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Veronica Mars: Best Friends Part 1
by Tricksterson and Spiralled

How exactly does one define the term "virgin"? By the common definition of
the term I was one until the party where, by a comedy of errors that would
have done Shakespeare proud I was drugged and, so I thought, raped. But in a
way I had my cherry taken metaphysically, if not literally, sometime before,
and not by Duncan.

Now Homecoming, like Senior Prom is a traditional time in America for the
deflowering of young maidens and so, sort of, it was with me, though not in
a traditional way.

But the background for this event was laid, if you pardon the pun, a few
months before, when Duncan and I were still edging around our feelings for
each other so perhaps I should start there.

* * *

"So?" Lilly asked, plopping down on Veronica's bed, already knowing what she
would tell her. Which was useful, because in her excitement Veronica was
talking in an octave only dogs and best friends could hear. Her brother had
finally gotten up the nerve to ask Veronica out on a date.

"Clothes, check, hair, check, makeup, check. What else?"

"The make out session you'll have in my addy's SUV?" Lilly teased, "So

That's when her Sunny V went ashen. Lilly didn't get it. Veronica had been
mooning over Duncan like before forever. This was everything she'd ever
wanted. So why the big eyes? "Ohmigod! You've never been kissed, have you?"

"Lilly, what am I going to do?" Veronica wailed. "What if Duncan thinks I'm
a terrible kisser? He'll never ask me out again."

Lilly had two options. One was to tell Veronica that her Lame-o brother had
never kissed anyone either, so he wouldn't know the diference. But what was
the fun in that? "Not a problem. We'll get you practiced up."

"With who?

'Oh, Veronica,' Lilly thought, rolling her eyes. "Me silly."


"I'm an excellent kisser, if I do say so myself."

"But, Lilly..."

Lilly rolled her eyes and grabbed her cellphone. "Fine, I'll call Logan. It
won't take much to talk him into playing teacher."

"Logan? Ew, Lilly, I couldn't."

"Then I guess that leaves me." Lilly had known that Veronica wouldn't call
her bluff. In truth though she wouldn't have minded watching, or even taking
part. She wasn't about to tell the other girl that though, she was spooked

"Okay, let's do this," said Veronica, sitting up straight, chin out. "Teach
me how to kiss Lilly."

"Close your eyes," Lilly said. Veronica complied.

"Now open your mouth just a little bit." Once again Veronica obeyed. This was
looking to become...interesting.

"Now repeat after me."

"Repeat after you?"

"Yeah, you know, whatever I do, do back, okay?"


Veronica looked so expectant, as if this was her First Communion. Lilly
licked her lips and leaned in, gently pressing her mouth to Veronica's. She
heard the other girl gasp, but being the good little girl that she was,
Veronica followed orders and pressed back. Lilly ran the tip of her tongue
against her friend's lower lip and Veronica replied in kind. A shiver ran
up Lilly's spine.

Lilly dipped her tongue in further, curious to see Veronica's response. Was
that a mewing sound coming from her firend? For sure she was returning the
kiss, and then some. Miss Veronica, would wonders never cease? Lilly kissed
her again, marveling at the softness of her mouth, her gentlness being a
total contrast to Logan's demanding urgency.

One more kiss to memorize the event. She knew she had to be the one to end
it but even now the back of her mind was filling with ideas for the future.
Reluctantly she pulled away, staring at Veronica and trying to just breathe

"So?" Veronica asked, worry writen over her face.

"Lilly held her serious look as long as she could, which was about five
seconds then broke into a radiant smile. "Duncan is going to be a *very*
happy man."

"Really, Lilly?"

Lilly licked her lips. "Oh yeah."

Veronica gave a thousand watt smile in return and threw her arms around her
friend. "You're the best friend ever."

Hugging her back Lilly knew that she wanted more of what she just tasted
but knew she didn't want to scare her friend off. "That what I'm here for

* * *

How much of what followed a few months later was planned and how much was
Lilly just being her wonderful, spontaneous, hedonistic self? I'll never know
but I certainly enjoy the memory.

* * *

"You're definitely *not* a yellow cotton."

"Then what am I?"

