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Totally Spies: Totally Dykes
by Victor2K


A couple of masked men sneak into Sultan Abdul's palace, running through the
corridor, looking everywhere so as not to be noticed by the palace keepers,
whispering at each other "run, run, we have to find Sultan's bedroom". As
they ran in direction of his room, they noticed someone walking around, so
one of them ordered,

"There's someone, hide!"

They hid in the backside of a wall on the corridors, and when the palace
keeper gone, they ran to the Sultan's bedroom. They open the door and find
Abdul sleeping in his silk covered and golden embossed bed. They didn't have
any other option: they approached his body and they covered his mouth with
the hand. The sultan woke up and noticing what's happening, tried to get
away from one of the kidnappers, mumbling "Helpffffffffffff, ,mmph,
gua-mmmmmmmphwwwwwww.", when the other kidnapper beat him up with a club,
knocking the sultan out. Hearing the whole thing, some palace keepers run
to the bedroom, but found neither the sultan nor a clue of the kidnappers.
They had to run away.


It was a regular day at the BHHS. Clover, Sam and Alex were walking in
the school's corridor, looking a poster in the wall, talking about an
"Arabian-American festival, with a belly-dance contest".

"Wow, an Arabian festival at next week." Alex read the poster "With a belly
dance contest."

"Belly-dance, cool! I always wanted to dance like that. I want to take this,"
Clover said, with bright eyes at the poster, repeating the sentence as much
as she could.

The blonde girl was giggling about this, but Sam looked at her with some
suspicious face.

"All right, We know from you enthusiasm that you want to do this." and she
got emphatic "but you don't fucking know HOW to dance, do you?"

"Aaaaaahn, Miss No Fun," Clover mocked a little with Sam, who doubted that
Clover could dance "It's not so hard. It's just move the hips and the belly,
just like this" After said that, she started to move her hips and belly,
making a "similar kind of belly dance", while singing the rhythm of an Arab
music. The dance was just interrupted for a familiar voice.

"If this is belly-dance, Arabian people can cut your legs", said Mandy, the
cruelest girl of the school. Clover got nervous when she was interrupted by
Mandy's commentary.

Mandy pushed her away and signed her name at the subscription paper for the
contest. "Get out you amateurs, the professional has just arrived."

The trio got very angry with one more of the arrogant attitudes of Mandy,
especially Clover, who also included her name in the list.

"Wow, Clover I didn't know that you have no sense of ridiculous, with your

"You're the ridiculous one, Mandy. And I bet I gonna win this contest and rub
it against your pretty fucking face." Clover said, sticking her finger at the
dark haired girl's nose

The snob girl laughed at Clover and got the pen to write her name at the
subscription paper at the school's hall. The blonde chick got really mad
at Mandy, and also put her name on the paper, fixing an angry eye at the
dark-haired one.

"You're gonna enter this contest too, Clover? With your presentation, I think
you're gonna make success.on the Losers round, ha-ha-ha!"

"Owwww, Look Mandy" Clover started, "I'm gonna win this, and after I'll rub
the first place in your pretty fucking face."

"Let's see Clover, let's see.bye-ee" Mandy said and ran away of the trio
grinning. Alex and Sam watched with astonished look Clover cussing about

"That fucking selfish Mandy bitch. When I win this contest, she's gonna see
that.owww, If I could kick her ass...grrrrrrrrrr."

Sam approached from Clover just hold her "animal instinct" and tried to make
her get easy.

"Clover, being pissed off like this will not help you to win."

"Yeah Clov," Alex agreed "Don't bother with Mandy, now you'll have to learn
the belly-dance to win."

"But how will I learn this in just one week?" Clover sighed.

Sam and Alex was prompted to answer but at this time a hole opened on the
floor, sucking the trio to WOOHP (World Organization Of Human Protection)'s
headquarters, where their boss, Jerry was waiting to them with a mission.


The spies came to the WOOHP's HQ and sat down on a kind of chair. Jerry turns
his chair to salute the girls.

"Hello, Spies."

