This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Unfabulous: Bad Girl (Mf,ff,inc,anal,oral,first,reluc)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"God Addie, I don't see how you can eat that stuff. It's so greasy!" Geena
gagged as she sat during lunch poking at her pizza while Addie ate her own.

"It was eat this or hamburger surprise tomorrow. We never have any food in
the house, because Ben eats it all. I had to hide the ham so I could make my
lunch at least once this week," Addie replied.

"Yuck, the last kid who had the hamburger surprise ended up going to the
hospital for a week."

"That's just a rumor."

"You really should have Ben start buying his own food."

"It won't work. Everytime I've complained my parents always said he's a
growing boy."

"You should come live with us then, we don't have that problem. Hey you
recorded that concert on MTV for me didn't you?"

"Yes I recorded the Joe Rule concert for you."

"It's Ja Rule Addie."

"Sorry. When did you start listening to rap anyways?"

"It's not for me, it's for my cousin Eddie. He's coming into town next week
to look at colleges so he won't be home to watch it."

"Why couldn't he record it?"

"I don't know, he said something about his vcr not working right or
something, and well you know my parents, anything that has a single bleep in
it isn't any good for us."

"You're coming over today to get it right?"


"If Ben's home when you come over, say thank you to him. I had to have him
record the concert on his vcr since my parents were recording something else
and I didn't know how to program it without the instructions so he's being a
big jerk about it."

"He can act however he wants to when he's that cute."

"Please tell me you just didn't say that Geena," Addie said rolling her

"What? It's true though."

"Uh huh. Just don't let him hear that or I'll never hear the end of it."

* * *

Ben raced around his room throwing his school books to the floor as he got
ready for a shift at work that until recently he forgot he told a co-worker
he cover for them. Making one last check in the mirror as he finished
dressing, Ben left his room in a hurry. He passed Addie and Geena in the
living room barely acknowledging their presence as he headed for the front

"Hey Ben, Geena's here to pick up the tape for her cousin. Where is it?"

"On top of my tv. I've got to go so don't touch anything else in my room

"I won't, why would I want to anyway?" Addie huffed.

"Cause I'm way cooler than you," Ben grinned before slamming shut the front

"He's such a jerk," Addie grumbled.

"But he's cute," Geena chimed poking at Addie's less than enthralling
feelings for her brother.

"Stop saying that," Addie shook her head as the two of them headed for Ben's
room. "Can you stay awhile tonight to help finish up our science project?"

"Not tonight. My dad's birthday is next week and my mom says I have to go
with her to pick up his gift. His birthday isn't for like six days and she's
insisting we go get it tonight."

"That's fine, tell him happy birthday for me. There's not a lot left to
finish anyway," Addie said as she looked at the top of Ben's tv for the tape,
but found nothing there. "Oh come on Ben," Addie complained finding no tape
for Geena. "I knew he was going to hide it or something. The tape's not

"Oh man, my cousin's going to be really disappointed when he shows up and
there's no tape," Geena frowned.

"Wait a second, maybe it's one of these," Addie said noticing three tapes
sitting on top of each other on Ben's nightstand. Two of them weren't marked
with anything, but the one on top had a sticker on the edge that had the
letter's J R on it. "Here you go," Addie said handing Geena the stickered

"Cool, tell Ben I said thanks. I'll call you when I get home tonight if it's
not too late."

* * *

Holding the tape marked J R Geena rang the doorbell to the Singer house with
a nervous grin on her face. "Hi Ben," She greeted when the eldest child

"Hey Geena, what are you doing here? Addie's not home yet."

"I know, I came by to see you."

"Me?" Ben smirked a light going off in his head. "Yeah, I knew this day was
coming. I listened to one of Addie's cd's the other day and it had a song
about how gross it was you thought I was cute."

"As cute as I think you are, I came by to give you this," Geena grinned
handing Ben the tape.

"Huh... Where did you get this?"

"Addie gave it to me when she thought she was giving me the tape of the Ja
Rule concert."

