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The fourth chapter of New Boss of WOOHP. Now we introduce first mission of
the spies in Victor, Max and Lisa's era. A difficult mission against a
twisted Sister and her plan to make all girls to be pure. Will the spies
suceed or not? And we present the three newest spies...Check it and good
reading for all.

Totally Spies: The New Boss of WOOHP Chapter 4: The First Mission
by Operandi ([email protected]) and Victor2K ([email protected])

Having completed their round of punishments the girls were sent back to their
respective homes. Their friends and family were unaware of just how much they
had changed in just a matter of days.

Clover couldn't stop thinking about fucking and being fucked. That was not
in itself unusual as Clover had always been a slut, but she had never been
this much of a slut.

Then there was brainy Sam, whose mind had rarely pondered the pleasures of
the flesh until Victor took over WOOHP. Now she often thought of dildos and
ball-gags and vibrators and girl-girl love. She could not stop herself from
thinking about it, morning, noon, and evenings.

Alex, too, had super-pervy thoughts flowing around her mind (admittedly a
smaller mind than Sam's)...she played with herself a lot in the nights
following Lisa's punishment session, and she, ever the impatient teenager,
couldn't wait for their next trip to WOOHP HQ.

Then there was Britney, the “new girl”, who had been fucked and spanked so
vigorously by, well, just about everyone, which of course made her feel
very welcome and part of the WOOHP team. She had spent much of the night
dreaming of sex, sex, and more sex.

The girls arrived at Beverley Hills High in the morning, ready for the
day's work; each girl had a spring in her step, as they sauntered into
their college. Sam, Alex, and Clover, were very pleasantly surprised to
see Britney turn up at Beverley Hills High. They were delighted by the
prospect of more girl-girl love with Britney, who explained that she had
moved to a dorm so she could “study” more.

The three "original" girls giggled and they headed off into Beverley Hills
High, hand in hand.

They had a hard time concentrating on work, because their minds were now so
horny. During her science lesson, Sam could not help but think of a Bunsen
burner as a metal cock. And Clover and Alex, during Physical Education,
groped each other, and "accidentally" rubbed up against some of the other
girls, especially the cutest and most fuckable ones, who looked glorious in
their little gymslips. Clover and Alex could not help watch those bouncing
boobs and delicious buns.

At around 5pm, with the College day all but over, the girls gathered around
Sam's locker.

Mandy approached the girls...

"Hi, girls!"

Clover's eyes narrowed, while Sam applied diplomacy, "Hello, Mandy!" she
said with a forced smile.

"Well, hello girls...well, who is this pretty missy here?"

"My name's Britney." The raven-haired girl replied in neutral tones.

" in Britney Spears..." Mandy laughed, while Clover did not see
what was so funny.

"I bet a lot of guys would like to "spear" this Britney." Mandy laughed in
that high-pitched tone of hers that could be so excruciating.

"So, Britney, what are you doing with these also-rans. If you want to be a
winner you have got to be in with Mandy...perhaps my charisma and charm will
rub off on you...alas, Clover here has not had any rub!"

Clover was now incandescent with rage...she had such an all-consuming hatred
of Mandy...she wanted

Britney said she wanted to be friends with all girls, with a dirty smirk on
her face, but would not be exclusively in Mandy's gang.

Sam cut the conversation short and declared that the four girls had to go
now, and Mandy parted with a dig at Clover's dress sense..."If you wear a
combination like that, darling, the fashion police will have to arrest you
for crimes against good taste!"

"That's a bit rich coming from you, Dowager girl!"

Mandy smirked and strolled off into the distance.

The girls headed outside, towards the car park...

There, in the center of the car park, was a dark blue Cadillac so shiny and
pristine that the girls had to take a look at it. "That car is way cool!"
Clover declared, as the girls approached the vehicle, their faces reflected
in it's pristine surface.

"It's so elegant and just plain cool!" Cooed Alex.

Suddenly, the car door flung open, and robotic tentacles shot out, and
grabbed the girls, pulling them inside. Stunned, the girls gasped as seat
belts automatically strapped them to the back seat.


The seat suddenly plunged downward, through a hatch underneath, and through
another hatch, taking them underground, plunging ever faster, the G-Forces
making the girls pull funny faces as they plunged deep underground.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the seat slowed and landed
with a thump in WOOHP Headquarters, directly in front of Victor's desk.

Victor was seated at his desk, as ever, while Max was dutifully standing
next to the desk.