"Hello, Jer. What the heck's going on?" Sam asked.

"It's a case of life or death. One of our dearest friends and contributors
Sultan Abdul in the Sultanate of Al-Kinkhye was kidnapped late this night.
Two kidnappers came in his palace, got him and took him to an unknown place
in the desert. Mission: You, spies, will have to find him and bring him back
to the palace, discover who's doing that and protect the young daughter of
him, Khadija."

Clover thought when he mentioned in the sultanate's name "An Arab place,
maybe they can help me."

"Clover, are you paying attention to me?" Jerry said, when he noticed the
girl wasn't looking at him.

"O-oh. Yes, Jerry...keep going."

"Ah, ok. Here's the tools you will bring to the mission: "A special glass
VX-2003, with infra-red vision, that permits you to see at night with range
till 10 miles of distance, some climbing gear, in the case of climbing walls,
and a hi-tech sword, who works with laser. Any questions?", he explained,
while he gave the tools to Clover, Alex and Sam.

"Ah.." Alex tried.

"Too late, you'll have to arrive. Goodbye."

Jerry pressed a button and thrown the spies to their plane. They quickly put
their spy outfits before they landed at the plane, what will take them to

"Next stop.Al-Kinkhye!!!" The trio said in unison.


We find our spies in the desert of Arabia. They landed on an airport provided
by WOOHP and were transported via camels to go to Al-Kinkhye. Jerry also gave
Alex a GPS device to allow them to find their way in the country. All of them
were concentrating on getting in there, except Sam, who was with a kind of
stomach malady, maybe caused by riding on a camel.

"Oh.. crap. How much longer until we find this place? I'm almost throwing
up, damn, I knew that I shouldn't have eaten eggs for breakfast...this desert

"Oh, Sam, please!" Clover said, "What the hell could a desert do for you?
Anyway, relax, try to get a tan with this sun."

"Look who's talking? Remember that time in the Sahara, Clov? You were
complaining that camel ride sucked, and you vomited 5 times, and you almost
kicked the hell of that Algerian man who tried to take a peek on you. And
you talk about me, Clover?"

Clover just looked Sam and showed the finger to her. The brown-haired girl
showed the two fingers back. "Stick those up your ass," she said.

"Up your baggy ass, bitch!" Sam continued to fight with Clover.

"Your ass is baggy."

"Fuck you Clov."

"Fuck you back, bitch."

"YOU BOTH, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!" Alex screamed to the angry couple
"Behave yourselves or I'll leave both here in the desert, and I won't pick
you up on my way back!"

Clover and Sam were surprised about Alex's orders, but they accepted and got

"Ok girls, now I think we're about to get to the country" she said, looking
at the GPS device.

The trios walked more a few miles while the dark-haired girl was making
sounds and saying things like "hmm." and "Ok" until they saw a tower. They
walked a bit until they find the nation.

"Now, we found it. This is Al-Kinkhye" Alex smiled happy when they found the

"It's just that? I thought it was bigger," Clover said, with a bit of

"All right girls" Sam ordered. "Let's enter and get into the palace."

Our spies enter the city and gone to the palace, to meet Khadija.


After the spies enter in the city's doors, a couple of guards approached the
caravan, looked at them, and communicated them: "Are you the people who
Princess Khadija called to rescue the Sultan? Come with me", then he walked
away and the trio got off their camels and followed him.

When they reach to the palace, the guard yelled to someone who was inside
"Open the gate, they're here!" The gate opened and he walked in, before turn
his head back and call them "Come, the Princess are awaiting for you."

When they entered the palace, they walked into the hallway, always turning
their heads to see the walls full of golden pieces and candles.

When the group came to the main hall of the palace, one of the guards walked
to Khadija "Princess, they're here."

"All right, bring them here" She ordered to him, and then he walked to the
trio to warn them that Khadija was ready to see them.

"Princess said that you must come there right now."

The spies entered the room and see Khadija giving their back, moving her legs
in signal of anxiety. Sam was the first to cheer the princess.