"You moron Addie, I'm going to kill her. Thank you for the tape Geena, I'll
have a good talking to her about taking people's stuff."

"Wait a second Ben, we still have to talk," Geena said stopping him as he
tried to shut the front door.

"We do? About what?"

"The fact that I know you have the tape and what's on it."

"Ok, I'll let you and Addie eat and drink for free the next time I'm

"Ben, just let me in for a minute and we can talk about it," Geena smiled
pushing her way inside.

"I'm listening," Ben replied shutting the door.

"We've had a few discussions in health class, but after watching the tape..."

"You watched the tape? You didn't turn it off?"

"No, it was interesting. Ok, I know this is kinda personal and all, but are
you a virgin?"

"Yes, that's personal and no I'm not answering that. Besides, even if I was,
being the hunk I am could choose who I was going to mess around with."

"Come on Ben, I'm hot you're cute what more do you want?"

"Besides the small age difference, you're Addie's best friend and it would
be just a little creepy."

"Where's everybody at?"

"It's the first Saturday of the month. My parent's took Addie out for some
family-bonding thing. I've got work in a few hours and they wouldn't be
getting back in time so I didn't go this time."

"Good, let's go to your room. You can make me a woman and I'll make you a
man," Geena grinned devilishly as she began to unbutton her sleeveless button
down top.

"Talking like that I know you don't know what you're talking about," Ben
grinned as Geena's small pert bra covered breasts came into full view as the
last button of her top was undone.

"Teach me then, play with me like they did in that video," Geena said as she
removed her bra and her perfect teen breasts floated into the air.

"I'd be lying if I said you weren't tempting me right now," Ben smirked not
wanting to fool around with one of Addie's friends.

"After today we'll call it even. I'll give you your tape back, you'll give
me the right one and nobody will know I was here," Geena smiled taking a cue
from the tape and reaching up to feel her own breasts. She massaged them with
her hands tweaking her nipples with her fingers.

"You're going to get me in trouble," Ben smiled as the two of them headed
upstairs towards his bedroom.

* * *

Ben undressed as he sat on his bed watching Geena undress. She dropped her
skirt and panties to the floor next to her top and bra and as Ben's clothes
found their way to the floor his penis became erect as he looked Geena up
and down.

"If you want to do like they did in the video you've got to stroke and suck
my cock first," Ben said noticing the interest Geena took in his stiff dick.

Ben sat back on his bed with his legs spread and waited with a small grin as
Geena got between them. Nervously she started first by simply running her
hand up and down Ben's shaft, not griping it but just feeling it. Geena could
tell Ben liked it, by the way his dick seemed to twitch on it's own. She then
decided to touch his balls and watched as Ben suddenly squirmed as she gave
them a slight squeeze.

"You like that don't you?" Geena grinned giving Ben's scrotum another

"That's a sensitive area for guys, but yeah I do."

Happy with Ben's reaction Geena slid her hand up to the base of his prick
taking a soft, but firm grip. She began to slide her hand up and down
stroking his manhood feeling it pulse in her hand. She smiled widely as she
watched and felt Ben's dick grow even more in her hand. As Geena stroked her
best friend's brother's cock she noticed a small glistening substance ooze
out of it's opening.

She slid her tongue across Ben's peehole licking up the substance. It tasted
a bit salty to Geena and she noticed that as she licked Ben's dick more of
the goo came out. Geena then wrapped her lips around his shaft and began to
bob her head up and down wanting to make Ben shoot out a big load of the
cream like the guys did in the movie. Her tongue slid along the shaft and
she pressed her lips down trying to apply pressure as she took him in and
out of her mouth.

Ben was happy to see Geena taking such an interest in getting him to come.
With as hot as she looked to him right now with his dick in her mouth, she
was still Addie's friend and it was still a bit weird. Geena could start to
feel Ben's cock start to throb in her mouth as her head moved up and down
with some force. His precum was dripping onto her tongue with a constant

"Oh god Geena I'm fixing to come," Ben panted his throbbing cock aching for
release. "Oh shit!"

