Jack Malloy (Daddy)
Tiffany Malloy (Older Sister)
Ryan Malloy (Oldest Brother)
Ross Malloy (Youngest Brother)
Rabbit (Bunny)

Unhappily Ever After (MF,mbF,inc,ncon,bunny hop)
by Shadow Walker ([email protected])

Tiffany Malloy, a knockout in any language, but at sixteen years of age and
in high school, she was cause of every preteen boy to start puberty, growing
facial hair and having big erections; Tiffany had large breasts for a girl
her age and they were solid, pointing erect and straight out from her chest
like two missiles; since she wore really short skirts, no panties and a tube
top that revealed cleavage all the way down to the edge of her nipples, she
learned that she could control any male. Tiffany always knew what she was
doing, with a plan to find that one who would become successful, she often
tempted the boys in school as she would bend over,allowing the boys to see
it all.

Tiffany's parents were always at each others throats, her father a drunk who
speaks to a Rabbit, her mother a neurotic who tended to live her lost teenage
years through Tiffany, often she would take Tiffany's new boyfriends long
with their virginity, and for free sex they were more than willing to service
her; Tiff didn't really care, she wanted a strong portfolio, and she planned
to keep her virginity until she was married and had half shares in her
husbands investments; but today is a special day that Tiffany wasn't

Half asleep Tiffany laying in bed looking at the ceiling, she started to
remove her top blanket to get up, but the blanket was gone, she thought that
she probably kicked the cover off last night, so Tiffany delayed a minute to
wake a little more, then she turned to sit up on the edge of the bed and
looked at her feet as she searched for her puffy shoes, they were there by
her pants she had taken off before bed, and she also saw her pajamas beside
her shoes; Tiffany just realized that she was sitting naked on her bed; now
she normally never wore a bra or panties, so being naked felt great to her,
but she recalled going to bed dressed in her pajama tops. She had to with her
little brother constantly staring at her breasts, between her legs when she
would sit opposite him and she often forgot to put her hand between her legs
when she seated herself on the couch.

Tiffany thought, "Oh hell, whatever, I'm naked, so why not take a shower."
Tiffany turned to face the shower and came face to face with Ross, her
younger brother of nine years of age and older than his real age, his penis
hard in his hand as he stroked hard and fast as he ogled her naked body, it
was obvious what he wanted to do to her. Tiffany covered her nipples with
her hands (as many girls do, and as many, she didn't cover her pussy.) and
warned him, "You'll go blind doing that!"

"Then teach me how I can fuck you, I know the words and how my penis loves
this, but where do I put it, between your legs or in your butt? The little
girls I get naked with only want me to screw`em in their butts or rub it
between their legs so they won't get pregnant; why? I though babes came by

"You little creep. You can't have sex with me, that would be incest, and you
shouldn`t be screwing those little girls, you could go blind with pussy that

"Pussy? What pussy, where do you keep it? And why not have sex with your
sister? Daddy has sex with mom."

Tiffany stopped cold and thought about what the little twerp had just said,
and he was right, technically.

Stunned for a moment, Tiffany was brought back out of her red headed daze as
she felt a small hand rubbing and poking her pussy; "Hold it you little
pervert! It's not incest for adults!"

That stumped Ross as he couldn't find a counter argument, then he looked at
Tiffany, "I have to give that some thought, but that would mean that Dad
could have sex with you." Out the door he went, cock in hand as he rounded
the corner, disappearing down the hall.

Tiffany was stumped again, then she shuddered at the thought of her Dad
fucking her, then she smiled as she dreamed of two big business men fucking
her, she had a smile on her face and proud of her thought as she stretched
her body up and twisted in place in celebration, fantasizing that the two
businessmen had cocks that looked like rolled up thousand dollar bills as
they shoved them into her cunt, she could feel the money, smell the money as
they were thrusting in and out of her cunt fantasy, then she looked down from
the ceiling that she was staring at and saw Ryan standing in the doorway, his
cock in his hand as he stroked, looking at her naked body and commented,
"You're better than a centerfold Tiff! Could you lend me your snatch, it`ll
do us both good."

"Get out of my room you pervert! I`m a virgin and I`m staying that way until
I find a guy that`s got a large enough cock, ah, portfolio to make my legs
spread wide for his futures" screamed Tiffany as she stomped her foot and
pointed with her finger toward the door, the shock of her foot made her tits
bounce and shake as Ryan stroked a couple more times and then shot off his
load into Tiffany's room.

