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Oh, are you still there? Hmm, okay, here goes the fifth chapter of New Boss
of WOOHP saga, now an intruder snaked into WOOHP's building, and will
change the things forever. Want to see who is it? Stick with us and you
will know. Good reading for you all

TOTALLY SPIES: The New Boss of WOOHP Chapter 5: The Intruder
By Victor2K ([email protected]) and Operandi ([email protected])

Sam, Alex, Clover, Amelia, Pamela, and Tina searched the corridors of
WOOHP, amazed at how quickly events had piled on top of each other. During
Jerry's tenure things had never been this hectic, this testing, thought
Sam, as she crawled through a ventilation shaft. Sam wasn't the only one
somewhat exhausted by the speed of events, Alex, too, longed for a
vacation..."this is so crazy!" she thought, as she searched the WOOHP
cafeteria, opening and closing fridges and cupboards, wondering who this
mysterious intruder was. Perhaps it was Sister Immaculate Purity, but Alex
doubted that.

Amelia and Pamela searched the WOOHP generator rooms, in amongst all the
machinery and power supply (WOOHP has a totally self-sufficient power
supply, so that even if the rest of the world lost power, WOOHP would still

Amelia pondered whether this was just a false alarm, or perhaps a "test"
set by Victor for the girls, but Pamela dismissed this, explaining that even
Victor would not set something like this up.

Amelia, once she had got Pamela into a dark corner, took the opportunity to
indulge a bit of girl-girl love and fun groping, kissing Pam's delicious ass
and stroking her pussy...Pamela liked that a lot, but the girls had a job to
do and Pam reminded Amelia that they had a job to do. Reluctantly, Amelia
agreed, the disappointment obvious in her voice, as she had been hoping to
fuck Pamela.

Tina and Clover searched the bedrooms of the WOOHP staff, looking high and
low. "This is, like, so tedious!" Exclaimed Clover, waving her torch with
frustration as Tina searched several beds...then Tania found something...

A man!

"Who are you?!" Tina demanded aggressively...

"I'm...I'm a WOOHP employee!" Exclaimed the young man.

Clover's eyes lit up. "You're kind of cute, mmmm...a girl could do worse."

Clover wasted no time straddling the man, unzipping her WOOHP outfit, while
Tina smiled wryly and declared she would carry on with the searching in the
next block, reminding Clover to finish checking this room before indulging

"Yeah, sure I'll do all the checking, then I'm gonna fuck this guy!"

Tina smiled and departed.

Clover looked around a bit, but had little time for it, as it got in the
way of her getting some nice hot cock, which she was impatient for.

"I, I..." The young man exclaimed nervously...

"It's your lucky day", explained Clover as she unzipped his pants and grabbed
his cock. In a matter of moments, Clover was sucking the guy's cock like an
Olympic cock sucker, and it goes without saying that the guy was now in a
very happy mood, grunting and groaning, as Clover sucked and licked with
consummate slutty skill.

While Clover pleasured the lucky guy, unbeknownst to her, eyes watched her
dirty antics from a locker next to the bed, which Clover, in her rush to
fuck, had forgotten to check The eyes watching Clover disliked what they
were seeing..."What a dirty slut!" the mystery observer muttered to herself.

While the other WOOHP girls had been sent on the search, Britney had been
assigned the important task of protecting Victor from any possible attackers.
Victor and Britney stayed in Victor's bedroom, a lush and expansive place,
which Britney loved, especially the four-poster bed.

"We should be safe here", declared Victor, smiling at Britney.

"Well, of course, I'm protecting you, Sir!"

Victor smirked, "Of course you are, Britney, but there are other services I
require of you...take your clothes off and get on the bed on your hands and
knees, there's a good girl."

"But I'm meant to..."

"You are meant to take orders, young lady! Now, undress and get on the bed!"

Victor's firm words persuaded Britney, and in a matter of moments she was
nude, her sumptuous body presented to Victor as she, on her hands and
knees, posed seductively.

Victor stroked Britney's long, raven hair, petting the little WOOHP sexpot,
groping her nubile ass.

Victor got behind Britney and, after a nice bit of fingering and licking
making Britney nice and wet, positioned his hard, powerful cock at the
entrance to Britney's smooth, welcoming honeypot.

"Oooohhhh!!!" Cried Britney, as the cock stuffed her love-hole.

"Ooh, thank you...thank you....oooh...Sir!"

