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Toy Story: Andy's Real Life Jessie (Fb, inc, anal, oral, cosplay)
by Neenah

"Bang! Bang!" from Andy's room came the sound of him shooting imaginary baddies, "Bang! Bang!" he continued the massacre, jumping on his bed so it rattled at the wall and then onto the floor, it squeaked as be bounced on it, jumping and skipping around as he shot down the on-coming bandits and dodged their own shots. His Mom, Emily, could hear him playing, he was so energetic, she thought, a bundle of energy.

She reached down to the holsters and pulled out her own plastic pistols, whirling them around her fingers like she was a gunfighter. She lifted one to her face and used it to raise her red Stetson, looking at herself in the mirror as she did so. The 'Jessie' costume she was wearing was just the right side of adult, the white shirt tight and in some places and cut low in others, showing off her well sized rack without exposing it fully. It was so low the leather cowboy belt covered the naked flesh between where it ended and the low cut black and white chaps. The boots were tight on her legs and sexy. Despite being the wrong side of thirty she was still sexy. She was also constantly horny with no man in her since her husband had left. Today she was going to rectify that, with her eleven year old son, who if he took after his Dad (and she was sure he did) would be hung like a horse. Her son was always wanting to play with her and with his younger sister away for the weekend with her Dad and his new partner she was going to play with him and in a way they'd both enjoy.

She felt nervous and excited, but ready to do this. Slowly she holstered the pistols in their sheaths.

She walked next door to Andy's room. Her son was dressed in his Woody costume that he'd got for Christmas, the two six-shooters in his hands as he took cover behind the bed banging away at the imaginary bandits. "Bang, bang," he said momentarily oblivious to his Mom.

"There's one behind you," she called, pulling out her six shooters as Andy turned to see her, "Bang, bang!" She raised the pistols slightly to simulate shooting before twirling them around her fingers and using one to tip back her hat, "Howdie pardner."

Andy was looking at her in surprise, whether it was her get up or her false cowboy accent. She smiled at him and slid her pistols into the holsters, "I got the varmint," she said.

"You're dressed as Jessie." Her son said, "Do you want to play with me?"

Emily wanted to shout yes, but instead she tried to appear casual, "Sure thing, a girl needs a pardner in the badlands. Who we after Sherriff Andy?"

"The Sid Phillips gang," he said naming the boy next door.

"Well let's get them, Sherriff," Emily said. She unholstered her pistols and turned to the door and out into the landing. Suddenly she bent down over the banister, deliberately raising her ass to her following son, "Bandits," she called and started shooting down. "There's one to the left sneaking up the stairs."

Andy joined her and they banged away, shooting at the villains as they tried to rush them. After a few minutes Andy raised his pistol and blew away the non-existent smoke. "I think we got them Mom."

"Let's check out downstairs, make sure there's none hiding," said Emily.

Down the stairs she went her pistols in her hand and her son behind her. She went into the living room, whipping out her pistols and shooting at a figure in the corner. "Bang, bang!" she cried as Andy took up the refrain. She moved to the couch shooting as she did and taking cover behind it. Suddenly she dropped her pistols and gave a cry, "Ooh Andy, save me, Sid Philips is behind me and has me covered and I've no more bullets."

Her son pirouetted and raised his pistol, "Take that, Sid," he snarled with feeling, "Bang, bang, bang, bang."

"You got him" Emily cried, clapping her hands together, "My hero, Sherriff Andy. That's them all."

"Just a day's work," said Andy, holstering his pistols.

"Oh you need a kiss," said his Mom. She bent over him and placed her arms round his lower back and opened her mouth.

Andy was taken by surprise, his head coming back as his Mom's open mouth pushed at his. He had been expecting a Mom peck nothing more. Emily pulled her head back, though keeping him in a hug, "We just beat the bandits pardner, we should kiss like in the movies."

"Are you sure?" he asked, "I'm not into kissing like that. I prefer guns."

"It's part of the game," his Mom said, "We can stop after a few moments if you don't like it."

"If you want," he said a little sulkily.

His Mom didn't mind, once Andy knew what kissing was like she knew he'd enjoy it more. Keeping her arms on him she leaned down again, opening her mouth and moving it onto his. After a few seconds of non-reaction he reluctantly opened his mouth and Emily moved her mouth round. She quickly could tell he was starting to enjoy it, not just because his mouth and tongue began to move against hers, but also because his hands reached up and round her back, dragging her down. Their tongues moved together, flicking at each other and his eyes were wide open looking at hers. Emily shifted her body so that her boobies were brushing at him through their tops. There was a strain in his chaps, his schlong pushing at the material. Emily kissed harder, resisting the temptation to reach down to the eleven year old's package and whip out the whopper - she didn't want to scare her son by moving too quickly, she had time to seduce him and then fuck him, there was no need to rush.

