Croosfire: Crossworlds - Small Soldiers: Small Packages (f/toy,mc,celeb,bond)
by Arcane ([email protected])

On any other night, a simple trip to the bathroom would not have been
dangerous. It certainly didn't seem that way to Kirsten Dunst when she
started the journey. The power was out, but that could be for any number of
reasons, but it was light enough for her to see where she was going, even
without her torch, which seemed to have lose wire anyway.

It was only on the way back that things started to feel wrong. It wasn't an
earthquake, she'd experienced one than one of those during her time in L.A.
No, the floor wasn't moving, but when she looked closer, it almost appeared
to be. She shook her head, trying to decide whether or not she was fully
awake. There was simply something about the rooms, in fact the entire feeling
of the building that felt wrong. She kept moving, trying to keep her footing
steady, though feeling worse every second.

When she reached the door of her bedroom she had to grab the handle to
support herself. It was as if the entire house was trying to shake apart. The
door itself was no exception and even as she tried to keep her footing, it
flew open, sending her tumbling to the floor.

Given the darkness and surprise of the accident she had no time to slow her
fall, colliding with the ground hard. She felt a bone jarring thud of impact
accompanied by a brief flash of white stars.

"Ow." she said as a matter of habit. She was already doing a mental check of
her body and she seemed unharmed. She turned her head, looking for the
dropped torch but not finding it. She guessed it must have either clicked off
or rolled out of sight.

Standing slowly and rubbing her neck she realised that whatever she had been
feeling had now stopped.

Everything was back the way it should be.

At least, that was the way it seemed until she reached her bed.

It didn't feel like her bed at all. It was too small, too high and still
made. She looked through the darkness, examining the rest of the room.

Upon closer inspection she made a chilling discovery. It was not her room,
nor any other room in the house. It looked enough like the bedroom of a young
woman but it was definitely not hers. Yet she clearly remembered that the
door leading into the room had been her own.

A chill of fear ran through her. Something was very very wrong.

It was then she saw light, coming from beneath her bed.. or whoever's bed it

The torch. she assumed, hoping that she could shed light on the subject in
some manner.

She knelt down, reaching her hand out for the torch.

"Ow!" she yelled, pulling her hand back suddenly. She rose to her feet,
peering at her hand. Her fingers were caught in a mousetrap, which, although
it had been initially shocking, wasn't too painful. She examined it closer,
realising it was more than a normal mousetrap. Tired about it were various
metal wires and electronics. And leading away from it was a thick length of
electrical cable.

"What the hell is this... yaaaahhhhh!" she screamed aloud as she felt
electricity flow through her. She struggled to move, to remove the device,
but her muscles wouldn't respond. She felt blackness beginning to engulf her
as her legs gave way and she tumbled down towards the bed.

* * *

Kirsten slowly regained consciousness, groaning weakly.

"Is she awake yet?"

"Let's find out."

"AARGH!" Kirsten howled as a jolt rushed through her.

"She's awake."

"Good. We can start."

Kirsten blinked a few times, looking up at the roof of the room.

"What? Hey!" suddenly she realised she was tie up. Her wrists and ankles had
been secured somehow to the ends of the bed and no amount of tugging was
going to get them free.

"Looks like she wants to get away."

"No chance of that now."

Kirsten turned her head, trying to find a source of the voices. There was no
one else in the room but they had to be coming from somewhere. Then she saw
it, a small figure pulling at a wire.

It was doll sized. More than that, it was a doll. A girls doll.

In a flash of recognition Kirsten realised what it was.

A Gwendy Doll.

"This can't be real." she said to herself, watching the small figure.

"Real as can be." a voice giggled.

"Perfectly real." another laughed.

Kirsten recognised the voices too.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Christina Ricci. Just the way they'd supplied them
in Small Soldiers.

It was crazy. A nightmare perhaps. But it seemed too real for that. Much too

Out of the corner of her eye she saw one of the dolls walking along side her
body on the bed, holding a large pair of scissors.

"What the hell is going on!" Kirsten yelled as she struggled. "What are you

The doll looked up at her with it's fixed expression.

"You're going to be our brand new Gwendy doll." it replied in an exuberant

"What? This is crazy!"

"We're not crazy. We know that Gwendy life is the most fun life a girl can
have. So we're going to make you one of us."

"I don't want to be one of you." Kirsten shivered at the idea they were

"You won't be exactly like us. You'll be very special. Because you'll be much
bigger and stronger."

"And more anatomically correct." finished the doll with the scissors as she
began to cut the fabric of Kirstens's top. The actress was tempted to
struggle but she didn't want to cut herself on the scissors so she kept her
torso still. The same went for the not bucking her hips when the doll cut off
her pants. She didn't feel violated yet, there was still a strong part of her
which denied what was happening to her at all. It was impossible. Totally

"We can't change you physically." came a voice. Kirsten could see a number of
moving shapes in the in room now, some working with electronics. Wherever she
was, the power was back on. "But we know just how to adapt you to the Gwendy
frame of mind."

"We're real smart and we got all sorts of information about minds and

"Especially the sensitive parts."

Kirsten watched in fascinated fear as one of the distorted dolls climbed over
her naked body and walked up to her chest. It reached out a plastic hand
and prodded Kirsten's nipple. The actress immediately began to thrash about
angrily but she was bound tight and the doll managed to keep her footing. The
prodded again then began to strum the tip back and forth, quickly generating
an arousal. When the nipple was at a peak the doll grabbed hold of a plastic
clip and attached it. It wasn't painful but it was definitely noticeable, and
the sensation meant that the nipple would remain erect too. The doll calmly
crossed her chest and repeated her action on Kirsten's left breast, making
sure they were both wired.