Lilly pulled a sheer red dress out from her closet and walked behind Veronica
before draping it over her front, molding it to her body while pressing her
own voluptuous body against her friends back. Ever since she had helped
Veronica learn the fine art of smooching a few months ago part of her mind
had been looking for the perfect opportunity to take what had happened
between them to the next level. And maybe the level after that as well.

"Hot red satin," she whispered and then let her tongue flick out against
Veronica's ear.

Veronica's first reaction was shock, then she realized that Lilly's hands
weren't just molding the red dress to her body but feeling up the breasts
beneath it.

She twisted out of the other girl's grasp. "Lilly! What are you doing?"

Lilly just smiled and put her hands on the petite blonds shoulders. Veronica
resisted the urge to shrug them off. After all Lilly was her best friend.
Maybe she had gotten ideas she shouldn't have after their kiss a few months
ago. A kiss that Veronica didn't really want to think about because it had
aroused feelings that made her...uncomfortable.

"What am I doing? What comes naturally to the Kane family slut of course, or
so my dear mother would say. But what's more natural than sharing love with
someone you care about?" Her voice, bittersweet at first turned a tad
anxious. "You do care about me, don't you?"

"Of course, I care about you, but not..."

"Not what?" the other girl asked, one hand stroking first Veronica's cheek,
then her hair.

"Not like..." Veronica had trouble getting words out. Not only didn't she
want to hurt Lilly but that hand, which had now moved to stroke her ear and
neck was *so* distracting. Taking advantage of her friend's hesitation Lilly
moved her face closer to Veronica's. Veronica in turn found her eyes focusing
on her friend's ripe young lips until, before she knew it they were brushing
against hers, as soft and nice as they had been that other time.

But it was still wrong! She pushed herself away, though not entirely out of
her friend's embrace and all too aware that her own hands were now touching
Lilly just inches away from the other girls own full round breasts.

"What about Duncan?" she said, an unsightly whimper creeping into her voice
as she grasped at one last straw.

"Doesn't have to know. It's not like it was with another guy." murmured Lilly
seductively as her lips brushed once more against Veronica's, then moved to
her neck even as she placed Veronica's hands on her tits where, with a mind
of their own they began to stroke and explore.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because I love you as much as Duncan does." Her lips moved to the hollow of
Veronica's throat, then back to her lips. This time Veronica couldn't keep
from responding, her lips opening and her tongue venturing out to meet
Lilly's. At first she had told herself that if she just let Lilly do these
things without actually cooperating then her friend wouldn't feel hurt and
she wouldn't feel guilty but her body had it's own ideas.

Lilly's hands crept under her top and she felt her nipples harden and a wave
of electrical warmth flow through her. She felt her arms turning traitor as
well, going around Lilly's body and pressing it against her own.

When finally the kiss broke off she noticed that they had somehow tumbled
onto the bed together.

"All right, you win," she said with a sigh that combined both resignatiion
and anticipation.

"I usually do," said Lilly with an enticing smile as she finished removing
the reainder of both her and Veronica's clothes, leaving them clad only in
their underwear.

"Why do you even *bother* with a bra?" Lilly teased as she removed it.

"Hey! Not nice!" This time it was Veronica's voice that turned teasing.
"After all, *you* want to get your hands on them, don't you?"

While she was saying this, her friend had removed her own bra and Veronica
let the sight of the round C-cup orbs fill her eyes, enjoying just looking at
the nipples, a rosier pink than her own, as the swelled and hardened under
her gaze. Lilly stroked the underside of Veronica's own meager but sensitive

"Has my brother ever done this?"

"Uhhuh." Well once. She was finding speech required too much concentration,
especially when Lilly brought her mouth down to cover one breast, scraping
her teeth gently as she withdrew, at the same time sucking forcefully when
all that remained in her mouth was one pale pink nipple. Perhaps it was
because as a female Lilly simply knew what another girl would want but she
was making Duncan look almost inept.

But then her hand strayed below Veronica's "southern border" and a wave
of panic hit. Duncan had only gone there once and had stayed outside the
panties, something she knew Lilly wasn't about to.

