Author's Note: This is the sequel to Halloween Treat.

Totally Spies: Under The Influence (ff,FFf,bmail)
by Hamster, your furry flushable friend

Beverley Hills...

Sam had been working non-stop to find a cure for her experiment. The
experiment had created a drink that made you permanently lust after anyone
else who had also drank it. She was on to a cure. Sam grabbed her cellphone
and called Alex and Clover immediately.

"What's up Sam you sounded excited on the phone." Said Alex.

"I found it!, I found the cure!!!" Sam exclaimed.

Alex and Clover both looked at each other.

"Like Sam, I'm not so sure I want to try another one of your cures." Clover
said emphasizing the word cure with air quotes.

"Yeah Sam. Last time you turned our faces blue." Alex said.

"That only lasted an hour." Sam protested. "Look just try it."

Alex and Clover just looked at each other and sighed.

They each took a swig of the concoction which tasted almost like coke with a
hint of cocoanut.

They didn't feel much different. Sam certainly still felt attracted to Alex
and Clover, although her desperate horniness for them seemed to had died

"Maybe it takes a while to work all the way." Said Sam.

The other two girls just shrugged.

"Look let's all agree not to sleep together until we see if this works or
not, agreed?" Sam asked

"OK." Alex said.

"Fine." Said Clover more reluctantly.

24-hours later....

"Like I was totally under the misimpression that you were the smart one."
Clover said.

Sam looked hurt.

"Clover don't be mean, just because you totally humiliated yourself." Alex

Clover turned red. "Thanks."

The girls had gone from being totally desperate for each other to being
generally attracted to all women. Clover had the least self control and had
gotten herself caught staring at Mandy's breasts. The resulting scene had
been fairly humiliating for Clover.

"Like let's talk about something else." Clover said.

3 minutes later....

Sam, Alex and Clover were walking down the halls of thier highschool together
discussing girls.

"Amanda is cute but Jane is WAY cuter." said Clover.

"I don't know Clover I think Amanda....WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" Sam's commentary was
cut-off when the WHOOP away machine sucked the three girls through a portal
in a trah can.

They were quickly transported to Jerry's office where they collapsed in a
heap on the coach in front of his desk. Hello girls it's nice to see you. Are
you still under the unfortunate side-effects of Clovers drugs?"

"Like yeah-uh, it's so distracting too all I can do is think about girls."
Clover complained.

"Which is soooo much different from how you used to be distracted by
constantly thinking of boys." Alex interjected.

Clover stuck her tongue out at her.

"I'm sorry girls but your condition will have to wait." Jerry turned and
used a remote to turn on a giant monitor. "This is Svetlana Olenka, she is
a Russian reporter who was investigating a white slavery ring in the small
central American nation of Santa Pescado."

"The countries name is Holy Fish?" Asked an incredulous Alex.

"Apparently." Said Jerry. "Ms. Olenka has gone missing and we believe that
the White Slavers caught her and made her their latest victim. We believe
that several famous women as well as some unfortunate spring breakers who
have recently gone missing are also victims of these slavers. We need you
to find the missing reporter, then bust up the slaver ring."

"No problem Jerry, we're on it." Said Sam.

"Good, now for the gadgets. Stealth suits able to change color to match your
surroundings or black to inhance sneakiness in the dark." Jerry held up what
looked like one of their standard tight leather uniforms but it changed to
black seemingly without any actual control or promptring.

"OOOOOOOO stylish." Clover remarked.

"Next we have copy cat contacts. If you look directly into somebodies eyes
then it will copy their eye patterns. It will fool any retina scan. And
finally finger daggers. They pop out of your gloves' finger tips. Good luck
girls your plane is waiting. The girls entered their pink jet and began
their flight to Santa Piscado.

Santa Piscado, Central America...

After arriving in Santa Piscado it was decided that they would begin
searching for the missing reporter in the morning. Sam, Alex and Clover
were staying at fairly cheap hotel in Santa Piscado's. Their were two
rooms, one with two beds and another with a single bed. They weren't
very pleasant smelling and were poorly lit. There was some mold on the
ceiling. As a matter of fact a rather large rat had camped out on one
of the bed's that was in the room that had two. when Alex tried to shoo
it away it snarled visciously. It was about the size of a cat and none
of the girls wanted to fight it for the right to sleep there.

"Looks like two of us are just going to have to share a bed." Said Clover.

"Wait a minute!" Said Sam.