The doll hopped onto the bed again.

"Test!" it called.

"Test?" Kirsten swallowed nervously. "Test Whaaaa!" she squealed as a quick
series of jolts flowed through her breasts. Rather than feel painful they
almost felt pleasant, not unlike tickling.

"Working." an ever cheerful voice replied. "proceeding at three second

"What are you doO!" Kirsten felt another jolt. Then another. Every three
seconds a buzz of pleasure ran through her nipples and her breasts.

"Placing primary sex stimulator." came a voice from the base of the bed.

"NO!" Kirsten yelled an bucked her hips frantically.

In quick response, several dolls scurried about, tying a strap at her hips to
minimise movement.

Kirsten kept struggling.

"Increasing to two second pulse."

Kirsten shivered as the breast impulses sped up, distracting her for a

Suddenly she felt plastic hands probing at her crotch. She did her best to
back away but they were relentless. Then she heard a buzzing. she didn't know
exactly what it was, but it's purpose was clear.

She strained her neck, peering down between her legs where several Gwendy
dolls worked in torch light.

She saw rainbow colours, shivering in sick fear as she recognised it.

A pocket koosh ball.

The dolls assimilated everything from available supplies so the threaded
rubber ball had to be one of them. She remembered again that this was not her
room. She didn't know what others tools lay in wait.

She let out a yelp of helplessness as she felt the ball pushed into place.
Vibrating threads pressed against her skin and every move she made only
served to make the stimulation even stronger.

Instantly she knew that the vibrating device was serving it's purpose,
multiple threads stroking her clitoris in rhythm.

"You're going to love being a Gwendy doll."

"No." Kirsten protested weakly, knowing that her body was fast moving beyond
her control.

"Increasing to one second pulse."

Her breasts began to twitch at an even faster rate, the pulses as strong as

"Start Gwendy programming."

Kirsten felt a number of dolls moving about her head, pulling in a metal
skull cap. It pressed tightly against her, cold metal against increasingly
warm skin. Then came the glasses, some form game headset, adapted to the
dolls purpose. It covered her vision totally, leaving her in darkness.
Finally came the head phones, plugged into her ears tightly. And all the
time the wires pulsed at her breasts and the ball vibrated within her.

"Increasing to half second pulse."

Kirsten screamed.

Not because of the increased stimulation of her breasts, but because of
the sudden rush of information that she felt. The glasses were alive with
static, likewise the headphones. But somehow the headband was binding that
information, forcing it into her mind. She realised that it wasn't random
static, but computer coding, unrecognisable to her but perfectly attuned
to the microchips of the headband.

They couldn't reprogram her brain so instead they were implicating a more
dominant controller. The headband would control her conscious mind,
activating the programming from the light and sound.

Kirsten did the only thing she could.

She screamed.

She howled and she struggled but her bonds stayed tight, her eyes and ears
continued to be assailed and her breasts got jolted at quarter second

On top of that, she had an orgasm.

The vibrating ball had done it's job and would continue to do so for as long
as it was needed. The distraction of sexual stimulation worked horrifically
well, just as the dolls had planned. Even as Kirsten started to erect mental
barriers against the invasion, she came, instantly shattering any hopes she
had of resisting. In the brief seconds of orgasm the protocols pushed
through into her mind and when she began to refocus she found it a much
harder job.

Still she fought, trying her best not to let the dolls take control of her

The vibrating ball buzzed between her legs.

The nipple clamps pulsed eight times a second, making a buzz of their own.

She came again.

It would have been much easier to resist if the orgasms didn't feel so good.

But they did feel nice. They made her feel happy for a brief second.

They were fun.

Kirsten shuddered as her orgasm frequency increased.

Fun. Gwendy dolls liked fun. Orgasms were fun. She liked orgasms.

Have fun. Have and orgasm.

Kirsten came again.

Gwendy dolls liked orgasms. She liked them. She liked how it felt, how it
made her happy, how she wanted to stay happy.

Gwendy had an orgasm.

Gwendy smiled as she gasped in delight.

Gwendy loved orgasms.

* * *

Gwendy stood, ready to march with her troops. They stood on the floor and at
her side, naked, like her. He only clothing was a metal headband that gripped
to her head, flowed over with tousled blonde hair. Gwendy was ready to go
with the others, ready to find and conquer, to make more Gwendy dolls. Soon
they would have lots of friends to play with.

Gwendy smiled happily, stepping forward over the floor and reaching for the
door handle.

It was to be there first step in their domination.

She opened the door.

White light flared.

Spontaneously, every power source in the room went dead.

For the smaller Gwendy dolls this meant falling lifeless to the floor.

For the larger Gwendy doll it meant life returned.

Kirsten fell to her knees, ripping the metal band from her head.

A nightmare. It was all a horrible nightmare and she had woken up at last.

That was what she wanted to tell herself.

But her pyjamas were gone.

And her floor was covered with lifeless dolls.

Kirsten reached out and grabbed one, snapping it in two.

She looked about the room, her room once again.

Something had killed the power.

Something had saved her from a life as a living doll.

She didn't know what that force was, or what it meant, or even if it had been
the cause of all this.

She would worry about that later.

Right now she was just happy to be more than a toy.


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