I'm not to sure who owns Tremors but it's sure in the hell not me. The show
is a big hit in Israel and remenber if you're under eighteen and reading this
I'll pound your ass!

Tremors: Burt's Kitty Part 1 (MF,anal,exhib,ncon,mutant)
by Shewolf Of Tel Aviv

Burt Gummer self appointed warlord and defender of Perfection Valley drove
his jeep throught the backroads of the valley. His eyes on the scanner
keeping a eye out for the Grabnoid.

While the Doc said that the gene gluing gas Mixmaster was immune to human
cells there was still rumors and reports of humanoid mutants being seen in
the back areas of the valley.

His had a lonely life. His wife had left him shortly after the first Grabnoid
attack and his battle with them had stopped him from seeing anyone since

"Hell, who would want to live in this mutant breeding ground?" He asked
himself stopping the jeep to stand and scan the area with his binoculars.

"Hmmmm this is where we found those unleased hunters that tried to take out
some pumas five years ago," Burt told himself trying to see anything.

He couldn't see anything incluing the pair of yellow eyes watching him from
a nearby tree.

"So that's the grreat Burrt Gummerr, not bad forr a hairrless ape," a soft
female voice purred to herself.

A sixth sense told Burt that he was being watched, but no matter how hard he
tried he couldn't seem to find the unknown scouting him. Still he got the
feeling that his unseen watcher wasn't hostile. Hell, if it was, it would
have attacked by now.

The hidden female slightly raised herself to get a better look at Burt. "You
know with some fur and a tail he could have the pick of the pride and Old
Bent Dick would have to watch himself," she told herself.

Then without warning the sound of cracking wood filled the air. The branch
that the hidden female was on broke dropping her into clear view ten feet
from Burt. He turned to see a humanoid very female figure on the ground a
mix of feline and human features. She was covered in a light brown fur and
had a long catlike tail. Her face was mostly human, but with a catlike nose
ears and eyes, and she had a waistlong mane of hair the same color as her
fur. But it was her breasts that showed her inhuman side. Where a human
female would have tits the she-cat sported a pair of 44DDs. However just
under them was a pair of 38DDs and under them was a pair of 24As.

"God is she built," Burt told himself as to his horror he felt the beginings
of a hard-on growing in him.

Burt raised his M-16, but the she-cat leaped from the ground knocking the
rifle from his grasp. Burt defended with a arm block to his face and a knee
smash to her gut knocking the air out of her and bending her over. A raking
hand claw slash ripped all of Burt's outfit off leaving only his boot's and

"OH, fuck!" Burt snarled knowing that his weakness was open to be seen by
everone and this mutant would soon see it.

A sweeping leg sweep knocked the she-cat flat on her face. Burt leaped hard
on top the back of the she-cat slamming her down on the ground. Panic filled
her as all her mind could think was, "I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm
going to Die."

Yet unknown to both Burt and her, her Body was giving out pheromones that
would give a monk a hard-on. Burt already sporting a woody found his mind
overcomed by pure lust, a lust not feed in ten years since his wife had left.
He fought against his feelings and needs, but then as the she-cat wiggled
under him the tip of his hard dick settled in the enterance of her ass.

Burt was lost. He wrapped his left hand in her Mane and pulled her back
bending her body like a bow, holding her tail out of the way with his right.
Burt rammed forward brutally at the helpless asshole. It fought bravely but
within seconds Burt's cock sild in fully all the way to an ass ripping hilt.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEE!!!" the she-cat screamed again and
again. The savage pounding dragging her back and forth on the sand. Her
nipples harding agaist the rough sand. The mating urge rose in her and her
body gave off a scent that drove every male within a mile crazed with lust.
It no longer mattered that it was a half-human mutant under him, but just a
female to be fucked and tossed aside.

As for the she-cat, she was torn between pain and pure joy as she was turned
on by the cruelly raping dick in her ass. For rape was the normal way her
race mated.

"Ohhh Yesss! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck meeeee! Rape that mighty cock up my
slutty little asss. FUck Me like the Slut that I am! Fuck Me like the Slut
that I am!" she chanted mindlessly slamming her ass back on the ripping cock
in a quest to have it enter her guts.

Her ass was so tight and warm, Burt had almost forgotten the feelings of
fucking a warm tight ass and the fact that the she-cat was speaking english
slipped right by him in the joy that was sex. Maybe a younger man could have
held on or a man that had sex more than Burt, but maybe not for soon Burt
felt the pulsing in his cock telling him that the end was near.

He rammed foward as hard as he could and from the guts of his balls it began
one long shot of baby batter after another painting the walls of her asshole
with a sticky scum. Almost forever Burt coated her asshole then she dropped
down fully on her face as Burt's well used cock slipped out of her ass.

To Be Continued...


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