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Vampire Princess Miyu: Princess In The Club (MF,MFF,FF,NC,mc,anal,oral)
by Sailor

Miyu knelt down on the cold, filthy ground in front of the old, dirty man. She was in a backstreet, and a few containers filled with garbage were covering them from the eyes of the people walking not so far from there. The Vampire Princess, dressed in scanty, schoolgirl like outfit, took his zipper between her teeth and begun to pull it down. The ring in her clit dangled under her well used, bare pussy.

Some yen notes, tonight's earnings, were crumbled inside her bra. Dried cum glued to her hair. Her makeup was ruined thanks to her gagging during the blowjobs she had done tonight. It was still better than the assfucks. Her ass ached after the brutal anal sex she had had with some dirty, stinking man an hour ago. She could still feel his sperm between her buttocks. It had been week since she fell into that trap and a week she had spent forced to whore herself out for money in the worst parts of the city. She had partly managed to get used to blowjobs and normal sex, but anal sex was still sheer torment for her body.

Her customer's hand was caressing her hair. Miyu's golden eyes were closed as the zipper was going down and she could smell the strong and familiar odor of male genitals. She gulped. This was all wrong, but she had no choice...

A Week before...

She could feel that something wrong was going on in there. Miyu, Vampire Princess, was a guardian, the chosen one to protect humankind from demons. For decades she had slain lots of dark creatures, sending them back to their home - eternal darkness. She had gained lot of experience through her battles with countless demons. But this time things were a bit different.

Usually demons would possess human bodies, feasting on their emotions. It often ended bad, many times with the death of the possessed person. But there were no deaths in this area. Still, Miyu could feel a strange, clearly demonic presence in that newly build dance club, "Echoban". She was betting some demon had found the place interesting. But she couldn't find any evidence of its actions. Having no other choice, she had decided to investigate the place on her own.

She usually wore a white kimono, called a yukata and a red belt named obi. Her legs were bare with a red ribbon around her right ankle. Her long brown hair was pleated into single braid on the right side of her head, along with a bun, all kept in place thanks to another red ribbon. But that wasn't a proper outfit to enter a modern dance club.

She approached Echoban quickly. With her skills it wasn't a problem to be there in few minutes. As she sat on the roof of the club, she caught a sight of the evil aura. Yes, it was strong, yet different. Even on the roof, loud music could be heard clearly. She had to go inside. Well, looking at the bodyguards standing next to the door, she could only dream of entering that place without them noticing. So she returned to her civil clothes. She now wore a long black dress, heels, a golden chain on her neck, black stockings and fishnet gloves. She looked like a typical goth girl. The only thing she left was her hairdo with the bun on the right side of her head. As she was passing the bodyguards, none of them even cared to look at her twice, she just paid and entered the club.

There was a huge crowd, just like she thought it would be. But where was her target? She could feel the presence of the demon, but was unable to see it. Miyu decided to walk around the club, staying tuned on the aura and then she would find it. The music was very loud and rhythmical. Vampire Princess never liked such sounds, she preferred flute or violins. That "oomph, oomph, oomph" was like some kind of tribal ritual. And she knew very well that in the ancient times demons were often using primitive people to do what they want, using their beliefs as the cover. Times changed, but who knows, religion had been replaced by pop, gods had turned into idols. As she was staring at the people dancing, she could deduced that there was only a small difference between their fun and ancient traditions. It was technology, stroboscope lights, speakers, electronic music, maybe outfits, but nothing more separated the two.

Miyu could feel a strange aroma in the air. It was surprisingly sweet, with a touch of rose scent. Rather unusual in a place like this. Was it some kind of air freshener? Well, roses in a techno club? She wasn't much into this kind of culture, but from what she heard about it, rose perfumes weren't common in these places. She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't notice the man stepping up in front of her.

"Ouch!" she cried as she collided with him. Lucky, none of them fell on the ground, "I'm sorry," she added quickly, slightly flustered.

"Hey baby, nice tits," said the boy, starring at her, "Wanna let me lick 'em?".

"No!" said Miyu with an angry voice and quickly passed him by, almost running. What the hell was he thinking about? He just asked her for sex in the most straightforward manner. Was that normal? Miyu was walking so fast that she didn't see a couple that was embracing and kissing each other. She just ran between them.