"We all agreed not to sleep with each other until I worked out an antidote
for the Halloween Treat." Sam said.

"Like just because we sleep in the same be doesn't mean we have to have sex
Sam." Clover said.

"Yeah we're all mature and responsible." Alex said.

"OK fine, Clover has the least self-control so I'll share a bed with Alex."
Sam said.

"WHAT?" Demanded Clover.

"You're right Sam." Alex said.

"Just because you two don't think you can keep your hands off me." Clover
said as she stormed into the room with one bed. "You two want company so
badly you can share the room with the rat!"

After she slammed the door the other two girls went to their room. The rat
seemed content to leave them alone as long as they didn't bother him. He even
warmed up to them after Alex tossed him some chips. the girls then got into
their slepping cloths and climbed into bed next to each other. Sam and Alex
were soon asleep. Alex was the first to stir. She had been thinking about
women. She couldn't help it. It was Sam's fault. Sam and her stupid potion,
stupid sexy Sam. Alex began to think obsessively about Sam's hot bod. She
wanted to touch it so badly it hurt. Alex reached over and ran her hands
over Sam's butt. She felt the pleasing curve through the silk shorts she was
wearing. Sam stirred, Alex snatched her hand away quickly. Sam settled and
Alex returned to fondling Sam's ass. This continued on for several minutes
until Alex moved her hand between Sam's legs. Alex began to softly rub Sam's
sex then began to do it quite a bit more firmly. Again Sam began to stirr.
This time Alex didn't stop, if anything her rubbing became more frantic.

"Huh, Alex w-what are you doing?" Gasped Sam.

"I just want to touch you." Alex said in reply.

"B-but we weren't...until...oh...we should stop...oh it feels so good."
Sam's resolve disappeared, she lay back and simply enjoyed herself.

While rubbing her freinds cunt, Alex began to kiss her and massage her
breast. The rat simply watched as Alex fingered Sam to an orgasm.

Central America...

The girls had split up so that they could cover more ground while they look
for the missing reporter. Clover had made her way to the beach and wasn't
having much luck. She wasted about an hour just looking at bikini clad
girls. NOBODY at the beach seemed to know anything. She contented herself by
applying some suntan lotion to a sun bather. Sam was also looking for the
the same reporter. She checked with the local police, local tv stations and
with hospitals. Nobody knew anything.

Alex had wound up just outside of a bar. She opened the door and stepped in.
The place was filled with rough looking people as well as well as a shocking
number of roaches and biting inscects. The body odor permiated the entire
place. Everyone turned to stare at her. she looked slightly out of place.
She felt very out of place. She certainly wasn't dressed for the part. She
wore a short black jean-skirt and a pink shirt.

"Do you know where this woman might be?" Asked Alex of the bar tender after
making her way to him.

"Small girl, you be drink or I not speak." Said the man in a heavy eastern
European accent.

"Can I have a bottled water?" Alex asked.

Everyone within earshot began to laugh their asses off.

"There is no water from bottle here." Said the man with exaggerated patience.

"Can I have a coke?" She askep nervously.

"No coke we are selling only the alcahol." He explained with the same annoyed
tone of exaggerated patience.

"OK then give me a beer." She said.

"I need see ID." Said the barkeep.

"Are you kidding me???" Demanded Alex.

"Hey, you with the nice ass." Said a voice behind her.

Alex turned and saw a woman sitting at a table. She was wearing leather
pants, and a leather jackket as well as a white tank top. Her hair was short
and black. Sitting on ther lap was a very large breasted blonde with a short
leather skirt and, leather jaket and white t-shit.

"Are you talking to me?" Alex asked.

"Yes I am. Come here and have a seat next to us." Said the woman with the
short dark hair. She toyed with the blonde's hair as she spoke. Alex walked
down to the table and sat down next to the woman and her 'friend'. "Hans a
drink for my new friend here, Corona."

"Sure Maya." Hans the barkeeper said.

"What is your name, cute little thing?" Asked Maya.

"Alex." She replied.

"I am Maya. And this is Gretchen, Hans's daughter. Who are you looking for?"
She asked.

"A reporter." Alex handed her the picture of Svetlana Olenka.

"Very pretty, I can tell you where to look but that would make people angry
with me." Maya said.

"Please you have to tall me where she she is. She could be in danger." Alex

"Hmmm. OK maybe I can be convinced but we should speak in private. Hans can
I borrow your back room?" Asked Maya.

"Yes. Go." Hans said gruffly.

