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Mr. Elliott was the Headmaster of the American Academy in
Paris, France. It was a private school that he had attended
himself as a teenager. Now his daughter, Ashley was a student at the
school. He was proud of his daughter even if she wasn't the brightest
girl around. The Elliotts were British and very formal.

Ashley usually spent her time with her closest friends at the school.
They were Christian, Lazerini,Lauren,Jackson,and Winnie. Mr.
Elliott was fascinated with Winnie. She was a black girl and the
Headmaster wondered what it would be like to fuck the girl.

Tonight was Ashley's 17th birthday party, and she had invited
him to be her guest. The girl wanted to spend more time with her
father. The two girls, Lauren and Winnie were with them.They had gone
out for a night on the town and everyone had a good time. Mr. Elliott
had even had a few drinks.

He hadn't really planned on getting drunk, but he figured what
the hell and started throwing back shots again and again. He got
totally soused and even let the girls have some alcohol.

Lauren had tried to stop him from getting drunk, but Ashley had
pulled her friend aside, telling her to allow him to do what he felt he
needed to do. As the evening was ending, the girls made a place for
Ashley's father on their couch. No one could drive in his condition.

To Elliott's mind, this was perfect. He would be staying the night with
his daughter and her friends. He could finally act on his lust for the
young girls. Luckily, the boys were gone for the night at an out of
concert. So he had the girls to himself.

Ashley now headed for the shower. She had almost forgotten about
her dad staying the night with them. She was tired, and she just wanted

a shower before heading to bed.

Lauren and Winnie got ready for bed also. Mr. Elliott was in the
bathroom, thinking he would wait for Winnie to show. When the
light went on, he stood, naked, and looked through the shower curtain.
He was surprised when Ashley came in, then started to take off her

It had been several years since Elliott had seen his only daughter
and as he watched Ashley, he liked what he saw. She took off the robe.
Ashley was fairly ample on top, compared to most of the girls her
age. She usually wore lace bras and sexy underwear, figuring that most
guys were so clueless they would never know the difference.

Elliott watched as Ashley pulled off her panties. He stared at her
white ass, and the hair under it. He was shocked to feel himself start
to get hard as he stared at his daughter's ass.

When his daughter turned to the shower, he really started to have
a lot of problems. Ashley had quite a mass of hair at her mound,
blonde and curly.

He wanted to fuck his own daughter and the thought of incest really
got him had. Ashley headed for the shower and he decided it was
time for him to have a little fun.

Ashley reached in, and Elliott grabbed her as she stepped into the
shower. He held a hand over Ashley's mouth, then thrust in his
daughter. Ashley had been a virgin and she was dry. Her eyes flooded
with tears as her father started to stroke in and out of his daughter.
didn't know what to do. Her father had just taken her virginity and he
was raping her. She screamed in pain as he popped her cherry.

Mr. Elliott went faster and faster. He had always been fast in bed, and
the effects of the booze in his system made him go even faster, as
well as the thought of just what he was doing. He was fucking his only
daughter in the shower. Her crying told him she didn't like what he was
doing, but he had gone too far to stop now.

Ashley cried and begged her father to stop but he was beyond caring.
She felt her father quicken his pace, then stiffen. She knew he had cum
inside her torn cunt hole. She wept as she was filled with her father's
incestuous seed.

Elliott was seeing stars. Ashley was still tight, and even dry, he had
gotten a good ride. He continued in and out of his offspring for
moments. He now let his grip on Ashley's mouth loosen. He watched as
her stunned look turned to one of shock. "Why?" she sobbed. "Why,

The father wasn't sure he knew the answer, but it didn't matter at that
point. He knew he would have to keep Ashley quiet, or she might give
him away before he got a chance to do her two friends.

Elliott now kept the water running as he slid Ash down his body. He
knew what he wanted to do, and he figured he was just drunk enough
he could get away with it. "No!" screamed Ashley as she went to her
knees. "Please, daddy, don't foo-mmmmf!"

Elliott thrust his manhood in Ashley's mouth, and he started to wildly
hump in and out. Ashley couldn't believe it. The rest of her body shook
with horror and outrage as her father stroked in and out of her mouth.