The girls could hear a sucking sound from under Victor's desk, which
explained Victor's broad smile.

"Where's Lisa?" Enquired Sam...

"Sucking Cock, of course." Max replied in typical matter-of-fact manner.

Victor smirked, and then looked down and declared, "That's enough, Lisa."
Shortly thereafter, Lisa emerged from under the desk, her mouth dripping
with cum. She quickly cleaned herself up and proceeded to stand dutifully
at the opposite end of the desk to Max.

The girls, looking bemused, sat in obedient silence.

", girls, WOOHP has a new mission for you..." Victor gestured to
Max, who activated a holographic projection...

"There's a new villainess in town", declared Victor in total seriousness.
"Her name is Sister Immaculate Purity..."

A holographic image of a nun in black robes and full nun regalia stood
before the WOOHP girls, with a slender face and narrow eyes.

"She looks kind of scary!" Said Alex.

"Mondo bad dress combination." Clover smirked, to which Sam explained
"That's a nun's outfit, Clover!"

"Ahem!" Victor returned to the subject, "Sister Immaculate Purity believes
that girls have become perverted and naughty, and that girls should be good
and never, ever, think about sex."

"What a weirdo!" Declared Britney, to which all the girls nodded.

"Sister Immaculate Purity, or "SIP" as we call her at WOOHP, has, with the
aid of her Sisters, been developing a device that will shut down all porn
sites and prevent porn from being relayed on any electrical device!"

Max, looking his most serious, looked at the girls and asked, "Can you
imagine what would happen if there were no porn?"

The girls jaws dropped, as they realised just what a nightmare that would
be, far worse than anything any of their previous foes had devised.

"SIP wants to make girls into well-behaved little creatures who never think
of sex, and who hate men who want to fuck them. There would be no pussy
for us males, and we would go crazy. WOOHP cannot allow that to happen!
That is why I want you girls to go undercover into Sister Immaculate
Purity's remote Chappel, and find out more about her plans, and stop them."

"The consequences if you fail do not bare thinking about." Said Max, a
look of foreboding etched on his face. Lisa looked anxious too, adding
"We're counting on you, girls!"

Clover proudly smiled and declared; "You have nothing to worry about, we
will make sure the porn continues to flow!"

The girls, looking very determined, stood up, as Sam enquired as to the
gadgets they would be provided with.

Max and Lisa gave the girls their suitcases, which they duly opened.

Victor went through the traditional rundown of gadgets...

"Laser Lipstick."

"Discreet anti-gravity sandals."

"Pencil Grapple units"

"Tracer Panties", so we always know where you are.

"These are your gadgets for this mission, girls...I wish you the best of

With that, the seat holding the girls zoomed upward, taking them to a jet
plane which promptly flew them to a remote region of the Czech Republic,
where the girls were then parachuted into a forest. Alex got stuck in a
tree, and was hanging there for a good few minutes before the girls got her
down (after Clover and Britney had had some fun tickling her feet).

The girls then changed into their "camouflage", with their gadgets attached
to a belt next to their skin. The outfits consisted of bedraggled trousers
and thick woollen jumpers.

Clover did not like the ordinary "pauper" outfits the girls had been given
to make them much less conspicuous.

"I can't believe people wear these!"

Sam sighed and reminded Clover that many people do not live the same
lifestyle as Clover. Britney said she thought Alex looked "kind of cute!"
Alex was rather bemused by that and responded that the trousers made
Britney's awesome ass more visible.

Sam looked over towards the exit of the forest, and saw a remote chapel on
a hillside..."I think that's our destination, girls!"

The girls then set forward, heading towards the chapel on the hillside.

The road to the hillside was a lot longer than it had seemed from the
forest, but the girls arrived at it's gates in good time. The chapel was
clearly old, and had a somewhat creepy gothic feel.

Sam knocked on the door.

No reply.

Sam knocked again.

No reply.

Britney knocked this time...

No reply.

The girls waited and knocked for a further 10 minutes.

Clover was getting angry and impatient..."There's no one here! This is such
a waste of time."

Sam, ever the patient WOOHP girl, was certain this was the place.

Sure enough, the door eventually creaked open, and a Nun stood before
them. She was middle-aged, but remarkably pretty for a Nun.

"And how may I help you three girls?"

Sam, Alex, Clover, and Britney were now acting their roles of shy, innocent
girls seeking guidance.

Sam, in a pleading voice, declared that "we are girls who have lost our
way...we have been shamed and cast out...we wish to become nuns, to learn the
ways of purity."

