Victorious: Payback Because Of Daddy
by D Oberman

Part One

Victoria Vega, Tori to her friends, was getting her things from her locker at her high school, Hollywood Arts, when one of her friends came hopping over to her.

"Hi, Tori!" Cat said in her always chirpy voice.

"Hi, Cat," Tori returned the greeting. "What's up?"

"What do you mean?" Cat asked, sounding as confused as ever.

"I just mean, what's going on, Cat?" Tory told her.

"Oh! Eh-eh!" Cat giggled. "Well, I think I found a job for the summer, singing and dancing."

"Really," Tori cheerfully replies to her redheaded friend.

"Yes," Cat shorted her answer, as she usually always did. "I found this ad in the entertainment section of the newspaper, see!"

The 5'4" redheaded teen then handed Tori the clipping she had cut out of a paper. Tori took it and read the ad for herself.

Singing, dancing an asset
Age doesn't matter
Apply soon
Limited openings
125 Meadow St.

"Wow! That's great, Cat," Tori said, pleased that her friend had found such a good opportunity.

"Err, Tori, could you come with me?" Cat asked somewhat shyly, also one of her quirky characteristics.

"Sure, when do you want to go?" Tori asked.

"We could go this Saturday," Cat suggested excitedly.

"Okay, Saturday it is," Tori smiled as they headed for their first class of the day.

* * *

That weekend, the two 16-year-old students made their way to the address indicated in the ad. It didn't look like much, but the na
They were immediately surprised that there didn't seem to be any other girls around for the auditions from the ad in the large room. They tentatively walked toward the large desk at the other end of the room.

A few steps into the cavernous room, the heavy doors thudded loudly as they shut, making them jump in surprise. Looking back they were shocked to see a big burly man standing in front of the large double doors, blocking their way to it.

"Err, hello!" Tori called out as she returned her attention to the far away desk. "We're here about the ad!"

"Come in, come in, girls!" A deep voice resounded in the large room.

Tori could finally make out a figure sitting behind that big desk as they tentatively made their way closer.

"My name is Anton," the man introduced himself. "Anton Gorsky. You know of me?"

Both girls shook their heads, indication that they really never had. But in the back of Tori's mind the name did sound familiar to her, but she just couldn't remember where she had heard it before.

Just then, two burly men entered the room from the back and stood on either side of Mr. Gorsky, one of them being a big black man. They could both see that these men were most definitely very muscular under their bulging suits.

'Mr. Gorsky must be an important man,' Tori thought to herself. 'They must be bodyguards or something.'

"So, you girls wanna dance for my club, eh!" Anton said gruffly.

"Ye... yes, sir," Tori answered for both of them.

"Well, you look nice," Anton smirked. "Can you dance? Sing?"

"Yes!" Cat chirped in.

"We both go to Hollywood Arts," Tori explained.

"Ah, good school," Anton grinned. "Names please."

"Oh, my name is Caterina Valentine," Cat answered quickly and cheerfully. "But my friends all call me Cat."

"Nice name Caterina," Anton said. "And you?"

He was obviously waiting for Tori to give him her name.

"Err, I'm Tori," she said nervously. "Tori Vega, sir."

"Vega, Vega, why do I know this name?" Anton asked inquisitively.

One of his bodyguards leaned down and whispered into his ear.

"Really?" Mr. Gorsky sounded surprised and then turned his attention back at Tori. "Girly, you know a detective David Vega?"

"Yeah, he's my dad," Tori answered, sounding relieved. "Do you know him?"

"Oh, yes, I know detective Vega very well," he smiled devilishly. "Very well indeed."

Tori was sounding more at ease now thinking that this man was an acquaintance of her father. Little did she know that Anton Gorsky was the head man of the local mob, which is where she had heard the name in the first place. Her father had mentioned him many times over the years at how frustrated he was for being unable to arrest this man.

"So?" Tori asked. "You want to hear us sing, or should we dance first?"

"No, no," Anton grinned. "You have job."

Unseen by the two teen girls, Anton had pressed a hidden button under his desk, and a few minutes later three more burly men entered the room, among them was another large black man. Each of these newcomers had a large dog on a leash accompanying them. One was a German Shepherd, another had a large Doberman with him, and the third was holding back a ferocious looking Rottweiler.

Tori and Cat looked nervously at the beasts and them back to Mr. Gorsky.

"Now, you take off clothe, yes," Anton said matter-of-factly.

"ERR, NO!" Tori replied emphatically.

With that answer the three dogs were encouraged to lunge in their direction, while still being held back.

The two 16-year-olds gulped in fear and backed away. Their first thought was to run back out through the door then had come in, but then they remembered the large man guarding it.

"You take off clothe now," Anton repeated.

Feeling defeated, Cat was the first to move as she unzipped the back of her short dress. Tori soon followed as she undid the button and zipper of her tight-fitting jeans.

Even before Tori began pulling her pants down Cat had shrugged her shoulders and let her dress slide off her body, revealing to Tori that her redheaded friend wasn't even wearing a bra under it. Her teenaged breasts looked huge with her petite body.