Geena felt her throat start to get pelted by Ben's semen as shot after shot
leapt from his dick. She swallowed down the salty substance still bobbing
her head as he came. As she pulled her head back and sat up. Geena saw that
Ben was still rock hard. Ben sat up and swung his legs over the side of the
bed to get up.

"Where are you going?" Geena asked as he started to stand.

"We're even. I'm going to get you your tape."

"We're not done yet."

"What are you talking about Geena?"

"You're still hard and I haven't had sex yet."

"God I knew it wasn't going to be this easy," Ben sighed climbing back into

"What? You don't find me the least bit attractive? I've seen you looking at
me in my short skirts when I've come over."

"It's not that."

"I know, I'm Addie's friend. Don't worry she'll never know."

It was Geena's turn to lay back on the bed with her legs spread as Ben took
his place between them. With her peach fuzz tickling his nose he slid his
tongue up and down her slit listening to her moan with each pass. Geena had
touched herself there before even sliding a finger into her pussy, but this
was something different. Her body shuddered when Ben touched her clit and
began to rub it. Geena became very hot and bothered as his tongue pushed in
and out of her pussy tickling her insides.

As Ben continued to stimulate Geena's clit it slowly, but surely emerged
from it's hood laying itself open for even more play. As he started to
finger it, Ben pulled his tongue from Geena's slit and slipped a finger

"Oh my..." Geena gasped feeling her body burn as Ben started sliding his
finger in and out of her folds while he started to roll her clit between his
fingers. She could feel her body start build up it's release more and more
as Ben continued to play with her body. "Ben stick you dick in me!" Geena
panted begging. "I don't want to come like this..."

"You sure you're ready?" Ben asked as he continued to finger her cunt and

"Please just do it!"

"If you insist," he teased really getting into Geena's eagerness.

Ben moved his hands from Geena's body and crawled to his knees in front of
her. With her legs still spread Ben pulled her toward him leaning forward
and slowly pushing his cock into her body.

"Oh my god!" Geena cried excited as she felt Ben's dick spread her pussy
lips and press inside. She loved how the invading member forced her open and
her cunt pressed down around it as if sucking on it. Geena felt great and
she had come before, the few times she fingered herself. But now to have a
hot thick cock inside her body made her nearly come at just the touch. Just
when she thought Ben was about to bottom out she felt him stop and realized

"You ready?" Ben asked as his dick pressed against her hymen.

"Yeah, I think so," Geena panted. "I mean, yes, just do it."

Geena closed her eyes and grimaced temporarily as Ben broke through her
hymen with one semi-forceful thrust. Slowly that pain subsided and she could
feel the back and forth motions of their bodies as Ben worked himself into a
stable rhythmic speed. Geena's body tingled with excitement as Ben's prick
slid in and out of her with deep soft thrusts. She could feel his balls press
against her ass each time he bottomed out in her and when she closed her eyes
to let the excitement run all over her body she felt his tongue touch down on
her nipple right before his lips locked onto them.

This went on for several minutes and Geena wanted it to last forever, but
knew it wouldn't with the way her body was feeling now. She tingled all over
and her pussy was burning for a release. As Ben made one more push inside
her, Geena felt her cunt squeeze down even harder onto his dick and squeeze
the life out of it as she came.

Geena moaned loudly her body squirming all over the bed as her hormones took
over sending a wave of ecstasy throughout her body. Even before Geena could
finish her orgasm Ben pulled himself out of her as his dick throbbed and he
came a second time. He sat up on his knees jerking himself off as his cum
squirted out onto Geena's belly. When they had both finished coming they laid
on the Ben's bed next to each other. Geena began wiping up the semen on her
belly with her finger and sucked it clean.

"You mind if I take a shower real quick?" Geena asked getting out of bed.

"Sure, I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with the sheets. You
left a wet spot."

"Wash them when I get done. Your parents and Addie won't be home for a few
hours right?"

"I think I'll do that. Hurry up though, I still need to get in there."

