Debbie Hartford -- Donna Reed
Vince Hartford -- Lee Marvin
Nancy Hartford -- Eve Plum

The Twlight Zone: The Doll House (MF,Ff)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

This is HayField, a small town in middle America. But a package is about to
arrive from out of town. It comes from The Twlight Zone.

Nancy Hartford sat in the chair with much anticipation, for her birthday was
today and she hoped her mother did get her the present. While Nancy was in
town, she saw the clipping in the town's paper and she begged her folks to
get it for her. Debbie knew it would make her very happy, so she did her
best to get her husband to buy it. She even used sex and would even suck his
cock, though she thought it was disgusting. She even let him fuck her ass.

As they laid in bed that night, Vince told Debbie to do a strip show for him.
Debbie danced for him. Vince rubbed his cock watching her bend over, raise
her dress and see her firm ass. "Put your panties in your ass crack."

Debbie felt like a whore, but she did as she was asked. Vince truly loved his
wife. His cock was rock hard. Debbie, now naked, knelt and took his cock in
her mouth. Her spit covered his cock and she even licked his balls. Her
fingers rubbed her pussy while she fingered herself. "Please, fuck me," she

She laid back on the floor with her legs open. She opened her wet pussy. The
juice ran out downthe crack of her ass. Soon the bed creaking and she was
moaning for more. Vince drained his ball into her. As they laid in bed he
told her he bought the doll house. She kissed him and told him anytime he
said but not tonite.

* * *

So the day arrived and Nancy had her party. They all saw the doll house.
Nancy played with it all the time. It was filled with a man, a lady and a

Debbie was cleaning the house when she found the man doll in the livingroom.
She shook her head. She told Nancy several times to keep up with her toys.
Debbie took it the doll house. As she held it her thumb ran along his crotch.
She could almost feel him getting hard. Debbie rubbed it some more and sure
enough he had a hard on. She dropped the doll. She turned to leave.

She felt a had on her shoulder. She saw a naked man and he had a hard on much
bigger than her husband's. Debbie felt her dress being torn from her. She was
naked and forced on the bed. Her daughter's bed. He began to suck and lick
her nipples. His fingers working her pussy. Over the hours she was fucked
again and again in her pussy and ass.

When she awoke all she found was the doll and her clothes. Debbie took a
shower and dressed. Her mind was in a fog still.

* * *

It was Saturday and Debbie went shopping with Nancy. Vince was home alone
when he heard a crash sound. He went to Nancy's room. He didn't see anything
but the wife doll on the floor. He picked it up. They sure make them look
real. He wondered if she was complete. He looked around raised her dress. He
seen her panties, though tiny.

Vince couldn't resist for some reason and he put his nose to her pussy. Vince
could swear he smelled pussy. He put the doll down and turned away when he
heard a voice. There on the bed naked was the doll. She was rubbing her

"Did I smell good?" as she knelt on the bed playing with her pussy.

Vince his cock hard. By now the doll took his cock in her mouth. His head
went back for he never felt anything like that. It was like her tongue
wrapped around his cock. Vince was licking her pussy and she was soon riding
him, her pussy gripping him while his hands worked her breasts. Within a hour
he had came twice. He laid naked on the bed. He rushed to dress and clean up
the room.

As the days went on , nothing else happened. Debbie did find the girl doll
out. She put it back and then she heard a voice. She turned and saw the girl
dressed in her shirt and shorts. She could see the girls frim breasts. They
were the same size as Nancy's.

The doll asked, "What are you looking at?" Debbie said nothing. "Are you
sure?" she asked. "I thought you were looking at my beasts. Do you like

The young girl took off her shirt and pulled her shorts off. "Go on touch
them." She took Debbie's hand and put them on her breasts. Debbie felt her
nipples getting hard. The girl kissed Debbie while taking her clothes off.

Soon they were naked. The girl was licking Debbie's pussy. "My dad fucked

Debbie could see her daughter laying on the bed with her legs spread with
blood from her virgin pussy.

"Nancy begged him to stop," she said, "Then i took my turn with her and then
my mother. Nancy kept calling out your name to lick her pussy. She is such a
little slut wanting her parents to fuck and suck her."

The girl made Debbie cum so hard.

After she laid on the bed naked. Debbie knew it had to stop. She took the
doll house out when Vince and Nancy stopped her. Debbie seen her daughter's
hand rubbing Vince's cock. Debbie ran out of the house into the street.

"Honey, you must pick up your toys!" as she held a lady doll.

The tab said Debbie Hartford.


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