She pulled her head back, "Well Sherriff Andy that's the bandits killed. We better head back to Dodge."

Andy looked as reluctant to stop kissing as he had been to start. That was what his Mom wanted to see, as she turned away from him she undid a further button so that her shirt was undone down to near her belly button and her big tits were easily visible, the nipples barely concealed. She turned back to him with a smile, "I think we should eat pardner, something on the range."

Andy nodded, "I am hungry."

"What about if I rustle us some sausage and beans?" Emily said, watching her son's eyes light up at the thought of one of his favorite meals and one she seldom made due to the high fat content.

"That'd be great," he said.

"If you put up the wigwam in the back yard we can eat there," she said adding to the Western theme, "Bag ourselves some scalp hunters who are after the squaws and the peaceful injuns in the reservation."

Her son nodded and rushed upstairs to get the wigwam out. Luckily it was a warm day so Emily didn't mind going into the back yard and snuggling up in the wigwam, which was barely big enough for the two of them. She made the sausage and beans and placed them on some paper plates - they weren't cowboy style, but then the wigwam wasn't native American either. Andy had the wigwam up. She walked over and called, "Chow's up pardner."

Andy's head poked out the flap, his Stetson still on and Emily passed him a plate, before saying, "Reckon you can fit your deputy in their Sherriff."

"I can," said Andy, pulling back the flap to let his Mom crawl in.

The wigwam was so small she had to bend her head, even when sitting down. It also meant that she and Andy were crushed together, their legs rubbing and her cleavage filling his eyeline. They finished the meal and Emily took away the plates, before returning to the wigwam and sitting next to her son. "So pardner, how was the chow?"

"It was great," said her son.

"I was thinkin' we better head to Dodge before the sun goes down," she said, looking out into the yard where the sun was beginning togo down below the horizon. She turned back to him, a naughty smile on her face "Or we could camp out the night."

Andy looked excited, just as his Mom didn't often make them sausages and beans she very seldom let him camp out overnight, even in the yard. "Camping would be great," he said.

Emily smiled, her plan was working so far. The wigwam was too small so she and Andy used the last of the light to put up a tent, before she sent him into to get ready for bed, getting out of clothes and into his pajamas, the Sheriff Woody ones. Still in her sexy Jessie outfit she sat in the kitchen as he returned downstairs, teeth cleaned and cheeks scrubbed. She could see the low bulge under the bottoms and imagined how big he was, at least ten inches she thought, massive for anyone, never mind an eleven year old. "Have you got the sleeping bags out?" she asked not wanting to move too quickly in case she scared him.

"Yes," he said.

"I'll join you in a minute," she said.

"You're going to spend the night out?" he didn't seem like he believed it.

Emily gave her son a seductive smile, "Sure Sheriff Andy, we're partners." She winked.

He blushed.

She walked to the house making sure she was swinging her hips, sure that Andy eyes were on her butt. She had him hooked, the afternoon's flirting had paid off. She now just need to make sure there was the pay-off. In her room she stripped out of the Jessie outfit and pulled out some recently bought sexy nightwear. She got into it, a pair of sexy stockings and a tiny nightdress which didn't reach down as far as her pussy. She admired herself in the mirror - sexy, she said to herself. As an afterthought she picked up Jessie's hat again and put it on.

She walked into the kitchen and looked out. The design of the street meant her back yard was secluded, protected from the view of their neighbors by large fences and some trees, no-one would see her - especially as it was getting dark and everyone would be inside watching television. She poured herself a quick glass of wine and then downed it, for luck. Opening the back door she walked towards the tent, the grass cool under her feet. She stopped at the entry to the tent, "Howdy pardner, I'm here."

Andy opened the flaps and looked out. His mouth fell open as he looked up at his Mom standing there in her sexy nightwear inches away from him. His mouth moved but words wouldn't come. "Howdy Sherriff, room for little old me in the tent?" Emily asked.

He still couldn't talk but he managed something of a nod and scrambled into the tent to let his Mom in. Emily had to bend to get in which almost made her bosoms fall out of her nightdress. She could see the massive lump in Andy PJ bottoms, it was a literal mountain of cock. She salivated with lust, but kept herself under control, turning round to close the flaps and lace them. The tent became dark until Andy switched on the lamp, making shadows dance.