Cat was now standing in the cool hall in only her panties, and shoes.

"And you!" Anton said pointedly to Tori.

Tori kicked off her shoes and then pulled her jeans down to her ankles and then kicked them off as well. The svelte teenager looked fabulous in only a cotton shirt and a pair of g-string panties.

"Top also," Anton urged her.

'Gulp!' Tori thought nervously.

After all, she was still a virgin even though many boys had dated her, and even more had indicated that they too wanted into her panties.

And so, closing her eyes in embarrassment, she lifted her shirt up over her head, her hair cascading back over her shoulders as she tossed it to the ground to join her jeans.

"Very nice," Anton Gorsky grinned.

There was a grumble of agreement from his men in the room.

"Undervear also," the man added insistently.

Tori was horribly embarrassment as to what was happening to her and Cat, but she also felt powerless to stop any of this also with all of these muscled men surrounding her. So, reluctantly, she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, holding it in place with one arm across her chest.

Then together, Cat and Tori pulled down their panties in front of all of these leering men. They then straightened back up, Tori letting her bra fall to the floor in the process. Both girls then quickly tried covering themselves with their hands over their crotch area and an arm across their chests.

"Yes, yes, you will do nicely," Anton said, sounding almost complimentary.

"Everything will be okay, Cat," Tori whispered to her friend.

"Gregor, bring a chair for Ms. Vega," Anton then ordered.

One of the men walked over to the side and carried a large chair and placed it next to Tori, not missing the opportunity to ogle her teenage body.

"Sit! Sit!" Anton told her suggestively.

Tori followed his direction and sat on the cold chair, relieved that she could better cover her naked flesh from these lewd men.

"You," Anton then said, pointing to Cat. "Go sit over there."

He indicated a row of chairs next to the windows. Cat did as she was told and demurely walked over to one of the chairs and sat there quietly.

"Now, Ms. Vega," Anton returned his attention to Tori. "Me and your papa have had a number of difference of opinion over the years. So today, you will be my message to him."

Tori suddenly came to the realization that she must have assuredly heard her father mention this man's name as a criminal, not a friend.

"You," Anton said, waving a finger in Cat's direction. "Prepare girly."

Without any hesitation, Cat got up and walked up to Tori's chair and knelt in front of her beautiful friend.

"Cat!?!" Tori shrieked in surprise.

"It's okay, Tori," Cat replied as she looked up at the brunette. "I like it?"

"Wha... what?!?" Tori was more confused than ever.

Unnoticed by Cat or Tori, Mr. Gorsky had made a quiet call in his intercom and another man entered the room and activated hidden cameras strewn around the great hall.

And with that, Cat pulled Tori's knees apart and lowered her redheaded face into her crotch and kissed her pussy. Tori jumped up in the chair unable to comprehend what was going on.

"Cat, I... I don't understand what's happening here," Tori stammered.

"Didn't you know," Cat smiled. "That's why everyone at school calls me Cat."

"I thought they called you that because you like cats," Tori said.

"Oh, I do," Cat giggled. "And I like balloons, and puppies, and pizza. But they call me Cat because I like pussy. You get it, pussy... pussycat, eh-eh!"

And with that the redheaded 16-year-old buried her face back into Tori's trapped groin. And before too long Tori began feeling something wonderful emerging between her legs, something very familiar, but now very strange.

'No, no, no,' Tori kept telling herself. 'This isn't right. I can't let this happen.'

She tried pushing her friend away vainly, but her strength had somehow disappeared under the pleasurable feelings that were now invading her inexperienced young body.

Then men around the room approached the teenaged girls and could be heard commenting and smirking at Tori's vain attempts to stop it.

Tori could hear some of them commenting on how her nipples were stiffening, indicating to them how much she must love getting sucked by another girl. Others also commented on how talented Cat was at eating pussy, recognizing right off that this girl had done this many times before.

Then, with a nod from their boss, Tori and Cat were being groped by many hands. Tori squirmed helplessly as different hands grasped, squeezed and pinched at her now aching nipples. While others were spreading her legs wider apart so that they could rub her clit as Cat continued licking her pussy in front of them.

"Oh! Oh! Oh-h-h-h-h!!" Tori suddenly moaned out loud for all to hear.

They all laughed at her predicament as more comments about her lesbianism emerged. One after another they would joke about how much she must love being with another girl again, even though this was her first time at any sort of erogenous lovemaking.

"ENOUGH OF THAT FOR NOW, BOYS!" Anton Gorsky said aloud.

His men pulled the kneeling Cat away from Tori's now leaking groin and shoved her back toward the chairs for her to sit quietly.

Weakened from her recent experience, Tori looked up groggily at the men surrounding her for a moment before she even remembered her nakedness. She quickly brought her hands up and attempted to cover herself as best as she could under the circumstances.

They all burst out laughing as the jokes continued at her expense.