Maya took Alex's hand and led her to a door at the back of the bar with
Gretchen in tow. She opened this door and then she led Alex and Gretchen

"So miss Alex I think that we have an obvious resolution here." Maya said.

"W-What do you mean?" Asked Alex

"You want to know how to find this reporter and I want to play with your
pretty body. We make a deal." Said Maya.

"Wait a minute." Alex began to protest.

"Please do not say other things Alex." Said Maya. "You have cute body and I
have information we trade, yes or no?"

Alex bit her lower lip, this was not what she wanted but if this sleezy biker
chick had information it might be the only way she'd ever find out where
Olenka was.

"OK, OK. You really have information?" Alex said.

"Yes, of course, I am horny perverted dike, not a liar." Maya said.

"OK then, we have a deal." Alex said.

"Good. Gretchen please strip." Maya said.

Gretchen stood up and removed her jacket and white shirt. Her huge breats
were constrained by a white bra which once unfastened released the massive
mammaries with an exciting pop. Next the blonde unzipped her skirt and
tossed it aside followed by her panties. Once naked, Gretchen sat back in
her chair and spread her legs.

"Alex you are knowing how to lick the pussy good yes?" Asked Maya in her
heavily accented english.

Alex gulped. "Uhhhnhh yes."

"Good, lick Gretchen's pussy like good girl." Said Maya.

Alex knelt in front of the chair. Gretchen leaned back and then thrust her
pussy forward. Alex knew hwat she had to do. She leaned forward and began
to nuzzle Gretchen's pussy with her nose. Gretchen giglled and ran her
fingers through Alex's hair. Meanwhile Maya stepped behind Alex and pushed
her skirt up to her waist. Alex moaned when she felt Maya's fingers rub her
pussy through her pink panties. Maya grabbed the wet crotch and pulled
Alex's panties down her thighs. Maya immediately went to a desk and opened
it while Alex began to lap at Gretchen's pussy like a kitten with a saucer
of milk. Gretchen's finger's dug into her firm tit flesh as she encouraged

"Ja, ja mien gott JA!" She cried.

May returned wearing a strap-on and nothing else. She grabbed hold of
Alex's slender hips and guided the big rubber cock to the sweet, wet pussy
of Alex's. This got Alex's attention in a big way.

"NO please. I'm still a virgin, I wanted to save that for Sam or Clover."
Alex pleaded after lifting her head from Gretchen's pussy.

"Hey we have a deal, besides I want to try this new dildo out. Now go back
to eating out Gretchen." She said.

Maya pushed the dildo into Alex until she met the resistance of Alex's
virginity. With one angry push she broke clean through and made Alex squeal.
Maya didn't stop and began to slide it in and out of her. Alex grabbed
Gretchen's thighs And began to eat her pussy alot more frantically as she
got fucked from behind by Maya. Maya moaning crying out in her native
portuguese as she fucked Alex almost as if it was a real penis and she
could feel every stroke. Soon Alex was cumming but Maya was nowhere near
finished as she just kept pounding Alex pussy. Finally after a seeming
eternity May began to cumm and Alex was shocked when she felt her pussy
flood with goo.

"What the heck?" Demanded the confused girl.

"It is a special high-tech dildo. The inside sends signals to my nerves
collected from sensors in the shaft. This allows me to feel every stroke
when i have sex just like if I had my own cock. It even absorbs my cum
transforms it into sperm and spits it back out into you." Said Maya as
she came down from her orgasm.

"That's amazing!" Alex said.

"Yes, I have extra if you wish to buy..."


The girls all arrived at the Bongada Casino around dusk. They all approached
the doormen and were immediately stopped. The doorman was about 6'3" and was
wearing what appeared to be a permanent frown.

"Password." Asked the man in Spanish.

"Batdung." Said Alex.

"You may enter." He said.

The girls filed into the Casino. the place was a bit dark and very crowded.
There were people playing all sorts of games and there was smoke everywhere.
At the center of the place was big cage where two men where beating the holy
hell out of each other. Alex, Sam and Clover waded their way through the
crowd eventually making their way to the money changer.

"Like, we need to speak to Mr. Bondaga." Clover said.

"Who are you?" Asked the woman behind the window with metal bars.

"We just need to talk buisiness with him." Said Sam.

"This had better be important, Mr. Bondaga doesn't like being bothered." the
woman said.