She smiled, "What an adventure today Sherriff Andy, we showed those villains not to mess with the fastest draw in the West and his sexy deputy." She deliberately emphasized the word deputy and at the same time pulled a bow on the already loose nightdress loosing it still further. Andy's eyes nearly fell out of his head, but he nodded. Emily crawled closer to him, "You were such a man."

"I was," he nodded, "but you helped."

"I enjoyed today, shooting dead the bandits, making the town safe, hanging out with the sheriff. Did you?"

"Yes, it was fun," Andy was trying not to look down at his Mom's tits and pussy, and not doing very well at it.

"What was the best bit?" she asked. She wiggled a little too give him a hint.

"I don't know," her son was blushing and his schlong was straining.

Emily smiled, deciding to help him out, "I liked the kissing bit. Did you?"

"It was kind of okay," he said, his face redder than a beetroot.

"Do you want to do it again?" his Mom asked.

"We could do," like many eleven year olds being asked to do something he tried to appear reluctant, but the stirring in his pajamas told a different story.

Emily lent forward to kiss him, her mouth opening to make clear this was no Mom-son peck. Andy learnt quickly his mouth on hers, returning her kissing with interest. For a moment or two there hands remained where they were until Emily reached out and took one of Andy's in hers. She brought it up to her tits and let it rest there. Andy seemed to know automatically what to do, fondling the boobs and squeezing them through the thin material of the dress. Emily let him continue for a few moments, resting her hands on her thighs as she played with a tit and kissed her. She wanted him to get used to it and be comfortable before she carried on. Soon she was happy he was comfortable, his kissing was getting more passionate, his mouth locking on top of hers as he kissed. The Mom reached down for between his legs and began to rub at his schlong through the cotton. It was like iron. She stroked it, marveling at its hardness. Andy head moved back from hers and he looked down at where her hand was tracing the contours of his manhood. His Mom noticed he still continued to hold her titty.

"It's big," Emily smiled at her son.

"I think so, its bigger than my friends," Andy shrugged.

"Can I kiss it sheriff?" Emily smiled. She tossed her Stetson aside.

Andy nodded, "Okay."

Emily pulled down her son's bottoms and dropped them at the end of the tent, she didn't think they'd be needed now until morning. She looked at his meat, it was massive. Ten inches and wide as well, sticking upright like a missile. She pushed his chest gently so he lay down and began to plant kisses of the hard organ, from his smooth hairless balls up the shaft to the tip, her lips pursing as she kissed the eyelet. She moved down again, smothering it with kisses. All the time she kept her eyes on Andy. Even in the semi-darkness she could see his wide smile. Up she went covering every inch of the organ with her kisses until she got to the top. She opened her mouth and without saying a word slid it down over his rocket.

"Mom," he gasped.

Emily continued gliding down the prick. He groaned and smiled, showing no sign-of wanting to stop her. It was so big Emily knew there was no way she'd fit it all in, her hand was at the base sliding up and down, helping it into her mouth. The dick pressed into her inner cheek, sliding along the wet skin. Her head moved up and down, her eyes locked on her son. Andy gazed back at her, grinning as he kept his head lifted to watch her going down his schlong. Emily winked and he grinned even wider.

"This is good Mom," he said, giving her the biggest compliment she'd received in her life. She carried on stroking and sucking his manhood. Her son grinned wider, showing every sign of enjoying the touch of her mouth down his member.

Emily's pussy was getting ready, the tingle in it an invitation to hard, thick schlong. She pulled her mouth of her son's dick, licking her lips. "You liked that Sherriff Andy? Did you like Deputy Mom's sucking that huge schlong of yours?" He was nodding enthusiastically.

Emily crawled forward, sliding her body over his. She could feel his excited breathing under her body, his chest trembling in excitement against hers and his cock throbbing like a rocket about to blast-off. She reached for the bow of her nightdress and pulled it all the way so that her titties popped out. Andy eyes went even wider and his hands reached up to cradle the mammaries, before they knocked him in the face. The Mom smiled down at her son, "You want to make Mom happy?" she asked. He nodded quickly. "Good," purred Emily.

She positioned herself over his body and lowered herself down. Her pussy expanding to fit his huge lump of meat. She moaned as she continued down, the massive member felt so good in a pussy which had been empty of dick too long. Andy looked up at her, he was smiling in happiness as her pussy wrapped round his cock, his hands moving from her bosoms to her rump to hold her as she came down. She carried on, the delightful pleasure of her pussy stretching filling her. It was so good, she couldn't help but give a little cry, "Oh, oh."