"Princess, we're already here."


* * *

Khadija turned to see the spies and, for a moment, a silence took out the
hall. The trio looked to her eyes, so Khadija was doing the same with them.
The princess was a bit more than average height, with her face looked in her
early twenties. Her hair was long and narrowly dark, nearly reminding blue,
with a white veil covering it and going until the middle of her back. Brown
eyes, marking her Semitic face, which was very pretty, looking sometimes,
like a European girl. She was using a gray "shirt", very plain, using golden
bracelets all over her wrist, and a long black skirt, covering her legs as
following the Islamic conventions. Her beauty amazed the spies.

"W-we are the people who is supposed to rescuer your father, the Sultan,
princess" Sam said.

"Thanks to Allah your arrived I know that I can find my beloved
father", Khadija said a bit relieved with this Clover asked her "Ok, tell us
what happened in the night that your father was kidnapped."

Khadija said them to sit down on her pillows.

"Oh, I was at my bedroom sleeping when I woke up with some kind of noise on
my father's room. I got up and gone to his bedroom, but I found the door
opened, the whole place turned out, the window opened and my father wasn't
there" the princess explained, "I stood in the room, looking through the
window, and then the guards entered, I asked where was my father, and they
said some masked people got him."

" looks like the old `political-kidnapping'" Sam thought "Tell us, do
your father have enemies?"

"Hm, My father were involved in a war with a neighbor nation, but this was
years ago. I don't know about an enemy of dad."

"Not even any internal enemy? Like Islamic fundamentalists?"

"My father is much loved here, I never heard of fundamentalists in

"Did he got involved in any problem lately?" Alex joined the asking.

"No, but, just you mentioned it, he was very nervous lately."

"Nervous?" Clover asked too "With what?"

"I don't know. He never told me what was leaving him nervous. I even saw once
him wake up in the middle of night."

"Doing what?"

"He said he was thinking in something, but he didn't tell me what."

The spies looked each other, a bit puzzled with what Khadija said, till
Clover stood up and said, "This looks very strange to me."

Alex, with a thinking face, added a comment "Sure is it, Clov. Very strange."

"Hmm. Girls, we have to investigate it" Sam said to all "Princess, can we go
to your father's bedroom?"

"Sure, follow me", so the spies followed Khadija to her father's room.


The spies plus princess Khadija were inside the bedroom of sultan Abdul. It
was completely messed up: there were books thrown at the floor, drawers
turned down, and a mess of papers all over the room.

"Here is daddy's room. It was left the way the guards found it," Khadija
said, showing the room. They spies gave a look around the place and surely
noticed the whole scene.

"Wow man, looks like boy's room" Clover said.

"Yeah, and looking the place like this, I doubt if they were looking only for
your father, Princess" Sam concluded, after bend over to get some papers at
the floor. Then Alex took out her VR goggles, to look for anything that could
be a clue.

"Hmmm, nothing.nothing.nothing.not.hey, what is this?" Alex said, pointing to
an object at the floor. She picked up and showed to Khadija.

"Look what I found, princess."

The princess looked it and said, "It's a dagger. But it didn't belong to my
father. His name isn't written at the blade", before giving it back to Alex.

"If this dagger isn't the Sultan's, then who's is it?" Alex asked looking bit
puzzled to the object.

"Maybe it belongs to the kidnappers," Clover thought, when she noticed
something wrote in Arabic at the blade "But I don't know what's written in
here. Cannot understand Arabic. Princess, could you help me?" Khadija took
it from Clover and looked the blade, making puzzled faces.

"What's it?" Sam asked, looking the princess look.

"W.A.B. is inscribed on it."

"What's W.A.B.?"

"I don't know what is this. I've never heard of any W.A.B."

"Hmm...this looks really strange now," Sam told, walking to the turned down
drawers. "I think they wasn't looking only for the Sultan."

"Yes, Me too. They only looked for the secret papers drawer."

"Secret papers?" Clover asked, waiting to know more about the case.

