Vampire Diaries: The Bad Part About Having A Vampire Ex Part 1 (Mf,mmf,f-solo,oral,spank,ncon,exhib)
by GorgorothInferius ([email protected])

Elena Gilbert woke up to find Damon Salvatore sleeping beside her. She watched as he slept and smiled to herself. Elena felt relieved; she no longer had to fight her feelings for Damon, having broken up with Stefan a few nights ago. She checked her phone and was surprised to see a new message from Stefan:

"Meet me at the grill asap. Something's up with Bonnie."

Elena shook her head at the timing. "Can't I just live my life in peace without all this supernatural crap going on all the time", she thought to herself. Nevertheless, she got up and went to take a shower in Damon's large fancy bathroom. He didn't wake up as she dressed into black skinny jeans and a dark blue sweater. She quickly bolted out of Salvatore Boarding House and made her way to the Mystic Grill.

She thought some eyes turned on her when she walked in, but brushed the uneasy feeling off. Stefan was standing in the far corner alone. Elena went up to him

"What happened to Bonnie?"

"Tell me something Elena, you break up with me and you dont even wait a fucking day before sleeping with my brother?"

"...what the hell? I get that you're angry but can you please just tell me what happened to Bonnie?"

"Nothing happened Elena, apart from you turning out just like Katherine."

These words sunk low. Elena felt a pang of guilt, which quickly turned to anger.

"You lied to me and called me here just so you could tell me what a bitch I am? I didn't expect this from you Stefan. You're the one who told me if I have feelings for Damon I should go for it! Ever since I turned I've felt this attraction to him and you know that! I'm sorry that I hurt you."

Stefan smiled, an uncharacteristic sneer, as he said "It's alright Elena, I just wanted to let you know you're just another Katherine. A fucking whore."

Elena's hand shot up to slap Stefan but his reflexes were much quicker and he held her hand up. "Let me go, I swear to God Stefan let me go I don't even want to see you right now. I'm going home."

"Oh about that, I've compelled this whole place. You try walking out of here you're dead. A couple of my vampire buddies are on the watch too. You're not going anywhere Elena. I'm going to treat you like the whore that you really are. Be a good girl and I'll let you go, otherwise I've talked to Klaus and as soon as I give him the word, Jeremy's dead."

Elena's mouth was open in shock. She couldn't let anything happen to Jeremy, he was the only family she had left. "Okay...okay," she said sadly.

Stefan led her into the Mystic Grill bathroom. He'd also made sure through compulsion that no one entered the bathroom until he called them in. He led her to one of the stalls. "Take your jeans and sweater off", Stefan commanded.

"Stefan, please", Elena tried reasoning with him.

"Elena, do what I say or I'll make this worse."

Resigned to her fate, she lowered her jeans and stepped out of them, revealing her long tanned legs in a pair of black panties. Then she took off her sweater. Dressed only in her underwear now, she hung her head shamefully.

Stefan put a hand under her chin and forced her to gaze into his eyes. "Look at me you fucking slut. Look at the guy whose brother you're fucking right after ending things with him."

"Stefan I'm sorry," Elena mumbled through tears that began to flow from her doe eyes.

Stefan suddenly kissed her, shoving his tongue down her throat as he kissed her more roughly than he had ever kissed her before. "Now shut up and stop crying. Get on your knees," he ordered as he sat down on the toilet seat.

Elena got on her knees in front of him and he unzipped his pants.

"Pure, innocent Elena Gilbert. Down on her knees in a cafe bathroom sucking her ex boyfriends cock," Stefan laughed as he slapped Elena's cheek with his cock. Then he grabbed her straight brown hair and pulled them up as he slid his cock into her mouth. He eased into her mouth and kept fucking it at a steady pace. "Lick my balls, Elena."

Disgusted with herself, Elena moved her tongue up and down on Stefan's balls before she resumed sucking on his dick.

"Oooh fuck yeahh!" Stefan moaned as Elena's head bobbed up and down on his cock. "Take it all in, you filthy slut," he spat as he forced her to deep throat his dick. "Fuck yeah." He took out his cock and wiped some of the cum on Elena's soft lips and her cheeks.