"I tend to take long showers, so you can join me if you want to help get
me cleaned faster," Geena said coyly from Ben's doorway suddenly feeling

* * *

"You know the next time we go to any kind of school sporting event I'd really
appreciate it if we sat in the right section. We looked like dopes when you
two cheered and we were in the opposing side's stands," Addie grumbled as she
walked into the house through the garage door with her mom and dad behind

"Sorry to embarrass you so much honey," Jeff Singer replied to his daughter's
melodrama, "We'll try to do better next time."

"Addie run upstairs and make sure Ben's left for work and that he's not
napping," Her mother asked.

"Ben you still here?" Addie screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Addie! I said go upstairs and check, not to scream," her mother chided.

"Alright fine, but I know he's gone," Addie replied heading towards his room.

Just like she said Ben was gone of course. As she was about to leave Addie
noticed at videotape sitting between Ben's tv and the wall of his
entertainment center. Now there wasn't anything unusual about this since he
taped a lot of sports and other things off tv, but this one was marked with
the same piece of tape and had the same J R initials on it as the tape she
had given Geena. Curious Addie picked up the phone in Ben's room and called
her friend.


"Hey Geena, it's Addie."

"Hey Addie when did you get back?"

"Just now. You didn't come over today while I was gone did you?"

"No why?"

"Because the tape Ben made that I gave you is here."

"What do you mean?"

"The tape with the sticker that has J R on it. I'm holding it in my hand
looking at it."

"Maybe he made a copy of it for someone else, because I have my cousin's
copy here," Geena lied. "You're coming over to spend the night the at seven

"Yep and your parents will still be there then so my mom will think they'll
be in all night right?"

"Yeah, my parents aren't leaving to meet their friends until eight."

"Cool, I'll see you then. Bye."

"Cya then Addie." As Geena got off the phone with Addie she quickly called
Ben's work and was glad to hear him answer.

"Hello and thank you-"

"Hey Ben it's Geena."

"What is it? You said we're even."

"Look I'm not calling about that. Okay yes I am sorta."

"What are you talking about?"

"Addie just called me asking me if I came over, because she found the tape
she gave me in your room."

"What did you tell her?"

"I lied and said that you made a copy for someone else."

"Great, I'm going to have to think of something to tell her if she watches
it. Assuming of course she doesn't tell our parents."

"You're going out with your friends after you get off work right?"

"Yeah we're going to a movie at ten."

"That's good. Just leave a littler earlier than usual and come by. We'll
straighten everything out then. Don't worry about Addie."

"I hope you're right."

"Trust me."

Once she hung up the phone with Ben, Geena immediately called Addie.


"Hey Addie it's Geena. Whatcha doing?"

"Watching the tape."

"What's on it?"

"It's got some people having sex," Addie said almost in a whisper.

"Don't say anything to your parents about it. Ben's going to come by my
house after work and everything will get worked out then okay?"

"Um, okay," Addie said not paying to much attention to Geena. Instead she
was focused on the movie playing in front of her. As she hung up the phone
Addie watched as a woman wrapped her lips around some guy's dick and began
to suck on it.

"Hey Addie you still up there?" Sue Singer shouted from the stairway.

"Uh-Yes mom, coming," Addie replied startled by her mother's voice quickly
turning off the vcr and tv.

"What are you doing in here?" Sue asked reaching Ben's doorway.

"Sorry I was just on the phone with Geena."

"Oh, well since you're spending the night at her house and Ben's getting
home late I'm not fixing anything for dinner. You two usually order pizza
over there don't you?"

"Yup pizza as always," Addie replied with a faint smile getting up from
Ben's bed and heading into the hallway.

"Go pack your things then, your father and I are going to dinner and a movie
tonight and we can't be late leaving the house."

* * *

Addie and Geena watched with bated breath as Geena's parents left. They shut
the door as the car turned down the street and disappeared. The two girls
walked into the living room sitting down on the couch.

"Okay Geena, what's going on? Who's tape was that I watched at my house?"
Addie replied.

"As far as I know it's Ben's," Geena replied non-chalantly.