"Yes. It's where my father usually put important papers. He says the nation
depends on it to exist."

The trio was now in a real puzzle game. The only clue they have to try to
solve the mystery added more confusion to it. Looked real hard now to know
who got Sultan Abdul.

"Anyway, I'll take this as a clue. I'll call the guards for a reunion later
with us to tell them what we've found" the princess said, walking out the
room and moving to the main hall, making "C'mon" signs for the spies, which
followed Khadija.


After Princess Khadija left her father's bedroom, she ordered an emergency
reunion with the guards, where the spies will participate. Then, later that
night, the princess was at the Main Hall of the palace, with spies at her
left and in front of her, the guard. She was talking to them about what they
found in sultan's bedroom, showed the dagger to them, and told what they had
to do at the moment.

"Now the case looks complicated. Not even the dagger gave us a clue about it.
We've to take some measures."

"What kind of measures, princess?" asked Wahid, the chief of the guard.

"Wahid, put all the guard in every door outside the palace, and all over the
city. And I want to put some guards at my father's room, just in case of
someone gets back."

"And how about you, princess? You need some protection. And if the kidnappers
want to get you too?" the chief said, looking worried about Khadija.

"Don't worry with me, Wahid. The spies will sleep at the guest room, which is
in front of mine, if something happen, they'll help me."

"Yes, princess, as is your wish" Wahid said, relieved a bit at what the
princess said.

"Ok, Wahid. Now you can go."

Wahid attended her and called the guards to make what Khadija said them to
do. Then a servant to palace entered the hall to talk to her "Princess, the
guest room is ready."

"Nice." Khadija smiled when she called the trio to go to the room "Come, your
room is waiting."


Princess Khadija and the spies walked a few in the room corridor of the
palace until the find a plaque wrote in Arabic and English. It was written
"Guest's Room". Then Khadija opened the door and walked inside the room.

"Here is it girls, the guest's room. Make yourself comfortable."

The room was tided up, with rose silk curtains at the window and the whole
wall. Some Persian carpets and pillows of many colors gave a good air to the
place. But it had an issue: There was only a bed in the room. The spies got
amazed with this. Well, except Clover.

"Wow, what cool room. Good job, princess" Alex said, staring at the room.
The princess replied that with a giggle.

"This room can make any people feel comfortable. It's kind of cozy, with this
curtains and pillows. I would live here forever" Sam praised the princess,
which giggled at her, too.

"Yes, the room looks nice. But we're all going to sleep all in one bed?"
Clover asked, with her typical fuzziness.

"CLOVER" The other two yelled at the blonde girl, with a disapproval sign,
to after Alex whine at her "Do you want to insult the princess? She wants to
give us a shelter!"

Khadija resolved to avoid the fight between them "Calm down, no need to
fight", said, making a forced giggle.

"Nothing, princess. It's Clov is used to have her
own room in stuff. Excuse us for her."

"That's ok. Anyway, it's getting late and I've to retire to my room. If I
discover anything, I'll call you, alright?"


"Yawn, Gotta go. See ya in the morning" Khadija cheered, waving a bit and
closing the door `Good night."

"Good night, princess" Sam answered.


It was kind of hard to get the spies at the bed. It was due to the bed didn't
support three people in comfortable conditions. So they found a way to try to
sleep there: the spies had to sleep together, almost touching each other,
Alex in the left, Sam in the right, and Clover in the middle. One problem was
solved, but another rose up: the heat. That night was very hot at Al-Kinkhye,
and sleeps that way in these weather conditions become very harder, with all
the sweat and stuff. And, of course, only one girl was complaining: Clover.

"Damn, it's very hot in here. I can't sleep. Can somebody turn on the air

"Clover, there's no air conditioner here" Sam said, with an barely open eye
"Stop complaining and get to sleep."

"Easy for you say that. It isn't you that is sleeping in the middle of two
sweaty women like you and Alex" She said, turning to the other side, to see
Alex facing her.

"Sorry Sam, but Clov is right," the dark haired girl agreed with Clover "It's
too hot to sleep here. And don't forget the bed is too small to the three of
us sleep good."