"You're a great fuck, Britney, a great WOOHP Agent and a great fuck!"

" you, Sir...unh...oooh!"

Victor was now pounding Britney hard, giving the WOOHP girl a royal fucking,
and of course Britney loved it, she loved being fucked, being a WOOHP slut.
She wanted to be as big a slut as Clover, the Queen of Sluts in her eyes and
in the eyes of most other girls.

While the other girls were doing dull searching, Britney was having a whale
of a time with Victor.

Clover and Britney were not the only ones getting cock, Max was ramming Lisa
up against a wall in between their search rounds, indulging in some hard,
quick fucks to pass the time. Nevertheless, Lisa was annoyed at the intruder,
as she would be doing uninterrupted fucking instead of quick-fucks if this
damned intruder hadn't turned up.

"Never mind", said Max, pointing out to Lisa that she would soon get back
to fucking and sucking, and that "you'll soon have the girls under your
thumb again", which made Lisa smile and reward Max with a sensuous suck of
his British cock.

Meanwhile, Clover was now stuffing herself full of the young man's cock,
and starting to grind as only a slut can grind.

The intruder's blood boiled as she witnessed this exhibition of slutdom,
and could stand it no more. She could not understand how she had ended up
in this bizarre place, what she recalled was walking into a wall, and then
not hitting anything, then falling for what seemed like an eternity...then
the next thing, she landed on a large cushion...she heard footsteps and
panicked, escaping into a ventilation shaft and managing to evade capture,
finally she hid in the men's bedrooms.

There she thought she would be safe.

But then she saw the girl she loathed with a passion...what was she doing

Was that bitch Clover a member of a secret society of some sort? Where on
earth is this place, and why would Clover be here?

The intruder had had enough, she summoned up the courage to sneak past
Clover while Clover fucked like a horny rabbit.

"Here goes", she thought to herself, as she opened the cupboard, and tiptoed
past the fucking couple, their groans and grunts roaring in her ears...she
almost got to the door, but then, in a moment of lapsed concentration, she
tripped over herself and fell with a crashing thud, as a shelf of books
tumbled onto her exposed ass.

Even the fuck-happy Clover noticed that, and investigated..."It can't be...",
Clover muttered to herself, as she turned the brunette girl over....



In unison, the two rivals shouted, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"

Clover, her face a combination of disbelief and anger, set off the alarm,
and in a matter of moments, the others arrived.

First Tina, then Sam, then Alex, followed by Pamlea and Amelia, then Lisa
and Max, and finally Victor and Britney, who, unlike the other WOOHP girls,
was dressed only in a frilly and rather short dressing gown.

Mandy was surrounded, a circle of astonished faces looking down on her.
She spotted Sam and Alex. "YOU TWO AS WELL?!" She squealed, hysterically.

Sam furrowed her brow, "How did Mandy get in here?"

Alex noted that "Mandy now knows our secret....this could ruin us, Victor."

But Victor was calm and untroubled, as he reached out to Mandy and helped
her back onto her high-heeled feet.

"Mandy, how did you get here?" Victor asked calmly.

Clover was anything but calm, her face full of anger and resentment.

"Well, is kind of hard to explain..." Clover continued to scowl
as Mandy spoke. "I was walking along, and I was reading some, er, magazines,
and I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going...and...and I walked
into an outside wall near Beverley Hills High, except I didn't bump into
it...I fell through it. Next thing I knew I was in this place, where you
freaks seem to hang out."

Lisa looked stern, "Freaks, eh?" she muttered.

Victor, unlike the others, did not seem to take this too seriously, and
remained calm. "Mandy, why did you hide?"

"Well, I don't trust you crazy people!"

"Mandy, can trust us...the question, I think, is can we trust

Victor's eyes narrowed as he now looked deeply into Mandy, who felt as if
Victor was examining her soul.

Clover had a look of thunder on her, she looked like she was going to hit
something, her anger building up like a volcano.

"Mandy, I am going to give you a simple, yet very stark choice", declared
Victor after a long pause.

"I just want to get out of here, that's all. I want no part of this place...
none of my business anyhow, I'll just leave you freaks to get up to whatever
weird underground activities you get up to."

"Mandy, Mandy, fail to understand, what we do here is far too
important to just be casually allowed into the outside world. This place is
very, very secret. Releasing you would compromise our security and endanger
our agents and staff. I cannot allow that, I'm afraid."