The Nun looked at the four cute girls, and smiled warmly..."You are welcome,
little ones...enter!"

The Nun led the girls into the forecourt, and into a small bedchamber.

"You will wait here until Sister Immaculate Purity arrives to assess you
for induction into the Immaculate Purity order."

The Nun then departed, as the girls waited in their tiny bedchamber, in
which there was only one bed. "Looks like we're gonna have to snuggle up
tonight!" Declared Britney. The girls giggled in unison. The room was lit
by candles; there was no electricity or heating.

But the bedchamber was much less low-tech than the girls had presumed. In
fact, there were hidden cameras watching them, and all the other girls in
the Chapel of Immaculate Purity. Nevertheless, the girls had successfully
hidden away their gadgets, aware that they might be found if not hidden
away safely.

"This is such a boring place! No TV, No Xbox, no nothing!

Knock, knock!

The girls jumped.

The door creaked open, and Sister Immaculate Purity entered, with four
other Sisters at her side.

"SIP" smiled at the girls, her eyes examining them closely and thoroughly.

The four other Sisters approached the girls and stood behind each...the
Sisters were slender and elegant, their hands were clearly those of young
women. They firmly grasped the shoulders of each WOOHP girl, making the
four agents somewhat nervous.

"So, you want to be Good Girls?"

"Yes." The girls declared in unison.

"You want to become Pure?"


SIP smiled towards the four Sisters..."Undress them."

Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney looked uncomfortable as the Sisters unbuttoned
and slipped off their clothes.

The WOOHP agents were stripped down to their bras and panties, and stood
before Sister Immaculate Purity, who eyed their exposed bodies like a hawk.

SIP ordered the girls to look up and stand upright, rigid and pure, their
legs closed together.

The four Sisters then began to stroke the girls, their fingers caressing
down their bodies, and teasing their bottoms.

"Girls, touch your toes!"

The four spies promptly did so, exposing their asses. The four Sisters moved
aside, and in moments Sister Immaculate Purity was slowly walking behind the
girls, who could feel her eyes on their pert, pretty young bottoms.

The girls were becoming aroused, they couldn't help it, bent over and
exposed, at the mercy of a domineering Sister. How can a girl not get wet
in that situation?

Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney had not expected anything like this. They
were worried now, given SIP's strict views on Purity.

After what seemed like an eternity, Sister Immaculate Purity was once again
in front of the girls.

"Remove their panties and bras", she declared.

And off came the bras and panties. The panties were of course now wet with
pussy juice.

The girls were now nude...for 2 minutes, SIP and her colleagues looked at the
girls with an almost scientific detachment, examining them...

"Well, you will be staying here, little ones..."

And with that, Sister Immaculate Purity and the Sisters departed, taking
the panties with them.

The door closed...

Then moments later, three girls, dressed in Catholic School uniforms and
pigtails, entered and immediately found the WOOHP girls secret gadgets.
Fortunately the girls' gadgets were not conspicuous so although the gadgets
were lost, the girl's cover had not been blown.

The "Schoolgirls" left, avoiding eye contact with Clover and co.

Sam looked worried.

"What's the problem, Sam?"

Sam sighed and said, "They are going to examine our panties...and panties
don't lie."

"Oh my!" Declared Britney.

Alex admitted that this mission was now scaring her...

Clover went to the bedchamber door, and tried to open it.

"It's locked! We're trapped!"

The windows were too small to climb through. The girls realised that they
would have to play along with Sister Immaculate Purity, and the thought of
what SIP might have planned for them not only scared them...

...It aroused them, too.

In her office, Sister Immaculate Purity and her "Lieutenants", having
examined the panties, pondered what to do with the three girls.

"They are clearly sluts", Said Sister Katherine, with a look of puritanical
disgust on her face. "They should be dealt with...purified", added Sister
Anne, whose mouth smiled, perhaps at the thought of purifying the girls.

Sister Immaculate Purity pondered for a moment, then spoke...

"The blonde one is the dirtiest slut, judging by her panties. Even the
ginger-haired pretty soaked her panties."

"They are nubile, pretty little things. Girls should be pretty and good,
they should be good girls at all times. These girls are clearly bad girls,
they have lost their way, seduced by the power of cock and the lure of
carnal pleasures. We must cleanse them. Dirty girls must be dealt with."

Sister Immaculate Purity paused, before moving onto the next subject.

"How long until the device is ready?"