"Ok, let's think in something" Clover ordered.

Then the trio sat at the bed, with one facing the other, just to see if
someone got the solution to this issue. It took some minutes in silence,
until Clover gets mad just to yell.

"All right, if you don't know something, I know. I'll sleep naked!!" She
yelled, scaring her best friends, that didn't thought that Clover could say
something like that. They watched a bit surprised the blonde girl lift her
pink pajama shirt, mumbling something that the other two cannot understand,
to after take her white bra, revealing her teen-sized perky pair of tits.
This scene was starting to make Sam and Alex get aroused.

"Now I'm starting to feel better" Clover said, throwing the shirt in the
floor. Then she stood and to take off her pink pajama pants, also throwing
off in the floor, making kind of a striptease, but this wasn't with "teasing"
purposing, well not for Clover. Then she took out her white cotton panties
with a red lace in the front, revealing to the other spies her small blond
patch of hair covering her genitalia, and her well-formed ass. As she
finished the act, she looked to the voyeur couple, which got more aroused
and amazed with this whole scene.

"Now, Sam? Alex? What do you think of my idea?" She asked just to see the
face of her friends.

"Clover, I-it's s-s-so." So Sam approached Clover, stuttering every word that
she tried to say, coming near her face, breathing heavy at Clover.



Then Sam gave a passionate kiss at the blonde girl. Clover frightened with
Sam's daring to kiss her. The brown haired girl broke the kiss and said,
answering her question. "This is how I think about your idea."

"Oh, Sam" So Clov pressed her lips to Sam's ones, kissing her with passion
and heat. Alex watched astonished and at same time aroused this scene. She
saw Clover and Sam's tongues playing each other, making they like two lovers
that don't see each other much time. Alex was getting excited seeing this
act, then she was getting her hands down through her body, and thinking *Oh
boy, this is sooo horny. I wonder if they'll want me to join them.*

Then Clov moved out Sam's mouth and with the heavy breathe usually seen at
these times, whispered at Sam's ears "Do you liked it, Sammy? Liked?"


"Do you want more don't ya? I know you want more."

"Y-yes Clover. I want more."

Then Clover put her hands down Sam's nightshirt, touching her breasts. Sam
moaned a bit when the blonde girl touched her nipple, which was hard like a
rock and much more when she pressed it. Sam liked much this "torture", and
then Clover removed her nightshirt, exposing Sam's tits, which were the same
size as Clover and Alex's ones. Clover made Sam lay down in the bed, kissed
her cheek and started to lick and suck her left tit.

Then Sam moaned of pleasure when Clover started to do this. Clov was
licking her breast, giving special attention to the nipple where she licked
and sucked like a baby getting milk from her mother. Sam put her hands on
Clover's head, making sure to keep her sucking her breast. Clov usually put
her left hand to her right breast, holding and pressing the whole mass.

"Ah, ah, Clover, yes, suck my breast. Ah, don't forget my nipple, ah-uh, uh,
suck me."

While watching the scene, Alex reached her hands to her panty less crotch and
started to caress the vaginal lips and her clit, biting her lip to not make
loud moans, what can make the "happy couple" cut off the scene. Alex followed
Clover's moves when the blonde girl left her tits, licking Sam's abdomen.
Clover made circles round her bellybutton, just to insert her tongue at it,
making Sam have a weird but nice feeling. Then Clover reached into her lace
pink underwear, which was much drenched with the Clover's entire act.

"Nice panties, Sam. But I'll get rid of it" Clover said, when she took out
her underwear, exposing her brown mound and her wet pink pussy. The blond
girl caressed Sam's labia with her fingers, felting the wetness at her
vagina. Then Sam moaned, asking for more "Clov, finger me. Put this whole
thing inside me!"

Clover, attending Sam's wish, opened Sam's legs and sticked her index finger
inside her pussy. Sam scream with pleasure when Clover did that, shaking her
hips for a while. Clover passed her finger all over Sam's genital, feeling
every wall, her lips and inside areas. Then she touched the brown haired
girl's clit, caressing and pressing it. Sam screams more, showing that she
was feeling much pleasure with this.