"Hey, what's up?" asked the male. He was a tall, latino looking boy with brown, short hair and blue eyes that were now pointed at the girl who interrupted his kiss. Miyu stood between him and his girl, apologizing. But before she was able to excuse herself properly, she felt hands on her breasts. The boy's girlfriend was groping them, caressing her big, round breasts through the material of the black dress.

"No, don't dommmmmhpmmm," she wanted her to stop, but then her boyfriend joined them. He kissed Miyu's mouth roughly. His tongue parted her lips and begun to penetrate her mouth. At the same time, the girl was hiking her dress up and one of her hands slipped between Miyu's legs, she started fondling her pussy. Being literally sandwiched between these two, Miyu tried to struggle, but her struggling encouraged them even more. The girl's palm was inside her panties now, stroking her wet womanhood, while the man was kissing her in an even more demanding way, caressing her body with his hands. The girl's lips planted sensitive kisses on Miyu's neck and shoulders, leaving red marks on her naked skin.

The Vampire Princess felt, surprised, that she was dangerously close to climaxing. A little more touching and she would cum for sure. Gathering all her remaining strength, she freed herself from their embrace and run away. Panting and breathing hard, Miyu leaned against the wall and looked at the dance floor. She noticed that most of the people were now kissing and caressing each other, some of them went even further, having sex right in front of the others. She was pretty sure that this wasn't normal, even in places like these. Miyu also felt incredibly aroused, her pussy was moist and her nipples erect. With every breath she could feel the rose aroma invading her lungs. She made a step, then two... then she stumbled and fell over a couple laying on the floor and fucking like rabbits in heat.

"Oh, here's our little loss," she heard a voice and saw the latino boy and his girlfriend standing above her. Knowing how aroused she was and how aroused they were, Miyu, too weak to escape, quickly transformed into her guardian form, hoping that this would make a little commotion, big enough to let her escape. In a second, the air around her rippled and her clothes disappeared, leaving place for her snowy white yukata with the red belt. But in the same time the boy unzipped his trousers and revealed his cock. When Miyu finished her transformation, she was still on her knees. Careless that the girl in front of him suddenly had changed, the latino guy grabbed her by her head and quickly plunged his dick into her mouth before she was able to rise and escape.

"Gmhmppphmmm," Miyu moaned as a hot piece of meat invaded her red lips. Down on all fours, she had no choice but to suck it, she simply couldn't escape from his tight hold on her head. Being gagged by his sausage, she couldn't use her magic either. Her head was bobbing as she was performing fellatio on the floor of the club. People were around them, but she didn't care. The Vampire Princess could also feel her own arousal growing quickly. Soon she didn't need any force, she was giving head by her own will, slurping and sucking his cock with passion. Loud, wet sounds were heard as the Vampire Princess was giving the latino boy the best blow job of his life. She closed her golden eyes, hating body for betraying her. After a minute or two, the man came in her mouth, filling it with his load.

"Ghmmppmm... slurp, gulp.. mphmm... gulp.." she was gulping down hot sperm, but there was too much of it, so his semen mixed with her saliva leaked out of the corners of her mouth, dripping onto her boobies.

Miyu stripped.

The red haired girl quickly undid Miyu's belt and removed her yukata, leaving her totally naked, save for the red ribbon around her ankle. She took her boyfriend's place and hiked her pleated skirt up, revealing her panties to the Vampire Princess whose face was covered with white stains of fresh cum. Miyu was confused and not really sure what she was supposed to do. She had to... escape? She made a move back, but then she heard the girl's voice. It was a command and for Miyu, who's body was burning with desire, that command was holy.

"Strip them off with your mouth only," the girl purred with a perverted smile on her face. Miyu nodded and took the left string of the pink panties into her mouth, then begun to lower it. She did the same to the right string, till the panties were at the girl's ankles. She was drooling hard while doing it, her mouth watering from the scent of the girl's wet pussy. Then the girl stepped out of panties and presented her naked, shaved pussy to Miyu. Drops of moisture were shining on her skin. The Vampire Princess knew very well what to do. She never did this before. She never even fantasized about licking pussy.