She only stopped when she felt the touch of his silky smooth balls against her. For a moment she remained in place, sitting on her son and looking down at him. He was grinning widely, his teeth white and his eyes fully open, with his hair even more messy than normal. His Woody pajama top was half way up his belly and her hands were round his waist. She smiled, "Oh Sherriff," and raised herself, with the sound of the cock slurping through her wet hole in her ears. She came down again, moaning in pleasure. Up she raised and this time as she came down Andy was rising to meet her, thrusting his schlong at her pussy. She smiled, "That's right Sherriff."

"This is fun," he said and the two of them began to move quicker and quicker together.

"Oh, oh, oh," Emily moaned, "Urh, urh, urh." Her son's schlong speared her sex, splattering the cummy liquid of her pussy out and making it dribble over her labia lips and down his thick tool. He was holder her tight and pushing upwards hard, filling her with prick. She moaned and groaned, riding him back like he was a wild stallion, her cunt sliding down his prong with all the speed of an express train. Her son was as quick, ramming at her, his schlong slamming in. "Oh, oh," moaned Emily.

Her tits were bouncing and wobbling, her son looking at them as they dangled in front of him. It was so sexy to see the lustful look on her face and know it was all for her. Emily rammed down, bending herself over so that the titties were even nearer Andy. He raised his head and started to suckle them as his pelvis continued to pound up, his thick meat doing its job. Emily screamed as she came, continuing to ride her son fast and furiously even as the sexual bliss blew her mind. Andy slammed his schlong in, his face stiff and contorted as he gave her his dick.

"Oh Mom... something's happening," he cried, his features twisting even more.

"You're cumming, Andy," she squealed to him, "In Mom."

The cock spurted what seemed like gallons of cum into her pussy, filling it with sperm. It dripped out as she slid herself out, the white milky goo gliding out in a long trail. She lay herself down beside her son, "Did you like that?" she asked turning her head to look at him.

He nodded, "Yes. Can we do it again?"

"You want to?" she asked.

"Yes, I do," he said.

"Wait a few minutes until you're hard and we can go again," she said. Her hand reached down to his schlong, sodden with cum and began to stroke it. "This will help," she said.

"This will as well," he said and kissed her passionately. His mouth moved over hers and he slowly began to roll over so that he was on top of her. His member was hard.

"Enter me Sheriff Andy, bone me with that huge schlong," moaned Emily. Her son did as she asked, sliding his member into her still wet pussy. Emily moaned again as she was filled for the second time with his meaty manhood. Andy began to move up and down, his hands either side of her and his head coming down between her boobs as he fucked her.

Emily spread her legs wider and grabbed his back. "Oh, urh," she moaned, "Oh, Andy fuck me with that big cock. That feels so good. You're so big and manly, Sheriff. Fill your deputy with your manmeat."

Andy moved faster and faster, his thin body clashing against his Mom's and his oversized schlong filled her cunt with pleasure. She was grasping him, pulling him down and rocking under his thrusts. She groaned in excitement, "Andy, urh, Andy. Bang Mom's cunt. Fuck your deputy's pussy, you're the Sheriff."

Andy's thrusting was getting more confident, going in harder and faster, each downward penetration sending pleasurable surges through her body. Her titties were bouncing either side of his head, as he buried himself in them. Emily wrapped her legs round her son's thin twigs, her hands on his back, gripping the weedy frame as she squealed and squeaked with pleasure. "Urh, Andy, urh, urh." He thrust into her and she came, "Urh, aaarhhh, oooohhh."

He continued pounding away, panting and grunting, his face red and his body thick with sweat. His prong went deep, slurping through her hole. She came again and again, several times, she didn't count as her son went hard and fast into her. Until he gave a moan, "It's happening again. The cumming."

"Shoot in me. Fill me with your lovely hot spunk," cried Emily as she son shot his load into her pussy. It filled with the warm goo, spewing out and over her labia lips, and dribbling from the hole.

"That was fun," panted Andy. He lay there breathing quietly. Under him Emily panted as well, recovering from the waves of pleasure she'd been hit by. The cum oozed down her cunt, luckily she was using contraception so she didn't worry about pregnancy. The fucking had been so much fun, but it had left her exhausted. She closed her eyes and lay there.