"Alright, get up and take off your bra. Let me see your tits," Stefan told her.

Elena unhooked her bra and got to her feet. Her modest-sized breasts came into full view. Stefan kissed down her neck to her chest, savouring the creamy brown skin. His tongue lapped at her nipples before he bit down on them rather roughly.

"Aaah," Elena gasped in pain and pleasure.

After playing with her tits some more, Stefan ordered her to her knees once more. "Turn around this time, scoot your ass forward. Put your hands on the toilet seat."

Elena obeyed, on her knees with her hands on the seat. Her sweet shapely ass was now sticking out at Stefan.

"That's right, stick that slutty ass out," Stefan spoke as he admired the view. He stepped forward and slid Elena's black panties down to her legs, now fully exposing her ass. Stefan spread her ass cheeks and looked at her brown puckered asshole.

"Mmm, you never let me fuck you in the ass," he wondered out loudly.

Elena's voice shook with panic as she said, "No no, not there Stefan. I've never done it there it'll hurt too much."

"Ok, tell you what Elena. Since you've been a bad little slut, you can ask me nicely to spank your ass and I won't fuck it."

Elena once again swallowed her pride as she managed to stammer, "Please spank me, I- I've been a bad slut."

Stefan laughed as he kneeled down beside her and fondled her creamy firm ass cheeks. "Not good enough whore. Besides I think its time to make this just a bit more fun."

With a smirk on his face, Stefan went to the bathroom door, ignoring Elena's pleas to not let anyone in. He walked out, with a final instruction to Elena, "Don't move from your position."

Two minutes later, he came back with two random teenagers who couldn't believe their luck.

"After I'm done spanking this whore, you boys can do whatever you want to her," said Stefan.

He knelt down besides Elena and started slapping her ass cheeks.

"Owwww, Stefan please stop. I'm sorry," she begged her ex-boyfriend but Stefan was in no mood to listen.

"Its time we shut you up," he said sternly before stuffing her panties inside her mouth. Elena's outbursts of pain were now muffled because of the gag. "You need to be punished Elena. For the way you treat everybody," Stefan admonished her.

He continued spanking her until her ass cheeks turned a dark shade of pink. As Elena cried into her own panties, Stefan bit down on her bruised ass with his vampire teeth.

"AAAAAAH", screamed the brunette in agony.

Stefan just smiled, then he walked out without another word.

The boys dragged Elena out of the stall. One of them took the panties out of her mouth and replaced them with his dick, while the other guided his cock into her hot pussy. They continued fucking her for a good bit. By this time Elena's resistance had broken completely. She just lay there as the boys had their way with her.

"Aaah fuck, I'm going to cum," breathed the one fucking her mouth, and he took out his cock and came over Elena's face. Cum shot down on her eyes, cheeks and lips. After thrusting into her tight snatch some more, the other boy was soon done fucking her too, and came on her ass cheeks.

"Alright whore, sit on this dirty floor and spread your legs. Play with your pussy," ordered the older of the two teenagers.

"Plea-," Elena tried objecting but the boy came and slapped her hard on the cheek.

"You only open your mouth for our dicks, understand whore?"

Elena nodded her head.

"Good girl, now play with yourself."

The boys watched as Elena spread her legs and rubbed her pussy. She fastened her pace, moaning. Soon she slid two fingers into her wet pussy. She thought of how Damon and her fucked as she fingered herself.

After a few minutes, the boy abruptly told her "Take your fingers out of your pussy whore. You can't cum."

Elena obeyed, fearing the consequences if she didn't. The boys decided they'd had enough and headed out, but not before the older one patted her on the head like a dog and said, "I had a lot of fun whore".

Elena lay on the floor with dried cum on her face and ass. She couldn't believe Stefan had compelled the whole bar to believe she was their whore for entertainment. She started crying, wishing Damon would come rescue her. She gathered a hold of herself. "It's over, Stefan left and these two are gone too. I've been alone for 5 minutes now," she thought to herself.

Then the bathroom door opened again...

THE END( to be continued ? email me if youd like a followup)


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