But it was different now. The overpowering rose scent was around, filling her lungs. Trembling with anticipation and arousal, she shoved her face into girl's pussy and began to eat her out like there was no tomorrow. At the same time something begun to poke at the entrance of her own pussy. A hard cock parted her pussy lips and slid inside, the stranger immediately started fucking her brutally. Miyu was still licking pussy, feeling only a little discomfort in her own womanhood, but soon it began to feel so good that she even increased rhythm of the cunnilingus. She was drinking the woman's love juices eagerly.

"Hell, that chicka is so tight..." groaned the latino man who was fucking Miyu's pussy. The Guardian was fully aware of her actions, but had no strength to escape from or resist the sweet trap. All she could see was pussy, and she had to lick it. Her pink tongue was doing an excellent job. Then suddenly the man exploded inside her. Miyu could feel his warm semen filling up her pussy. She knew what it meant, but she didn't care about it. She didn't care about anything. A powerful climax rocked her body. Waves of pleasure washed over her, taking away all other things in her head.

Two more guys approached her. She was still performing cunnilingus, so she could not see, only feel their raging erections poking her cheeks, but she quickly grabbed their dicks and begun to stroke them with her hands. Her palms were moving up and down their cocks as her tongue was continued exploring pussy. She could feel both her hands and her tongue move to the addictive rhythm of the loud music in the club. All her senses were stimulated with rose scent filling her nostrils along with the musky scent of the pussy she was licking. The throbbing, veiny cocks she serviced were moist with precum and felt slick to the touch. It was impossible not to move to the thumping bass, it compelled her.

The girl was caressing her head, playing with her bun. Her boyfriend was massaging Miyu's ass and pussy. Everything was too fast for her, too erotic and way too arousing to make her even think about escape from that place. The first cock exploded quickly, shooting it's load on her cheek. Some of the load hit her eye too. After that, the dick begun to soften and she could feel that the second one was gonna explode soon. Miyu used her free hand to play with girl's pussy for a while, while she took the cock between her crimson lips. Just in time, sticky cum filled her mouth almost instantly. She gulped all the sperm down and returned to the pussy licking. The girl came soon after, her juices were flooding out, and Miyu drank them with lust and hunger.

Having her face smeared with female juices and male cum, Miyu turned out of the woman she had just licked, but then someone grabbed her by her arm and lifted her up.

"Come on, baby, let's have some fun," said a young yuppie, dressed in a blue suit with a white shirt. He sat on a chair and unzipped his trousers to reveal his already hard cock, then he pulled the naked Vampire Princess on top of him. Miyu straddled his lap without second thought. "Ughmm," she grunted as his dick entered her freshly fucked pussy. Soon she was bouncing up and down the hard cock buried deep inside her. The yuppie embraced her and kissed her mouth, forcing her to return his kisses.

Her mind was confused. She had full awareness what was going on, but couldn't do anything to prevent those humiliating things. Her body was acting on its own, betraying her mind. She was so hot, so aroused and so horny, like never before in her long life. The rose scent was all round, filling her nose and mixing with the smell of sweat and sex. Her white yukata and red belt were tossed somewhere in a heap on the floor. She was just another young, horny girl, like many others in this club tonight.

"Oh yeah, you're a great girl. What's your name?" he asked. Miyu's perky breasts swung back and forth over his face. He started fondling them. Miyu panted as he was played with her naked boobies, "This is the first time I have seen you here," added yuppie.

"Ughmmm... huh... Miyu... uuhhmm..." said the helpless Vampire Princess, struggling to speak while fucking him madly. Her brown bun flew around her shoulders every time she was going up. She rocked wildly back and forth on top of the unknown guy, laying her head back, panting, humping his prick rammed to the hilt inside her womanhood.

"Miyu? Cute name. I'm Kei. Nice boobies, Miyu," he said as his fingers pinched roughly Miyu's nipples, twisting and turning them painfully. She was in sexual heaven and hell at once. The cock inside her pussy was giving her great pleasure, but his painful play with her dark nipples was holding her far from heaven.

"Soon... I'm gonna cumm..." he grunted, as he increased the rhythm of fucking, forcing Miyu to put more work into her job. Fat drops of sweat were know shining all over her body, as she was rocking with Kei on the chair. They came together.

