Trigun: New Assignment Part 2 - First Dance, First Kiss (FF-mast,exbih)
by The Porn Cat

Both Mellie and Meryl gulped as yeah stood behind a large curtain. They were
barely dressed. Both were only wearing a little cowgirl hat, and a small vets
that barely covered there breasts, a tiny thong and very high heels.

It was there first day at the whore house, and their boss assured them that
their first day would be easy. All they had too do was walk down the stage
and dance erotically. If the crowd liked them, their boss would be there to
give them more instructions. He had made it very clear that they were only
to do what HE told them too.

Their boss was standing at the edge of the stage talking to the crowd. His
bald head shinning from the lights. Both girls were shaking nervously,
fearing what they might have to do...

The fat bald man raised his hands and the crowed quieted down. "And now for
your pleaser two new girls as hot as the burning sands outside!!" he said

"Welcome and jerk your dicks for...Millie and Meryl"

With that the curtain jerked up and both girls hurried forward, their asses
jiggling as they walked on there high heels. The crowd started to roar as
the piano started playing a high bouncing tune. More hoots and hollers went
through the crowd as both girls started to sway there hips to the music.
Loud cries went up as Millie bent over and shook her breasts in the face of a
young man.

"Where an earth did you learn to do that?" Meryl shrieked in shock.

"My mother taught me." Millie shouted back as she giggles and took hold of
her breasts shaking them for the crowd.

"Your mother!?" Meryl said as her mouth almost dropped off. Looking down at
her breasts and frowned. "Mine aren't big enough to do that," she said to
herself with a pout.

Meryl leaped in shock as she felt a light blow to her exposed ass cheeks.
Turning she came face to face with her boss.

"Dance girl" he yelled at her.

Blushing Meryl turned and showed the crowd the pink spot of her cheeks where
she was spanked. She was more surprised when it was Millie who spanked her
again. Blushing more she held her hand up to her mouth in a playful tease.

Money was soon being thrown onstage. The more Millie spanked, the more Meryl
moaned from the blows, and the more money was tossed up. Soon Meryl's cheeks
were a bright red.

About the same time someone in the audience yelled, "KISS!"

Soon a chant had formed. "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!"

The fat boss smiled at them, "You heard them girls. Give 'um what they want!"
he said laughing again.

Both Millie and Meryl turned towards each other blushing deeply. They known
each other for year. But they never thought they'd kiss each other!! Meryl
inched closer to Millie still deeply blushing she leaned in...

Meryl felt her womanhood twitch slightly as her lips began to touch the lips
of her best friend. She was shocked at how soft and loving they felt.

Before either of them knew it they were each kissing the other fully on the
mouth. Meryl was caught off guard a little as Millie started to caresses her
shoulder. Neither of the girls had any ideas of being intimate with each
other before, But now...

Meryl caught herself moaning softly as she felt Millie's breasts touching
hers, their nipples rubbing together. She moaned even more when she felt
Mellie's tongue forcing it's way into her mouth. At first she wasn't sure
she should be letting her friends tongue in her mouth, but she soon found
herself sucking on it as if by instinct. She sucked harder as she felt
Millie's fingers pulling Meryl's thong aside and start to work it's way
between the folds of Meryl's outer pussy lips as if teasing her. Meryl
moaned, and opened her legs as wide as I could to let her friend's fingers
touch all they could.

Sadly, and much to both of the girls' anger, the balding boss pulled them
apart. "Now, Now... The boys will want more of a show then that," he said as
he whispered instructions in both there ears.

Both Meryl and Millie removed their thongs and sat down of the stage there
pussy's clear to every eye in the room. Both girls were handed a bright pink

They both turned their toys on and slowly, in perfect unison, began to slide
them inside their very wet pussies. Moaning as they did so. With out a word
other then their moaning, they were moving their vibrators in and out in
perfectly timed to each other.

The men in the crowed were going wild throwing money like mad onto the stage.
Not that either girl noticed, they had turned their heads and were looking
right into each others eyes.

Millie was the first to raise her hand and reached over to Meryl. She ran her
hand down her friends leg and began to rub Meryl's clit. This caused Meryl to
moan and arch her back and she climaxed loudly. Panting fiercely Meryl leaned
over and started kissing Millie, stroking her friends breast as she did.

Holding her kiss, Meryl reached over and took the vibrator from Millie's
hand. Thrusting it up wildly, she worked it in and out of her friend. With a
load moan Millie arched her back and Meryl could see her friend flooding the
floor with her juices. The wood turning darker and more and more juice
flooded out. With that both girls fell back and laid still on the stage.

Till some men pulled them off, of course!!!


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