Disclaimer: The Twilight Zone belongs to CBS Television and Cayuga
Productions. This story is not-for-profit but I own it.

Date: 02/10/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, graphic violence, voyurism, male/female sex,
male solo sex, female solo sex, female/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Elizabeth Berkley -- Danielle
Gina Gershon -- Rachel Spade
David Spade -- Doctor Gary Bonaduce
Dustin Diamond -- David Wheaton

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Summary: A depressed cancer-stricken man returns home with an old lamp that
he finds on a beach, only to have him discover what is really inside of it.

Other Notes: This story is based on the picture of the same name by an artist
named Jack Henslee.

Dedications: None so far.

Twilight Zone: Three Wishes
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and
sound but of mind. A journey into a wonderous land whose boundaries are that
of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead -- your next stop, The Twilight

* * *

It was at percisely 3:50 PM on the afternoon of July 17th within the City of
Chicago, Illinois that a young man with curly black hair whose name happens
to be David Wheaton had just returned the one apartment complex that he was
calling home with the image of pure puppy-dog sadness on her face and his
jacket rolled-up and in his hands just in time for a beautiful raven-haired
babe known as Rachel Spade to walk herself up to David, look at him with
concern in her eyes and ask, "What's wrong, David? Didn't you appointment
with Gary go well today?"

And after he had let out a sigh, lifted up his head and answered, "Not
really, Rachel. You see, as soon as he had ran those tests on me and had me
wait in his examination room for about a few minutes, Gary had walked back
into the room, slowly shook his head and told me that I somehow have this
rare strain of cancer and that if I have any last minute loose ends to take
care of, I should do so as soon as possible. After that, I was still shaken
up that I had decided to go take a little walk along the beach in order to
clear my head but in doing so, I had suddenly found this on the ground."

And then, after he had opened up his jacket and allowed his downstairs
neighbor to gaze her eyes upon a truly beautiful golden aincent oil lamp
with three small emeralds on its handle and a large ruby on its top, a
surprised Rachel had let out a small whistle and said, "That really is
beautiful, David. You could maybe sell it and use the money from the sale
to pay for your cancer operation," only to have her poor cancer-stricken
friend take a look at the lamp that was still in his hands, let out a sigh
and said, "I guess so, Rachel. But I really don't know about that. I just
need to be alone to think it over right now, Okay?"

Then, after she had placed her gentle hand on her poor friend's shoulder and
nodded her head in response to his question, David had walked past Rachel and
up the stairs to his apartment door, which he had unlocked and opened before
he had walked himself into his personal residence and placed the lamp on the
kitchen table before he had sat himself down in front of the lamp, took a
deep breath and said to the lamp, "Well, my little golden friend. What shall
I do with you? Shall I sell you to for some quick cash or what?"

But that was before he had suddenly noticed a little smudge on the base of
the lamp, which had caused him to pick up a paper towel and start rubbing the
smudge off of the lamp's base, only to have it start moving right in front of
him and causing a shocked David to get himself off his chair and take three
steps away from the lamp just in time for him to discover a stream of purple
smoke coming out of that lamp, moving itself off the table and down to the
floor and transforming itself into a young and beautiful blonde babe in an
Arabian-Knights-type costume, who had kneeled herself down to the floor,
placed her hands together, bowed her head down and said, "You have freed me,
Kind Sir. And in doing so, I shall thank you by granting you three wishes.
So, Master? May I ask what is your heart's desire?"

* * *

Placed within a temporary state of shock and confusion, a certain cancer
victim known as Mister David Wheaton, whose own sad-puppy-dog-like appearence
has allowed him to make for himself a good amount of friends who are also
unable to figure out how to cure poor David of the disease before it is too

But that might be before he had discovered a golden magic lamp on a beach
and also, that it contains a beautiful blonde genie inside of it, who --
unknowing to David -- is going to have him teleported into a really special
hospital within a particular metropolis known as The Twilight Zone.

* * *

And then, after she had discovered that she had recieved no answer from the
poor guy, the beautiful blonde genie had gotten herself back up to her feet,
placed her hands on her hips, looked at David with the gaze of an upset babe
in her eyes and said, "Hey, Shit-head! What the fucking hell is the matter
with you? Are you deaf or something? I had just asked you what your three
wishes are! So, are you finally going to tell me or what?"

That had caused a curious David to cross his arms in front of the blonde
genie and said, "Before I tell you what my three wishes are, let me just ask
you one thing. Since when are genies suppossed to be real and they have the
mouths of some guy driving a big semi truck?" which -- in turn -- had caused
her to roll her eyes, take a deep breath and answer, "Look, Dumbass! I may
have no choice but to be trapped inside that little piece of shit over ten
thousand years but I'm not dead! Okay, I think I know how we could make this
better for the both of us. All you have to do is tell me your name."

"Well, if that's how you want it to happen. My name is David Wheaton. This is
my home within the City of Chicago, Illinois and I had just found out from my
dear good friend known as Doctor Gary Bonaduce that I am about to die from a
rare strain of cancer and there is nothing that anybody could do about it!
So, my dear little Miss Genie! If you still want to know what my three wishes
are, then my first wish would be to have myself cured of that fucking cancer
once and for all!" that was what a saddened David had said to the blonde
genie just before she had moved herself closer to her newfound master, placed
her hand on his chest and said, "Okay, Master. Your first wish shall indeed
be granted... right now."