"Our chief engineer says it will be ready in 4 Days and 5 hours, and it
will disrupt every source of smut in the electronic sphere. The
intelligence agencies, such as WOOHP, will not be able to trace it...they
will not know where it is. Soon girls will stop being dirty sluts and we
will make them good girls again, once more panties will be dry."

"Now, let's attend to the three sluts...I think they deserve our special
attention." SIP smiled, as did her two lieutenants.

Back in their bedchamber, Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney, all completely
nude and exposed lied on the bed together, waiting for whatever would
happen next.

Clover lay on her back, her head resting on the pillow, her knees bent.

Clover couldn't help noticing how cute Britney looked lying on her front,
her long raven hair trailing down her back, gorgeously feminine and
beautiful, which led Clover's eyes to Britney's delicious, almost
criminally seductive ass.

Sam and Alex were talking, Sam sitting crossed legged, her smooth crotch
visible, and enticing. Sam's tits were a most pleasing sight, her flowing
ginger hair framing them perfectly.

Alex sat with her knees hunched up, together, her arms around her knees.
Even Alex's position was not discreet as it seemed, her pussy from between
her ankles.

Clover mused that she and her three pretty accomplices could be doing much
more interesting things on the bed.

It was at that moment that SIP entered the bedchamber, flanked by six of
her fellow Sisters. "Girls!!!"

The four WOOHP agents, startled, clumsily got off the bed and stood to
attention, upright, with their legs closed shut.

"Hands above your heads, little ones", one of the Sisters instructed.

"Follow me!"

Alex, alarmed, asked "But we're naked...what about clothes?"

Alex felt a sharp cane across her ass, and it stung hellishly. Alex turned
to see Sister Katherine looking down on her...

"Virtuous girls should be able to be nude without worrying about how they
will be perceived...if you think you will be thought of as slutty, it is
because you are a slut!"

"Y-Yes Sister Katherine..." Alex said sheepishly.

The four nude agents were led to a hall full of girls in Catholic school
uniforms, the crowd of around hundred girls locked eyes on the four new
girls, standing, hands above their heads, nude on a stage.

Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney were lined up, with each girl made to sit on
a hard metal stool...the WOOHP girls felt embarrassed, closing their legs and
covering their tits.

Sister Immaculate Purity, turning to the audience, declared; "These four
pretty girls are sluts of the dirtiest kind. They are bad girls, and we
must cure them."

Sister Katherine ordered Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney, to put their hands
above their heads and open their legs wide for the girls to see.

Even the horny WOOHP Agents hesitated, feeling dirty and unclean. "WIDER!"
Shouted an angry SIP, as Sister Katherine, Sister Anne, and Sister Jane
caned the girls asses.

Sam, Clover, Britney, and Alex, open wide for the good girls to examine.
They were made to do this in silence for 5 minutes...

Then Sister Immaculate Purity gestured to her fellow Sisters, who grabbed
the four WOOHPers and took them to the center of the room, whereupon the
"pupils" formed a circular space, revealing four more stools. Sam was
grabbed by Sister Katherine, who seemed to enjoy pulling the ginger girl's
hair like a leash, and made Sammy lean forward against the stool, standing
with her legs open, offering her ass like a true dirty slut. Clover, Alex,
and Britney were also positioned the same, their bottoms presented to the
huge crowd of girls.

The Sisters wrote the word "SLUT" on the Agent's exposed bum cheeks.

Sister Immaculate Purity spoke again...

"Treat them like sluts...pound them and then suck all the evil juices out of
them..." the Sisters placed large bowls between each WOOHP girl's open legs,
to collect the "evil" pussy juice.

"The way to cure a girl of impurity, is to pleasure and screw the little
bitch until she has exhausted her sex-juice", Sister Immaculate Purity

SIP and her lieutenants watched as the Chapel Girls began to play with the
four displayed pussies. Clover and co. struggled, and failed to maintain
their dignity, as their pussies were opened with the prying fingers of
these mostly teenage girls, who wasted no time using their fingers and
tongues to reduce the WOOHP agents to whimpering and sighing toys.

Britney looked into Sister Anne's eyes...

"Why....oooh...why doing this? this p-pure?"

"It is not pure, little slut, the point is to use so much of your juices,
your pussies will be sore and dry for so long, you will not be able to
think or feel sexual, you will be so sore and dry. You will be ever so
good then. These girls here very rarely cream their panties, you see."


Britney gasped and whimpered as a large dildo was driven into her soaking
snatch, and then pumped hard in and out of the raven-haired girl.

