Trading Places: Media Zapper Part 3 (MF)
by Wetsprocket

I transported into the movie "Trading Places" and into the hooker's
apartment. The hooker (Jamie Lee Curtis) had just brought home the newly down
and out guy (Dan Aykroid) for the first time to stay. Jamie was beginning to
undress while talking with Dan's character about money. I watched as Jamie
Lee went into the bathroom, removing her blouse. I couldn't see her actions
from my angle, but I heard her say the words, "You sleep on the couch." And
close the bathroom door. I popped Dan with a strong shot and he collapsed
instantly. I moved to the bathroom door where I knew inside, that Jamie wore
just a black set of panties. I opened the door.

Jamie was brushing her teeth as I quietly entered the bathroom. She wore only
the panties, which I saw bulging with her cunt inside between her legs. I was
already stiff so I figured I take her. In a rush I pulled her panties down to
her ankles. Startled, she looked up, mouth full of toothpaste. I felt her
hairy bush, locating her clit. I opened her clit and punctured into it with
my rod. Jamie gasped out and coughed out some toothpaste. Her clit lubricated
my cock immediately and I kept her bent, fucking her from behind. She wailed
out in half pain, half ecstasy. I maneuvered over her ass more, allowing me
to feel her dangling breasts. She lowered her head, unable to move out of the
rhythmic penetrations that was attacking into her vagina. I sent deep thrusts
into her until I came. I jetted my spunk inside her. She grunted on the last
deep thrusts, my hips smacking against her ass. Quickly, I pulled out and
disappeared out the bathroom door.

In an instant, I had fast-forwarded to later in the movie. Jamie had gone to
the door to turn down a client. Dan was sick in the bed fighting back from
pneumonia. I knocked him unconscious again and took his place. Jamie, stuck
in the script returned and began to undress to get into bed with me. She
slipped in and began to caress me, brushing my hair. I turned and faced her.
My hard cock touched her belly.

"You're doing better." She commented.

I kissed her and caressed her left tit. I moved down and kissed it, suckling
her nipple. She cooed. I continued on for a few minutes, enjoying her
breasts. I eased my hand down between her thighs and touch her pussy. Soon, I
moved down and mouthed her clit, eating her out, sending her into fits. She
pressed my face into her cunt, gyrating her pelvis to my face. Her hands
grabbed my hair as she brushed my face with her pubes. I had her cumming in
moments with my tonguing of her inner pinkness. I moved back up, preparing
top mount her.

"Let me be on top." She said. I wasn't going to argue. Jamie rolled on my
belly, brushing me with her wet pussy. She moved down towards me, pulling her
hips off my belly. I felt her guide my cock to the entrance of her clit. She
slid down on my cock. I felt the sensation of her vagina as her warm cunt
covered my shaft. She pulled my head up to her tits and flexed her hips up
and down, riding me like a professional. Her eyes were shut in concentration
and overall pleasure. I felt the pubic hairs of her pussy meet my belly on
each thrust. I did my best to nibble on her breasts as they shook between us.
It didn't take very long before my cock warmed for explosion. She felt it
some and slowed her pace, making deep, sharp penetrations invade her vagina.
Soon, I spasmed and jetted my cum into her. I emptied. She sat up and smiled,
her hands in her hair, my softening cock still inside her.

"You're pretty healthy now." She complimented. "That's the best lay I've had
in a long time."

I smiled, not saying a word. I just enjoyed the view from below of her
gorgeous figure as she rested atop me. I moved on after that scene.

to be continued...

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