Totally Spies: Undercover Brothel (Mfff,Mff)
by Hamster (your furry, flushable friend)


Clover, Sam, and Alex were each out of costume and in Hawaiian shirts, tiny
white shorts, and straw hats. They appeared as little more than tourists and
not WOOHP agents. Clover hated dressing like a stereotypical tourist but the
other two girls convinced her that it was for the best.

Days earlier, their boss at WOOHP, Jerry had contacted them in the hopes
that the three girls could prevent the Pamtanese dictator from releasing a
terrible DNA altering virus that he would use to ransom the world. Only
WOOHP seemed to know what was happening and only because of their excellent
spies, one of whom had died trying to warn the WOOHP.

The trio though had, no idea where General Hate was hiding. And they were
having one bitch of a time trying to gather information about him. The three
discussed strategy as they walked through town.

"I haven't heard anything useful," admitted Alex.

Sam nodded that, she as well, had no clues.

"Well ... I think I may have something." Clover announced unenthusiastically.

"WHAT?" The other two asked in unison.

Clover sighed. "Well, General Hate supposedly is REALLY into prostitutes."

"So what?" Clover asked.

"Maybe we can pose as some to catch him. I mean we are incredibly hot."

Samand Alex stared at her. They couldn't argue with her logic. Especially
about them being incredibly hot. Both of them hated the idea. Unfortunately
neither saw any other options.

* * *


The three women found themselves in the office of the island's premier
whorehouse. The place seemed to be decorated to resemble an 'Elvis in Hawaii'

"You see, we're all tourists, we lost our luggage and all of our money. We
desperately need cash," Sam explained as Clover and Alex nodded their

The manager was so happy to get his hands on three sexy foreign teenagers, he
basically ignored the entire implausibility of their story. As a matter of
fact he had a lot of difficulty concentrating on anything at all but Alex,
Sam and Clover's boobs.

"Ummm yes oh yes, of course, absolutely I'd be very happy to have you work
at my establishment. But I'm afraid I require a test, to see if you are
qualified. Do you agree to this?" he said, leering.

"Of course, we'll do anything," Alex replied with a queasy feeling. God, this
guy's a sleazy idiot, she thought.

"Excellent, excellent," he said. "Sam, why don't you and Alex show me what
you got by giving us a little lesbian display. Clover, I'll 'feel you out'

Clover wanted to vomit but she smiled cheerfully. "Oh, I'd love to."

The manager had already removed his pants; his little general was standing
at attention. Clover removed her Hawaiian shirt thus freeing her huge boobs.
The Chinese Interpol agent got on her hands and knees and crawled in the
direction of the manager.

Sam and Alex approached each other and embraced then let their tongues
entwine as they explored each other's mouths. Sam's hand slid up Alex's
long sexy leg to the teen's painted-on white shorts.

Clover's tits wobbled as she crawled towards the manager. She licked the head
of his cock then up and down the shaft. Clover took the head in her mouth and
began sucking loudly. The manager took a hold of Clover's hair and rammed his
cock down her throat. Clover sucked at the manager's rock hard man-meat even
as he pushed it in and out her pretty mouth. His hairy balls scratched her
chin with each thrust. He was fucking her face rapidly as he watched the show
Alex and Sam were putting on.

Sam and Alex were practically ripping each other's clothes off. Soon Sam was
sucking on Alex's left tit while massaging her right one. Sam was now on her
knees loudly slurping at and tongue fucking Alex's pussy. The sexy teen's
tongue dug deeper and deeper as Sam spread Alex's pussy lips to gain better
access. Alex's eyes rolled with pleasure, she clutched her own breasts and
squeezed them as hard as possible letting her kneading her lovely flesh like
dough. Alex and Sam decided to change positions. Sam and Alex were now
grinding each other's pussies together as they kissed and squeezed each
other's boobs. Neither woman had ever imagined it would be this good to be
with another woman but considering how much fun they were now having they
both decided to do this a lot more often.