"Yearghhhhh.... Aaahhhh!" cried Miyu loudly as a fountain of love juices shot out of her, staining Kei's knees. In the meantime his hot spunk filled her pussy. "Mmm, mmm, mmmmm! moaned Miyu with her golden eyes closed as she swayed on his lap. Her bare breasts were gleaming with perspiration. Miyu finally found enough strength to leave his lap. But just after she made a step, two giggling girls approached her. They were both in their underwear only, but even this was making them more dressed than Miyu. One of them, the shortest, had long, bleached hair, while the second had a short, boy-like blonde hairdo.

"Lookin' for fun? asked the shortest one, placing her palms on Miyu's shoulders, "Hey Kairi, don't you think she's cute?"

Miyu was buzzed from a whole series of orgasms. Her legs were shaking and the girl's touch sent shivers running down her spine. Somehow she could feel something odd. In another situation she might recognize it as demon aura. But she was too aroused to think clearly about the whole situation. And the girls gave her no time to gather her thoughts.

"Yes, Yumi, she is," answered her partner and they surrounded Miyu. She wanted to escape, but as their hands started to crawl all over her naked, sweaty body, a familiar ticking inside her belly overpowered Miyu again. Yumi and Kairi were toying with the helpless Vampire Princess, stroking her body in a much more gentle manner than Kei. Their expert fingers didn't miss any erogenous zones, quickly bringing Miyu to the edge of highest pleasure. Yumi was planting gentle kisses on Miyu's neck, while Kairi's crimson lips were sucking the guardian's nipples. Between them was the panting Vampire Princess, completely in their power. Of course, they knew it so well. Their fingers were touching her softly, massaging and caressing, but they were careful not to let her cum so easily.

Miyu, despite the whole situation and circumstances, was in heaven. No one had ever caressed her in that way, played with her body in most erotic way she had ever felt. She was moaning with pleasure while the girl's fingers and lips were making her their toy. She gave in to her lust completely, and stopped caring about anything else than sex. Her perky tits were massaged by the well skilled fingers of Kairi. The Girl's saliva was still shining on Miyu's dark nipples while Kairi was now twisting and turning them, giving the Vampire Princess no time to rest. Yumi, on the other side, was kissing Miyu's back. Her palm cupped Miyu's crotch and gently massaged it. She rubbed two fingers back and forth on Miyu's slit, while gently teasing her puckered anus with her thumb, making her groan even louder. Sandwiched between two beautiful girls and possessed by her own lust, Miyu was completely in their power.

"Our cute pet is so wet down there," whispered Yumi, "I bet she was a very naughty girl tonight."

"Then why don't we give her a little punishment? asked Kairi, "And then we can do even more naughty things with her."

"Brilliant idea, love," both girls slowly moved Miyu's body, placing her on the nearest stool with her bare ass high. The sex obsessed guardian let them do whatever they wanted to her even though some people gathered around them, excitedly watching the spectacle.

"Slap!" an open palm struck Miyu's ass, causing her to cry out. More slaps followed, one after another, turning Miyu's backside red. The Vampire Princess had no idea why she was being spanked, but she was too weak to think rationally. Each strike was more painful than previous. Yumi lowered her face down to Miyu's and asked:

"What's your name?"


"Ugh... it's Miyu... aiiieeee!"


"Were you a naughty girl tonight, Miyu?"


"Ouch.... Yes... I was very naughty..."

"Hush... Yumi stroked Miyu's face with her palm, "Did you came here to have sex with everyone you meet?"

"No, I came to find demo..."

"Slap! Slap! Slap!"

"What? I don't understand," asked Yumi again, "So, did you came here to have your ass and pussy banged as many times as possible? To suck lot of dicks and lick lot of pussies?"

"Uuhgm... yess..." answered Miyu.


"Are you our bitch, Miyu?"


"Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!"

"ouchouchouch! Yes!! Oh yes, I'm your bitch!"

"Good..." while the gathered spectators excitedly touched themselves and each other, both girls took Miyu and placed her on the floor, making her lie on her back. Kairi sat on Miyu's face, rubbing her crotch against Miyu's face, telling the Vampire Princess to lick her pussy. Yumi started to rub her moist womanhood against Miyu's pussy. Then the lesbian threesome started. Miyu quickly began to lick pussy while her own womanhood was rubbed by another one.