Alex also joined the fingerfucking party, fingering herself. Alex bent over
in the bed, watching more closely the scene, looking like an all four
position. She used her left hand to finger her pussy and the right to also
put a finger in her ass. She was now giving loud moans, letting her mind
travel in the train of pleasure. "Oh, this is sooooooooo good." Alex kept
repeating while she was double fingering herself.

Then Clover also started to finger Sam's pussy too. But now she was using two
fingers to do the job. Sam gone into madness. If with only one finger the
thing was good, now with two the pleasure had to be greater. "Sam, your pussy
is so good. Let me finger you all the way."

"Yes, Clov. F-finger me. F-fuck me! Ah.oooh.uuh." Sam said,
mixing words with groans and loud screams. Clover was doing it in a slow way,
so as not to make her cum so quickly. Alex wasn't pay much attention to the
scene, mostly because she was keeping fingering her pussy and ass, keeping
her eyes closed in the most part of the time. Her moans, with Sam's ones were
the perfect sound of the night.

"Fuck me, Clover. Fuck me harder, put his fingers hard and deep on me" Sam
asked to Clov, who attended her, raising her tempo. Then, she found herself
fucking her like a raging bull. She was going faster and harder, making Sam
bump herself back in the bed, as signal of pleasure. Eventually Clov pinches
Sam's clit, just to see her bump and scream in the bed. For Alex, this is
was the kind of thing she wanted to see more times, even she didn't paying
attention to the couple, enjoying her own masturbation, which was getting
closer to the orgasm.

But Alex wasn't the only one to try to reach to the climax. Sam was also
feeling the orgasm coming, then she got to moan more louder, indicating that
the thing was good and the cum was next. Clov, noticing that, fucked more
hard her friend, with a bit of torture in her eyes. The sweet liquids were
mixing with the girls' sweat in the sheets, making the perfect combination
for the night.

"I'm sooo close, Clov, I gonn..Nn..Aa, gonna, gonna, c-c-, I'm..." Sam was
prompt to cum but.

"CUMMING!!!!!!!" Was Alex the first one to get an orgasm. She stopped for a
minute to finger her out, just to feel the pleasure take her whole body,
doing sounds like "o-o-o". . Then the dark haired girl fell down in the bed,
with the whole sweat covering her face,

But when Clover looked that Sam was cumming, she took out her fingers from
her pussy. Sam continued to scream but stopped when she noticed it.

"Why you did that Clover? I was about to cum" She asked with a demanding

"I know, but I wanted to give to you a thing better than a finger", and after
looking Alex laid "and give our Alex some entertainment to make her rest"
saying that, stroking Alex's hair and face, feeling her sweaty skin.

"Yeah? What?" Sam asked barely knowing what Clover wanted to "give" to her.

"This!" Clover said when she put her face at Sam's crotch and started to lick
her. Clover was looking like a dog that is drinking water. Sam went back to
the top, getting back to moan quickly.

Clov moved her body to make her be straightly in front of Sam, allowing for
easier pussy eating. She was licking the whole labia of Sam, feeling her
sweet juices get inside her tongue and mouth. Sometimes she opened the pussy
to lick her internal area, giving Sam more "happy feelings". Alex was
watching this static, laid in the bed, taking a rest after her solo sex show.

When Clover's tongue touched Sam's erect clitoris, she went to the top. A
big wave of pleasure hit her brains, making her cry a lot. She looked like
a "possessed" girl, screaming like this. Seeing this scene, Clov kept her
licking priority at the clit, just to make her moan and cry more. Sam was
asking for more at every touch of Clover's tongue:

"Uuuuuuhhhhh, Clover, eat my clit. Suck it, suck it!!!!!!!!!

