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Oh...hello boys and girls...this is the second chapter of the New Boss of
WOOHP Series. Now in this episode, we'll show Lisa, the new assistant of
the organization that will bring much pleasure to our beloved spies. Enjoy
and good reading for all.

Totally Spies: The New Boss Of WOOHP Part 2 - Enter Lisa
by Operandi ([email protected]) and Victor2K ([email protected])

Lisa smiled at Victor, Max, and the girls as she stood before them, in a
smart business suit, with her skirt very short, barely covering her ample

"You are looking delicious as ever, Lisa."

"Thank you, Victor. And may I say you are looking very handsome, as is Max,
ever the dirty English Gentleman."

Victor and Max chuckled.

"And these girls...they are just absolutely delicious, aren't they, Victor?"

"They certainly are!"

"You are, like, so cool, Lisa!" Exclaimed Clover.

"Way cooler than Dana!" Alex added excitedly...

Lisa smiled wickedly... "Ah yes...Dana..."

Lisa turned to Max, smiling...

"Max, have you told the girls about the time you and I fucked Dana?"

"Well, I hadn't got around to it, Lisa." Max said with a sly grin.

Lisa turned to the girls and explained...

"You see, Dana was very straight-laced, tended to repress her sexuality. But
that didn't stop Max and me from getting into her panties. We took her out
to dinner, and Max worked his charms on her, while I made friends with her.
We lured her to my place, and proceeded to fuck Dana all day, all night...we
took it in turns to fuck her, using a wide variety of toys."

Sam was surprised..."But Dana was so proper and reserved."

"Well, she acted brainy but was actually a horny slut deep down, who
desperately wanted to be fucked, and had a very dirty mind."

Victor smiled, adding..."Sammy is like that too, all proper, but actually a
total slut, isn't that so, Sam?"

"Yes, Victor." Sam said, blushing a little.

"Dana was my pet for a week, I had her on a leash and made her eat my pussy
everyday. I always like to have a "pet girl" ready to serve me. You girls
will understand soon enough."

Lisa smiled wickedly, eyeing up the nude WOOHP girls.

"Have Victor and Max introduced themselves to you, girls?"

"Of course!" The girls replied in unison.

Victor sat in his desk, and gestured to Lisa, who obediently followed him
and sat on his lap. Lisa sighed and moaned as she made herself
comfortable. Victor spoke, his hands groping Lisa and unbuttoning her suit
as he talked to the girls...

"Lisa serves under me, and like you, she must obey my instructions..."

Victor gave Lisa an order...

"Lisa, spread your legs."

"Yes, sir." She replied obediently...

Lisa promptly opened her legs wide, allowing Victor to grope her crotch,
which made Lisa groan and whimper.

"She is also below Max..."

Max approaches the desk and sticks his fingers in Lisa's mouth and orders
her to suck, which she obeys without question. She is now being used by
Victor and Max, she is their obedient servant.

Victor soon has Lisa on her knees, sucking his cock, demonstrating to the
girls Lisa's role in relation to him...she is then also put on her hands and
knees and fucked by Victor...

"Oh yeah!" Shouted Victor, as he pounded Lisa, in full view of the girls...

"Oooh god FUCK ME!" Screamed Lisa...


And fuck her harder Victor did, ramming her luscious body violently, making
her cum, cum, and cum again.

Max joined in shoving his cock into her mouth, so she was now sucking AND
being fucked.

"Mmmmffff!" Max stuffed her gorgeous mouth, her pouting lips around his
fabulous cock, and she was soon sucking him just as eagerly as she had sucked
Victor, while Victor pounded her pussy aggressively.

Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney watched all of this, and it wasn't long before
they had their hands between their legs, playing with themselves as they
became horny watching Lisa getting used by Victor and Max...the girls all
wanted to be in Lisa's situation; being used as a fuck-toy by two handsome,
powerful men. They frantically masturbated themselves as Lisa was now being
bum-fucked by Victor, and she was squealing and yelping loudly, begging for
more. He spanked her ass and gripped her firmly as he rammed Lisa, fucking
her brains out, shouting loudly as he did so.