Though he had already peaked once, Elliott knew that just the thought
of what he was doing would soon send him off. He moaned loudly.
Ashley recognized that moan. She had heard it a lot from the guys she
had jerked off in the past. She steeled herself for what was about to

Mr. Elliott peaked now, shooting his seed in the mouth of his one and
only daughter. The feel of her mouth was so good he continued to
work in and out, forcing her to swallow him.

"Now, then," he said in his rigid accent, as Ash tried to collapse to
floor. "Let's see what else we have here!" He now turned his child
around, and he stared down at her ivory white ass.

"Nooooo!" she screamed. "Not thereeeee! Pleassseee!" Elliott
started to thrust in and out of Ashley's asshole. He loved the way she
screamed as he continued to thrust in and out.

Ashley ground her ass back and forth, hoping to discourage her
drunken father. But as he went in and out, she realized he wouldn't
leave her ass unless he wanted to. He felt the tight grasp of Ashley's
anus, and he knew, suddenly, that he was close again.

Ashley shook her head wildly as she felt her father work faster and
faster in and out of her rectum. She was no longer a virgin, when
Elliott thrust deep in her asshole, her screams were genuine as he rode
in and out. the man watched in fascination as the girls's ass cheeks
as he went in.

Mr. Elliott peaked now, his seed shooting deep in Ashley's asshole.
"Thanks, hon," he whispered as his daughter slumped to the floor of the
bathroom. Elliott now threaded his way to the bedroom of his daughter's
friends. He stared down at the pretty, exciting Lauren.

One moment, the pretty Lauren Fontaine had been sleeping, the
next she had been choking and gagging as Elliott thrust his manhood in
out of her mouth. Ed moaned as he started to thrust in and out of
mouth. The soft, sensual feel of her long, brown hair made him feel
even more
excited as he worked himself in and out of her mouth.

Lauren now realized it was her friend's father working himself in and
out of her mouth, but all her questions were silenced as he started to
down the back of her throat.

Mr. Elliott knew that, even having already been with Ashley, he would
off soon, just because he could look down and stare into the shocked,
crying eyes of his daughter's friend as he forced her to suck him.

Lauren tried to spit out the man's cock, but he wrapped his hands in
her hair and pulled her even closer. She gasped and choked and
gagged. It was the gagging that did it for Elliott. He peaked now,
shooting one wave on the face of his student, sending the rest down
her unwilling throat. He took great pleasure in forcing the teenage
to swallow him and his seed.

"That was pretty good," said Elliott as he pulled out of Lauren's
"Let's see what else you got." Elliott now ripped off Lauren's small
nightgown. He stared at her long, brown hair, which now almost covered
her small breasts, the ones topped with cherry red nipples. He stared
between the legs of his scared girl. Lauren had the thickest mat of
brown hair
he had ever seen down there. He now spread the girl as wide open as he
could, but he still saw almost no pink. She just had a lot of brown
hair down

"Show me what you've got baby," he moaned now. Mr. Elliott stared into
the eyes of Lauren. "Hellppp!" she screamed. "Pleassseee! Noooo! I'm a
virgin! Please don't! Plleeeassseee!" Elliott reared back and thrust
in, the
hymen breaking, the blood beginning to flow as he started to thrust in
and out.

Lauren came off the bed in pain, her virginity gone, her own mound dry
well. The shock and the pain of what was happening now shook her entire

The headmaster smiled as he listened to the screams, welcomed the cries
as Lauren's tight pussy clenched him, letting him in, but making it
difficult for
him to leave her mound.

Lauren had been proud to keep her virginity for the past 17 years, but
in a
single thrust Mr. Elliott, took that from her. She screamed in agony as
the fiend worked his way in and out of her bloody, hairy mound.

Elliott knew he wouldn't last very long. He had not been with any
in a long time, and when he considered just who the virgin was, he
worked in and out even faster.

Lauren's mind filled with every hateful image she could muster. Her
father was fucking her, and as she felt him continue to thrust in and
out of
her, she knew she would never be able to stop him from doing whatever
wanted to.

Elliott peaked now, his seed mixing with the blood of his raped
Just the thought of having raped his daughter's friend excited him, and
continued to work in and out. He could feel his manhood soften, but as
he continued to work in and out of the tight, almost virgin mound of
Lauren he again started to feel his manhood rise. He pulled out of
her pussy and aimed his hard cock for her anus.