On the other hand, Lilly couldn't get her pregnant and her fingers weren't
long or large enough to break her hymen, both major reasons why she hadn't
let Duncan take her virginity yet. Plus Lilly's body was sending out a siren
call of it's own to her senses, begging to be touched, licked and sucked. Up
until now she had been able to pretend to herself that she was just humoring
her friend to avoid hurting her, that the wonderful sensations flowing
through her were just incidental. No longer. Her hands and lips began roaming
over her best friends upper body, somewhat clumsily but with an enthusiasm
that made up for it, leavng her inhibitions in threads.

Even those threads dissolved as Lilly's removed her panties and her fingers
started rubbing between her labia though not yet entering.

"MMMMMMMMM!" Only she had ever touched herself there. To have someone else do
it created feelings that were beyond description. All she knew was that she
wanted "More! More! Ohyesplease, morrrrrre!"

Smiling at this, Lilly removed her own panmties then placed her head between
her girltoys pale slender thighs.

Even as she kissed her way up Veronica's legs Lilly's fingers were entering
and exploring the other girl's vagina, bringing grunts and moans of pleasure.
When she found her lover's clit and started rubbing it Veronica went
strangely still and silent, her muscles locked in this new and incredible
wave of pleasure running through her. Was it possible SunnyV had never *had*
a real orgasm before? Lilly felt strangely proud and humble at the same time.
Christopher Columbus and the New World, Benjamin Franklin and electricity,
Lilly Kane and Veronica's clitoris.

Finally Lilly's upper lips met Veronica's lower ones. Although she would
never admit this, Veronica was the first girl she'd ever made love to. So she
mentally crossed her fingers as she began exploring what was virgin territory
on more than one level.

She began by tracing the outlines of labia and vulva with her tongue then
pushed it inside, gently at first thenmore forcefully. What ever she was
doing, she figured that she must be doing it rght when Veronica's thighs
clamped down around her head like a vice and her surprisingly strong hands
started grinding her face into her fuzzy blond bush. The screams of "Deeper!
Harder!" were also a clue.

After her lover had finished cumming Lilly managed to push the other girl's
legs apart enough to come up for air.

"You can let go of my hair now."

"Oh, sorry."

"That's okay, but now it's my turn."

"You mean you want me to..." A note of uncertainty crept into Veronica's

"Oh, don't be a fraidy cat. But I have something else in mind."


"Can you stand up yet?"

After a couple of failed attempts they found that yes she could, albeit
somewhat wobbily.

"Go to my bureau, bottom dawer, in back."

Veronica's eyes widened at what she took out. Of course, she knew what a
dildo was, she'd just never *seen* much less held, one before.

"Where did you *get* this?"

"I umm, 'borrowed' it from Celeste. Now come over here and give me some

Veronica settled down next to her friend uncertainly. "I'm not sure I can. I
mean how do I...?" she said, blushing furiously.

Lilly rolled her eyes, showed the other girl the proper way to hold it and
guided her hand between her legs. She spread her lower lips wide and brought
it to where it just touched her tunnel of love. "Okay, now just push it in.
Uhhuh, that's right, oh yeah, now pull back, not all the way hun, now back
in. Yeah baby, you got it, ohgad, you've got in! Oh fuck, yeah! Fuck me
Ronnie, FUCK ME!"

She pulled Veronica down beside her for a pasionate kiss, her hands roaming
over the other girls body while Veronica kept up a fast and steady rythm.
Surprisingly Veronica found the taste of her own juices on Lilly's mouth
quite pleasant. Tangy even. She felt Lilly arch beneath her, their breasts
pushing together and felt the hands of the girl who was now her "girlfriend"
in a way she never thought she would be digging into her back and shoulders
as she came.

After the orgasm subsided Lilly pulled out the dildo and she and Veronica
licked it clean. Again, Veronica had hesitated but Lilly told her to consider
it practice for Duncan causing her to blush furiously once more.

"What, after this you can still blush? No, wait, don't tell me, I know you're
a virgin but don't tell me you never..."

"Umm, just with my hand," was the mumbled reply, causing Lilly to collapse

"Oh, Ronnie," she said once she'd stopped. There is *so* much I have to teach
you. And I'm going to have *so* much fun doing it."


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