"I have to tell my parents about it."

"No, you don't."

"Yes, I do. If they find that tape and find out I knew about it they'll
punish me as well."

"Don't worry about it. Ben will get rid of it. Besides you're not the one
who almost got caught watching it. My parents were in the kitchen when I
turned it on in the living room. I don't know how I turned it off before
they noticed. I had to come down when they were sleeping to watch it."

"You watched it?"

"Of course. I was interested. Don't tell me you didn't watch at least part
of it."


"I knew it! You're a little pervert just like me!" Geena exclaimed with a
big smile.

"No, I'm not! I only watched a few minutes of it!" Addie shot back her face
turning red.

"But you watched it and that's all that counts. What are you getting all
embarrassed for?"

"This is not exactly something you talk about with everybody."

"I'm not everybody Addie. I'm your best friend and I'm about to tell you
something that I wouldn't normally tell you otherwise since you're my

"Does this have something to do with the tape and if so is this something I
really want to hear?"

"I had sex with Ben when I took the tape back."

"Eew! Gross! Why'd you do that?"

"Because I wanted to. I was curious. He acts like he doesn't know what he's
doing, but he does. It felt great. When he comes over you should let him
play with you like he did me."

"NO! I'm not having sex, let alone with Ben!" Addie said defiantly.

Geena suddenly took Addie's face in her hands and kissed her on the lips for
several seconds. When their faces separated a startled confused look crossed
Addie's face.

"Geena what did you do that for?"

"To get you to loosen up. You're too uptight. Now take off those shorts,"
Geena said reaching to unfasten Addie's shorts.

"No, stop," Addie replied pushing away Geena.

"Stop pretending Addie," Geena said reaching for Addie's shorts again.

Addie watched trying to feel helpless as she stood up momentarily as Geena
undid her shorts and pulled them down with her panties. She wasn't sure what
was going to happen next, but let out a soft moan as Geena licked at her
slit. Addie wasn't really sure what was happening to her as Geena began
eating her pussy making it tingle, but Addie knew it felt nice. She had felt
"funny" down there before, but never did anything about other than waiting
for the moment to pass and hoping nobody would notice it before then.

"Geena, don't!" Addie gasped as she felt her friend slide a finger into her

"Trust me, you'll like it," Geena assured her not even looking up as she
began to work her finger in and out of Addie's pussy.

Addie moaned as she felt the invasive object work itself back and forth in
her folds and Geena's tongue slid up and down her opening working around her
finger. As Geena worked a second finger into her friend's opening Addie
moaned loudly.

"Oh god Geena! My body!" Addie cried out as her body suddenly felt a mass
tingling take over for the first time.

Geena smiled removing her fingers and licking up Addie's cream as she came
for the first time. Addie's face turned red again as she felt something
sticky start trickling down her leg and Geena started to lick it up. After
what seemed like forever Addie's privates stopped burning and her juice
stopped flowing. Geena raised her face with a big grin and sat down on the
couch next to Addie.

"What are you smiling for?" Addie asked.

"It felt good didn't it?"

"It felt kind of weird, but it was nice. I liked it," Addie replied

"Your face is all red. What's wrong?"


"Trust me, it's okay to have your body pleasured and feel good about it. It
feels even better to have sex with somebody. That's why Ben's coming over."

"How do you know so much about all of this Geena," Addie asked pulling her
pants back up.

"I've masturbated a bunch of times before and I kind of forced Ben to have
sex with me so I wouldn't tell your parents what was on the tape."

"I don't think I'm ready to have sex yet, besides even if I was it shouldn't
be with Ben. He's my brother."

"And who would you pick to be your first time? You know Ben, he's not going
to do anything weird, or try to harm you, so what's the big deal?"

"I guess you're right."

"I know I'm right Addie. Trust me."

* * *

With nervousness in his body Ben stood in front of Geena's door. He really
didn't know what she was up to or what she had in mind, but Ben was kicking
himself for leaving the sex tape out in the open and not taking the concert
tape out of the vcr. He rang the doorbell and waited several seconds before
anyone answered.