Ryan shut the door as Tiffany watched in discuss, her lips curled, then
walked over to the door and locked it, then she turned towards her bathroom
as she stepped onto Ryan's sperm deposit on the floor, "Dammit! Now not only
is my room going to smell like I've been fucking someone in here, I've got
my brother's sperm on my foot."

Tiffany grabbed a tissue, got down on her knees, her cute ass towards the
door and her tits hanging free and giggling as she wiped up her brother's
sperm, getting some on her hand as she tossed the tissue into the waste
basket, "Shit! Can't I get rid of that little pervert!" Tiffany started to
wipe off the sperm on another tissue, then stopped, looked at the thick
liquid, thought a minute, thinking to herself, "The girls tell me that sperm
from their boy friends taste sweet, some others tell me it's salty. I wonder
what it really taste like." Tiffany made a face as she put her tongue to her
brother's sperm, and tasted the sample, and to her delightful surprise it
was sweet with a little tang of salt, she then licked her hand clean and
swallowed, thinking of what she had done, then smiled and noted, "I just had
sex with Ryan; no! President Clinton said blowing a guy off isn't sex, and if
t isn't sex, then I would still be a virgin if I blew a guy off." Tiffany's
face immediately wrinkled as her body shivered, realizing she had licked
Ryan's sperm. Tiffany strutted to her shower and entered the stall after
adjusting the temperature and soaped up, "Got'a wash his perverted sperm
off." Tiffany braced the soft sponge in her right hand, her favorite sponge,
as she strokes it between her legs, her thoughts drifting to someone else
that is in her shower with her, a man from a dream she was in when her father
envisioned her getting bedded.

Meanwhile, down in the basement

Downstairs in the basement, Jack Malloy sits drinking a beer with Bunny, who
was busy taking the clothes off of the Drew Barrymore doll, with plans to
ravish the doll later. "Bunny! you really like Drew, what would you do if you
had the real Drew Barrymore here, right now, naked and hot?"

"Well! You wouldn't be here and Drew's legs would be busy in the air as this
hare warms her tush."

"Wow' ah, mister Bunny, is that what you intend to do to your doll?" Malloy
drinks from his beer as the Bunny rips the remaining clothing from the Drew

"Jack! If I had any girl down here, and I was still active in the absence
of your subconscious, then I would strip her naked and fuck her blind." Bunny
stretches his nose upward, "I smell sperm, Jack! Are you fucking Tiffany? I
know I would and I would keep doing it until she pregs out, and I`m your

* * *

Dressed in her backless short red dress that had a scooping top that cradled
her nipples, allowing anyone lucky enough to look down her top as she bends
to sit, they would get to see her entire breasts, nipples and down between
them to her belly button; and if the guy was really lucky, Tiffany would slip
up and not cover her crotch with her hand, leaving a him an eye full of pure
ecstasy before she finished crossing her legs, and beautiful legs they are.

Tiffany walks down the hallway to the Library, followed by the lustful eyes
of many guys who watch or follow her, there is no sight as wonder-full as
her full solid ass as it twists behind her, her tight skirt forming snuggly
and settling into her butt crack that form a perfect vertical line up her

Tiffany stops to chat with Kelly, a Blond with a knockout figure as well,
and a girl that Ryan is making every effort to get undressed and fucked
before the end of the semester. As Tiffany is totally into speaking with
Kelly, Ryan comes up to stand beside his sister, but he was ignored by both
girls; so with a long hook and stick, Ryan lifted the back of Tiffany's
skirt until her ass is bare for all to see, and then Ryan used his little
tool to hook the cloth to the upper waist so that Tiffany's butt would
remain naked and bare from the rear; then Ryan moves to stand beside Kelly,
smiling broadly, but both girls continued to ignore his presence; Ryan does
the same to Kelly's skirt and loops the skirt to the upper waist. Ryan
finishes securing Kelly's skirt as he peeks behind to inspect his work, and
is shocked to see that Kelly has a bright red string panty that is eaten in
her butt crack and riding inside her clit lips.

Ryan walks over to the couch in the library so that he could watch his
sister and Kelly as they continued to talk. The guys in the library, once
they spotted the two gorgeous females and their butts, stared in lust, some
drooling. The guys get horny and have to sit down, or they cover their
ragging hard-ons with their books as the two continued to converse.