The Chapel Girls took it in turns to fuck, suck, and finger Sam, Britney,
Alex, and Clover, whose "pussy bowl" was filling faster than the other
girls. All four girls were dripping pussy juice into their "pussy bowls".

Sammy, struggling to speak as a vibrator teased her clit, wondered how long
this would go on. She could not believe it was possible to "drain pussy".

"How...h-how...h-h-how long will this...Oooooh!"

"You mean how long will this go on for, Ginger Slut?"

Sam's eyes watered as she bucked and heaved, holding tightly onto the stool
as the torment continued relentlessly.


Sister Immaculate Purity stroked Sam's gorgeous ginger hair, enjoying the
clever WOOHP agent's sexual humiliation.

"Oh, well it will go on for 4 days, baby slut. Even the horniest girls
would become sore and dry after that much non-stop fornication. Your bowl
is filling nicely." SIP patted Sam on the head, as if she were a household

SIP grabbed Sammy's chin and moved in close, speaking softly to the WOOHP
girl, so no one else would hear.

"I'll let you in on a little secret, my pretty. I want girls to be pure
because those are the kind of girl's that I love to seduce, so innocent and
nubile, to deflower a pretty girl is the most blissful thing. I derive no
satisfaction from sluts, I want little innocents for me to dominate and
seduce...I want every girl to be a good girl, because you see, my little
Sammy slut, I want every girl to be mine!"

Sam was helpless as the probing fingers, ramming dildos and cruel vibrators
did their dirty work on her. SIP smiled wickedly down at Sam, barely
concealing her delight in the perversion surrounding her.

Alex squealed as she came hard. Even the fuck-happy Alex was mortified
when the probing and fucking started all over again, a continuous stream of
violation and stimulation. The girls were fucked fluidly, as their fluids
slowly filled their juice bowls.

On and on it went, over and, out, in, out...fingers, rubber and
metal cocks, female tongues lapping at clits and pussy lips, anal beads and
butt-plugs...the WOOHP girls had never anticipated this, never thought that
their own horniness could be used to destroy their sexual nature's.

The girls' only hope was that Victor, Max, and Lisa would realise they were
in trouble, and send help. They would have to hope for that, as the girls,
trapped and helpless, had no way of contacting WOOHP HQ.

Meanwhile, Victor and Max had just finished fucking Lisa, who had been
sucking cock and taking it from behind like a champion slut.

"That was very good, Lisa." Declared a satisfied Victor, as Lisa, wiping
the sticky cum from her mouth, stood up.

Max, his cock dripping with Lisa's pussy juices, sat back in a chair and

Lisa then remembered the girl's mission.

"It's been three days since we sent them to SIP's Chapel...we have not had
contact since then..." Lisa went over to the Tracking console...Lisa started to
look worried...

"There's been no signal from the Tracer Panties, they send a signal so long
as the girls are wearing them."

Max looked concerned..."Hmmm", he muttered pensively.

Victor smiled and said "perhaps the girls are indulging in some
girl-girl...being Sisterly, if you know what I mean."

Victor was right, but of course, the girls were not being "done" in the way
he imagined.

"Yes, perhaps they are fucking some Sisters and girls. It may just be that."
Max smiled at the visual in his mind.

Lisa was less sure. "I think they may be in trouble...even Clover should
have put her panties back on by now, and she's the biggest slut of the four

Max turned to Victor.

"Victor, perhaps now would be a good time to bring in those new WOOHP Agents
we have been preparing. It wouldn't hurt to give them a try."

Victor pondered...after all, he would not want his pet girls to feel he did
not trust them to complete a mission. Also, he would not want to interrupt
any dirty behaviour the girls may be enjoying.

But Lisa had a point, and so did Max.

Victor made his decision.

"Bring them here."

"Yes, sir." Replied Max dutifully, as he went to "obtain" the three new

"Lisa, we will need to give these new girls a thorough going over, to make
sure they are up to the standards I expect from WOOHP Agents."

"Yes, sir." Lisa struggled to suppress her glee...three more girls to use as
sex toys. As far as Lisa was concerned, the more the merrier.

Minutes later, Max returned, followed by three women; Amelia, Tina, and

Victor's doubts about bringing them disappeared as he set his eyes upon them.
H wanted to fuck all three of them right away.

Lisa, too, was delighted, she licked her lips at the sight of the three
beauties, all in shiny WOOHP uniforms and standing to attention.

Max eyed up the girls, enjoying Amelia's lips, Tina's ass, and Pamela's

"Introduce yourselves," Victor said firmly.

