This was part of Part 2 but a Hamas Cyberhacker we called Sinbad had cut half
of the story off along with other headaches he's caused for the IDF.
- She-Wolf

Tremors: Burt's Kitty Part 3 (M-best)
by She-Wolf Of Tel Aviv

Burt shot his last load into the She-Cat's mouth yet due to the mixmaster in
his blood stream his hardon not only hadn't fallen but had grown to a full 14

She-Cat wrapped one paw around Burt's meat spear and slowly fell backwards
pulling softly but frimly bending backward at her knees so her lower legs
were bent under her upper legs. Burt felt himself fall forward among a soft
warm furrier matress. He ducked his head down to milk one of the harden
nipples pressing up into Him.

She-Cat moved Burt's hungry cock to the opening of her dripping pussy. The
meat touched of the end almost causing her to pass out. Then with one full
movement Burt slid his hardon into her warm tunnel. Her eyes rolling up into
her head.

scream and shot Her tail around to the back of Burt.

He felt a soft furry tingle at his asshole then suddenly the tip of the
She-Cat's tail shoved softly but frimly up his ass.

"SSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!" Burt scream arching up ramming even
harder into her his hands crushing and twisting her upper tits so hard it
looked as if her nipples would pop off.

Through tear filled eyes the She-Cat looked up at Burt and begged; "POund

Burt now in the madess of Mixmaster answered her like he was an animal
himself crueling grabbing her hips to lift her up and like a powered
drilling machine slammed into with bone breaking fury.

The She-Cat's head rocked back and forth as she groweled screamed and moaned.
Then she felt in the first of the Burt's hot gooey slime shoot up into her
willing cunt flood her eager womb. With each shot the She-cat saw stars as
her cunt almost crushed Burt's cock in a seeming unending milking cums.

Finally after fifteen minutes of both lust crazed cumming both dropped back
almost dead, then something broke through to Burt's mind. He raised up and
tried to shout, "HEY YOU CAN TALK."


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