"AH YES! WHAT A HOT FUCK!" Victor exclaimed, as he rode Lisa.

"OH WOW!" shouted Max , as he shot his cum into Lisa's mouth, which she
eagerly swallowed, the hot sticky cum dribbled down her mouth as she lapped
it up like a champion slut.

A few minutes later, Victor was back at his desk, Max at his side, while
Lisa, now nude, wiped the cum from her mouth and smiled at the girls...

"Wow..." said Clover...

Victor grinned and went into lecture mode again...

"But although Lisa is obedient to us and we have total authority over her,
the same does not apply to you girls."

"How do you mean?" Sam enquired...

"Well, Lisa is beneath us, but you are beneath her. So whereas she only
has to obey myself and Max, you girls have to obey us and her. She has
total authority over you, although we can over-rule any order she gives
you, you have no power to refuse her, or disobey her. You must obey her to
the letter, and serve her without question."

Lisa smirked and explained further...

"Victor and Max are your Master's, I am your Mistress. You 4 girls are my
pretty little pets, and you will please Victor, you will please Max, and
you will please me."

Victor spoke again, explaining that Lisa would be in charge of punishment ...

"If you girls disobey me, Max, or Lisa, you will be taken to the Punishment
Dungeon, where Lisa will educate you and discipline you."

"I think these girls need to be shown the Punishment Dungeon, Victor." Lisa
suggested wickedly.

"Oh yes, what a good idea Lisa. Our little girls need to have a complete
understanding of the new WOOHP hierarchy...just saying it in words will just
go through their pretty little heads."

Lisa walked behind the girls, tapping their asses with her cane, striking
Sam's bum and telling her to stand up straight with her legs open. Lisa's
hands groped the girls unreservedly, playing with their tits, asses,
crotches, thighs, hair...everywhere...

Lisa turned to Victor...

"Permission to begin the next phase of their training, Sir."

"Permission granted." Victor replied with an amused grin.

Lisa wasted no time opening her suitcase, producing three collars, each
with the WOOHP girl's name on it, each in said WOOHP girl's colour, and
each with a corresponding leash...

Sam was fitted with a Green collar.

Clover was fitted with a Red collar.

Alex was fitted with a Yellow collar.

Britney was fitted with a Blue collar.

Lisa then ordered the girls onto their hands and knees, and led her four
"pets" out of the WOOHP Office, and down the WOOHP corridors.

"Come on, bitches!" Lisa shouted, as she whacked Britney's bum with her
cane, prompting Britney to catch up with the other girls as they followed
Lisa down the corridor, their asses wiggling and their boobs jiggling.

A female Secretary walked by, and could not resist stopping to pat Alex on
the head and say "Good Bitch!" which the Secretary and Lisa found most
amusing, sharing a chuckle.

In the WOOHP Office, Victor and Max switched on the hidden camera in the
Punishment Dungeon, and awaited the arrival of Lisa and her pets.

"This will be fun." Victor remarked.

"Great Entertainment." Max added...

"Lisa has a very cruel streak..." Victor stated, grinning wickedly...

"Oh, she has a talent for punishing AND pleasuring really is
amazing." Max concluded, as they watched from their screen.

The door to the Punishment Dungeon, and in came Lisa...

Followed by Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney, on all-fours and firmly under
Lisa's control...

The girl's eyes widened as they beheld the dark confines of the sinister
and large dungeon; whips...chains...canes...dildo's...clamps...stirrups...
chairs...crosses...bizarre machines...cuffs...straps...spreaders...

Lisa looked at her four obedient pets, and declared that "This is a place
you will become familiar with, even if you are good girls!"

Lisa wasted no time, as she had carefully devised an appropriate
humiliation and punishment for each WOOHP girl.

Lisa pulled Sam's leash...

"Stand up, will be the first!"
_ _ _

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