Tori couldn't help but blush deeply as their taunting persisted at her expense. And despite all of her best efforts, her young body wouldn't subside from its aroused state. Her clit remained arouse, and her tits kept retaining their stiffness under their constant gaze.

"Bring Shard to her!" Anton Gorsky commanded.

And with that one of the dog handlers approached the seated Tori along with the German Shepherd.

Tori could see how excited the animal seemed to be as he kept leaping toward her against the restraint of his leash. And all she could do was pull her knees up onto the chair and curl herself up as small as she could.

The closer the dog came to her, the more excited he seemed to become. All Tori could do was tremble in fear as the savage looking beast approached her.

Once the trainer and his dog got within a few feet of her, the trainer released the animal and he immediately scurried to her buttocks, burying his snout between her feet as he tried to reach the aromatic scent that had gotten his attention in the first place.

"OH!" Tori gasped in shocked surprise.

Before she could even comprehend what was happening, Tori felt the dog's tongue lapping away at her pussylips, drinking the leaking juices that Cat had left behind.

"NO! NO! DON'T DO THAT!" Tori pleaded loudly. "I'M... I'M A VIRGIN!"

The whole room burst out laughing at her announcement. And yet none of the men made any attempt at removing the licking animal from her groin area.

Tori was squirming helplessly on the chair, unable to stop the dog from doing what he was doing to her. And as much as she hated being ravaged in this way by an... an animal, her body couldn't deny how good it felt.

She could feel her clit throbbing as another sharp orgasm was making its way to the surface. And within moments her body loosened its tenseness and she allowed her legs to fall back onto the floor, opening her legs to the dog's ravenous appetite.

Cat and the men watched as Tori's chest heaved with each deep breath she took. Her nipples poking at the air as she kept gasping with each of the Shepherd's lick.

"Enough of that for now!" Anton commanded.

With that, the trainer took hold of the dog's leash and had to pull hard to remove the salivating animal from the teen's pussy.

For the first time since the two teens arrived there, Anton Gorsky got up from behind his desk and walked up to the exhausted Tori Vega.

"So, you say you are virgin," he said.

"Ye... yes, I am," Tori insisted.

"We shall see," he smiled.

And with that, the older man pulled his pants down to expose his stiff cock to her face. Tori's eyes grew wide when she came to realize what this would mean to her.

'Oh God!' She thought in panic. 'He must be over 50. And... and he expects me to... Oh God! No!'

Without any signals being given, three of the men grabbed Tori and lifted her off the chair as she struggled in their grasp.

Mr. Gorsky then assumed her position on the chair, his cock sticking straight up. The men then guided Tori back down until she felt the tip of his cock rubbing against her virgin pussylips.

"No! No, don't do this to me, please!" She pleaded. "I don't want to do this! Not like this!"

But despite her struggle and pleading, they dropped her onto their boss' shaft and then shoved her down, hard.

"A-I-I-I-I-I-E-E-E-E-E!" Tori cried out in obvious pain as her hymen was ripped apart in an instant.

So painful was her deflowering that she quickly passed out, still imbedded on Anton Gorsky's shaft.

His men had to hump her onto Anton's cock for a good five minutes before she slowly regained consciousness. And by then her body had once again betrayed her as a new and even more powerful orgasm was approaching the surface.

Seeing the girl's eyes flutter open, the men released her and allowed her to take charge of humping her ass to their boss' pleasure.

Tori's instincts seemed to take over at that moment as her betraying body began the sensuous humping motion of a real slut. Her breathing had calmed somewhat now, but she still gasped each time the thick knob of the man's cock went deep into her cunt.

On the sideline, Cat was feverishly rubbing her own pussy in excitement as she watched her tall friend being raped by this man.

This didn't go unnoticed to the men in the room as half of them encircled the redhead and presented her with their stiff cocks. Without any hesitation whatsoever, Cat leaned forward and took the first hard cock into her mouth and sucked him in deeply.

Back in the center of the room, Anton Gorsky reached around and cupped Tori's breast and squeezed them hard, making her gasp even louder. He could feel his balls tightening and plunged his cock as deep as it could go, intending to empty his jism into his police nemesis' daugther's womb.

"Oh! Oh-h-h!" Tori was gasping heavier now as her orgasm approached. "OH-H-H! I think... I think I'm cumming! OH YES, I'M CUMMING!!!"

At the sound her orgasm, Anton buried his cock to the hilt and released his own torrent of jism into the dark-haired beauty.

"OH, YES!" Tori cried out. "YES! YES! YES-S-S-S-S!!!"

Moments later, Mr. Gorsky pushed the exhausted teen off of his lap, and onto the floor.

"Well, that was good," he said with a grin. "All right, boys, she's all yours now. Have fun."

Lying on her back on the floor, Tori could only look up as seven very muscular men stripped off their clothes, each of them sporting an impressive and frightening looking hard-on. But she was still much too weak after having lost her virginity just minutes before to do anything but lay there and watch.

