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True Grit: The Real Story (Mf,MMf,f-gang,ncons,cons,oral,anal,rape,ws,bond)
by Tori ([email protected])

Cute 14 year old Mattie Ross had just shot Tom Chaney in the side with her Father's old Navy Colt. The force from the huge pistol knocked the young girl on her ass. Unfortunately, the pistol misfired on the second shot and she soon found herself surrounded by Lucky Ned Pepper and the rest of his gang. Suddenly, a rifle shot rang out and the outlaws quickly found themselves exchanging gunfire with Marshal Rooster Cogburn and his Texas Ranger partner. Lucky Ned yelled out to Rooster that he had the girl and if he ever wanted to see her alive again, he and his partner needed to ride away. He gave Rooster five minutes or he'd shoot the girl.

Ned grabbed the little teen by her braided pigtails and pulled her up the hill to his camp with his gang following close behind. As soon as they got to the top of the hill, they looked out over the valley and saw the two lawmen riding west. Lucky Ned smiled and looked at the cute girl lying in the dirt. Mattie got scared when he pulled out his cock and said, "Suck on this you little bitch."

When she refused, one of the others grabbed her, pinning her arms behind her back and pinched her nose, forcing her mouth to open. Ned savagely shoved his ten inches down her throat and fucked her face for several minutes before filling her young mouth with cum.

As soon as he was finished, two of the men tore Mattie's clothes from her tiny body and held her down as an older man got between her legs and shoved his cock into her hairless virgin hole. Mattie screamed out at the violation, losing her innocence forever. The man smelled of sweat, whiskey and tobacco and Mattie wanted to puke when he kissed her. He pounded his big cock into the small teen and then came inside her. The next man quickly took his place and when he finished, the third man took his turn.

After the gang had their way with her, Mattie lay crying in the dirt with cum dripping from her gaping pussy.

Tom Chaney walked over and kicked her in the ribs. Holding a rag to the hole in his side, he said, "Time to pay for this you bitch!" Chaney pulled her up on her hands and knees and forced his cock into her tight ass.

Mattie screamed out as the man that murdered her Father brutally sodomized her in front of the other men. Ned got down in front of her and forced his cock down her throat once more and the two outlaws spit roasted the pretty brunette while the other men stood around them cheering. Chaney was soon pumping his load into her ass and as soon as he stood up, Lucky Ned took his place and raped the young girl's ass for several more minutes before shooting another load of cum deep into her bowels.

Over the next several hours, Lucky Ned and his men took turns sodomizing the young girl. It was just starting to get dark when Ned told his men to mount up. Being short one horse, the men rode off leaving Mattie in the hands of Tom Chaney. Chaney protested but when he looked down at the broken, naked teen, he realized he was going to have her all to himself and stopped complaining. As soon as the other men left, Chaney got some rope and staked Mattie out in the dirt with her arms and leg spread wide apart. He took his time raping the helpless teen by the light of the fire until he couldn't get hard anymore.

A little after midnight, Chaney woke up to the barrel of Rooster's Winchester pushed against his cheek. "Where is she?" the Marshal asked.

Chaney pointed, "Over there."

Rooster called out, "LaBoeuf? She's over there by the fire."

The Ranger walked over and looked down at the ruined girl and felt his cock getting hard. Rooster grabbed Chaney by the collar and pulled him over next to Mattie. Mattie opened her eyes and looked up at Rooster and LaBoeuf and saw something in their eyes that she didn't like. It was the same look Lucky Ned and the other's had just before they raped her.

Cogburn looked at LaBoeuf and said, "Tie this bastard up."

LaBoeuf picked up a length of rope lying next to Mattie and tied their prisoner's hands behind his back. As soon as he finished, he looked over and saw Rooster staring down at young Mattie. He said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking Marshal?"

Cogburn undid his gun belt and dropped it to the ground. As he began to take off his pants, LaBoeuf came over next to him and said, "She's been a pain in the ass from day one. I think we should take our piece of the pie, don't you?" Cogburn got down between Mattie's legs and said, "That's the first thing you and I agree on dude."

Mattie began to beg him not to rape her. "Please Marshal. Please don't do this to me. Not again. PLEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" she screamed as Cogburn pushed his fat cock into her well used pussy.

Rooster looked right in Mattie's eyes and said, "This one eyed fat man has taken his last order from the likes of you baby sister."

The Marshal fucked Mattie's sloppy hole, sucking on her young tit's as he rammed his cock in deep and hard. LaBoeuf stripped out of his clothes and then straddled her face, forcing his cock into her mouth. Mattie tried to scream but couldn't with the massive Texas meat down her throat. A few minutes later, LaBoeuf pulled his cock out and shot his load all over Mattie's face.

After he stood up, Cogburn gave one last hard shove and came inside the girl's pussy. Rooster stood up next to the Texas Ranger and both men pissed all over her face. When they finished, they looked over and saw Chaney smiling. Cogburn pulled his pistol from his holster and shot the murderer between the eyes. He looked at LaBoeuf and said, "That reward was dead or alive, right?"

LaBoeuf smiled and said, "Right."

The two men dragged Chaney's dead body across the dirt and strapped it to their mule. When they came back, they untied Mattie from the stakes and made her suck their cocks. When they were hard again, LaBoeuf laid down and pulled Mattie on top of him. He started to fuck her pussy as Cogburn got behind her. Mattie closed her eyes when she felt Rooster push his hard cock into her asshole.


Both Rooster and LaBoeuf were pounding their cocks deep into the 14 year old's holes for almost ten minutes and then something happened, Mattie started to cum. The girl had her first orgasm which was quickly followed by another. The men fucked her for several more minutes before filling her holes with hot cum. Rooster pulled his cock out of her gaping ass and made her lick the filthy mess off with her tongue. As soon as LaBoeuf's soft cock slipped out of Mattie's pussy, Rooster forced her mouth down and made her clean the Ranger's cock as well.

Rooster sat down by the fire and rolled a cigarette while LaBoeuf took another turn on Mattie. This time, Mattie didn't scream, she willingly let the tall Texan fuck her until she came again. Mattie was experiencing something she'd never felt before and she discovered she liked it. She liked it so much that she begged men fuck her all night long.

By the time the sun came up, neither one could get it up but Mattie wanted more, so she laid back against her saddle and played with herself while the two men slept. Sometime after noon, the three got dressed and headed back to town. During the three day journey, Mattie let the two lawmen fuck her whenever and however they wanted. She forgot all about getting raped and was slowly turned into a nymphomaniac.

By the time they got to town, Mattie would do anything for a fuck. Cogburn and LaBoeuf rested up for a few days before heading down to Texas to collect their reward for Chaney. During that time, Mattie shared her bed with both men. Before he left, Cogburn made arrangements with the madam at the best house in town for Mattie to start turning tricks. The young beauty made quite an impression on the seasoned whore and was turning her first trick minutes after Cogburn left. By the time Rooster returned from Texas, Mattie Ross was the highest paid whore at Miss Bingham's Whore House and Saloon. She had cowboys lining up every night to pay for a turn with the teen beauty. The only man that didn't have to pay to use her body was Rooster.

She never returned to her home and eventually moved to Kansas City and opened up her own place. Many years later, Mattie Ross traveled to St. Louis to see Rooster. She'd heard that he was working in a Wild West show with Buffalo Bill and several other legends of the old west. Sadly, she arrived too late and was informed that Marshal Rooster Cogburn had passed away the night before. Mattie paid for the funeral and headstone and spent the next several days sitting by his grave reminiscing about the time she and Rooster went on their quest to find Tom Chaney.

The End


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