Disclaimer:These Characters belong to Twentieth Century Fox. I just borrow
them to have some fun.

Rating: NC-17 (for Incest sex)

Parings: Tru/Meredith, Tru/Meredith/Harrison, Tru/Harrison

Spoilers: Up to mid season.

Setting: The past brings Tru, her sister Meredith, and her brother Harrison
closer together.

Tru Calling:The Davies Affair
by Robbins ([email protected])

Meredith Davies sat in a restaurant waiting for her sister Tru. Meredith is
very beautiful but has just come out of rehab. She is addicted to cocaine.
She sits with her legs crossed. Several guys there are looking at her. But
she can only think of Tru. While in rehab she has been thinking about a time
when she, and Tru had been a lot closer. Intimately closer. It was after
their mother's death.

* * *

Meredith, age 16, comes into Tru's bedroom. She closes the door. Tru is 12.

Tru has been crying. Meredith goes up to her.

"It's all right Tru" Meredith says and hugs her.

Meredith realizes for the first time how pretty her younger sister is. And
she has thoughts about her.

"I want to make you feel better Tru" she says and kisses her.

Tru likes It.

"I shouldn't have done that" Meredith says.

Tru grabs her. "Don't stop" she says to Meredith.

"Are you sure Tru?" Meredith asks. "Yes." Tru replies.

"This has to be our little secret Tru," Meredith says.

"OK," Tru replies.

Meredith unbuttons her blouse,and removes It. Tru sees her bra. Meredith
removes her bra. Tru sees Meredith's breasts. They are nice Tru thinks.

"Touch them Tru," she tells her.

Tru puts her hands on Meredith's breasts.

"Squeeze them Tru" she says.

Tru begins to squeeze Meredith's breasts. Meredith likes this.

* * *

Meredith sits there. She remembers how good it was being with Tru.

She looked at her watch. She couldn't believe Tru still wasn't here. She
wants to spend time with her sister again.

* * *

At the morgue Tru Davies is in the bathroom. She sits on the toilet. This has
been another one of her weired days.

She remembers she was suppose to meet with Meredith for lunch. She thinks
back to a time when she and Meredith were a lot closer.

* * *

Tru, 14, and Meredith, 18, lay on the bed nude. They had another lesbian

"Tru, we need to discuss things," Meredith says.

"OK," Tru replies.

"We can't do this anymore," she tells Tru.

"Why not?" Tru asks.

"I am going to college. And it's time for you to do this with guys,"

"I don't want to stop," Tru says.

"We have to," Meredith says.

Tru doesn't like It.

* * *

Tru recalls how she hated when Meredith did that. She also remembers a time
when she was at College. And she came home for a family reunion.

* * *

In Tru's room Tru, 19, and Meredith, 23, share a kiss.

"Your so beautiful Tru," Meredith tells her. Tru pulls away from her.

"You said we couldn't do it anymore," Tru says.

"I was stupid to say that. I need you Tru," Meredith says.

Tru lays on the bed. Meredith begins to undress.

* * *

Tru remembers the best sex she had ever had was with Meredith.

* * *

Meredith is at her place. She is pissed Tru never showed up for lunch.

She remembers another time Tru hurt her.

* * *

Meredith, 23, lays on the bed in Tru's bedroom. She looks very desirable.

Tru, 19, walks in.

"I thought I would surprise you Tru," Meredith says.

"Get out," Tru says.

Meredith is stunned. "What's wrong?" she asks Tru.

"We will never have sex again Meredith," Tru says and walks out of the

Meredith is devastated.

* * *

Meredith makes a decision. Tru is no longer going to hurt her like this

She leaves to confront Tru.

* * *

Tru arrives at her apartment. She feels tired,and a little horny after
another of these days.

Then Meredith storms in. Tru sees her.

"What are you doing here?" Tru asks.

"You can't keep treating me like this Tru" she says.

"What are you talking about?" Tru replies.

"We were suppose to have lunch. Where were you?" Meredith says.

"I had things to do" Tru replies.

"With Luc?" Meredith asks.

"He is my boyfriend" Tru replies.

Meredith is pissed.

"You bitch!" she says and strikes Tru.

"How could you do this to me? I give you your first sexual experiences,"
Meredith says.

Tru also is pissed.

"Your the bitch!" Tru says and strikes Meredith. "You used me!" Tru says.

They strike each other.

Suddenly Tru and Meredith look Into each others eyes. They share a look.
Meredith kisses Tru very passionately.

"I want you Tru. I need you," Meredith says.

"I will not let you use me again" Tru replies.

"I was stupid before" Meredith replies.

"Let's go into the bedroom" Tru says.

Meredith likes the sound of that and followes Tru into the bedroom.

* * *

Tru closes the door. Meredith removes her blouse. She has a lacy bra on.

Tru takes off one of her black patent leather high heels and goes to the

"Lick It Meredith," Tru says.

Meredith takes the shoe and licks it.

"Now blow the heel like a dick," Tru says.

"Come on Tru" Meredith says.

"I said blow it!" Tru says.

Meredith puts the heel in her mouth and begins to blow it like a dick. Tru
feels so horny watching it.

* * *

Tru is undressing. Meredith removes her bra.

* * *

Tru now nude gets on Meredith also now nude, who puts her hands on Tru's

"They are so lovely Tru," Meredith says.

Tru smiles. Meredith caresses Tru's tits. Tru enjoys It.

* * *

Meredith has her legs spread. Tru has her face Into her cunt and is licking
away at her pussy.

"Oh Tru!" Meredith moans in pleasure.

Tru continues licking away.

* * *

Tru and Meredith's younger brother Harrison walks up to Tru's place. He
remembers something he saw.

* * *

Harrison, 11, slightly opens the door. He sees Meredith, 17, licking Tru, 13,
in the pussy. He likes the sight of this.

* * *

Harrison walks into Tru's place. He never told them he saw them.

Harrison thinks to himself 'If Tru wasn't my sister I would be all over her.'

He heads to the bed room to find Tru.

* * *

Meredith is licking Tru's pussy. Tru enjoys It.

Suddenly Harrison walks In.

"Tru, I..." he stops as he says Meredith blowing Tru. He thinks my sisters
doing each other. That is hot.

Meredith stops. She has a oh no thought. Tru thinks of a way to make this a
win win situation. She knew there was a part of Harrison that would like to
fuck her.

"Why don't you join in with us?" Tru asks.

Meredith was surprised by this. Harrison thought for a second. This was too
good a chance to pass up.

"Yes!" he replies.

Tru smiles. He starts to get undressed.

* * *

Harrison is riding his cock into Meredith while Tru has her hands on
Meredith's breasts,and are caressing them.

* * *

In the morning Tru and Harrison wake up as Meredith is getting dressed.

"What's the hurry lover?" Tru asks.

"I have to get to work" Meredith says.

Meredith kisses Tru and leaves.

Tru grabs ahold of Harrison.

"We can have some one on one time," Tru says and kisses him.

Harrison likes this. Tru gets on top of him. She begins to ride his dick
with her pussy.

"Oh Tru! You are the best!" Harrison moans as Tru continues riding him.

* * *

Harrison lays there as Tru gets out of bed.

"You are incredble Tru" he says. "I know," she replies.

He doesn't know what to say now.

"Maybe one night you should invite Lindsey over and she can join in with us,"
Tru says.

Harrison is surprised. Tru laughs.

The End


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