One of the men then laid down on his back next to her, his cock pointing straight up. Next thing she knew, two others grabbed her by the arms and placed her above him and then guided her down until she felt her pussylips unfurl and accept this new spear into her cunt.

Having just been deflowered, her pussy was still elastic enough to give the man now inside her some measure of pleasure as he plowed his way up her love channel.

Once he was completely inside her, he pulled her by her shoulders until she now lay flat across his chest, her breast crushed by the pressure of it.

Seconds later, Tori felt another presence behind her. Looking back over her shoulder she shuddered as she saw another man positioning himself between the parted legs of his compatriot.

"OH NO!" Tori shouted. "NOT THAT!"

Then, before she could utter another word, she felt the cockhead of the second man pressing against the entrance of her sphincter. She closed her eyes tightly, clenching her teeth hard to endure the pain she was sure to feel.

She then felt a pair of hands grasping her around her slender waist and then pulling her back, back toward the spear that wanted to bury itself in her VIRGIN ass.

Slowly, inexorably, the thick cockhead squeezed its way past her resisting asshole. Slowly, inch by inch, this second cock invaded her virgin hole.

The whole time the man under her was humping slowly, making her feel a little better as his friend's cock made its way into her bowels.

"Oh-h-h-h-h-!" Tori's voice quivered as she now felt the presence of two stiff cocks in her once virgin body.

Then at a wink, both men began humping her fully from both holes. While one pumped in, the other would be pulling out, and vice-versa. And with each mid-thrust, Tori could feel the two hard cocks rubbing each other through the thin membrane that separated them.

Within moments, Tori was gasping and moaning in full consent of her double-penetration.

This was the signal that the other men were waiting for. Lining up they each presented their cocks in turn to her face.

Young Tori Vega didn't know what to do now. She had never sucked a cock before, just as she had never been fucked before. That is, before today.

The first man, growing impatient at her delay, grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved his cock hard against her lips.

Tori could only keep her teeth clenched as her body enjoyed the full penetration of the two cocks already spearing into her.

She then received a slap in the face to gain her cooperation.

This time when his cock pushed against her lips, Tori obliged him by parting them. The thick cock then buried deep into her mouth and she then got her first taste of a cock.

The man wrapped his fist at the back her head and lunged deep and hard down her throat, making the inexperienced teen girl gag repeatedly.

And so, while she was being ravaged by three hard cocks now, Tori could feel numerous hands pulling and pinching at her tits.

After a while, Tori learned how to breathe through the mouth-fucking she was receiving. And once she had mastered that, she could allow the man's cock to go further down into her throat, effectively deepthroating the 16-year-old.

Cat kept an eye on her friend as she accepted the three cocks easily, despite her earlier protest. The young redhead was pleased that her friend was enjoying herself as much as she was.

But Tori wasn't really enjoying the experience, even if her body kept telling her the opposite. She could still rationalize that was being raped, nothing more.

The man fucking her mouth suddenly let loose and Tori had to swallow hard and fast, or drown in his flooding jism.

As soon as he vacated her mouth, he was immediately replaced by another. This same pattern kept repeating itself over and over again as she was forced to suck and swallow all of the men one after another, except for the two buried in her ass and pussy.

And when those two finally released their sperm into her holes, she thought that she was finally done.

If only that could have been true.

Part Two

As the men tossed the exhausted 16-year-old off of their dicks, they got up and rejoined the others standing around her.

Mr. Gorsky approached her slumbering body and nudged her with his shoe.

"Wake up, girly," he said. "You are not done."

Groggily, Tori lifted her head, still unsure that she had heard correctly.

'Did... did he say that I... I wasn't done?' Her mind tried to grasp his words.

"SHARD! ALEXI!" Anton commanded.

Instantly, the German Shepherd and the Doberman heeled at his side.

Tori stared at the two muscular animals and cringed at their presence.

"FEED!" Anton commanded.

The two dogs instantly lunged forward and began licking Tori's cum-smeared body with their tongue. They were trying to get at every drop of cum they could find, including the residue in her pussy, and ass, as well as the smell that still lingered in her gasping mouth.

Tori squirmed helplessly on the hardwood floor that these animals' tongues ravished her from every angle, seemingly at the same time. One moment she would be pushing one away from her tits, only to have the other shoving its snout in her pussy. And when she pushed him away, the other would be trying to force his tongue into her mouth, frenchkissing her in some weird bestial fashion.

The men standing around her just stepped back, giving the dogs all the room they could need to ravish this teenaged beauty.

As obscene as this new attack was to the confused 16-year-old, it too was causing her body to betray her morals. Once again Tori could feel an orgasm surfacing, one that would seem to be even more formidable than all the others she had experienced thus far during this debauchery.

"OH! OH-H! OH GOD!" Tori could be heard moaning loudly as the canine tongues continued to assault her.

As the two animals licked the lust fevered teenager, their penises began protruding from their sheaths. At first, just a pink tip would appear. But soon, five, six, ten inches of hard doggy cocks was pulsing under their hindquarters.

"Turn her over!" Mr. Gorsky said once he saw his dogs' readiness.

