the bared skin.

Tori was squirming now. This felt uncomfortable and downright weird. All she wanted was to get away from this crazed Cujo wannabe.

Suddenly, Tori felt his teeth against her skin and she started to panic. Tori tried to rise but the dog, which outweighed her by at least forty or fifty pounds, was sitting on her legs. She couldn't move!

The dog lightly bit at the bunched, torn material and pulled the shredded denim further apart along with the remains of her panties.

Another happy woof and he shoved his cold, wet nose into Tori's ass, causing her to shriek in surprise. He apparently liked what he smelled as his tongue began to swab between Tori's legs.

"NO! DON'T!!!" she screamed ineffectually.

After several minutes, Tori realized to her horror that she was starting to get turned on. "No... This can't be happening..."

No one, outside of her gyno, had ever touched her down there. Now this beast was licking her, essentially giving her head for the first time in her life.

Then the dog stopped and she felt the weight lift off her legs.

Tori got on all fours, preparing to stand even as the dog walked up and over her, gripping her with his forelegs tightly.

Trying to placate the animal, Tori sing-songed, "Good dog. That's a nice doggie... Who's a good..."

Her attempts to calm the dog obviously failed as he mounted her. Tori could feel the dog's dick pressing into her crotch.

"Oh NO! NO! PLEASE GOD...!!! NOOOoooo..." she cried in despair. Tori had never been fucked and now was afraid she'd lose her virginity to a dog. And she was right.

Suddenly the dog shoved into her, filling her cunt. Pain and anguish filled her voice as she cried out, "NNNOOOOOOOOO...!!!"

The dog held tight as he began to hump the girl's pussy. The dog's large cock filled the teenager, tearing at her hymen and pushing deep into her cunt. She felt like she was being torn apart.

Tori tried to struggle against the dog and, when she realized she didn't have the strength or leverage in her current position, could only moan, "Oh my god..."

The dog's cock quickly swelled as he became fully erect inside his 'mate'. The head swelled even more and was firmly lodged in Tori's cunt. The thrusting slowed and the two were locked together.

Tori remembered when she was in eighth grade, she looked up how dogs mated after seeing the neighbors' dogs going at it in the backyard. At this point, the dog gets off from the female's pussy work. She didn't know if she could get the huge dog to pull out until he came. Much as it disgusted her, she saw that as the only way out.

Concentrating, Tori tried to make her previously unused vaginal muscles to clamp and release the rigid shaft inside her. The dog woofed so she guessed she was doing alright.

Tori began to push back against the furry mass as she continued to clench and unclench her pussy. The pain from her torn hymen and the sizable cock, that had stretched her vagina more than ever before, was almost gone. Now, all Tori could feel was the heavy, furry body above her and the dog's swollen member firmly entrenched in her cunt.

The poor girl was tiring, her vaginal muscles were slowly losing their strength. If she couldn't get the dog off, would he finally be able to get out of her? With a renewed sense of strength, Tori resumed massaged the dog's cock with her pussy.

The dog's panting increased and he moaned as Tori felt the hot seed filling her. Then the dog slowly pulled out, the knob still swollen and painful to Tori as it exited. He lay next to the teen who had fallen flat on the floor of the dark hole they were in.

'At least I can't get pregnant from a dog... Can I?'

Before long, lights flashed back and forth beyond the mouth of the small cavern. Tori called out and a couple of searchers came in to find her essentially naked but for some rags around her waist and legs.

One grabbed the leash and led the St. Bernard out of the hole, to Tori's tremendous relief. The other, a woman, asked, "Are you okay? I sent one of the others back for a blanket. Do you want to wait 'til he gets back or do you want to come out now?"

"Is - is there anyone else there?"

"Just a friend but I can make sure he turns away."

Tori slowly crawled out. The blanket arrived and she was quickly bundled into it by the girl and helped down the hillside to a waiting ambulance.

"From the signs we were able to find in the dark, we thought you'd need a doctor," the girl explained.

At the nearby hospital's emergency room, Tori was examined and her wounds treated. The examining doctor noted the semen oozing from her but said nothing to her other than to recommend she seek some counseling.

Soon, her mother brought Tori, wearing scrubs from the hospital, home to her friends, who were all anxious to razz her about the whole thing. As she runs to her room, she cries, "The dog made me his girlfriend!"


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