Note: This springs off of a flashback sequence in the VM Season 1 episode
"Lord of the Bling".

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Veronica Mars: Best Friends Part 2
by Tricksterson

Veronica and Lilly were visiting a new girl that Veronica had befriended,
Yolanda, but Lilly had more on her mind than friendship. It wasn't that
she didn't love Veronica, she truly did but she felt that sex was such a
wonderful thing that it needed to be shared. She was also a wonderful
creation and wouldn't it be a sin not to share two wonderful things with
the world? Besides, it wasn't as if she was going to cut her Sunny V out
of the action. No this was going to be fun for all. She was sitting up on
Yolanda's bed while Veronica was lying face forward, both concious of
Lilly's leg touching Veronica's side. All three girls were looking through
teen mags, only Lilly was eying Yolanda over the top of hers. She'd never
had a black person in bed, male or female and she was definitly looking
forward to expanding her race conciousness.

"So who do you think for my next boyfriend, Jude Law type or Colin Farell

"Next? What happened to Logan?" Veronica asked.

"He insanely jealous all the time and it's getting on my nerves."

"I know it's not cool to admit this," Yolanda interjected, "but I kind of
like a jealous streak in a man, keeps him in line."

"You can have him. I'm ditching the party Saturday. I'm tired of him getting
crazy violent every time a guy undresses me with his eyes, which is all the

At this point Veronica, as if they'd planned it stuck out her tongue. Lilly
took that as her cue.

"Hey, don't stick that out at me unless you intend to use it." Then she
reached out and grabbed Veronica's neck and pulled her in for a kiss. At
first Veronica didn't respond, after all, they'd never made out in front
of *anyone* before. But Lilly's insistent tongue pried open her lips and
just for a minute Veronica lost her self conciousness and swapped spit
with her best friend's.

When they broke apart Yolanda was staring at them goggle-eyed.


"Not really," said Lilly, getting off the bed and smiling. "We just have
broader tastes than some people might approve of." She stopped, her body well
inside Yolanda's comfort zone. "I'm not scaring you, am I?"

Bone Hamilton's daughter wasn't about to admit any such thing even if it did
make her a bit nervous.

"No, I just never knew two..."

"Dykes before?" Lilly finished the sentence for her. By this time the two
girls were inches apart. "You still don't. Veronica and I like guys as much
as anyone. We just like to spread the wealth" She leaned in. Yolanda actually
*was* a little creeped out by this but also a bit intrigued. She found her
breathing becoming more pronounced as Lilly's lips came closer and finally
made contact. She felt a softly insistant tongue sliding back and forth
across her lips and parted them.

Veronica had gotten up off the bed for a better view. She hadn't befriended
Yolanda with an eye towards seduction but was hypnotized by what was going
on. She saw one of Lilly's arms go around Yolanda's neck and the other
signalling her to move in. She did so, pressing her breasts against her new
friend's back and wrapping her arms around both of them.

Yolanda, feeling confused and trapped, pushed her way out, needing some space
both physically and mentally.

"Whoa," she said. "This is all just a little too much, too fast." She looked
accusingly at Veronica. Is this why you were so nice to me?"

Veronica flushed with embarrassment and just a touch of guilt. *Was* that why
she'd approached Yolanda? At the same time she thought Yolanda had a point.
She had to admit that even at her best moments, Lilly could be "just a little
too much."

"No, I saw you needed help, that's all."

"Veronica would never do that," chimed in Lilly. "She's much too good."

"And what does that make you?"

"Well," she repied, cocking her head, "not Satan."

"That would be Logan," said Veronica.

"Nah, he's just one of his little helpers," replied Lilly with a grin.

This got Yolanda smiling and that was what bothered her. She actually *liked*
these girls and wanted them, especially Veronica, to like her. She had never
really given lesbians much of a thought but if she had she certainly wouldn't
have pictured them looking like this, especially not like Lilly. As for how
she had felt when Lilly had kissed her, she was still trying to process that.
She also couldn't help but wonder what Veronica's lips would feel like
against hers. She decided to explore that possibility.

"You were just a little too hungry," she said to Lilly. Maybe with...her."
and she nodded at Veronica, who blushed, confirming Yolanda's decision. She
and Lilly would spend too much time trying to decide who'd be on top.

