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Note: Mac and Veronica are both 17.

Codes: ff, oral, toys

Veronica Mars: Best Friends 4: Veronica and Mac
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

"I need you to get me onto a restricted website," Veronica asked her friend Mac, who was her "go-to girl" when it came to computer stuff, especially of the legally grey variety.

"Sure. What's the address."

"Well, that's the problem. I don't know." Mac looked at her quizzically.

"It's a Neptune High gay chat site." Now Mac really looked at her.

"Are you...?"

Veronica opened her mouth to deny it but nothing would come out. She knew she wasn't a lesbian, but was she bi? She loved Duncan and she definitely felt...something for Logan but she had also loved Lily and more importantly had *made* love to her. In fact she and Lily had made love before she had with either of the boys in her life. And then there had been Yolanda but that had been a one time thing and and Lily's idea in the first place. But it might have become more if Lily hadn't caught Yolanda with Logan.

"Yo, Mars, you still awake?," came Mac's gently mocking voice, breaking Veronica out of her reverie.

"Oh! Sorry, I was...thinking."

"About whether or not you're a lesbian? Because it is importnat. This site is restricted for a reason. The students on it don't need any extra harrassment in their lives. Not that I think you would."

"It's about the bus crash. And no, I'm not a lesbian. I think."



"In any case you're in luck because I'm the one who designed the security for the site."

Veronica was struck by a thought. "Are you...?"

"It was Mac's turn to look flustered. "Um, yeah. I mean I like guys too, but I like girls more."

"Guess I'm your mirror image then." The two girls looked at each other shyly, sharing a sudden awareness of an attraction to each other that neither had previously realized underlay their friendship.

"Ahem, to business," said Veronica, deliberately breaking the mood. However, while she worked Mac couldn't but be aware of her friend standing close behind her or of the small hands on her shoulders. When their business was done she realized that the blond girl's hands had moved from just resting on her shoulders to massaging them and were moving onto her neck.

"Mmmm, that feels good," she purred and leaned back, which semi coincidentally resulted in her head resting between Veronica's small, perky breasts.

"Oh!," Veronica said, letting go of her friend. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean...I wasn't thinking..."

"I'm not," Mac said turning her swivel chair around and taking the other girl's hands in hers. "And I think you meant more than you think." Their lips moved closer to each other, touched and then opened to let darting tongues into each others mouths.

When the kiss broke both girls were breathing hard, faces flushed, eyes locked. Before Veronica could look away Mac stood up, took the petite blond by the shoulders and whispered into her ear, "My family's going away for the weekend."

* * *

And so I'm sitting here in the car, across from Mac's house trying to make up my mind. I'm currently between boyfriends so I wouldn't be cheating on them but would I be cheating on Lily? I know you can't cheat on the dead but I've never been with another girl since her or wanted to be.

But I *like* Mac, really like her. And I *really* liked that kiss So am I gay, bi or just chicken?

* * *

"Bawk, bawk," Veronica said aloud and then pulled into the empty driveway. As she got out of the car she heard tapping and looked up. It was Mac, waving and, from appearances, naked. At least from the shoulders up.

"Door's unlocked," she called. "Come on up."

When Veronica got to Mac's room she put her hands on her hips, pouted and said, "Tease." Mac was indeed topless but she still had a pair of faded jeans on.

* * *

Looking at Mac without out her shirt on I had an epiphany. I was a big titty woman. Yolanda and Lily had each had a pair to be proud of but Mac...

Mac was what Hollywood and the fashion industry call "fat". Which means that she had a wonderful pair of big round boobs topped by big brown nipples and the frame to support them instead of having a figure like two balloons glued to a stick.

* * *

Veronica climbed onto the bed on all fours and crawled catlike towards her friend who spread her legs in welcome. The blond moved between them, rubbing her crotch against Mac's and suckling her enormous breasts.

"Mmm," the zaftig teen purred then reached down to pull her friend off her tits and up to her own mouth. As their tongues wrestled playfully Mac's hands reached under the other girl's shirt to play with Veronica's far smaller breasts, finding to her joy that one advantage of small breasts is that they don't need a bra. The petite blond broke off the kiss so the buxom brunette could pull the shirt off then went to licking and sucking on her boobs.