Victor looked to Amelia...

"I am Amelia. I am a WOOHP Trainee Agent."

"Amelia, do you like girl-girl love?"

"Yes, sir. I am a lesbian."

Victor looked delighted, as he was handed the girl's documents by Max.

Victor looked to the next girl.

"I am Tina. I am a WOOHP Agent recruited from SPI."

"Tina, do you enjoy being a sexual plaything as well as being an Agent for

"Yes, I do, sir. But at SPI we never got to fuck."

Max felt sorry for Tina, poor girl.

"And you are Pamela...I have heard about you, you have quite a reputation I

Pamela blushed..."Yes, I have fucked numerous spies and agents. I am a
former Freelance Spy."

Lisa smirked..."Been around have we?"

Pamela proudly confirmed that she had indeed been around, and had "experience
surpassing her years"...Victor laughed, "Excellent! Excellent!"

"Girls, I have bought you here because these four cuties who work for me may
be in trouble."

Pictures of Sam, Clover, Britney, and Alex flashed up on the screen.

The three new girls took an instant interest in the four cuties pictured on
the screen, especially Amelia, who was already having dirty thoughts about
the girls.

"Will you go to help them?" Lisa asked.

The girls nodded in unison.

"Good," declared Victor... "Once you have completed this mission, you will
join the WOOHP team...but before we send you on your way to help Sammy,
Clover, Alex, and Brit, you must be initiated by a good hard fucking."

The girl's said "Yes!" in united glee.

Lisa stood behind Amelia and ordered her to bend over.

Max did the same with Tina.

Victor beckoned to Pamela to come to his side of the desk and bend over.

In moments the three new girls were unzipped and exposed. Amelia cried out
as Lisa probed her pussy with her delicate fingers.

Max slapped Tina's bum and rubbed his cock at her entrance.

Victor grabbed Pamela's rear, and, after some skilful pussy-licking, he
rammed his cock into Pamela, who took it like an expert whore.

The three new girls were soon being fucked just as Sam, Alex, Clover, and
Britney had been fucked by Victor and Max not so long ago.

Victor, Max, and Lisa pounded the three newbies hard and aggressively,
making the new trio squeal and groan.

Bottoms were being slapped in unison as the new WOOHP Agents were fucked
good and proper, until they came hard. Max and Lisa were told to finish
their pets first, so Victor could shoot his cum into the mouths of all
three new girls.

Even Amelia enjoyed the taste of Victor's hot cum, as he shoved his cock
into each girl's mouth, giving them "a taste of his leadership."

Cum dripping from their mouths, the girls were given some spare gadgets,
and promptly sent off to rescue the original WOOHP girls.

Victor had set three Mission Objectives:

1. Rescue Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney
2. Stop and Detain Sister Immaculate Purity
3. Give Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney Girl-Girl love.

Victor lamented that there was not more time to fuck the new recruits.
"We'll make up for it", Lisa said, smiling broadly.

Max smiled too, "A big fucking orgy!"

Victor liked that idea alot.

* * *

Back at the Chapel, things were not going well for Sammy, Britney, Alex,
and Clover, who had now entered their second day of non-stop fucking,
sucking, and cumming.

Stuffed in so many ways already, and having felt so many girls fingers
probing their pussies, as well as lubing up their bums for butt-plug
insertion (and then having their asses stimulated by vibration), the girls'
pussy bowls were filling up nicely, the juices still flowing freely, but
signs of soreness already apparent, as Alex grinded painfully on the
Cucumber that had been rudely rammed into her honeypot. They had been
standing, leaning forward on the stools with legs open, for three days...they
felt sore all over. Sex had never been so hard for the WOOHP foursome.

That is not to say they did not enjoy the fucking, they did of course, but
there pussies were being pushed to their limits, with two days to go, the
soreness was setting in.

Eventually, their pussies would be so dry and tired, they would not be able
to fuck.

It occurred to Clover that there is indeed such a thing as too much of a
good thing, as the endless drilling of her "juice well" by the Chapel Girls
was just starting to take it's toll. Clover was confident she would outlast
her friends, as she was by common consent the biggest slut. She could not
see Alex, but she could tell that the dark skinned WOOHP Agent was getting
sore by her increasingly strained groaning.

Sammy and Britney were faring better, but Clover knew that the strain was
already hitting their pussies hard.