Three of his men reached down between the licking dogs and lifted the lust-dazed teenager onto her hands and knees. And once they were satisfied that she would remain in that position they stepped back.

The two animals immediately recognized the bitch position that Tori was now in and began circling her like wild predators. And at each pass of her rear, one of them would lick his thick tongue across her tender pussylips.

And in response to that, Tori's back would curl up in obvious arousal.

"Oh-h-h-h-h!" Tori moaned uncontrollably.

"ALEXI!" Anton ordered. "MATE!"

At that command the Doberman assumed a position behind the kneeling Tori and easily mounted her.

Tori could feel the large dog on her back and that snapped her back to reality. Looking back, she screamed bloody murder as she saw the black furred animal on her back. Her mind lost it even further when she followed his lines down to his hindquarters and she saw the dog with a hard-on. A hard-on he intended for her.

"OH GOD! NO!" Tori screamed in a panic. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS! IT ISN'T RIGHT! IT'S... IT'S..."

But her screams were suddenly cut short as her breath was knocked out of her as the Doberman's stiff cock shoved its way hard into her in one savage thrust.

For the next minute or so, Tori couldn't say a thing as her throat tightened in shock at being penetrated by... a dog.

Cat's eyes grew wide in shock. As promiscuous as she herself was, she had never imagined a dog for sex.

The men that had taken Tori so far were all very well endowed, but none could compare to the ten inches of hard cock now plowing its way into her vagina.

As she gasped for breath finally, her mouth remained gaping open to allow more air into her lungs.

Anton Gorsky noticed this and smiled lewdly.

"BRUTUS!" She heard the man command. "SUCK!"

From out of nowhere, the third dog, the Rottweiler, came rushing through the crowd of men and went straight for Tori's head.

Before Tori could even comprehend what was happening, she found herself being mounted from the front, her face now facing a thick cock just inches from her gaping mouth.

She quickly closed her lips tightly, not wishing to experience such a thing again, especially not with a dog.

Anton noticed her reluctance and nodded his head to his head henchman, Grigor.

The man immediately knelt next to her and pinched her nostrils shut, cutting off all source of fresh air.

Tori tried to hold off as long as she could, but eventually she had to surrender as she gasped loudly, allowing her mouth to gape wide open. And in that instant, Brutus shoved his nine inch cock past her lips and straight down her throat.

Tori had no other choice but to use what she had learned while deepthroating the men. She relaxed her throat and breathed steadily as she had before.

Now she had two dog cocks in her simultaneously, one at each end, and she could do nothing but accept their humping.

The men watched enthusiastically as the 16-year-old was being ravaged by two of the boss' dogs. They had seen them in action on many occasions on video before, but never in a live performance such as this.

Besides, how often can you get to see a once virgin teenager take on dogs, her first time even.

"M-M-M-M-M-M!" Tori gurgled around the thickening shaft in her mouth.

But then Tori began feeling something strange at her pussy entrance. Even though the Doberman was fully inside her now, he kept trying to fuck himself even deeper into her cunt. And now she could feel something very big and hard trying to force its way in also.

And with a dog-cock still in her mouth, she couldn't look around to see what was going on.

Then men cheered as they watched the horny Doberman curling his back into an S-shape as he tried to knot with his new bitch. They could clearly see the bulbous knot of the dog as it kept banging mercilessly against her vaginal opening.

Not knowing what else to do, Tori began humping back against the Doberman, thinking that he was simply looking for release of his seed.

This only enflamed the large black beast further. He humped and humped harder, desperate to tie with his bitch.

Suddenly Tori could feel her pussylips being spread even further apart.

'Oh God!' She thought na
But a woman's pussy, yes even a teenager's pussy, is much more resilient than even they could ever imagine.

Slowly, inexorably, Tori could feel her pussylips being spread further and further apart to accommodate this new intruder.

The men looking down at her bestial performance all cheered as they watched the first quarter of the dog's knot plunging into her pussy. Then it was half of it.

And on the next lunge, the whole knot simply disappeared and Tori was tied to the dog.

Now satisfied that he had properly mated with his bitch, the Doberman relaxed and remained calmly on her back, his cock pulsing and vibrating deep inside Tori's pussy.

Meanwhile, the Rottweiler in her mouth kept shooting vast amounts of his pre-cum, filling her mouth rapidly and continuously. Very soon now his testicles would tightening between his hindlegs as he was about ready to blow his load down this lovely teenager's throat.

Tori was breathing easier now that the dog's full penetration had been achieved. She still had no idea what had just happened at her pussy entrance, but at least now it didn't hurt so much.

Suddenly her throat and mouth became clogged with thick spurts of the Rottweiler's pre-cum. At first she just gagged, but that didn't help her in her breathing in the least. So she did the only other thing she could do, she began to swallow as fast as she could.

The men cheered once more as they saw her throat-muscles working in overdrive to keep up with all of the dog's spurting juice being emptied into her lovely mouth.