Two large men in tailored suits showed up and led the girls to a back room
where a large and rather sweaty fat man lay on a couch. On the arm of the
couch a rather hideous monkey was grooming itself.

"So I hear that you three girls have been looking for Svetlana Olenka." The
sweaty man said.

"Yes we are." said Sam.

"We were told that you knew where a missing Russian reporter named Svetlana
Olenka was." Said Alex.

"I do, I do you see a rival of mine has been kidnapping women all over Santa
Piscado and taking them to a secret location where they are sold as harem
girls." Mr. Bondaga said.

"Like can you tell us where they are?" Asked Clover.

"I could but what would be in it for me?" Asked the man.

"What do you want?" Asked Alex.

"Well as you know the United States has an embargo with our country making
it very hard to get some of American products, if you could get them for me
then I might be tempted into helping you." The man said.

"What is it you want us to get?" Asked Sam.

"An X-Box360 with about a dozen games and an extra controller, a crate of
Reeses Peanut Butter cups, History of the World part 1 on DVD, Baywatch
Barbie, a crate of Snicker bars, every Britney Spears CD ever made, a
hummer and plenty of extra parts and a years supply Baby ruths." Requested

Sam got out her WHOOP! communicater. "Jerry we are going to need access to
the WHOOP! bank account."

Santa Monica, California...

Thanks to their stealth suits and sound supressor boots the girls made no
more noise than a moth as they stepped through the trainyard on their way
to the warehouse at it's heart. All the trains leaving this place carried
illegal cargo to it's eventual destination. In this case the illegal cargo
was a collection of kidnapped woman. And the destination was the private
collection of a white slaver named Myron. The stealthy trio of sexy spies
steppeed silently through the starlit setting. Sevral thugs guarded the
front of the warehouse but the girls snuck along to the side, climbed to
the top of the roof, cut through a ceiling window and dropped down onto a
mesene. The spies snuck over to the second floor of the office and listened
at the office window.

"Ha Myron is going to love this batch." Said a male voice.

"Yeah, no kidding. What does one guy do with all those women." Asked a second

"He's just a greedy bastard that doesn't want to save any tang for the rest
of us slobs." Complained the first voice.

The girls kicked open the office door and caught the two guards by surprise.

"Hey who are you?" The first guard demanded before he was kicked in the head
by Sam. Clover and Alex both tag-teamed the second guard and sent him flying
into a wall.

The girl's unlocked a door and headed down the stairs into the ware house
itself. At the back of the building were several woman who were locked inside
of large cages.

"Hey who are you?" Demanded two guards.

They aimed their guns but the spies were quickly able to spray them with a
quick-hardening foam from their arsenal of gadgets. The girls began to unlock
all of the cages and soon Sam was calling for Alex and Clover.

"Alex, Clover quick!" Sam cried.

Some of the women that they had just freed looked over as well. Sam opened
the cage she was in front of and there stood the lovely missing Russian
reporter. Svetlana Olenka.

"I am thanking you for rescuing me." She said.

"It's what we do." Sam assured her. "We need to know what you were
investigating so that we can get to the bottom of it and stop more

"Well while I was investigating i learned that the man buying all of the
girls lived on a private island. i learned the Islands coordinates before I
was kidnapped myself." Svetlana explained.

Uncharted Island In The South Pacific...

Myron's secret base was accesable a hidden dock. The girls were taken to the
Island's general vacinity by way of a bright pink WHOOP! submarine. The
Submarine got fairly close to the Island before letting the girls out so that
they could scuba the rest of the way. The girls did Scuba their way to the
docks and what they found there was surprising. It was the worlds largest
cruise ship. It was five times the length of any air craft carrier and it was
much taller and wider. The girls could see it from underneath and they were
in awe. The girls found the anchor's chain and began the task of climbing it
up and up towards the ship. Once they were inside they made their way through
the place as quietly as possible. They came across a guard, he turned to aim
and fire but Clover kicked the gun free of his hands. Sam finished him off
with a knock-out punch to the temple. The girls then began to make their way
to the bridge. Every once in a while they were forced to dispatch a few
guards but there was little between them and their goal. They eventually
found what they were looking for. They put on their gas masks then opened the
door and tossed in a pair of gas grenades to knock out the crew. Sam went to
the ship's security camera's and found myron in his quarters. The girls now
found a route to his quarters and began to make their way.

Myron awoke with a start when the spies slammed down his door and broke into
his room.

"What the hell? Who are you?" He demanded.