Britney was increasingly sore, but her pussy still juicing efficiently. As
one of the Chapel Girls fisted her fuck-hole, it occurred to Britney that
perhaps the loss of the tracer panties would be noticed by WOOHP.

But who would save them?

* * *

The next day Pamela, Tina, and Amelia arrived in the nearby forest, just as
their predecessors had, but their plan differed thereafter. They would not
infiltrate the Chapel, they would sneak inside and extricate the girls, and
apprehend SIP.

Pamela and Tina would go and retrieve the girls, while Amelia would seek
out Sister Immaculate Purity and put a stop to her.

Using an underground passageway, Pamela, Tina, and Amelia snuck into the
Chapel. They then split into their two respective groups, with Amelia
crawling into the vents and exploring.

Pamela and Tina, meanwhile, managed to ambush and knock out two nuns,
covering themselves in the appropriate robes and setting about searching
the huge Chapel.

They were still some distance from the WOOHP girls.

"Uuuugngh!!!" Sam squealed as she was royally stuffed with an enormous
metallic cock. The Chapel Girls giggled as Sammy was subjected to
vibration in her pussy and butt-plugged bum, her ginger hair now damp with

"Oooh God!" Squealed Alex, as beads were pushed and pulled in and out of
her pussy, now running out of juice.

Sister Anne patted Alex's head and said, tenderly, "Your days of being a
slut will soon be over...soon you will be a good girl more sore

Anne repeated...

"No more more fucking."

"No more more fucking."

Eventually, Alex's will began to break...

" more sore, no more fuck...oooh."

"Good girl", Anne said triumphantly.

Clover, Sam, and Britney had not given in yet, despite the relentless
pummelling of their love-holes, but there is only so much a girl can take.

While sneaking around the corridors, Pamela and Tina could hear sounds,
faint sounds...the sounds of female groaning.

"That sounds like girls being fucked," Tina observed.

Pamela agreed. "Let's investigate...sounds like they're having a good time!"

The duo reached a stairway.


Two martial arts Nuns came flying at Pamela and Tina, kicking and punching,
but the two new WOOHP Agents were quick to react, dodging the assault and
countering the assailants.

Pamela swerved to avoid a right hook, and leapt into the air to deliver a
flying kick which sent the Nun crashing into a bookcase, the flood of
tumbling books knocked the Nun unconscious.

Meanwhile, Tina took a nasty hit from Nun Number 2, landing on her
excellent butt. Tina swung her legs into the air, trapping the Nun's head
between her thighs, and sending the attacker flying into the same heap as
her colleague.

"I was Nun-too pleased with that!" Pamela smirked, "Well, I'm having Nun of
it!", chuckled Tina in response, as she obtained a key from one of the

The two agents headed towards the door at the top of the stairway, and,
inserting the key, entered a narrow corridor...the fucking sounds were
getting louder.

Sister Katherine lifted Sam's head, as the exhausted WOOHP spy struggled
with the awful soreness between her legs, with two dildos now being pounded
into her from behind, her pussy stretched, and her bowl now filling very,
very slowly.

"It hurts, doesn't it Sammy? You are not cut out to be a slut, be a good
little girl and do as I tell you, and all will be well, your pussy will
hurt no more."

"I'm...Oooh...I'm a...a...ah...a slut!''s so sore."

"That's it, Sammy, give hurts soooo much...fucking doesn't feel so
good, does it?"

"Fucking...I love it...but...but...I want to stop...I can't...can't carry...

"Give in, that's right, give in..."

Britney gritted her teeth as the "fucking drill", a drill like handheld
device, drilled her cunt with mechanical ruthlessness.

"Please...Ooooh...uuunhh...please stop..."

Alex, meanwhile, was now being finished off, slumped across her stool,
while three Chapel Girls applied a vibrator to her clit.

Sister Anne looked to Clover, "They are breaking, Clover. They will soon
be good girls, good little pretty girls, virginal and cute as buttons. You
will be too, even your mighty pussy cannot produce juice infinitely...even
Clover, Queen of Sluts, has her limits. Soon, you go the same way as Alex,
Britney, and Sammy.

"Never! Never! Never!" Clover shouted defiantly, as a dildo was rammed and
rammed into her still dripping, but depleted pussy.

It was at that moment that Pamela and Tina burst into the room, seeing the
four girls in the centre. The Chapel Girls ran immediately, leaving Sister
Katherine and Sister Anne, who charged at Pam and Tina, who pulled out
their Hairdryer guns and blew the two Sisters out of the room and down the
stairs, knocking them unconscious.