But the screams became from a pleasure expression to an annoying issue. Sam
was screaming more than the usual, leaving Clover a bit annoyed with it,
because she didn't could eat Sam with all this noise. Even Alex was feeling
the thing, covering her ears with the pillow and asking Clover to make her

"Clover, please.Make her stop! I don't stand it anymore."

Clover took out her mouth from Sam's crotch, noticing that Sam didn't stop
to scream. Then Clover bend over Sam, making her genitals is in front of
Sam's face. Then Clov put her pussy at Sam's face, and Clover buried herself
into Sam's pussy.

"This is to shut you up."

Sam liked this and started to lick her. Then the girls was engaged in a hot
sixty-nine, where Sam was licking her pussy and often fingering Clov's ass,
and Clover was tracing down her clit and genital lips. Then Sam and Clover
were brought into the passion heat, alternating the sexual exploration of
each other's body, with moans and cries of pleasure and love.

Alex was looking with attention the hot position of her girlfriends, getting
eager to take part in the massive orgy. "Oh, no. They can't let me outside of
this" Alex said when she got off the bed, got in all fours and put her tongue
at Clover's ass.

Clover felt Alex's tongue licking her butt hole, making her get more louder
moans, once that Sam was sucking hard of her, drinking Clov's juices. "Oh
Alex, lick my ass. Feel my button. Uhn-nnnn" Her groin muscles shake when
Alex's mouth went straightly inside her ass.

Clover didn't can hold it too much. She was going through orgasm highway,
screaming so much that she stopped to eat Sam. The combination of Sam's
mouth at her pussy and Alex's tongue at her butt hole was the perfect thing
to bring her pleasure. She even moved herself like someone was fucking her.

"Damn, I'm so close. I'm-m'm getting Th. There. I'm Gonnnnn. Aaa. I'mmm

Clover screams loudly, cumming hard, squirting a sea of vaginal juices inside
Sam's mouth. "Oh yes Clover, cum on my mouth, make me drink your love juice"
Sam said while she was drinking at the forbidden fountain, tasting Clov's
juices and sticking her tongue to get more of her cum. After the wave of
pleasure hit her, Clover pulled out Sam's face to take a rest. And then Alex
kissed her passionately, feeling Clover's juices inside her mouth. Their
tongues wrestling each other maintained the lesbian fever on that bed. The
girls only broke the kiss when Clover suggested.

"Girls. I've an idea!"

"What idea?" Alex asked.

"I don't know.I need a place where we can do this comfortably. Hmmm. around the room> Ah, I found it." She get off the bed, laid down the floor
and scream.


Then the other girls instantly joined Clover in her intentions. Alex went on
Clover's pussy, while Clov got Sam's and Sam got Alex's cunt at her face. The
girls then started to munch each other, getting themselves in a "circle of
pleasure", making they get only focused on suck the pussy of the girl who's
in front of her, the objective of the daisy chain "Hmmmmmm.. suck me, hmmm,
ahh uhhhhhh, eat me." was the main plot of the girls in this sexual act.


Princess Khadija was walking through palace's corridor, halfway from her
father's room, going to try to give a last check in the room before sleep.
And, sure, find some clue that they didn't found.

When she got into Sultan Abdul's room, a couple of guards who was keeping the
room put themselves in front of her, just to don't make her go inside.

"Princess, it's late. I think you shouldn't go inside right now."

"I just wanted to check the things before I get sleepy, Jaleed."

"No, we can't let you enter. And if happens something happens to you?"

"No, Jaleed. I know how to take care of myself. And anyway, the spies are
here. If something happen with me, they can take it. Now let me in!" She
said, almost getting mad with the guard. Jaleed can't disobey strict orders
from the princess, so he opened the door.

Khadija walked inside the room, and started to check the drawers, under the
bed, the writing desk. But it seems that it wasn't any clue of the case. Then
Khadija went to the small bookshelf, where it was some books and notebooks.
She exanimate any one of the books, trying to get some paper or annotation
who could be important to rescue the sultan.

""she said, looking every book, then after
dropping them on the floor. But when she was opening a black notebook, a
piece of paper fell in the floor. Khadija took it and read it, getting
very surprised with the content of the paper.