Clover was having less fun with the brothel's oily manager. Between Clover's
fantastic oral pleasuring and the show Sam and Alex were giving the manager
could no longer control himself. His cock burst flooding Clover's mouth with
warm cum. Clover gagged and coughed as he shot his load down her throat.

As a thoroughly disgusted Clover stood up and wiped her mouth the manager
slapped her ass. Clover silently imagined how much fun it would be to murder

"Whew, that was amazing ... you're all hired!!!" He exclaimed as he now took
the opportunity to fondle the disgruntled Clover's boobs.

Alex and Sam, who had just finished cumming into each other's faces, were now
licking the glistening girl-jelly from their lips.

"G-Gee ... great," they each said between pants.

The three teens had become extremely popular at the brothel. Every night and
day for half a week they were fucked every which way in every hole and forced
to so many incredibly perverted things that they feared that they would soon
OD on sex. They performed for both men and women ages 13-60 and once Clover
even had to get fucked by a donkey while an entire room fool of patrons
watched and cheered. They did S&M and bondage fantasies and where sometimes
penetrated by multiple partners at once. They worked almost non-stop and
barely slept or ate. But still General Hate had yet to show up. They were
beginning to think that they had gone through everything for nothing.

After four nights the manager told them that they were graced by the great
dictator's request for them.

"You are to be guests at General Hate's private reception, were he will do
each of you the grand favor of fucking you senseless," he announced.

"How wonderful!!" They each lied. At least this awful, sleazy job would be
over soon.

The trio of undercover heroines arrived at the general's hidden mansion.
Alex was wearing a black leather dress that struggled to contain her large
breasts. Sam was wearing a tight red dress and Clover was wearing blue. They
were all escorted into the General's mansion's dining hall, which was filled
with local businessmen. The trio were led to General Hate himself and
introduced to him.

"What, very lovely women," the general said as he appraised each of their
physiques. "You have done well Mr. Monomo," General Hate told the manager.
"Ms. Alex and Ms. Sam please join me in the hot tub. Mr. Monomo, you may
feel free to use the guest room with Ms. Clover."

"Thank you, general," Monomo said.

He led Clover out into the hall. She waited till they were alone then clubbed
him in the back of the head to knock him out. She was going to leave him but
then turned back on him and kicked him in the nuts. He groaned once and
passed out again. Clover silently made her way through the halls of General
Hate's mansion. There was a pause as she checked the room in front of her.
Inside where varied glass vials and bottles labeled with different names and
numbers. At the back wall was a large safe door. Clover placed a high tech
gizmo on the door's lock. The numbers on the gizmo began to dial down slowly
until it beeped and the door swung open. Clover walked in and claimed the
vial containing the mutagenic virus.

"Excellent," she smiled.

* * *


General Hate had a firm grip on Alex's tits as he pistoned in and out of her
pussy with long strokes. Alex for her part was moaning into Sam's delectable
pussy as her head was resting on the edge of the hot tub and Sam was
squatting over her face. Alex was eating out her partner and massaging the
girl's firm but cheeks between moans. Sam's boobs swayed as she moaned
contently from Alex's tongue lashing. The general was groping the girls wet
tits roughly as his manhood sloshed repeatedly in and out of Alex. Sam came
first filling Alex's mouth sweet girl-cum. Then General Hate's cock erupted
in Alex's tight cunt. The general fell over on top of hot Amazon thoroughly
exhausted. Alex however continued eating out the lovely Sam until she came
to a second quivering orgasm.

Suddenly Alex heard the beeping of their communication device.

"Y-yes?" Sam asked.

"Buzz - It's me, Clover. I have the virus. Let's get out of here - buzz."
The voice on the other end of the communicator buzzed.

General Hate stirred a bit. "Hey, what's going on?"

Alex conked him on the head knocking him out. The three women exited the
mansion, casually beating down any guards who tried to stop them.

"Jerry has decided to give me control of an all-new all-girl super hero
team and I would like the three of you to be part of it."

"That sounds like a really good idea," said Alex.

Clover and Sam both quickly agreed.
_ _ _

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