Just at this moment, the Doberman had somehow managed to turn himself around, twisting his cock while still imbedded inside Tori's pussy, which gave her immense pleasure. And now, Tori and the Doberman found themselves facing away from each other, still stuck together, butt-to-butt.

Seeing this happen, the Rottweiler's handler urged his dog to turn around also, twisting its cock in Tori's throat.

Tori now found herself staring cross-eyed at Brutus' asshole, its cock still lodged deep down her throat.

Suddenly, while the Doberman was emptying his balls into her pussy, Brutus started shooting his jism down her throat. This was much thicker than his watery pre-cum, and Tori had a harder time swallowing this new load, but swallow it she had to. Otherwise she would find herself drowning in his spunk if she couldn't clear her throat fast enough.

The Rottweiler's handler kept the dog tight and steady in front of the young teen so that she had nowhere to go, not with two stiff dog-cocks plugging her at both ends. Tori felt like a pig over a BBQ pit, skewered for the delight of all them men to torment.

This was what Anton was waiting for, and happily for him, both dogs were still in this young girl.

"SHARD!" He commanded. "MOUNT!"

And with that command, the third and final dog, the German Shepherd, came rushing forward and with a single bound lodged himself between Tori and the knotted Doberman.

Tori almost crumbled from the sudden added weight landing so hard on her back, but she somehow remained in her kneeling position. This was probably made easier by the fact that she was still skewered at either end by two hard cocks.

But now she found herself having to contend with a third dog in the mix. She could feel something wet and slippery against her butt-cheeks, but for the life of her she couldn't figure out what it could be.

And then it hit her. It had to be the Shepherd's cock!

'OH GOD!' Her eyes glazed in panic. 'THEY COULDN'T POSSIBLY!'

But then her worse possible nightmare was confirmed as she felt hands reaching between her ass and the Shepherd's belly. They were helping the third dog locate the only hole she had remaining. Her asshole.

Anton Grosky smiled vilely as he watched the daughter of his tormentor from the police department being so defiled before his eyes.

And so, 16-year-old Tori Vega found herself once more being gangbanged by three hard cocks simultaneously, only this time it was by three horny dogs. You heard me DOGS!

Part Three

As this disgusting act of bestiality kept unfolding before their eyes, Anton Grosky's men could all feel their blood flowing back into their loins. Within a matter of minutes each of them were sporting a raging hard-on once again.

Then one of the black men of the gang looked over and noticed the panting Cat over to the side. He nudged his pal, the other black guy, and they both approached the overwrought redheaded teenager.

"Get down there where you belong, you little slut!" One of them told her.

Cat obediently dropped to the floor, assuming the doggy pose that Tori had been forced to assume for the past hour or so.

As soon as they saw her in that position, each of them assumed a kneeling position in front and behind her. They then slipped their fresh hard-ons in the girl's pussy and mouth and began to earnestly pump into her mercilessly.

Cat's tiny body shook to and fro as her large tits swung freely under her. Throughout the echoing hall, everybody could hear the loud slapping of groin to ass as the two black men pounded into her.

The men watching Tori's debasement with the dogs were torn between hanging around to watch her climactic end, and the other teenager they had been neglecting, but was now getting pounded hard by their buddies.

So, as they kept thinking what they should do, they kept their hands on their cocks, stroking themselves to keep their weapons hard for whatever became available first.

Tori suddenly felt the Shepherd's knot being forced into her tiny sphincter, causing her to groan painfully around the Rottweiler's cock still ejaculating in her mouth.

Then, with a helping shove from some of the men, Shard's knot snapped itself into locked position inside poor Tori's now aching asshole. She was now tied from all sides to the three stiff dogs.

This final act had also made it much easier for the men to decide where to stick their cocks next. They all knew from past experience that it would be close to an hour before the dogs release her, which only left them with Cat.

So, leaving Tori on her own with the dogs, they all turned their attention to Cat and her two lovers.

And as soon as they had emptied their loads into the little redhead, two more would take their place. This went on for nearly as long as Tori's coupling with the dogs went on.

All in all, Cat had taken on six pairs of cocks in her mouth and pussy as some of them had somehow managed to get hard for another shot of her.

Needless to say, Cat's pussy was overflowing with jism after six full loads in there. And as she tired of swallowing load after load, some jism remained inside her mouth, covering her tired tongue with the creamy jism.

"OH-H-H-H-H-H!" A loud groan came from Tori soon after.

They all turned their attention back to her as the Rottweiler pulled his shrinking cock from her still sucking lips.

They all laughed as a string of cum extended from the dog's cock and her lips. Instinctively, Tori slurped it back like a string of spaghetti until it eventually broke off.

Then, after another ten, fifteen minutes, the other two dogs managed to release themselves from her clutching pussy and asshole. There was a loud slurping sound as those thick cockshafts oozed out of her tight holes, to be quickly followed by a steady flow of doggy-jism down her thighs.

Finally released by these thick doggy cocks, Tori simply collapsed, exhausted to the floor. She was even too weak even to wipe the jism that had splashed over her fluttering eyelids.

