The Taming of Tiffany Malloy
Really Unhappily Ever After
by Invisible Man

This is my first attempt at a story. Please let me know what you think, and
part two should be coming soon, if I can come up with any ideas....

T-dog and his homie were bored. They'd just finished off the last of
the St. Ides and smoked all their chronic, but couldn't find any freaks.
Man, thought T-dog, I sure would like to get me some ass tonight. T-dog
looked himself up and down in the mirror. "Yeah, you one fly brother. Tall,
chocolate brown, ripped, you da bomb!", he said to himself. He kicked Crazy
Jamal, who was in a haze on the floor. "Get up, fool. Let's go get us a
white bitch." Jamal, of course, was more than willing. They grabbed their
bag of Roofies and their Glocks, and headed toward the '64 Impala parked

Tiffany, as usual, was at the mall. She never really bought anything,
since her dad made a laughable living selling used cars. She really only
went to tease all the men with her long thin legs and massive, unbelievably
firm breasts, which she managed to squeeze into sweaters two sizes too
small! "I love having every eye in the place on me, and knowing none of
these losers can ever have me!", Tiffany thought evilly to herself. She
fully intended to save herself for marriage, preferably to some old man with
a huge bank account! Glancing at her watch, she noticed it was 4:30, time to
get home and tease Dad and Ryan with her fantastic body.

"Yo, T-dog. Where we gonna find dis bitch?" It was Jamal, stoned and
impatient. "Where you think, fool? The fuckin' mall", barked T-dog, his buzz
still hitting him pretty hard. Where the fuck else would hot white bitches
be, he thought. He looked up ahead----bingo! The Pacific Mall. That was
where all the rich white chicks went. T-dog remembered this from the time he
spent as a janitor, before he started slinging rock. Those white sluts
always treated me like I was dirt, he thought, now I'm gonna have my
revenge. "Turn right up here, Jamal. The mall". T-dog had a plan.

Tiffany walked to her car, regretting her choice of four-inch stilletto
heels quite a bit. They forced her into such a posture as to make her ass
stick out invitingly. Of course, her choice of a micro-mini skirt with a
slit up the right side and skintight sweater with scooping neckline didn't
make her feel any more secure, either. Dammit, I wish I hadn't come alone
today, she thought. Up ahead her car was waiting. Ah, she thought, safety.
Tiffany unlocked the door, and eagerly hopped in, closing and locking the
door behind her. She inserted the key into the ignition, turned it
clockwise, and nothing happened. Not even an R-R-R-R-R. Just silence.
"Damn.", she seethed through her full red lips. "The battery must be dead.
Well, I guess I'd better wait here for help.", she said hopefully.

TAP-TAP-TAP! "You having car trouble?" Startled, Tiffany glanced to
her left. "Hey you need some help?", the stranger at her window said. It was
a tall black man--T-dog, in fact. Tiffany hesitated. This guy looks pretty
rough, she thought, but I really need some help. "Hey, pop the hood and I'll
take a look", he said. Tiffany did so, hoping that he could somehow repair
her crippled ride and get her on her way. T-dog, of course, had different
plans. He immediately removed the coil wire from her distributor, crippling
the car for good. He went back to the window. "Your starter is broken. You
need a ride?", he said, trying to sound as non-threatening as possible,
despite the raging hard-on in his jeans. Tiffany politely declined the
offer, not being a moron, after all. She only had a minute to ponder her
situation before her passenger side window shattered and a large black gun
was pointed at her head. It was Crazy Jamal. "Get out the fuckin car, bitch!
Now!", he screamed. Tears began to stream down Tiffany's face. "Please, take
my money, take my purse! I have jewelry!", she cried, still not budging from
the car. T-dog appeared at Tiffany's window, his own Glock pointed at her.
"You best be doing what the fuck my homeboy says, ho'. Get yo' white ass out
the car, NOW!". he said. As if to punctuate his statement, he cycled the
slide on his gun, which made an ominous slack-slack sound. Tiffany decided
that she had better do what these guys said. Maybe they just want to scare
me a little, she thought, as she unlocked the door and stepped out.