The girls took a look at him and realized he was just a teenaged kid with a
bad case of acne.

"We are are from WHOOP! and we are here to take you done. HARD. Your white
slavery days are over." Said Alex.

Myron started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Asked Sam.

"Yeah?" Demanded Clover.

"Well you guys for one." Said Myron. "You think this is about white slavery?"

"Well we did until you said that." Replied Alex.

"Fools. I kidnapped those girls for myself, so that I can repopulate the
world." He said.

"What are you talking about?" Sam said.

"I am about to launch a pair of sattalites armed with massive heat cannons.
These cannons will blast each of the poles melting the ice on both the arctic
and antarctic circles. 75% of the world's land mass will be buried under
water for the next 25 years. And anyone left alive on the remaining 25% will
bow before me or be blasted into ash by my heat cannons." Said Myron. "You
fools will have to join me if you want to live and escape drowning. You can
be part of my harem if you want to live that is. And don't think you can stop
me, I'm playing chess and I'm a couple moves ahead of you."

"Not really." said Sam. "You see the whole time you were rambling about your
plans I was transmitting everyword you said to WHOOP!"

Everyone jumped. There was a pair of explosions.

"That was your two satallites being blasted before they could launch." Said
Sam. "Courtesy of a couple of WHOOP! missiles."

"NOOOO." screamed Myron.

Sam kicked him in the head.

"Like Jerry, we need to someone to pick up the girls that are trapped here
and also to arrest the grunts." Said Clover into her comm.

Beverly Hills...

Sam was busy mixing chemicals. So busy, in-fact that she failed to here
Clover enter the room.

"Sam what are you doing?" Asked Clover.

"I'm trying to see if i can come up with the right combination to counteract
the Halloween treat potion." Said Sam.

"Like, Why are you spending so much time on it?" Clover asked.

"Because I need to find a cure for us." Sam said.

"Why?" Asked Clover.

"What do you meen why? Don't you want me to find the cure?" Asked Sam.

"Nope I am totally happy the way that I am now." Said Clover.

"But Clover..." Sam was interrupted when Clover lunged forward and kissed

She pushed Sam back against the table and pushed her tongue into Sam's
mouth as she did so she began to squeeze the other girl's thigh and run her
finger's through her hair.

"Sam, You don't have to worry. I like being this way and I like you. If you
want a cure fine, but I won't be taking it." Said Clover. "BE-Siiides it's
not like your last attempt at a cure worked." Said.

"What about Alex?" Asked Sam.

"Like what about her? I think she's OK with things the way that they are too.
Face it Sam, we're better off just enjoying all the lesbian love than taking
a chance on another one of your experiments." Said Sam.

"HEY!!!!" Sam protested, but she was interrupted by Clover kissing her again.

Clover unbutton Sam's pants. She slid her hand down Sam's smooth belly and
into her panties. Clovers fingers stroked Sam's pussy inside her tight jeans.

"Oh yes, Clover yes." Sam said.

Clover's fingers dug into Sam's cunt and pumped in and out. Sam closed her
eyes and threw her head back and started crying out in pleasure. Sam began to
squeeze Clover's tit's while Clover fingered her. Clover leaned forward and
whispered in Sam's ear.

"I have a surprize for you." Clover said.

The two girls seperated and Clover reached into her book bag and retreaved a

"Oh my gosh! Where did you get that?" Sam asked.

"From Alex. Now like get undressed I totally want to try this thing out."
Clover said.

Clover opened her shorts up and dropped them to the ground. She then fastend
the it on while Sam quickly undressed. The strap-on had a button on the side
which Clover clicked on. The difference was immediately noticeable. Clover
could feel through the dildo as if she had her very own cock. She touched it
tentatively and was amazed at how the device sent pleasure tingling through
her body. Sam bent over a table and spread her legs slightly. No other
invitation was needed. Clover grabbed her friend's hips and then pushed the
it into her. Through the amazing dildo she could feel Sam's wet warm pussy
as she penetrated into it. Clover started pushing and out of her friend,
slowly at first the much more firmly.

"OH CLOVER YES!!! YES!" Sam screamed as the strap-on filled her.

It was an amazing gizmo and Clover soon couldn't contain herself any longer
and was cuumming into Sam. Clover's cum was converted to sperm inside the
didlo which then spat it into Sam.

"Oh Clover that was amzing." Sam breathed as Clover slumped atop her.

"Yeah let me rest alittle then you can have a turn with it." Clover said.

_ _ _

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