Once finished, Tiffany walked over to sit beside her brother, her skirt still
up over her butt. Kelly noted Tiffany's butt and the skirt being caught as it
was, but she didn't tell Tiffany, she thought it hilarious as she turned to
leave the library for her class; Tiffany turned around and waived to her,
then sits beside Ryan and comments as she crosses her legs, "Did you see
Kelly's skirt? She must have caught it in the restroom."

"Why didn't you tell her Tiff? She could become the laughing stalk of the
entire school."

"No, she'll learn her lesson and she'll be more careful the next time."
reasoned Tiffany as she squirmed slightly on the sofa pillow, "Strange, they
must have cleaned the couch, it feels different."

Ryan reaches over and pulls Tiffany's skirt up and back, revealing a good
look at her legs and snatch as he held her skirt up. "No Tiff, looks the
same to me, it just looks as great as it always has."

Tiffany knocks the skirt from Ryan's hand as she covers her legs with the
skirt flattened out. "You might get a peek once in a while Ryan, but you'll
never park your little Volkswagen inside my garage, no matter how good your
oil tastes."


"Waste! I said waste, you'd always leave waste when you park your car."
Tiffany moves to change the subject, "Look Ryan, it isn't that I don't love
you as my brother, I don't, it's just that ... (Tiffany drops her hand to
Ryan's right leg and grips his hard penis that has been hardening from
watching and looking at Kelly's and Tiffany's butts, and then to see
Tiffany's pussy and inner thighs, he got a ragging hardon and Tiffany was
wrapping her tight grip around his cock as she rubs it and his leg) ...
you'll never put this cock in my snatch, ... ever." Tiffany saw Ryan
grinning as she then felt his hand beneath her skirt down between her legs,
rubbing her inner thigh and pussy, she was getting hot, wet and horny; she
let go as she thought to herself, "DAM! Ryan has a big cock and I want him,
I want to fuck and suck his cock and balls." Tiffany then felt Ryan blow
his load into her hand, she became immediately disgusted, Tiffany quickly
released her grip as she got up, all flustered from the experience, and
walks from the study center, still with the skirt up, her butt shinning in
full moon glory.

A moment passes just as the quiet before a storm, then Ryan heard his sister
yell his name, "RYAN!!! I am going to kill you!" Ryan leaps for his life as
he pole-vaults over the couch and made it to the stairs to the exit as
Tiffany enters the library study center with a baseball bat in hand, seeing
Ryan she gives chase after him, her skirt now down; closely behind her is
Kelly, following also with a baseball bat, "I want his balls!".

An evening at the Malloys

Jack is sitting in the middle of the couch with the Bunny at one end, and
Tiffany sitting next to her Daddy and cuddling against his shoulder as they
hug, "Daddy, Ryan clipped my dress up and showed the school my butt; I've
never been so embarrassed in all my life."

"That's all right honey, I imagine it was a wonderful sight to behold."

"Daddy! I want to entice, not flaunt; Ryan should be punished."

Jack looked down as he squeezed his daughter, her dress top opened as her
tits squished together and Jack got horny as he saw everything down to
Tiffany's belly button, she was warm in his arm and it didn't take much to
imagine pulling dress off and mounting her on the couch, and fucking her
all night long."

Tiffany nuzzles in close to her father, her body soft and nice, "Oh Daddy,
I love you, I love you sooo ... much ..; today has been a mad house and I
am pooped! Please, pleeaasse punish Ryan."

Jack looked at his daughter and noted, "Poor Tiff, she must be really tired
to fall asleep on this old couch.." Jack then reached down and pulled the
tie around her waist until her dress opened up and fell open slightly, he
saw her left breast and nipple, and then he moved her dress further apart,
exposing her entire left side, breast and leg, her pussy with red cover
hair smelled sweet as he comments to Tiffany, "Oops, Honey, you're dress
fell open. ... here! allow me to close it for you. ..." Jack reached down
and ran his hand along her inner thigh and up to her hot snatch, ..." Oops,
I slipped and toughed your pussy, please forgive me honey, I feel that you
must have a fever, let me check that, " Jack ran his hand between her legs
as he felt her up and placed his finger inside her velvet covered red
haired snatch, "Does that feel better, I'll rub it again and make it better."

Tiffany began moaning in response to his fingers, she was getting hotter
and wet between her legs.

Bunny came to life as he sniffed the smell of Tiffany's pussy juices, he
watched as Jack made his move.