Pamela smiled..."Well, well, what do we have here?"

Tina examined Alex's pussy..."They've been fucked non-stop."

Sam, Britney, and Alex were delirious, unable to move or speak, but Clover
had recovered herself and introduced herself to Pam and Tina.

"Phew...Hi...are you from WOOHP?"

Pamela replied quickly, "We were sent here to rescue you, Victor and Max
sent us. I am Pamela and this is Tina, we are now part of the WOOHP team."

Clover was gleeful, "That is, like, so COOL! We could do with more two are extra welcome!"

"We need to get your friends back to WOOHP..." Tina said, putting Britney
over her shoulder, and getting a nice feel of Brit's bottom.

Clover carried Sam, while Pamela, who, like Tina, indulged in some touching
up. "Let's get them to the van and give them some true girl-girl love",
said Pam.

Clover added that "we've got to make sure that they are 100% sluts again as
soon as we can. Their pussies are sore, but their asses should be receptive
to our girl-girl love."

Pamela smiled and said, "Amelia will attend to them."

"Amelia?" Clover asked.

"Yes, she's with us, too. She is expert in girl-girl love, even more than
any of us."

"Can't wait to meet her!", Clover exclaimed.

They carried the three sore girls out of the Chapel...

Sister Immaculate Purity went to see the Engineer, realising that the
Chapel had been invaded...

The sight that greeted her horrified her...

The device, in ruins...cables broken, circuit boards smashed.

And there, next to the wreck, stood a triumphant Amelia.

"Your plans are foiled, SIP! Dirty girls are here to stay! It's you who
is the real pervert, denying girls and guys the pleasures that would bring
them happiness, just because you want them to be your pretty little dolls."

"How, how did you know all this?" Sister Purity asked, shocked.

"You were my teacher at school. You made me feel bad about liking girls,
even though you like girls, too. You are a twisted woman, Sister Purity,
or rather, as I knew you, Miss. Balkinim."

"I KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR MY GIRLS!!!" Sister Purity shouted at Amelia, whose
eyes narrowed.

Amelia rushed to grab SIP, but she was too late, the former teacher leapt
out of the window.


When Amelia got to the window, she saw a small hover jet, carrying SIP, and
someone else, someone who she had seen a picture of in WOOHP's "Most Wanted
Villains" files during her training and WOOHP Basic Course.

"Damn!" Amelia cursed.

Amelia exited the Chapel, where the 6 other Spies awaited.

"Hi, Amelia!" Clover, Britney, Alex, and Sam shouted warmly.

Amelia looked sad, "I destroyed the device, but SIP got away...I'm sorry."

"Never mind", said Sam, still feeling sore, "You three gals saved us...we
would have ended up as virginal doll-girls if it weren't for you!"

Amelia smiled and expressed her delight that the girls were still into
girl-girl love.

Alex stepped forward, and asked Amelia "if you could give me some girl-girl
love, I need it after all that...I want to be a full slut again!"

Amelia hugged Alex and the seven girls got into their van and wasted no
time in getting down to the business of girl-girl love...kissing and kissing
and loving each other up. The three new spies used their own juices to
lube up the sore girls.

Victor's voice could be heard on the van phone...

"Well done, girls. Excellent work. I have a treat for you, so hurry along
back to WOOHP HQ".


The next day, at 11am, the 7 WOOHP Spies were lined up before Victor, Max
and Lisa, in their tight, figure hugging costumes, looking sexy, a sight
that would make any red blooded male's cock harder than steel.

"Well done, girls!" Declared Victor...

"Although we did not catch SIP, we can regard this Mission as a success.
However, Lisa has requested that Sam, Clover, Britney and Alex must have a
punishment session because they failed the mission, and worst of all nearly
ended up being turned into saintly little virgins. That was too close,

Sam, Alex, Britney and Clover bowed their heads...

"Pamela, Amelia, and Tina will have the reward of having the other four
girls having to obey any sexual request they demand. That comes into
effect after the punishment session tomorrow."

Amelia could not resist licking her lips...

Victor then said, "But tonight, we will celebrate this new era!"

Victor stood up, and declared that there would be a celebration tonight, an
orgy to celebrate the expansion of WOOHP.

"This is a great day for WOOHP...we are stronger and better than ever!"

"The celebration takes place at..."





Red lights flashed and sirens sounded, WOOHP was now in a state of

Victor gave the order; "Girls, find the Intruder!"

To Be Continued in Totally Spies: The New Boss of WOOHP Chapter 5

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