Part Four

It must have been a good twenty minutes before Tori regained enough of her senses to pull herself to a sitting position on her knees. Looking around, she couldn't believe the amount of cum that was puddling around her.

She then looked over to where Anton Grosky was staring at her.

"Ar... are you done with me now?" She had to ask.

"Why?" He asked sarcastically. "You want more, girly?"

"No, no, I've had enough of this," she said, holding her hand out protectively.

"Very well," he laughed. "Do you and your friend wish to wash yourselves before you leave?"

She had a sneaking feeling that she should decline, but looking down at her cum-stained skin she thought it best if she didn't show up at home in this condition.

"I... I think we should," she agreed to the offer, somewhat reluctantly.

"That is good," Anton smiled. "You may begin by cleaning out your friend over there."

Looking over to where the man was pointing, Tori saw a slumbering Cat. She could then see that her tiny friend was also covered with jism and that her pussy was leaking the stuff profusely.

"Now be a good GIRLFRIEND and go lick your friend clean, will you," he grinned.

The men in the hall all began laughing at her distress again.

"I'... I'm not that kind of a girl," Tori protested.

"Ah, no?" Mr. Gorsky asked. "Then you would prefer my pets come and clean you instead. But then, they would expect more in return I think."

Not wishing to go through that ordeal again, Tori crawled over to Cat and petted her head to make sure she was okay. She heard a pleasant escape her lips and she knew that Cat was okay.

Then, looking around for something to wipe the jism off their skin, she couldn't find anything. Looking up at Anton didn't help either as he just smirked at her with amusement.

"What can I use?" She asked.

"Your tongue, of course," he grinned.

Tori cringed at the idea. It was bad enough that she had endured the multiple cocks of both men and beasts, but now they actually expected her to lick their vile fluids off of her slumbering friend.

Yet, seeing no other choice, she lowered herself to Cat's tummy and began licking the jism off the redhead's skin. Inch by horrifying inch, she kept licking, swallowing, and then licking again.

But when she got up to Cat's breasts she hesitated.

But that only lasted a few seconds after hearing the growling from the dogs behind her, seemingly being encouraged to go after her once again.

So Tori lowered her head and licked the underside of Cat's heaving breasts, pausing only a moment when it can to lick her friend's nipples clean as well. Once that was done she resumed her tracing Cat's form up to her face and proceeded to lick it clean as well.

She hesitated at Cat's mouth, but only for a moment, as she recalled the imminent presence of the three dogs. She pulled Cat's chin down slightly, allowing her mouth to gape open so that she could tongue her mouth clean of as much cum as possible.

Without realizing it, she was slowly becoming aroused while frenching Cat's mouth. She couldn't resist the temptation to simply swirl her tongue around her friend's and enjoyed the texture of it against her own.

The men watching didn't miss noticing that she was spending a long time licking inside the tiny redhead's mouth until she became fully aware that the brunette was actually frenchkissing the other girl.

Feeling that she had done everything that she could to clean Cat up, Tori pulled away and wiped her lips clean with the back of her arm.

"There, I'm done," she spat at Anton. "Happy!"

"But you haven't finished, girly," he told her. "What about your girlfriend's pussy?"

'Oh God!' Tori thought. 'Will this never end?!?'

Resigning herself, Tori slid down along Cat's body and rolled her onto her back. She then lowered her face into Cat's loins and began licking the jism off of her pubic mound and thighs.

She took one last look at Anton Grosky before venturing into the unknown depths of another girl's pussy. She tried her best to keep the licking to the outer edges, but she could tell that there was a great amount of jism inside also.

Anton gave a nod and two of his men moved Tori over so that she was now straddling Cat in a classic 69 position.

She then felt a hand on the back of her head forcing her to lower herself into the leaking cum-filled pussy. With no other option but to comply, she lowered herself and began licking Cat's pussylips clean first.

* * *

All of this licking had been slowly reviving Cat from her slumber. So that by the time she had recovered enough to see what was going on, she was greeted with Tori's pussy hovering over her head. And her's was also leaking a vast amount of spunk, only in Tori's case, it was doggy jism.

But that didn't bother Cat in the least, as what she enjoyed most of all was the taste of female flesh against her lips.

So she eagerly lifted her head and quickly began munching on Tori's leaking pussy

* * *

Tori's head jolted upright at Cat's initial contact. Looking back she could see her young friend eagerly licking and sucking at her pussy. And she had to admit to herself that it felt somewhat pleasant.

So she decided to return that feeling in earnest to Cat. This time when she lowered her face into Cat's pussy, she didn't stop at just licking, but instead began sucking at her pussylips and nibbling at her clit.

The two teens kept teasing their pussies in turn. If one would nibble one part, the other would immediately reciprocate, and vice versa. This pussy duel was kept up for as long as there was cum to recover from each other's cunt.

After who knows how long, they both rolled onto their backs where their clothing was tossed on top of them.