Jack leans Tiffany over against the back of the couch, opening her legs
wide, stood there a moment as he studied every line and fold of his
daughter's body, then he dropped his pants and removed the rest of his
clothing, crawled onto her body and as he pressed his body against her,
enjoying the soft hot flesh of Tiffany's breasts and tummy, then he
inserted his now hard cock into her pussy, and discovered that she is a
virgin, "Oh Tiff, how sweet." Jack found she is one hot bitch as he thrust
hard, breaking her hymen; with a fever, hot and fast, then pumping his cock
in long steady strokes, and in the next minute he sprayed his load, then
over the next fifteen minutes, he had cum in her five times. Now as he
continued to lick her tits and suck her nipples, he thrust into her again
and again, squishing out oozes of sperm as he continues to spurt more
deposits inside her pussy.

Finally Jack is exhausted as pulls his penis out of his daughter,
straightened her dress up so that she would think everything is okay and
just a dream.

Jack quickly retreats back up stairs to the living room where the beer is
as the Bunny watches and waits, waits until Jack has shut the door, then he
made his move as he hops over to Tiffany and pulls her dress up and out of
the way as his little eyes bugged out at the sight of her beautiful beaver,
thinking to himself with a tear in his eye, "Who would have thought, I`m in
love with a beaver", then Bunny reached up and pulls the top of her dress
down and watches as her breasts spill out towards him. His eyes widen as
his little penis grows enormous as he begins to work, "Come here little
kitty! Here pussy, pussy, pussy." At that note Bunny was in as he shoved
his cock into Tiffany and started humping her with his whole body.

Bunny's cock grows to twelve inches as he slams her rapidly in Bunny style,
a steady pounding sound of wet squishy echo throughout the basement; the
bunny would stop on occasion after shooting his load, climbing up Tiffany's
dress to grab a tit and bite the nipple, licking her and squeezing until he
got hard again, then he would drop back down between her legs, lick her
pussy and then shove his newly resurrected cock back into her and start
fucking her again, even harder and faster.

Finally exhausted the Bunny fell back onto the couch, he looked at Tiffany
with her dress down and her slobber covered nipples, her dress up over her
hips and her nice ruby cunt. Suddenly Bunny's smile turned to fear as he
heard someone coming down the stairs, he fell back into his stuffed slumber
as Ryan and Ross clambered down the stairs.

Ross immediate saw Tiffany from her back, her head leaned back in she
sleep; "Of Tiff!, I didn't know you were down here, did you see my baseball
bat? Since you like using baseball bats, that you might know where mine is."

Tiffany remains in her sleep as the two brothers walk around the couch to
see their sister, her skit up and her top down.

"Quick, tell me Ryan, where's the pussy?" stammered Ross as the younger
brother immediately dropped his pants, slid his shorts off and grabbed his
penis and started stroking.

Ryan grabs Ross and shakes him as the little brother continues to stroke
and then shoots his load, spraying in a circle as Ryan jerks him around,
"Not until I get my piece, I'm older, therefore I am first in."

"Looks to me Ryan, somebody beat you to it; I just want to know is where is

Ryan lets Ross go as the little pervert continues to jerk himself into a
frenzy, "Com'on Ryan, she's big enough for two, just tell me where!"

Ryan quickly removes his clothes, then, standing naked with his penis at
full cock ready, points to Ross and instructs him, "Watch and learn little
bit, watch where I shove mine, that's the snatch!"

"But where's the pussy? And from what I see, I'm not the little bit."

"Shut up you twerp, now get over here and do what I say." orders Ryan as he
steps in between Tiffany's legs. "Now! pull her up by her arms, that will
straighten her up more."

Ross, now naked, leans from behind the couch and takes Tiffany by her arms
and pulls her back up the couch as Ryan spreads her legs, then grips
Tiffany's butt and pulls her snatch closer to himself, then he shoves his
cock into her pussy lips, fingering her clitoris as he shoves his seven
inch cock deep into her snatch.

"So that's where it is! That's the pussy? The snatch, the old love tunnel."

"Shut up Ross, so you know the words, you don't know the fun yet." yells
Ryan as he starts thrusting his cock into Tiffany's tight snatch, a much
tighter pussy than he had imagined as he strains on each thrust into her;
grinding his hips hard into her cunt, feeling her muscles tighten about his
cock like a hard hot burning glove as it grips his cock with each pump, the
flesh burns into him as he pushes faster in long deep strokes.

As Ryan continues to fuck hard into Tiffany, Ross finished disrobing Tiffany,
leaving her naked as he throws the dress off to one side, then he returned to
grab her tits and begins mushing and fondling them together, bending over and
licking her nipples, as his penis hardens and rubs against the back of the
couch, he starts humping the couch as he licks his sister's nipples; then he
got an idea. Ross watches Ryan driving his cock into Tiffany's cunt, his
shaft disappearing beneath the bright red pubic hair between legs, then he
notices Tiffany's mouth.