"Hey Ben, it's good you're here. We can get started," Geena greeted him.

"What's going on?" He asked following her inside. "What about the car?
Shouldn't we put it in the garage?"

"If anyone asks just say that Addie called you and asked you to bring
something." As the two of them entered the living room they meet up with
Addie who was sitting on the couch watching tv. "Hey Addie your brother's
here. You ready?"

"Yeah," she said getting up slowly walking towards them. "Please don't make
fun of me, because this is my first time," She said walking past Ben and
towards the stairs.

"Ready for what Geena? You said you'd talk to Addie and she wouldn't tell my
parents about the tape."

"No, I said I'd take care of it and she won't say anything to your parents,

"If what?"

"You make her into a woman like you did me."

"You've got to be kidding. You want me to have sex with Addie? Having sex
with you was a little weird, doing it with her is just... I don't know. I
can't think of a word to describe it, but it's beyond weird."

"Go talk to your sister Ben. She wants it."


"Just go talk to her."

"Alright fine... Where did she go?"

"She's in my room. First door on the left at the top of the stairs."

"You're not going to watch?"

"No, I think I'll leave you two alone."

Addie sat on the side of the bed nervously as she waited for Ben. She wasn't
sure why she had let Geena talk her into this, but she was sure Ben was going
to be against it. She became startled when there was a knock at the door and
it opened. Ben walked in closing it behind him and the two of them looked at
each other for several minutes.

"Hi Addie," Ben started.


"So I guess Geena told you everything that happened."

"Yes she did. How could you- I mean she's pretty and I know guys at school
like her, but she's my best friend, Ben."

"I didn't want to, but she was blackmailing me. I was going to get into
trouble if I was caught with the tape, and she does have a gorgeous little

"Oh god, this is too weird! My best friend and brother like each other!"

"We don't like each other. This whole thing just sorta happened, which brings
me to this question. Why are we both in Geena's room? She says you want me to
do to you what I did her."

"I... I... After her parents left tonight, we started talking and I let her
put her finger into my privates-"

"You let Geena finger you?"

"Ben, please!"

"It's alright, I don't care if you're into girls. Mom and dad might, but I

"Anyway she made my body feel real good and said that it was even better when
you had sex with somebody. And since she had done it with you and you were my
brother, she figured you were as safe a person for me to do it with my first

"Addie are you sure you want to do this? 'Privates' and 'doing it' are really
naive teeny bopper phrases."

"Let's just do it Ben. Geena's my best friend and I trust what she says."

"Alright then, take off your clothes and get on the bed."

As the two of them stripped Addie watched her brother as her clothes fell to
the floor. Her mouth opened and her eyes couldn't help, but stare as his
penis came into view. This was the first time she had seen one in real life
and it looked huge to her. Ben caught her staring and smirked.

"Something wrong?"

"Oh... Nothing. I had just never seen a penis before in real life. It looks
kinda big," Addie said embarrassed.

"If you think that's big, touch it."

"What do you mean?"

"Just wrap your hand around it and move it back and forth."

Addie did as she was told and her eyes widened as Ben's cock started to
harden and grow as she jerked him off. Ben watched smiling as his sister's
hand slid back and forth over his shaft and she continued to stare at it.
Addie felt a bit confused. She couldn't help but keeping looking at the hard
penis in her hand nor stop stroking it. At the same time she felt excited
like she had when she let Geena finger her. Remembering the bit of tape she
watched she took a cue from it and slowly wrapped her lips around Ben's dick.
Ben felt his cock jump a bit and throb as Addie bobbed her head back and
forth over his member.

"That's a good girl Addie, keep sucking my dick," Ben reassured her. Addie
hadn't even let Ben stick his penis into her pussy and she was already
feeling very horny. She was extremely happy to hear from Ben that she was
doing fine.

Having sex with Geena had been weird for Ben. Having sex with his little
sister just felt very wrong to him, but as he watched her nervously suck his
dick with her eyes closed there was a sinful excitement in his body that was
greater than that he felt with Geena.