"This was a very pleasant afternoon, girls," Anton grinned at them. "You should come back some other time. I will have more friends waiting for you, and more pets."

Tori shuddered at that thought as she dressed as fast as she could. She had some trouble squeezing back into her jeans though.

'Probably from all the cum I had to swallow,' she thought somewhat amused.

And when they were finally dressed nobody prevented them from leaving the macabre house of sin.

* * *

Once outside on the sidewalk, the two 16-year-olds held themselves tightly for support as they walked.

"Listen, Cat," Tori finally spoke. "We can never tell anybody about any of this, okay."

"Uh, okay," Cat replied, still a bit dizzy. "But why?"

"Cat! Don't you know how wrong that all was?" Tori tried some sense into the redhead.

"Eh-eh! But I had fun!" Cat giggled, still as ditzy as ever.

Tori had to give up convincing Cat to keep all of this a secret and just hope for the best. However, she had to admit to herself that much that she had just experienced did feel kinda good.

Part Five

A few days later, a package was sent by messenger to detective Vega at his station. When he opened it all he found was a CD stamped with IT WAS MY DADDY'S FAULT.

Not thinking anything of it he slipped into his computer CD player and clicked play. His breath caught in his throat as the first thing he saw was is own daughter stripping herself along with one of her school friends.

Dave quickly glanced around to make sure that no one had seen this on his monitor. He then pulled it and found an empty office he could use to view this in private.

For the next four hours he watched his daughter take on a gang of men in a gangbang session. And the worse part of this was that he could feel his cock tightening in his pants from the moment he first saw her strip down.

'How did I ever miss Tori growing this much?' He had to ask himself.

But then in the second half of this vile movie, he saw his precious Tori take on not one, not two, but three hard cocked dogs. He couldn't believe that his little angel could take those monster cocks into each of her holes, but there proof was right there in front of him.

And just when he thought the worst had happened, he witnessed her licking her tiny friend from head to toe, to end up eating the redheaded girl's pussy like a pro.

'Is... is Tori a dyke?' He had to ask himself.

The movie finally ended with the caption: IT WAS MY DADDY'S FAULT... THIS TIME!

Part Six

Later that evening, David Vega arrived home to find his wife fixing dinner.

A few minutes later Tori walked in, accompanied by Cat and others of her entourage. Unlike what she was wearing on the video, the little time she was dressed, today Tori had decided on a tight miniskirt and blouse.

"Hi, daddy," Tori smiled at him. "How was your day?"

"Err, fine, baby," he stammered, feeling his cock twitching at seeing her, even dressed.

"That's cool," Tori smiled and plumped down on sofa along with her friends.

From the dining area, Dave just couldn't pull his eyes away from his curvy 16-year-old daughter as images of her being gangbanged by men and dogs kept filling his head. Without even realizing he was doing it, he kept turning his head sideways as he tried to get a glimpse at her panties.

* * *

Later that evening after everyone had gone to bed, David snuggled up close to Holly, his wife and Tori's mother.

"David!" Holly squealed. "What's gotten into you tonight. You haven't been this frisky in years."

"You want me to stop?" He teased.

"Heavens, no," Holly giggled. "But what got you so worked up?"

"Just seeing our girls all grown up I guess," he said, a slight lie, but close enough to the truth.

"Are you saying that you want another child?" Holly smiled.

Though he could never tell Holly the real reason for his arousal, he wouldn't deny himself a good fuck because of how it had aroused him.

After making love to his wife, of which he hoped Tori could hear from her bedroom, he plopped down next to his wife and breathed hard from exhaustion.

"Good God!" Holly sighed. "You haven't fucked my like that since high school."

"I guess I was inspired," he laughed.

And even then he kept thinking of the image of Tori with three hard dog-cocks in her holes.

"What would you say if we got a dog?" He asked. "You know, for protection for the girls."

"I don't know," Holly hesitated.

"Look, pretty soon they'll both be leaving for college to 'who knows where'," he tried making his point. "Wouldn't you feel better if Tori had a dog to protect her when she's on her own?"

"Tori? What about Trina?" Holly said.

"I meant Trina too," David corrected himself.

"Just let me think about it for a while," Holly told him. "But if we did get a dog, do you have one in mind."

"I was thinking that a Great Dane would be great protector," he said, imaging the cock that such an animal mush have.

"Isn't that kind of big?" Holly asked.

"I say the bigger the better," he replied. "No one would even think of bothering her with something like that around."

"I suppose," Holly had to agree.

* * *

Two days later the decision was made and Dave went about locating a Great Dane for his needs. And his true needs was to locate a virile male that he could then train to take care of Tori's strange desires, desires that he mistakenly believed to be all of her own volition. It never even dawned on him from the image of the doctored movie that his daughter had actually been raped by both men and beasts.

And in the process of getting this new pet, he could maybe satisfy some of his own desires at the same time. He desperately wanted to see his 16-year-old daughter in action in his presence.

Maybe even get the chance to sink his own dick into her sultry mouth for a nice slow daddy/daughter blowjob.

The End


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