"Oh yeah, you know how to pleasure another woman, Miyu," groaned Kairi, enjoying Miyu's tongue inside her, "You have done this before, haven't you?"

"Glup... slurp... slurp... yes," answered Miyu between moans and slurps.

"Like I thought, you're a bitch," grinned Yumi, rubbing her pussy against Miyu's with increased pace, "You're a pretty talented ho".

"Slurp... lick... I'm not....ohhhmmm... a whore.... I'm... a ...gulp... guar... slurp...dian".

"Really? Then how about starting your whore career tonight?" smiled Yumi.

"Gah... I can't... slurp... ohhhhh... no....".

"I love when they are saying no, while they're licking my pussy," Kairi laughed, people around laughed with her. "Miyu, you have to understand that you're not in any position to question our orders. If we say you'll be a ho, then you have to agree".

"But... but..."

"Yes, yes... you'll be buttfucked a lot too. But now lick my pussy".

"Gaaah... ughmmm... nghmmm... slurp...".

"Faster, whore, I feel I'll be coming soon!".

"Ghmm... slurp, slurp... slurp...".

"Oh yes... oh yes.... Ohhhhh!!!!! I'm coming! Drink it all, you slut!" Kairi moaned loudly while she came. Her love juices sprayed on Miyu's face. The Vampire Princess was drinking them. Soon after Yumi came too. Both girls made Miyu lick their pussies clean and then they dressed up. They carried the semi-conscious Vampire Princess through the pleased little crowd of onlookers. Some of them took the opportunity to grope or slap the limp girl while she was passing by. Miyu groaned but let them do what they wanted. The poor guardian of the humankind was like a doll, confused, dazed and buzzed with sex and humiliation. The usual Spark in her golden eyes were gone. The remaining people in the club soon descended into a wild and passionate orgy again, forgetting about her. The sweet, arousing scent of the roses was all around them.

Kairi and Yumi brought Miyu to their flat. It was a small, dimly lit place with two small rooms, kitchen and bathroom. The Vampire Princess was properly washed removing all the cum that was on her body. Miyu didn't resist much, her mind was still too clouded after the sex marathon. They also bleached her hair and made her platinum blonde.

"No, not my hair, please," Miyu protested a little, when Yumi took a bleach, but Kairi quickly closed her mouth with a passionate kiss, while her friend tied Miyu's hands behind her back. They lay her in the bathtub and proceed with bleaching till Miyu's hair was completely done. Then the girls began to choose proper clothes for her. They argued a bit, because Yumi wanted Miyu to wear more of a fetish gothic outfit, while Kairi wanted to make her look more sweet and cute. Finally, they found a perfect solution. Miyu was ordered to wear a slutty schoolgirl uniform with a very short, green, pleated skirt, a white blouse with red bra under, garters with stockings and intensive make up. She was prohibited to wear panties. No one would have recognized the Vampire Princess as she stood there in her new outfit.

"Is it clear to you now, Miyu, who you are?" asked Yumi as she sat on the sofa smoking a cigar. Kairi was sitting next to her with a beer can in her hand. Miyu was standing in front of them, dressed in her new, humiliating outfit.

"It's so wrong... I can't..." answered the Vampire Princess who was slowly returning to herself.

"What a stubborn whore," Yumi cursed as she approached Miyu, "Listen dear, you're nothing more than a mere whore now, a cocksucker, a slut for money, understand? Better use that flea mind of yours, or you'll be punished".

"And we'd love to punish you," Kairi grabbed a riding crop in her hands.

"... but... you're making me... a prostitute..."

"You're simply genius, dear. Yes, from now you will be a prostitute".

"I can't..."

"Swish!" riding crop hit Miyu's bare ass.


"I wonder if I heard something," said Kairi, holding the crop ready for another hit.


"Swish!" A second red line appeared on Miyu's ass.

"Aieeeeeee! Please, do not hit me again!"

"So, will you accept your fate?"

"...yes," said Miyu with sadness in her voice.

"What's your current job?"

"A... prostitute..."