Addie stopped momentarily, though she never took her lips off his cock, as
precum touched her tongue for the first time. Before Ben could ask if she
was all right Addie quickly swallowed the substance and started bobbing her
head back and forth again. She decided now that she didn't want to come off
as a complete noob. With a sudden surge in Addie's enthusiasm Ben felt his
cock start to work itself into the same kind of frenzy it was in when he was
fucking Geena's pussy.

"You ready for me to stick it in you?" Ben groaned his aching cock oozing
precum rather steadily now.

"Yes please," Addie replied with a certain excitement to her voice. "Don't
treat me any less than you did Geena."

Looking down between his sister's legs Ben could see that Addie was rather
wet already and got an idea. "Hey Addie what if I showed you something I
didn't show Geena?"

"Would you please???" Addie asked with a definite eagerness to her.

"Sure thing. Just lay back." With a big smile on his face Ben climbed onto
the bed where his naked sister lay waiting. He spread her legs and could hear
Addie's accelerated breathing could sense her anticipation.

Addie let out a loud moan as the head of Ben's cock pushed between her pussy
lips. She suddenly panicked as her body burned with excitement and her pussy
squirted out fluids from her first orgasm. Ben noticed this, but kept pushing
until he hit her wall as her juices smothered his shaft. Addie was relieved
when she felt her body get excited again as her opening was split apart. Now
she could feel Ben's dick resting against her hymen.

"You sure you're ready?" Ben asked. There was no turning back now and they
both knew it.

"Yes, make me into a woman like you did Geena," Addie replied with some

With one solid push Ben took his sister's virginity and the pain swirled in
her body temporarily as they sat interlocked. When Addie seemed to regain
her composure Ben bottomed out within it before beginning to set up a slow
rhythmic motion as he slid his dick in and out of her.

Geena had been right. Addie felt incredible as the large prick penetrated her
opening even if it was with Ben. Whatever concerns or issues she may have had
earlier in the night about having sex with him were long gone. Ben would
occasionally lower his head to kiss Addie on the lips as he pumped his body
into hers. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred whenever they did anything
together Ben would goof on her about something and he easily could have with
this being her first time, but at this very moment it seemed that Ben somehow
was doing everything he could so that Addie could get as much out of this
encounter as she could. He nearly came as Addie's pussy clenched down on his
prick as she came again, but he was able to hold back and decided now was a
good time to show her the one thing he didn't show Geena.

"Addie if you want me to show you something I didn't show Geena, I need you
to turn over onto your stomach, before you make me come."

Addie blushed at the thought of having some sort of power over her brother
and after two orgasms she was thrilled she was still horny and ready for Ben.

"What are you going to show me?" She asked with a smile as she turned over.

"It's not so much what I'm going to show you, but what I'm going to do to

"What do you mean?"

"Not everybody does this and many see this as dirty or perverted and to be
honest this is my first time doing it, but I get the feeling Geena will be
very jealous if she finds out we did this."

"Did wha-"

Addie stopped in mid-sentence as she felt the tip of Ben's prick covered in
her juices slowly began to push into her asshole. Addie moaned as Ben pushed
more and more of himself into her ass. It hurt and she wasn't sure how she
should feel, but if this was as dirty as Ben said it was then the thought of
a good girl like her being able to say she did something this perverse and
making Geena jealous as a result was all the encouragement Addie needed. She
bit her lip and her eyes even began to water a bit as Ben kept pushing his
dick deeper and deeper into her asshole. As he bottomed out in her backside
Addie got an idea.

"Hey Ben before we continue open the door," Addie panted.


"Because I want Geena to be able to see us before you come. I want her to be
jealous of me for once."

"No. If she sees or hears about this then she's going to want me to fuck her
in the ass too, and this is going to turn into a game between you two. One I
don't want to be part of."

"Please Ben? Do this one thing for me and we'll never talk about tonight
again. And Geena thinks your cute, so I'm sure you could get her to do
whatever you wanted her to do."