Mandy looked frightened...

Clover looked even more angry, and could maintain her silence no more, "She
CANNOT stay here, Victor!"

"Clover, I would remind you that you do not give the orders. I will deal
with this matter, and Lisa will deal with your disobedience."

Lisa smiled wickedly, while Clover backed off, her anger still very visible
on her face.

Mandy looked smug for a second, before Victor leaned toward her and,
narrowing his eyes, laid out the cards on the table...

"Mandy, I will give you two options...the first option is to stay here for
the rest of your life, working as a janitor or cleaner. The second option
is for you to become one of my agents, and join my elite team."

Clover's head looked like it was about to explode upon hearing those words.

Mandy looked confused..."Can't I just go home? I promise I will not tell
anyone, anything, scouts honour!"

Victor sighed..."Mandy, it is not that simple. Once you enter the WOOHP
complex, you either become part of WOOHP or you must stay here forever.
There is no compromise at WOOHP. Integrity is absolutely paramount."

Lisa smiled at Mandy... "You have the qualities that make for an excellent
WOOHP Agent, I feel."

Sam and Alex were not scowling like Clover, but they were not happy campers,
the idea of Mandy working alongside them just seemed so utterly ridiculous...
how would they be able to put up with Mandy? That would be like listening to
someone scratch their nails on a blackboard all day, non-stop!

Victor agreed with Lisa... "Yes, I can see your potential, Mandy",
Victor examined Mandy's curvy features, her pretty hair, her firm ass,
well-proportioned tits and excellent legs. He liked what he saw.

Her voice grated, he had to admit, but Mandy's body more than made up for
that, and she would make an excellent addition to the WOOHP team.

"So, Mandy, what's it to be? What is your choice?"

"Can't we wipe her memory and send her back home?" Exclaimed Clover,
astonished that Victor would even entertain the thought of allowing Mandy
into the bosom of WOOHP.

Victor ignored Clover, and repeated the question.

"Mandy, what is your choice?"

Mandy looked for a moment as if she might break down and cry, but then her
resolve stiffened...she looked Victor in the eyes and declared...

"Yes, I will join WOOHP and become an "Agent", whatever that is."

Victor smiled broadly, as did Max, Lisa, Amelia, Tina, and Pamela, while
Alex, Sam, and Britney were able to contain their enthusiasm quite easily.
Clover had a look of horror and dismay, combined with a healthy dose of
pure anger on her face.

"Well, welcome to the spying game, Mandy!" Max proudly declared. Mandy
smiled broadly..."I'm...I'm going to be a spy? Wow! I am going to be so cool
as a spy, wait till I see my friends..."

Victor coughed.

"Ahem! Mandy, the whole point of being a spy is to be secret, if everyone
knows you are a spy then you cannot do your job effectively, can you?"

"No, sir", Mandy replied sheepishly.

Clover made a sarcastic grunt.

Victor turned to Clover...

"I heard that, Clover!"

Victor then looked at both Clover and Mandy...

"Hmmm...You two have issues I gather. Well, from now on you will be working
with each other, so you will have to learn to get along...we can't have two
of our spies hating each other, can we?"

Clover looked sceptical, "We just aren't going to get along!"

"Oh, I think you will see spy to spy..." the others giggled at Victor's pun.

"Clover, Mandy, I want you to kiss each other for me."

Both girls looked like they were going to throw up!

"Yes, I said kiss each other. I want you to give each other girl-girl
love. Kiss and make-up, girls, that's an order!"

"But, but..." Clover and Mandy pleaded in unison.

"I am your boss and I give the orders! Kiss!"

Reluctantly, Clover and Mandy approached each other, barely looking at each
other and avoiding eye contact, closer and closer.

Clover thought to herself, let's just get this over with, as she and Mandy
pressed their lips together.

Both girls tried to pretend to kiss, but fooled no one. "I want to see and
hear tongues getting deep!" Lisa declared sternly.

Mandy put her tongue in Clover's mouth, thinking how hideous it must!

Mandy was surprised how pleasing it was to snog Clover. She enjoyed Clover's
mouth, and their tongues danced...Clover, too, was pleasantly surprised, as
the two girls formed a tongue sandwich, snogging like two star-crossed

The other girls were getting turned on by the sight of these two arch
rivals getting it on, entering the realms of girl-girl love.

Victor smiled and remarked that "girl-girl love conquers all."