"Ohhhh noooo!" she screamed. "Ohhhh gooddd! The pain! The paiinnn!
Mrrr. Elliiiottttt! Pleasseee! Stooopppp!" she shrieked in tortured
The Headmaster thrust in Lauren's ass. He began to slowly work his
way in and out of her ass, the sight of her jiggling buttocks an
one. Her screams worked wonders for his manhood as well.

Lauren's long, brown hair was in wild disarray as her head shook
Her friend's dad was thrusting in and out of her ass, and she knew
was little she could do to stop the pain.

Mr. Elliott peaked now as he thrust in deeply one final time, forcing
Lauren's ass to milk him for every last drop of his seed. Lauren's
crying became even louder as Elliott rode in and out, finally
on the back of assaulted girl.

"What in the hell is going on here?" screamed Winnie. "Lauren?"
The black girl rushed in, and she tried to slap Elliott off her friend.
Mr. Elliott allowed her to do this, but only until he started to feel
manhood start to rise again.

Winnie had been shocked at the sight of the maniac as he thrust
in Lauren's ass, but she had been even more surprised when he
thrust his manhood in her own mound.

"Bastard! Winnie screamed. "Take it out!" He was finally getting to
fuck the black girl. Elliott started to thrust in and out. His ebony
student was dry, and he had to work slowly as he thrust in and out.
Winnie didn't know how to react. She was being raped, yet she knew
that Elliott would never think of it like that.

Mr. Elliott worked in and out of the teen. He could feel just how
loose she was now, and he moaned as he imagined all the guys she
must have been with. He wasn't surprised that Winnie hadn't been a

Winnie's tears of frustration continued as she felt Elliott thrust in
out. She tried to kick her rapist, but all he did was take her thighs
spread her wider as he went in and out.

Elliott peaked now, his seed shooting deep in the mound of his black
student. He continued to go in and out, convinced that he was doing the
right thing. "You really gave me a ride," he said now. "Too bad I
fuck you before this. I might have married you."

As Winnie sputtered for a reply, she could feel Elliott pull out of her
cunt, and start to work his way up and down her body. Then he came
back up, his manhood in her face. He waved himself at her before he
forced her mouth open. "Noooo-mmmff!" gasped Winnie.

He knew Winnie didn't like to licking his member, especially one who
had been with two other women, as he had. So he took pleasure in now
forcing Winnie to suck him. She couldn't believe what was happening.
Instead of having a quiet night with her friends, Elliott was forcing
her to
lick him.

Mr. Elliott worked his manhood quickly in and out of Winnie's mouth.
Though it had been awhile since he had done this with any females. He
recognized that her mouth was a bit looser. He knew she had done this
with others.

Elliott peaked now, sending a hot wave of his seed down the throat of
his black beauty. Just the thought made him stay where he was, working
his manhood in and out of Winnie's mouth.

"You'll get better my dear," said Elliott. He slapped Winnie as he
down. Before the brunette could cry, she felt Elliott turn her over.
goooodddd!" she screamed. "PLEASE! Noooo!"

Winnie screamed as Elliott, started to thrust in and out of her ass.
The girl's
screams were loud in her small bedroom. Mr. Elliott was enjoying
He wished now he had fucked Winnie's ass a lot more before this. If he
had known her asshole was this good, he would have fucked her sooner.

Mr. Elliott peaked now, forcing Winnie and her still tight ass to milk
him as
his seed went deep. He continued to work himself in and out of Winnie
several moments. Elliott now stood, then headed for the door.

"You better leave!" shrieked Winnie. "I'm calling the police!" He
turned and
looked at the girl. "And tell them what?" he asked. "That I took you
the girls to bed? That I fucked you? So? I'll be ready for breakfast at

Winnie threw a vase. "I'm not up at that time of the morning." she
Winnie screamed as Elliott thrust a finger in both her ass and mound.
"You better be up!" he thundered. "Or instead of just fucking you
myself for
breakfast, I'll let the boys fuck all three of you."

Winnie went silent as she watched the Headmaster leave the room. "Oh,
the way, you girls are on restriction. That way we can continue our fun
games all the time." Mr. Elliott remarked as he left the raped girls

The end.


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