"Well, as long as I can watch." Yolanda didn't answer except by putting her
arms around Veronica's waist. Yet after doing that she hesitated. It was, in
fact, Veronica who took the lead, draping her arms around the other girl's
shoulders and moving in. She remembered how nervous she'd been the first time
Lilly had seduced her and knew she had to approach her new friend just right.
She started by kissing the chin and neck of the other girl then the space
where her jaw met her ears. When Yolanda groaned softly and closed her eyes
she knew it was time to move on to the next stage. Their lips met softly,
Veronica's hands began massaging Yolanda's back in order to relax her.
Another soft, purring moan persuaded her to slide her tongue back and forth
across the other girl's lips, slowly working it's way in until finally it was
in her black friend's mouth and their tongues were sliding up and down and
across each other caressingly. Soon their hands were also roaming over each
other's backs.

A moan distracted the two girls from their clinch. They looked towards the
bed and saw Lilly sprawled on it, legs spread, jeans unzipped and a hand
inside her pants rubbing furiously.

"My bed!" yelled Yolanda.

"It's already a mess. Want to help me mess it up some more?"

"Is she always like this?" Yolanda asked Veronica."

"Only when she's behaving herself."

Sighing Yolanda let Veronica lead her by the hand to the bed and lay in
between the two teen minxes. Soon she had Lilly's tongue in her ear and
Veronica's hands taking off her blouse. It wasn't long before she
reciprocated and had one of Veronica's tiny titties in her mouth while
Veronica's hands roamed her own breasts and Lilly who quickly outdid her
playmates by stripping to a lacy thong was running her hands and lips up
and down the milk chocolate of her back.

Even as she was reveling in the sensations provoked by her friends fingers
and lips Yolanda's mind was in a whirl. Was she gay now? No she definitly
still liked boys. but this felt so good! It was sooo confusing! Her confusion
was only enhanced when she felt Veronica's hands at the buttons of her jeans
simultaneously with realizing that one of her hands had crept between her
friend's thighs.

"Mmmm, yessss," moaned the diminutive blond.

"Now you're getting the idea," chimed in Lilly. "But there's three of us
here, remember that," and with that she pulled Yolanda backwards and applied
tongue and lips to her mouth. This time, swept away by her new passions, the
black girl didn't resist but indeed responded vigorously. These passions only
climbed as she felt Veronica kissing her way down her smooth, soft belly,
pulling her jeans the rest of the way off along with her panties then
returning to to lick at the fringes of her venus mons. Then a streak of
pleasure ran through her as the petite blond's tongue licked up and down her

"What...what are you doing to me?" she gasped.

"Do you want me to stop?" Veronica said teasingly. She ensured what the
answer would be by slipping first one then two fingers in at the same time
her tongue flitted lightly here and there over various spots on the other
girl's crotch.

Yolanda knew what the answer *should* be according to everything she'd been
taught but her parents and her preacher could never have felt like this!
"NOOOOOO," she half moaned, half screamed, "Don't stop! Pleeease, mooore!"

Lilly of course wasn't about to be denied her share of the action and slid
her body up against Yolanda's. After letting the newest member of her posse
suck and lick eagerly at her pale brown nipples she slid further up and
straddled Yolanda's face only to have her newest recruit balk and pull back.

"What's the matter?"

"I...nothing." she said and took a tentative lick. It wasn't as bad as she
had feared, salty but with a hint of sweet as well. Still filled with the
misgivings of sexual identity confusion but driven by the sensations coming
from the tongue lashing Veronica was giving her below she probed more deeply.

"Mmmm, that's good," sighed Lilly, "Yeah, deeper, now up and down, OHHHHYEAH!
Higher, yeah, find my clit, oh that's it, THAT"S IT!!!"

At the same time Veronica's tongue work on her engorged clit was driving
Yolanda into a frenzy. Finally both she and Lilly came in thrashing climaxes
while Veronica shortly thereafter fingered herself to satisfaction.

As she lay between her friends while they all cuddled and caught their
breaths yolanda wondered aloud, "So what am I now?"

Lilly took her head between her hands, kissed her gently on the forehead and
relied, "one of us, now."

* * *

"One of us now." This haunted the confused girl-woman for days thereafter.
What exactly did "us" mean? And so it was that when Logan came on to her at
his party she felt she had something to prove. If she hadn't seen Veronica
watching her and the betrayed look on her face she probably accepted the
invitation to join him at his pool house.

* * *

"How could she?" Lilly was furious.

"You said she could have him."

"Oh, who cares about Logan, she betrayed *us*!" Lilly looked at her bestest
friend. "it's a choice she made and now you will too."

* * *

There was of course no choice at all. And so what could have been wonderful
was lost. Maybe if I'd been stronger then, I could have patched things up.
But hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it?


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