"I'll take care of her," Yumi grabbed Miyu by her arm and they both left the flat. Kairi went to the wall and removed a big piece of material from it, revealing a mirror in silver frames. She bowed to it.

"Master," she said, "Everything went according to plan".

"That's good," a shady silhouette appeared in the glassy space, "So, as I promised, you can keep her for yourself. She won't be sticking her nose in our business anymore. To make sure of it, use these rings," a palm with long, red fangs came out of the mirror and placed some golden rings on the floor, just close to the kneeling girl.

"Thank you, master," said Kairi, as the silhouette disappeared. The Demon King was pleased, she was sure of that. Kairi rose from her knees and grabbed the metal rings with a wicked smile.

"Slurp, slurp..." Miyu was kneeling in front of the old, poor looking man in tattered clothes. He had just paid 100 yen for a blowjob. Yumi was standing next to them, staring as the Vampire Princess served the old wino with her pretty mouth. She had a natural talent for fellatio, seems that all the years or vampire life and blood sucking made her a natural born cock sucker. She was fondling the man's smelly balls with her fingers while her pretty lips were sucking him hard. Another 100 yen was pushed between Miyu's dangling breasts.

"Suck my balls, bitch," said the wino and Miyu quickly obeyed, starting to lick, nibbling and sucking on his balls as her hand jerked his cock. When his hairy balls were all coated in her saliva, Miyu returned to the blowjob. The man couldn't hold off any longer and creamed into her mouth soon. Miyu wiped her lips, took the 100 yen from between her boobs and handed them to the Yumi.

"Fifth time tonight, now bad," Yumi caressed Miyu's bleach hair.

"Thank you... mistress," Miyu added the last word after a little hesitation. Her jaw and knees were aching after the five blowjobs she did tonight. Her belly was full, because every client wanted her to swallow his stuff.

"We're going home," decided Yumi and lead Miyu to their flat. Kairi was just waiting for them. Three golden rings were laying on the table, along with a needle and a candle.

"Welcome home!" said Yumi, as they walked in, "Our new baby earned 500 yen tonight with her mouth. She's profitable, I must admit. Go clean yourself," she pushed Miyu to the bathroom. As Yumi looked at the rings, she instantly guessed what's gonna happened tonight. And she just couldn't wait to listen to the Miyu's moans, when her nipples and clit will be decorated with new jewelry. Both Kairi and Yumi knew that it will end Vampire Princess's career for good. She won't be danger to the demonkind anymore, just a cocksucking slut, working in the poor parts of the city. What a cruel yet fitting end for someone who was killing demons for decades...

When Miyu came out of the bathroom, Kairi and Yumi told her to lie down on the old, creaking bed. The trembling Vampire Princess did as she was told. Her golden eyes were looking around. She couldn't endure the humiliation those two made her go through. They had made her, the proud Vampire Princess, give head for money. She had sucked off five men tonight. There was no way she'd do it again. She could still feel the disgusting, salty taste of cum in her mouth. All those climaxes and that strange rose aroma had stolen her powers for some time, but she knew that they would eventually return to her, sooner or later. And then she would be able to escape from the hands of those two devil girls. An hour or two, maybe a little more and she would be free.

But she was wrong. And they were right about to prove it to her.

"Well, Miyu, Yumi says that you're a very promising whore" smiled Kairi, looking at the clearly embarrassed Vampire Princess "I knew it from the second I lay my eyes on you. Those lips of your are made to suck cock, aren't they?" she giggled from her own joke "We'll go on with your education soon, but first we need to make sure that you understand your position. We all know that you were," she accented and repeated last word "...were a guardian. But guardians are not whores and whores are not guardians, that's for sure. What are you now? Guardian or whore? Make sure you answer correctly or we will have to punish you some more".

"A whore..." answered Miyu, wrestling against her pride. She had to keep the two girls sure that they were in power. Her mind was clearing up. She just needed time to wait for her powers. And then she would show them...

"Good answer. A whore. A slut. A bitch. A paid cocksucker," Kairi said all those words, enjoying how blood rushed to Miyu's face, making her blush more and more. "You have the body of a slut. You enjoy sex like a slut. Now, we just need to make sure that you'll be a slut for good. Yumi..."