"Unnnh," Mac groaned, pressing her friend's head to her impressive chest with one hand and running the other up and down her back. The one on Veronica's head moved to play with her tiny titties while the other moved around the front to unsnap her jeans and rub Veronica's pussy slit through her already soaked panties. The blond girl groaned as her friend pushed her back and down until her soft weight lay on top of her. She was going to make one of her patented witty remarks about tables turning but the sight of Mac's pendulous orbs swaying just above her face distracted her and she soon put both lips and fingers to work sucking and massaging repectively.

Their positions now reversed the blond girl moved her legs to the outside and around Mac's and let her head hang back over the edge of the bed as her friend kissed her way down from her lips to her chin, down her neck, to her small, perky tits where the hand not inside her pants was already busy pinching and stroking and added lips, teeth and tongue. Then the hands left her chest and crotch to pull her jeans down to the knees while Mac's mouth worked it's way down Veronica's ribcage and belly.

"Yess!," she hissed. "Lick my pussy! Put your tongue in meee!"

"Your command is my wish," her new lover replied with a smile and kissed the closely cropped and now thoroughly wet fringe of blond hair around the other girl's slit. Veronica thrust her hips upward in urgent invitation. Mac moved her hands underneath the blond girl's tight little buns to support her, giving them a squeeze while she was at it and dipped her tongue into the juicy cooze beneath her. Unfortunately Veronica's delighted wriggling resulted in her starting to slide off the bed.

"Hey!," said Mac, pausing to pull her back onto the bed by her legs. "You're not getting away that easily."

"Don't want to," Veronica replied, her voice raspy with lust as her friend dove back down between her legs. As her tongue probed deeper the busty brunette felt her lover's body trembling beneath and around her, shaking with the approach of climax. She thrilled to the sound of moans and whimpers produced as her tongue moved up and down, in and out, side to side, caressing the nerve endings of her tiny partner's vaginal walls.

As the orgasm hit Veronica threw her head back and howled, "OH! THAT'S...SO...FUCKING...GOOD!!"

When she could talk again the young sleuth said, "Good thng you family isn't here. I think they would have heard that."

"Are you kidding?," Mac asked. "They probably still heard it and they're in the Rocky Mountains."

"Time to return the favor," Veronica said, smiling and pulled her friend up to her mouth for another kissing session. Unfortunately as she rolled her partner over in order to take the top position she rolled them both off the bed and landing on top of the zaftig young woman.

"Oof!," exclaimed Mac. "Also, ow."

"Oh baby, I'm sorry!," Veronica said in hasty apology. "I'll make it up to you, I promise!. She then scrambled off her friends body.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"I came prepared! Where's my bag?" She realized she was still hampered by her jeans around her ankles and finshed taking them off while she looked around.

"Over by the door. Prepared for what, you nutball?"

"For this!," Veronica answered, sporting a manic grin and pulling a vibrator out of her handbag. "And I'm not a nutball."

"Yes you are," her friend replied, getting off the floor and back onto the bed. "A cute, sexy one but a nutball nonetheless." She adopted the position she had when Veronica first entered, sitting up, propped against a pillow, legs slightly parted, only completely naked this time. The blond girl joined Mac on the bed, snuggling against her side and licking her ample tits while she turned the vibrator on and rubbed it up and down the other girl's inner thighs causing her to gasp and bite down on her lower lip. As Veronica moved the vibrator to her pussy lips which were surrounded by a thick brown thatch she exploded.

"Oh Gawd! Put it in me Ronnie! Putitinme!"

The blond minx looked up from her tits, which she had been gobbling with abandon, a mischievious glint in her eye. She moved her mouth from her lover's breasts to her ear which she sucked on before whispering, "Not Ronnie. Call me your Sunny Vee." As she said this she pushed the sex toy deep into the other girls cunt, rubbing it hard against Mac's clit.

"Ohyesss!," Mac shouted. "Anything you want! Fuck me, my sweet little Sunny Vee! FUCK MEEE!" As she came the voluptuous young brunette arched her back and continued to scream her orgasmic ecstasy, now into Veronica's mouth which had moved to cover hers.

"As they held each other afterwards Mac asked, "Why 'Sunny Vee'?

"It's what Lily called me when...we...made love."

"You still love her, don't you?"

Veronica just nodded. She truly did, more even than she loved Duncan or Logan.

Mac chewed her bottom lip and asked hesitantly, "What about me? Do you love me? At least a little?"

"It's...too soon." Then her face lit up with another manic grin. "We'll have to have a lot more hot, sweaty sex before I'm sure."



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