DISCALIMER: See Burt's Kitty Part #1

Sorry that this one is short, but I'm in Cyber-War with the Bus Bombers here.
I see Sci-Fi has cancelled Tremors. It makes you wonder if the Morons Who run
Sci-Fi are the same Ones Who keep saying that War with Iraq was a Bad Idea.

Tremors: Burt's Kitty Part 2 (M-best,oral)
by She-Wolf Of Tel Aviv

Burt sat on the ground next to the KO'd She-Cat trying to make sense of the
past hour, "God I've ass raped a Mutant." He thought as he wondered what the
fuck to do next.

He looked at his victem and wondered if the pressure had finally got to
him, was he now some kind of perv that did it with animals because not only
didn't he feel sick and disgussed with what HE did Burt felt the urge to
have another go.

"Well, Burt old man, sitting buck ass in the sand isn't going to help
things." He told himself and stood up.

On an impluse Burt picked up the She-Cat and threw her over his shoulder and
went to his truck. He thossed her and the the remains of his gear into the
truck and headed for his rebuilt bunker.

By hunting Sherkers and his survival school Burt had not only rebuild his
bunker, armoriy and money fund but had improved on all three so much he was
well on his way on being a millionaire.

He picked the She-Cat out of his truck and took her inside tossing her into
a holding pen.

Then he picked up the phone and called the Perfection Science Center the only
Goverment agenty he trusted.

"Casey?" Burt said over the phone pictureing the lovey redheaded scientist
studing Mixmaster Creatures.

"Yeah, Burt, what do you have for me?" Casey answered. Unlike most people
she trusted Burt to know what he's talking about.

"New Mixmaster Critter mostly feline, but get this large human features."
Burt told her.

"What? Are you sure Mixmaster wasn't suppose to affect human DNA!" Casey
shouted back.

"Yeah, but remember where we found what was left of those yahoos that were
hunting without a license a few years ago?" Burt asked.

"Yes, but a puma got them." Casey argued.

"Well, our new girl could pass for a were-puma in a horror vido." Burt told

"Did you recover the body?" Casey asked hopefully.

"Better. I've got a live one for you this time, a little dented and breathing
at my place."

There was a pause on the phone at Casey's end then she said in a awed voice,
"I'll be there in three hours El Banco is hanging around."

Burt hung up the phone and looking down at himself saw her needed a shower.
As he padded naked to the bathroom he failed to notice that his cock was
slowly growing longer and thicker.

She-Cat woke up with a headache and looked around for her mate. In her pride
if a male is able to overpower a female and rape her that made her his mate
not that sexual fathfulness was that big in the pride.

She heard water running and as if she was human undid the latch stepped out
of the holding pen and headed for the sound of water.

Burt stood in the shower his head bent back so the warm water could wash the
dirt from his hair and his eyes close to keep the water out. Suddenly he felt
a warm wet wonderful sucking sensation on his groin and Burt while he could
have stopped it didn't want to. He looked down and opened his eyes to see a
now well known brown furred head slidding back and forth on his cock.

"Oh Lordddd! You knowwww I-I-I-I havn't done anything. OH GODDDD! DON'T STOP!
since Heather left. ISS This MMMYYY reward." Burt cried to the heavans.

She-Cat didn't really like the water raining on her but it didn't really
bother her that much as long as she could taste the warm sweet meat of the
Burt's dick invading her welcoming mouth. She took the cock out of her mouth
and slipped the tip of her tongue out then she licked the end of Burt's
engorged cock trying to slip it into his dick's slit.

Burt couldn't stand it anymore, like a madman he reached down with both hands
and grabbed her hair. With a savage yank forward Burt slammed the She-Cat's
face hard into his groin almost driving his cock out of the back of her head.
He pulled back till only the tip was still in then slammed it even harder
into the deep warm tunnel of her mouth. Her fangs left slight bleeding lines
on his cock as he pumped again and again into the mutant's mouth, but he
didn't care as both gave out animal like growels and screams.

The She-Cat's neck felt like it was close to breaking when she noticed that
her mate's cock was pulsing inside her mouth, then the first shot of warm
salty wet goodness hit her mouth. Shot after shot went into her mouth and
not one drop was wasted as she drank and drank.


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