Clover and Mandy were now getting it on big-time, and it wasn't just their
tongues exploring. Their hands and fingers were now dancing across each
others bodies as they embraced each other tightly. Clover couldn't believe
how hot Mandy was, and Mandy had never done a girl before, and she never
thought she would be getting jiggy with Clover.

But getting it on they certainly were, and they were not the only ones.
Amelia and Britney were now kissing, too, with Amelia taking advantage of
Britney's state of undress and groping the raven-haired WOOHP spy's crotch,
making her even more horny.

Meanwhile, Pamela, Sam, and Alex were kissing each other lovingly on a
nearby bed, clearly enjoying each other's company, whilst Lisa and Tina got
to know each other, exchanging passionate kisses.

Victor and Max watched, immensely satisfied by the orgy of girl-girl love
unfolding before them. The sounds of tongues and mouths, sighs and moans,
and sight of girls groping each other and undressing each other.

The room was getting hotter and hotter, as the WOOHP girls, now all nude,
were licking and sucking and kissing and caressing like they were the
greatest lesbian sluts on Earth, and perhaps they were.

"Girl-girl love is a beautiful thing!" Said Max with a broad smile on his
face, as he watched Mandy fingering Clover's pussy, and making the blonde
WOOHP girl whimper and sigh with each thrust of her fingers.

The room was now a mass of writhing female flesh, as the girl-girl love
started to get really dirty. Victor and Max went around the girls and
handed out toys for them to use on each other.

Amelia now had Britney on her hands and knees on a bed, and was fucking her
hard and vigorously, as Britney squealed with each lesbian strap-on
thrust. Britney was now being fucked hard yet again, this time by a woman.

Sam, Pamela, and Alex were getting down to business, with Sam eating Alex's
pussy while Pamela, donning a strap-on, fucked Sam from behind, forming a
daisy-chain of girl on girl-on-girl perversion.

Lisa had put Tina across her knee and was giving a Tina a very harsh
spanking, followed by fingering and toying, then Lisa sat on Tina's face
and made her pleasure her orally.

"Oooh, you are a cunning linguist!" Lisa gleefully praised Tina, as she
came and came on the WOOHP Agent's delicate tongue.

Victor and Max watched it all, developing an even deeper appreciation of
the saphic arts.

Max laughed and said, "Looks like we are having an orgy after all!"

Victor smiled and said, "Yes, our schedule has indeed been enhanced by the

Max licked his lips and added, "I think it would be most un-gentlemanly of
us not to add our cocks to the heavenly girl-girl antics before us. I say
we bring some male flavour to the proceedings. I'm hungry for some WOOHP

Victor agreed heartily..."Let's get to work on these delicious sluts, Max!"

Victor and Max undressed and moved into the "crowd" of girl-girl action...the
pervy pair wasted no time in getting in on the action.

Max grabbed Sam's ass while she was busy licking Alex's sensitive and
aroused pussy, and plunged his pleasure rod deep into her, making her
squeal. Meanwhile, Victor decided to give Mandy a "road test" himself,
with spectacular results. He stuffed Mandy for all his worth, and
pounded the little minx harder than she had ever been pounded before.

While Sam and Mandy were getting cock-filled, the other girls were getting
to work on each other. Amelia was fucking Britney in just about every way
you could think of, tongue, fingers and an assortment of toys were deployed
in the fucking of Britney, whose long raven hair was now flailing about
with each lick, each pump, each thrust which Amelia inflicted on her.

Lisa and Pamela were now both sharing Tina, who had very much become their
fuck-toy. Tina had been bound and hogtied with her ankles and wrists behind
her back, and was now being violated at both ends by her two "Mistresses".

Lisa rammed a strap-on into Tina's honeypot, while Pamela shoved her
strap-on into Tina's receptive mouth, and they fucked their "bitch" at both
ends, in perfect rhythm; when Tina pulled out, Lisa pushed in and vice

For hours this went on, a non-stop WOOHP orgy of sex in which everyone got
down and dirty. Mandy, who only a few hours earlier had not known or cared
for any of these girls and guys, was now intimately knowledgeable about
them. She knew them very well.

The next day, Clover, Sam, and Alex kept separate from Mandy though, because
as Victor had pointed out to them, if they were suddenly friendly to Mandy,
it might arouse suspicion, so they must for the time being maintain "normal
relations" in public.