"I don't know why I'm going to do this, but I swear if this does turn into
some kind of game or competition between you two neither of you better come
to me."

"I can't speak for Geena, but you have my word."

"Alright..." Ben agreed reluctantly pulling out of Addie's ass long enough
to open the door. The situation that rose because of the tape was in itself
weird and one Ben wouldn't have thought of finding himself in in a million
years. It was a one-time thing with Geena, which turned into a one-time
thing with Addie, and now he kind of wished he hadn't said anything to his
sister at all about what he showed her and what he showed Geena. But at this
point they had already started and he hadn't come yet so he figured he might
as well see this to the end.

As Ben reinserted himself into Addie's butthole she let out a soft groan.
Her rectum experienced some pain again as Ben buried his dick in her anal
cavity, but the thought and feeling of having Ben's thick hard cock in her
ass and showing up Geena turned Addie on immensely.

"Oh God Ben..." Addie moaned as his shaft continued to slide in and out of
her anus. "Before you come... tell Geena to come... up here..."

"Okay..." Ben panted still plunging his cock into her backside. The dirty
look of delight on Addie's face was starting to get to him. The harder and
faster he pushed in the bigger the smile on her face seemed to get and the
more her body squirmed with delight.

"Oh Ben! Fuck my ass harder!" Addie screamed as she orgasmed a third time.

Ben couldn't believe what he was hearing from his sister and Addie couldn't
even believe what was coming out of her mouth, but it felt right and she
didn't give it a second thought. Besides everything that had happened up to
this point was all Geena's "fault". As he kept pounding Addie's ass Ben
could feel her cum everytime his balls slapped against her pussy. He knew he
wasn't far from orgasm and decided it was time to call Geena.


"WHAT'S UP?" She screamed back. "YOU TWO FINISHED?"



"You better hope she gets up her fast," Ben panted. "I'm fixing to come."

"Try to hold it Ben," Addie moaned finding herself still horny and turning
into a sexpot. Right now she just couldn't get enough of the asspounding Ben
was giving her.

"I'm trying..." Ben groaned his hard throbbing cock begging for release now
as it slid with relative ease into Addie's tight ass. "Oh God..."

With one last push Ben bottomed out in his sister's rectum and held himself
in place as he came. His entire body buckled and Ben found himself laying on
top of Addie as large gobs of his semen violently erupted into her bowels.
Ben pushed himself up off Addie and rolled onto his backside on the bed when
his orgasm subsided and he started to go limp.

Addie laid in the same spot on the bed still on her stomach as her mind tried
to comprehend what had just happened and what her body was feeling right now.
The large grin on her face was all that anyone would need to see in order to
know how she felt.

Both Ben and Addie slowly got off the bed and picked up their clothes. Ben
was heading home anyway before he went back out so he would just shower
there, but Addie's legs and ass were very sticky and wet and she thought it
best to clean up first and not make any more of a mess.

As Ben started to dress and Addie turned towards the door to go to the
bathroom they both saw Geena. Her jaw had dropped and her mouth was as wide
open as possible. The three of them stood there for a moment just looking at
each other, but slowly Geena's wide open mouth turned into a smile.

"You dirty dirty girl and to think you were all nervous and prudish earlier
tonight. For once I am jealous of you." Hearing Geena say that brought a big
smile to Addie's face. "Enjoy it while you can though, because it won't last
long. There's no way I'm letting a goody goody like you outdo me."

"You're on your own Geena. The days of me and Ben fooling around are over
for now, though I'm sure he'd be more than willing to show you another thing
or two."

"No games Addie," Ben sighed.

"I know, whatever happens between you and Geena is between you two."

"So when can you show me Ben?" Geena asked excited.

"Not tonight Geena. I've got things to do," Ben replied as he finished
dressing. "You two girls gossip and talk or whatever it is you do. I'll see
you tomorrow Addie," Ben said before leaving.

"So tell me Addie. How was it? How was it?"

"Let me shower first and we can talk about it all you want afterwards,"
Addie replied teasingly.


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