By Wonder Mike

Ryan Malloy was getting desperate. He hadn't had sex in over, well he
couldn't remember how long it had been and that couldn't have been good. At
least he wasn't a virgin like his brother Ross, and his sister. He didn't
inderstand how Tiffany could be happy and be a virgin. It just didn't make
since. Ross was only 12 so Ryan figured he had at least another year before
he had to get laid.

Ross had other plans. He wanted sex and he wanted it now. He tried all the
girls at school but they wouldn't but out. His dad Jack suggested hookers but
Ross didn't have enough money. Jack wouldn't give him any either. Jack had to
buy his own hookers.

Ross hit the High school and then the Jr college, but still no luck. He was
horney as hell and thought his balls would explode. He had to have it now.

He decided to get a girl drunk and have his way with her. He gathered all the
money he had and bought the date rape drug. He put it in a bottle of orange
juice. He woould take a nap to gather his strengh then hit school. He
couldn't wait.

Ross awoke to find Tiffany with an empty glass. He couldn't believe it. He
ran to the refridgerator and saw his worse nightmare. Tiffany had drank his

That bitch. Ross was furious. She wold pay for ruining his one chance at sex.

Tiffany was starting to stagger, the drug was having it's effect. Ross guided
her to her room. He thought I can still have sex and finally I will be the
star of an episode. This was still working out.

Tiffany was wearing a short skirt that barely covered her ass. She had on a
silk shirt that had the top two buttons undone. In other words she was saying
fuck me. Ross knew she was a tease that didn't put out, he would change that.

He helped her up to her bed. He laid her down and she passed out. This was
his chance. He put her on all fours and tied her arms to her bed post. He
then tied her ankles to the other post, sticking her ass in the air.

Ross stared at his creation. If he had second thoughts, the site of that
skinny ass sticking up in the air erased them from his mind.

Ross dropped his pants, stood behind his big sister and slid his cock into
her virgin pussy. It was as great as he imagined, he worked his cock in and
out pushing her forward with every thrust.

He had a strange feeling in his stomache. He then shot a load of sticky
substance into Tiffany. He had his first orgasm. he let out a cheer.

Tiffany was still out cold, she didn't feel a thing. Ross knew he could do
this again and again. It served her right for drinking his orange juice.

Ryan heard Ross in Tiffany's room, he thought they were conspireing against
him. They were always plotting to cut his part in each episode. He burst into
the room and saw Tiffany bound and unconscious with her ass sticking up in
the air and her skirt pulled up. Ross was standing there without any pants.
Ryan had no idea what was going on.

It took him a couple of minutes and the site of Tiffany with her ass in the
air caused his cock to grow. Ross knew if he figured out what wa going on he
would be in big trouble. He already knew he didn't have a future being a
child actor and all, but if Jack found out, he didn't want ot think about it.

There was only one way out of this. He told Ryan to do her. It would relieve
all the tension in his life. It didn't take much to convince him.

Ryan dropped his pants and mounted Tiffany from behind. He slipped his cock
into her pussy from behind and started to give it to her. If there was one
thing the Malloy boys were good at, it was fucking.

Ryan fucked her awake. Tiffany started to gasp for breath. Ryan slammed her
harder and Harder. Tiffany started screaming "Yes" Ross new he had to quiet
her. He stuck his cock in her mouth. Tiffany wrapped her lips around it, she
had sucked guys off before, but no one had ever fucked her. She now new what
she was missing.

Ryan slammed her forward and forced her to deep throat Ross. Ryan shot his
load into her cunt. Ross was cumming into her mouth. She swallowed it all as
always she didn't want to stain her dress. It was just a habit.

Jack heard his pumpkin scream "Yes" it snapped him out of his drunken stuper.
He knew what that sound meant. He grabbed his shotgun and ran up to her room.
He burst in and saw Ross shooting a load into Tiffany's open mouth. It was
too much for him. He turned the shot gun on himself. He would end it all.
They all screamed "No" They new he didn't have life insurance.

Ryan untied Tiffany and she ran over to Jack. She told him it wan't the end
of the world. It was an accident put it would help them become a closer
family, and besides think of the ratings.

Jack but the gun back to his mouth, he didn't have anything to live for
anyway. Tiffany pulled down his pants and began to suck his cock. Jack yelled
"No" but he didn't fight. Tiffany laid him on the floor and Jack's cock
sprang to life. It was twelve inches. She couldn't understand why mom left.

She climbed on top of Jack and sat on his cock. Jack just laid flat, he knew
this was wrong but it felt so good. Tiffany started to ride him faster. Ross
stood in front of her and she began to swallow his cock.

Ryan stood behind her and slipped his cock into her tight ass hole.That was
what Jack needed. He started to thrust up, every time he did he pushed
Ryan's cock deeper into her ass. Tiffany was screaming ro be fucked harder.
The Malloy men did the best they could. Jack knew he couldn't cum inside his
pumpkin. He rolled over butting Tiffany on top of Ryan. He then pulled his
cock out of her and slipped it into her mouth along side of Ross's, he
couldn't believe both cocks fit into her mouth. They came simultaniously and
she didn't spill a drop.

Ryan pulled out of her ass and shot hos load down her willing throat. Then
men were the happiest they had ever been, Ryan and Jack no longer had blue
balls and Ross was thinking of all the money he could make selling Tiffany to
the jr high school.



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