Of course, this did not stop Clover and Mandy from grabbing some "stolen
moments" together in toilets and cupboards in and around Beverley Hills
High. And of course Britney, Pamela, Tina, Amelia and Lisa made a point of
visiting their four colleagues. It was not uncommon for, say, Alex, to
disappear into the back of a car being driven by a disguised Lisa, who
drove while Amelia fingered Alex in the backseats.

Mandy quickly learned the ropes of being a WOOHP girl, with Lisa's legendary
training sessions making Mandy into a first class agent. And as always, Lisa
made good use of these "training sessions", binding and torturing Mandy with
an array of devious sexual devices, and encouraging the other girls to fuck
her brains out.

Mandy had always felt Clover was a slut, the biggest slut on planet Earth,
and she was right, but now Mandy was, if not quite in the Clover league of
"Sluthood" pretty damned close.

And although she regarded herself as part of the team, Mandy was still a
rival to Clover, for as much as she now loved the blonde cockteaser, she
longed to be "Queen Slut" (which Lisa had called Clover during one of
Mandy's training sessions), and was determined to be an even bigger slut
than Clover. Mandy now set herself the task of becoming the WOOHP team's
"Queen Slut."

Things were quiet for the next few weeks, except of course for the occasions
on which the girls squealed with orgasmic pleasure at each other's dirty
touch, which was, as Victor insisted, very often indeed. Mandy was becoming
impatient, she had now joined WOOHP, yet she had yet to participate in a
mission...she even wondered whether this whole WOOHP thing was just an excuse
for fornication and orgies.

Finally, at long last, almost two months after Mandy had intruded on the HQ
and joined WOOHP, the WOOHP team were summoned to Victor, Max and Lisa, and
this time it was to be told of their next mission, rather than the fucking
sessions she had previously been summoned to (not that she minded of course,
she never tired of them, and used them to practise her "slut skills").

Mandy saw Max talking to Sam about something, "There's some male and female
friends I know at MI6 who have the hots for you and would love to fuck your
brains out, and I put your name forward, Sam." Sam smiled eagerly and
nodded yes, to which Max smiled and whispered "as soon as this mission's
done, I'll send you to them, gift-wrapped and eager." Sam giggled.

Victor looked serious, as he eyed the Intelligence documents in front of
him, while the girls stood to attention in a neat row.

Victor stood up from behind his desk...

"Girls, this is the most important mission I have sent you on thus far,
which is why I have summoned all of you here."

Victor looked at each girl, then continued...

"We have identified a new enemy, an agent who can shape-shift. We do not
know his identity, such is his skill at disguising him/herself. He or she
may be a lone operator, or there could be more than one shape-shifter. But
what we do know, is that he is working for one of our major enemies, the
fugitive WOOHP Agent who calls himself Lord Mud, formerly Agent No.2397b
James Honde. We also believe another past enemy is involved, believed to
be one of our female adversaries.

Girls, these shape-shifters are extremely dangerous, and the only way to
detect them is via these cumbersome X-Ray Biometric Goggles, which will be
supplied to you. However, they are alas not discreet enough to be worn at
all times, so you will have to use them at opportune moments."

Max stepped forward and spoke...

"Remember, girls, your mission is to try to identify and apprehend the
shape-shifters and locate Lord Mud and identify his fellow villains."

Victor again...

"So, to recap..." Victor pushed a handset button and the computer screen
showed the girl's objectives...


Identification and Apprehension Of Shape-Shifter(s).


(a) Locate Lord Mud
(b) Identify who his allies are.

And with that, the girls were sent on their way. For the first time, Lisa
would be deployed with the WOOHP Agents. Lisa's costume was purple and
black with red stripes down her arms and thighs. She had an extra piece of
equipment with her, her cane. They were split into 3 teams:


Sam (Leader)


Clover (Leader)


Lisa (Leader)

Team A was sent to find the shape-shifters, Team B was deployed to find the
those linked to Lord Mud, and to find evidence of their involvement, and if
possible apprehend them. Team C would attempt to find Mud himself.

"Of course", said Victor, "if Team C achieves it's objective first, Team
B's job will be made a lot easier. The Team that succeeds first will be
deployed to aid the remaining teams."

Max smiled, "Is that understood, girls?"

In unison, the WOOHP girls replied "Yes, Sirs!"

To Be Continued in Totally Spies: New Boss of WOOHP Chapter 6

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