She wasn't sure how long she dozed. But she was woken up by the feel of Andy's tongue on her titty. She smiled and giggled, her giggling getting louder as her son's small hand moved to her sex and began to stroke it. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He had rolled beside her, his head should have been at shoulder height if he hadn't moved it to her bosom to lick. He was still wearing his Sheriff Woody top but hadn't bothered to replace his bottoms, his hard rod sticking out. He looked up at her and gave her a sexy smile, "I'm hard again."

Her hand reached down to his member to stroke, "So I see," she replied smiling.

"Could we do it again?" he gave her the most ingratiating smile.

"What if Mom's pussy is sore, it's had a massive big dick stretching it twice today," she teased, even though she knew she could take it without any reservations.

He smiled, "I could do you in the pooper."

She looked at him in surprise, for the first time wondering if Andy was as innocent as she had thought. "In the pooper?" she repeated.

"Yes Mom, in your butt," he smiled.

For a moment or two Emily considered. When she'd set out earlier today to seduce and fuck her son she hadn't been considering going so far that he'd stick his massive meat in her shithole, but then she'd had always enjoyed anal - especially with big cocks. She looked at his eager face and smiled, "Yes."

"Yay," he grinned.

His Mom held up a finger to stop him, "If I'm going to have that huge lump of meat in my poophole, it's going to be nice and wet and lubricated."

"Okay," said Andy, nodding his agreement.

"Wait here," said Emily. She opened the flaps, looking out briefly to see all the neighboring houses were dark. Then she skipped out and inside her house, going up to her bedroom. In a drawer hidden under the some blouses was a dildo and some anal lube. She squirted some of the lube onto the toy and slid it at her ass, spending the next couple of minutes working it gently in and out. Satisfied she'd prepped her hole she put the toy back and took the lube back to the tent.

Andy was lying on his back waiting for her. His ten inch schlong pointed upwards. Emily smiled and shook the lube bottle, "I'm just going to put some of this on your prick, make it nice and easy when it goes up my shithole."

"Okay Mom," Andy lay back relaxing as his Mom massaged the lube into his hard dick.

As it was extra big she gave it extra attention, leaving it slippery. When she was satisfied it was nice and ready she rolled beside her son, lying atop the unopened sleeping back. She spread her legs, revealing her tight little hole. Andy's eyes almost bugged out as she pulled at her buttocks and said, "Come on Sheriff Andy, fuck my shitter."

The young boy was on his Mom within seconds and guiding the schlong into her back hole. Emily grunted in excitement, raising her ass, as he punched through the membrane and entered the tunnel. Despite her use of the dildo her tunnel was still resistant to the thick member, though the lube helped make sure the friction was bearable. Andy rose and fell steadily, each time pushing his meat further into the tunnel. Emily moaned, rising her ass to meet him and shaking as each thrust pushed her down into the ground. She gritted her teeth and grabbed the sleeping back, closing her eyes and contorting her face as her asshole was stretched by the huge dong. It wasn't so much it hurt it was more like it was uncomfortable as if it didn't belong there. It had been that long since she had a butt-banging, not since the early years of her marriage. She grunted as Andy pounded down again, slowly opening her up.

He was panting, going faster and faster, his skinny frame landing on her back, the huge schlong sliding down her hole. He was in balls deep and she could feel the smooth ballsack slapping at her as he went in. The ache and uncomfortableness went away to be replaced by a feeling of joyful, pleasure. She grunted out, "Oh, urh, urh. Good boy Andy, fill Mom's butt with dick."

He panted and went harder, ramming his massive member into her shithole. She groaned some more, her body shaking and her front rubbing at the sleeping back as her son pounded her vigorously. It was so good she had to cry out in excitement, "Oh Andy, oh Andy, fuck Mom's butthole. Fill my shitter."

He was going faster and faster, his breaths loud in her ear as he gave it his all. Emily cried out as she came, her entire body shaking, "Aaahhh, ooohhh, that's me cumming, Andy, you're making your deputy cum."

His huge prick went down her ass, the walls stretched out to take it. Down it went, filling her with pleasure. Emily squeaked, "Aaaahh, ohhhhh. Sheriff ram my asshole. Sheriff Andy you're the biggest stud in the West."

"I'm cumming Mom, I'm going to cum in your ass," the young boy grunted and spurted.

"Oh, yes, oh," moaned Emily as the warm fluid filled her butthole to overflowing, oozing out and over her cheeks and trickling down between her legs. She rolled over to look at her son as he got off her and lay down, "Oh Sherrif Andy that was so much fun.

"It was for me as well," he said.

"And we've got most of tomorrow until your sister comes back," Emily smiled.

"Good," he smiled.





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