Crazy Jamal was waiting for her, gun drawn. "We don't want your
money, baby. We want yo' ass!", he said, as he ran his large black hand up
her skirt, caressing her firm ass.She had saved her virginity for 18 years,
turning down many rich young white guys, and the thought of this gang-banger
putting his hands on her made her retch. She struggled and tried to scream,
but found her mouth filled with the barrel of T-dog's gun. "Shut yo' mouth,
rich bitch. We gon' put more than our hands on yo' ass. Jamal, hold dis
bitch here while I get the ride." he said, as Jamal nodded in agreement, his
hand still on her ass, his other hand holding the gun which was screwed
painfully into her side. Moments later, the Impala pulled up and Tiffany was
roughly tossed into the back seat. The ride to their destination was hell
for Tiffany. Jamal never removed his hands from her, constantly caressing
her ass and breasts with the fascination of a young boy with a new toy.
Tiffany was in tears from Jamal's constant mauling of her flesh, which only
seemed to excite him more. "Damn you are one fine bitch! You ever fuck a
brother?", Jamal asked. Tiffany could only shake her head in response, as
her body was racked with sobs, "T-dog, we there yet? This bitch is really
turning me on", grunted Jamal. T-Dog knew Jamal got off on women's crying,
but he couldn't afford to have Jamal rape her while they were in traffic.
"Feed her a couple of those Roofies, that'll calm her ass down", he
commanded. Jamal obeyed, grabbing Tiffany by her jaw, forcing her mouth open
and jamming three Roofies in , then forcing her to swallow by stroking her
throat much as one would do in order to give medicine to a family pet. The
pills took a few minutes to take effect, but before long Tiffany was asleep,
unaware of the torment yet to come.

The Impala pulled into an abandoned warehouse Jamal and
T-Dog's gang used as a hangout.As a matter of fact, a dozen of his homies
were sitting around drinking and smoking weed tonight. T-Dog could see that
they were not going to be alone with the bitch tonight Oh well, he thought,
it don't matter to me if this bitch gets fucked by two of us or fourteen of
us, I'm gonna fuck her. He and Jamal got out of the car, with Tiffany over
Jamal's shoulder, her skirt riding up enough to reveal her plaid thong and
her well tanned skin, which was uncommon for a redhead. As the three of
them entered the warehouse Jamal was greeted by Big Rufus. Rufus was the
craziest one in the gang, with a habit of raping white women exclusively.
His jaw dropped at the sight of the unconscious Tiffany. "Holy shit, Jamal
brought us a gift! You shouldn't have!" he said sarcastically, the bulge in
his pants painfully obvious. T-Dog told everyone in the gang that they would
have a turn, but he wanted to wait till she woke up, assuring them that it
would be more fun that way. Jamal stripped Tiffany naked and used a length
of rope to suspend her by her wrists from the exposed rafter so that her
feet just barely touched the cold concrete floor. The sight of this
unconscious beauty was too much for Jamal, though. He spread her legs and
fingered her pussy, amazed at the sparseness of her red pubic hair. T-Dog
and the rest were busy drinking so Jamal decided to get the first shot at
this one. He unzipped his pants and rammed his huge black cock into the
waiting hole, grimacing against the initial tightness. Tiffany was the most
beautiful piece of ass Jamal had ever had, and he intended to enjoy every
minute. Jamal pounded his huge black tool into the unconscious virgin,
feeling her hymen rip against the huge ebony invader. Jamal was only able to
sustain his pace for a few minutes before letting his seed flood into
Tiffany's unprotected womb. He made a modest attempt to clean her up, then
rejoined his homies.....

End of part one.....
Let me know your comments on this one, my email address is [email protected]


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