"Oh, Allah.", Princess Khadija said, now frightened when she opened the black
book and looking strange annotations and pieces of newspapers, all talking
about a terrorist organization called Warriors of Al-Bahjer, who was behind
of lots of terrorist acts and important people's kidnapping in whole Arabian

"Warriors of Al-Bahjer.W.A.B.I FOUND IT!!!!!! Must show that to the spies."

Then Khadija run off the room, very apprehensive, repeating to herself "Must
show it, must show it". When she reached into the guest's room, she heard
some noises inside the room.

"Noises? Something must be happening."

She looked into the semi-opened door and saw a scene that she'll never
forget. Khadija saw the spies engaged on a daisy chain, they were getting
it on and it was very hot. Khadija watched it for some minutes, impressed
with the sexual hunger of the trio. But she couldn't hold it anymore, she
put her hand under her skirt and underwear, and started to finger her cunny,
feeling the wetness start to take all over her shaved mound, continuing to
watch her "personal sex show" * Hmm, this feels so good * she thought at
every stroke on her erect clit and vulva.

Then the lezzy desire rose inside her brain, and then she decided to take
part in the show "All right. I'll join it. Forgive me Allah!"

She sneaked into the guest's room, took out her clothes, without being
noticed for any of the girls. She stood up, and put her finger back in her
clit, getting it ready for the action.

After two minutes of clit-fingering, she bent in the floor and started to
lick Sam's butt hole.

But, for reasons that only the "orgy god" can explain, after a few minutes
of ass sucking, Khadija was pushed into the chain, making her now put her
face at Sam's mound, and Clover starts to suck her pussy, even Clover didn't
knowing of who she was eating.

The Arabian girl so started to lick and suck madly Sam's tight genitalia,
feeling with her tongue every section of it, from the labia to the "inner
walls", while Clover was putting her whole mouth inside Khadija's pussy,
using her lips and tongue muscles to suck her love liquid.

The chain went hard on their intents through about an hour, with all the
girls having much fun and pleasure in eating each other, until the orgasm
wave begun to hit the brain of the four girls.

"Uhn, I-I, m-m so close." (Alex)

"I-m-m getting there." (Sam)

"I m g-gonna c.c." (Clover)

"Allah, I'm." (Khadija)

"CUMMING......." The four girls said at same time, making the orgasm wave
take part on their bodies. The whole pleasure left the girls still eat each
other for a few minutes more, making the girls suck the whole "girl cum"
provided from who were in front of them, just to after make the girls
collapse down on the floor.


The sun shone on window of the guest's room in Sultan Abdul's palace, where
the spies, with the addition of Princess Khadija, spent the last night having
sex. Clover was the first to feel the sunlights in her eyes. She opened it
and sat on the floor.

"Gee, man. I'm on a wreck," she said, pushing her back. She sat for a minute,
looked to the girls asleep, wondering.
about them

There they are, so nice asleep: Sam., Alex, that girl. * When she looked
Khadija. Who was laid face down on the floor; she got surprised "Wait a

"Sam, Alex, wake up." Clov went to wake up the other two spies to see if they
know who was that girl "What's that Clover? Want more sex?" Sam asked while
she was getting her nude body up.

"No, I want to know: Did we bring four people?"

"Four? No, Clov. We are only in three." Alex said, also standing up.

"So, if we're on three, so, who's she?" She asked, pointing to Khadija.

"Let's see" Sam said, bending over to make the princess wake up *This veil,
is familiar to me.*

"Hey you, wake up" Sam said, shaking Khadija' shoulder. She mumbled something
in Arabian, opened her eyes and turned to the spies.

"That voice, it couldn't be."

"Hi girls. Wow, last night." Khadija said, seeing the spies all stood up,
looking surprised to her.


So, will Khadija tell our spies that she is a lesbian?

Will Khadija and the spies save Sultan Abdul?

Will they have more sex?

Don't lose the next and final chapter of this Totally Spies fanfic, with more
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