Ross crawls onto the back of the couch, straddling it like a saddle, his
penis pointing at Tiffany's face, then as Ryan watches as he continues to
pump his sister; Ross shoves his penis into Tiffany's mouth.

"I hope she doesn't bite." noted Ryan as he makes a couple quick thrusts.

Ross ignores Ryan's warning as he starts pushing his penis in as far as it
will reach, his balls slam against her mouth as he feels his penis head
bend and go down Tiffany's throat; he then got a strange sensation as he
felt Tiffany's tongue wrap itself around along his entire shaft as it
tickled his cock, her throat tightens around his cock head as he starts
pumping his shaft in and out along her throat and tongue.

Ryan could feel Tiffany getting hotter as he can no longer hold back from
cumming, he thrust all the way into her, holding and straining not to blow
as he knew it would finish him, then he felt Tiffany's body jerk, shake and
quiver as she has an orgasm, "Damn you Tiff!" Ryan exploded his load into
Tiffany as he felt her cum all over his balls; he started thrusting and
grinding, fighting to hold onto his horniness, then he felt himself unleash
another load into her, then he collapsed, his cock slipped out as he rolled
off of the couch and onto the floor exhausted.

Ross felt Tiffany sucking his cock, then a strange sensation as his balls
tightened and then a huge load of sperm shot out his dick and down Tiffany's
throat. Tiffany continued sucking him dry as he pulls his penis out from her
lips and slides down the couch to his other target, Tiffany's pussy.

Moments passed, then Ryan became aware that he was sound asleep, then he
felt the cold basement floor freezing his ass as he sit up, his eyes cleared
as he stared at a moving image of flesh; Ryan's vision became sharp and clear
as he recognized Ross, buck naked on top of Tiffany who was laying flat of
her back and out cold, laying on the couch, her head on the bunny as though
it was a pillow as Ross was well planted between her legs, slamming his
pelvis into her crotch, his eight inch penis had jumped puberty as he
continues slamming it into his sister's pussy; and with his hand occasionally
flying up in the air like a rodeo rider, screaming at the top of his voice,
"Yahoo! I've found the pussy and I'm ride'n cunt."

Ryan stood up and stared at the Ross ride of the minute, then he noticed
that Tiffany was beginning to move in her sleep; he quickly grabbed Ross and
pulled him and his penis from Tiffany as Ross protested, "I'm not finished
yet, I've only cum ten times."

"Get your clothes little pervert, Tiffany is waking up." warned Ryan as he
sit Ross down to gather his clothing, as he himself grabbed his pants, taking
no time to dress, the brothers Malloy ran naked up the stairs.

Tiffany is dreaming of a business man with a huge portfolio, he signs their
marriage agreement, and as Tiffany signs the agreement to her ownership of
half Texas Oil, the businessman yanks her dress down, her breasts popping
free from the low cut top, and as he continued to pull, the dress is forced
down over her pantiless hips. As Tiffany signs the last line she feels his
hands grab her tits and his huge cock as it slams into her pussy, bursting
her hymen in one thrust as she grabs the edge of the desk and braces for his

Tiffany feels each thrust, enjoying the huge cock filling her love tunnel;
she braces, she strains, she grimaces as the huge cock slams hard, making
her pay for each of the shares she has gained, but now she is earning every
bit as she is merciless ravaged of her virginity. Tiffany feels an orgasm
burning inside her as she glances back over her shoulder at the naked

Tiffany startles from her sleep, she's sweat covered, her breasts are
covered in slobber, her nipples erect and hard, her legs are spread wide
as though she was just having ravishing mad sex. Tiffany looks around, sits
up to discover that she is in her bed, her clothes are on the floor next to
her bunny shoes, her bed covers are all thrown about. Tiffany feels between
her legs, her fingers dance through her clitoris to discover that she is
wet and dripping with a carrot rammed into her snatch; she pulls the sperm
covered vegetable out, smells it, then tosses it to the waste basket,
thinking to herself, "Must be a reaction to tasting Ryan`s sperm.". She curls
her legs up and buries her face with her hands around her knees as she
ponders the mystery.

Outside her door stands Jack, he grins broadly as he slaps a high sign of
victory to a big rabbit standing next to him, then, arm in arm, they both
walk down the hall towards the stairs and the basement.



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