"Of course" Yumi already held a needle that she heated in the sparkling light of the candle. Kairi held Miyu's body, while Yumi lowered herself. Fear shone in Miyu's golden eyes as the needle was brought to her left nipple and went through it, making fallen Vampire Princess scream from pain. She knew that it would be gone soon, her body had strong regenerating powers, but still the pain was excruciating and humiliating. Soon everything happened again when Yumi did the same thing to her right nipple. Miyu's breath heaved like she was a fish out of water, while both girls exchanged evil grins. Yumi heated the needle a third time and went down, between Miyu's legs.

This time her cry was stronger than before. Only the iron grip of Kairi kept her in place. Yumi wasted no time, she took three golden rings and put them in the Vampire Princess's aching nipples and in her clit. Cold metal met with her aching flesh. As it happened, Kairi released Miyu from her hands.

Miyu could feel that something weird was going on. When the three rings were in place, she suddenly felt very weak and dizzy. The pain was gone, but sudden weakness took its place. She arched and tried to rise, but found it hard. Minutes before she had been sure that her powers would be back soon, she could almost feel them. And now... they were nowhere. She couldn't feel anything, save for her human senses. Shock struck her mind as she understood what had happened. And then her golden eyes filled with tears.

"Seems she already knows," Kairi smiled to Yumi "Well, she's not that stupid, after all. Are you, Miyu? Well, you said that you're a whore, not a guardian. So, you don't need your powers anymore. Those golden, little things" she pulled one of the Miyu's nipple rings, making Miyu cry out in sudden pain "will keep your powers blocked completely. No more transformations, sucking blood, flying, using your flames and killing demons. Forget about contact with your allies too, 'cos they won't hear you anymore. You're just a whore and whores need their bodies only to work. Right, Miyu?"

Miyu said nothing, sobbing softly. She could feel that thanks to those damned rings she couldn't use any of her powers. They had vanished without a trace. She was normal, a human girl. In the past, during all those years of her life as vampire, she sometimes dreamt about returning to normal life. But now, when she was trapped in this horrible situation, when her powers were her only chance to escape and break free... they were gone, stolen from her. She felt the terrible, golden rings bitten into her flesh. A sudden stinging pain broke her train of thoughts as Kairi's hand slapped her cheek painfully.

"I asked you a question, whore! And when I'm asking, I want to hear an answer!"
Miyu turned her tear stained face to her. The redness on her cheek was burning her body and soul. No one had ever treated her in such a way. She was a guardian, the proud Vampire Princess. Yes, she was. Because now...

"Yes..." she answered, after a moment of hesitation, swallowing her tears along with her pride "I'm a whore... I don't need anything else than my body..."

"You're a fast learner indeed" Yumi joined Kairi "Now we can finally start your whore education. Say goodbye to your old life and prepare for a new one. It will be very different, yes, but one thing is gonna remain the same - you will still have lot of sucking to do..."

A week later (again)

Miyu gagged ferociously on the man's spraying cock. He held her head tight, squeezing her throat to massage his twitching member through her throat as he came. She tried to force all the thick cum down but after swallowing awkwardly three times it came cascading back up her throat and spurted out of her nostrils. She slapped her hands against his hairy thighs in panic but the man ignored her. When he finally pulled out her entire face was dripping with tears, cum, spit and snot. She stood on her knees in front of him with her head hanging down balancing herself with both arms trying to steady her breath. When the filthy old man proceeded to wipe his cock free of lipstick, cum and spit on her hair, she merely groaned a bit as a protest drooling more of the slimy mixture from her open mouth. After putting his trousers back on, the man tossed a crumpled 100 Yen note on the ground before her right into the puddle of fluids.

Miyu sighed and picked the filthy note up. She put it into her bra with the rest of her earnings before rising up. Her customer had already left the stinking alley. She steadied herself on a garbage can before wiping her face as best as she could with the back of her hand. There was still a good few hours left of the night and more money to be made. According to Yumi and Kairi, she hadn't seen nothing yet, once word got out about the new streetwhore she would be doing acts so dirty that she wouldn't have believed they existed.

She straightened her school girl's outfit and went out to the main street to flaunt her goods again.


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