But just as he was about to ask her what was she talking about, the blonde
genie had closed her eyes, took a deep breath three times and shoved David
really hard into a wall, causing him to drop down to the floor, place his
hand on his back and let out a scream of pure pain before he had turned his
angry eyes toward the blonde genie and yelled, "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL WAS

"Oh, just do yourself a favor and get back up! In case you haven't noticed,
I had just granted your first wish and cured you of your cancer forever! And
if you still don't believe me, then go see that friend of yours and he'll
confirm it! He is a doctor, after all!" that was the answer that the blonde
genie had given David just before he had decided to do exactly what she had
suggested, put on his jacket and go right over to Gary's office, where he had
slammed his hands on the receptionist's desk and said to her, "Look, I know
that Doctor Bonaduce had already seen me but I really must insist on having
him see me again. So, could you just tell him that, please?"

Just then, after he had performed the same series of tests on David and
discovered that his good friend really was completely cured of the cancer, a
confused Gary had walked back into his examination room, looked at David
straight in the eye and said, "I don't believe it. I really don't believe it.
The cancer is really gone. But I don't understand. How the fucking hell... I
mean, when I had examined you the last time...!"

"Trust me, Gary. If I were to try to explain the whole thing to you, you
would still be unable to believe me," that was the answer that a
small-smiling David had given a still-confused Gary before the former
cancer-stricken man had given his good buddy a friendly handshake, thanked
him for his time and left Gary's office to go back to the apartment complex
with a really big smile on his face.

And as soon as he had returned to his place of residence and the blonde genie
had looked at her newfound master with her arms crossed in front of him and
said, "Well, David. Now that you had finally gotten that out of the way,
what's your second wish?" a small-smiling David had placed his gentle hand on
the blonde genie's shoulder and answered, "For my second wish, I would like
my downstairs neighbor, a beautiful dark-haired lady named Rachel Spade to be
up here for me to tell her the great news."

And after she had given that idea some thought, shrugged her shoulders and
figured why the hell not, the blonde genie had closed her eyes, clapped her
hands three times and caused her master's downstairs neighbor to appear right
in front of them, only to have a confused Rachel look at David and ask,
"David, how the fucking hell did I get up here? Who is the blonde next to
you? And what's with the grin on your face?"

"Well, Rachel. As for the look on my face, I know that this might sound like
something out some extremely cheap fantasy novel but thanks to this beautiful
blonde genie, I am finally cured of my cancer forever and if you were to ask
me, I do believe that now is a perfect time for us to celebrate. Am I right?"
that was the question that a very happy David had asked the blonde genie, who
had answered, "You've got that right, David," clapped her hands three more
times and caused the TV set to be turned on and tuned to the VH-1 Classic
digital cable channel just in time for them to start hearing the hit Motley
Crue tune entitled 'Girls, Girls, Girls'.

And as soon as David had moved himself closer to Rachel and asked, "So,
Rachel? Do you want to dance?" only to have her look at with a small smile on
her lips, place her hands on his back and answer, "You know something, David.
I really don't feel like dancing right now. Don't you agree?" which -- in
turn -- had caused the both of them to look and smile at each other for about
a minute or two and kiss each other ever so passionately on the lips before
they had stripped off all of their clothes and David had started licking all
over Rachel's nude body -- all the way down to her hot and steamy cunt,
carressing her firm breasts with one hand and stroking his stiff cock with
the other hand.

And then, after that very scene had caused the blonde genie to take all of
her clothes off and start pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot,
wet pussy and carress her own tits with the other hand, Rachel had placed
her hands on David's bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's
it! Do it, David! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"
before the blonde genie had moved herself closer to the two newfound lovers,
placed one of her hands on his bare back and the other hand on Rachel's bare
shoulder and began sucking on her stiff mounds, causing the blonde genie to
suddenly realize that she was finally able to experience the one thing that
she had never been able to experience in ten thousand years, which happens to
be known as pure sexual pleasure and she was enjoying every minute of it.

Of course, that was before David had placed his stone hard dick inside the
blonde genie's hot, moist snatch and began licking on Rachel's pussy and his
beautiful downstairs neighbor has placed her hands on the mystical maiden's
silky-smooth naked thighs and began sucking on her tits, causing the
sexually-energized blonde genie to place her hands on Rachel's bare back and
yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, DAVID! DO IT,

And after the three newfound bi-sexual lovers had started moving themselves
harder and faster and their lovemaking has finally found its own magic lamp
on a beach, David, Rachel and the blonde genie had came and collapsed due to
exhaustion and fell asleep with their naked arms in a lover's embrace, while
everyone else within the City of Chicago had kept on doing their normal daily

Just then, after the three newfound bi-sexual lovers had sat themselves down
on the living room sofa, looked at the outside scene through the living room
window and gazed their eyes upon the most beautiful sunset that they had ever
seen before, the blonde genie had placed her gentle hand on David's bare
shoulder and asked, "Well, David? What's your third and final wish?" only to
have him give the blonde genie a small kiss on her bare shoulder and answer,
"For you not to go back inside that lamp forever."

And as soon as she had realized that she has been released from her immortal
imprisonment once and for all, the blonde genie had placed her gentle hand on
David's cheek and softly said, "Thank you," and placed her head on his bare
chest before a small-smiling Rachel had also placed her hand on the blonde
genie's bare arm and asked, "Say, David? What do you think of naming our
newfound friend here 'Danielle'? I mean, she really does look like a
'Danielle' to me. Don't you agree?"

* * *

We shall now leave the home of one Mister David Wheaton and his newfound
roommate, a beautiful blonde maiden named Danielle to live happily ever after
and live out a bright and wonderful future for themselves for it is true love
that they had just found for themselves... even if it had taken one of them
ten thousand years to find it.

This wonderful little romantic tale has come to you from that one apartment
complex deep within the heart of The Twilight Zone.



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