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Content of the Story: FF, Ff, ff, orgy, anal, oral, toy, inc

Characters involved: Clover/Sam/Alex/Stella/Gabriella/Carmen

Totally Spies - Mother Daughter Fun (Part II)
by Victor2K ([email protected])

(To get you into the real deal: the spies' moms went to their house to pay a
surprise visit to them. While cleaning, Carmen found a very adult magazine
under Alex's bed. Of course, after some argument, things got hot and they
went to fuck in the couch. Then the spies arrived and.well, you will see it.)

There was an awkward silence inside that villa. Clover, Alex and Sam had
just found their mothers naked, laid on their couch, having sex with
each other. Everyone looked at each other as if they had found a dead
body or something. The girls had seen many crazy things in their time
as WOOHP agents, but this topped them all.

"Girls...err...Girls, you know that its not good manners to come in here
without warning," Stella said, as she and the other women in synchrony
motioned themselves to be normally sit, with cushions hastily covering
their private parts.

"Please mom, this will not fool any of us!" Clover replied.

"Well, I think I can explain what is happening here." Carmen tried to
cool down the weird situation. You could cut the air with a knife.

"You can!" Alex demanded, her eyes narrowing fiercely.

Carmen, Gabriella and Stella looked at each other, trying to come up
with an excuse that would be at least believable. But the trio found
that their girls were already big girls enough to not believe in
anything fantastic that they might say. So, with their heads low, and
thoroughly ashamed of the situation, they had to own up to their daughters.

"Yes, this is the thing...yes; we were.having sex on your couch, girls.
You caught us in the good way." Stella confessed, as Carmen followed
with some further explanation.

"We found a magazine under Alex's bed and started about
it, but we found each other so excited that we couldn't avoid it thing lead to another."

"Yes, we admit that we got horny with each other and we liked it a lot.
Sorry girls, but this is the truth and we want to apologize for doing
this sort of thing in your house", Gabriella finished, in a scene which
was very reminiscent of the situation where the girls told their mother
about their secret job.

Alex, Sam and Clover looked at their mothers and then to each other for
a minute, in the most absolute of silences, only to next burst into
laughter. None of the three girls understood about what and why they
were laughing about.

"What it is so funny about it?" asked Carmen.

"We told any jokes?" said Stella, not taking the reaction of the spies
well; she saw it as some kind of disrespect.

"Nothing! have, ahem, nothing to worry about this silly
thing", Clover answered, feeling her mother was such a načve person.

"Why?" Stella asked yet again.

"Oh come on! We are too tired to do sex with each other in this same
couch that you are" Sam explained to them. The women couldn't believe in
what the redhead teenager said. She told her mother and the mothers of
her best friends that they have lesbian sex, like she tells that she
brushed her teeth or took the garbage out. To Sam, it was the most
normal thing in the world.

"WHAAT?!?!" was the reaction of the three ladies

"Yes. Mom, I am sorry for not telling you about it, but it's like that.
I have sex with Clover and Sam. Almost every day to be exact" Alex did
not let doubts grow in the mature women's heads, making the facts
crystal clear.

"B-but h-how?" Carmen asked, feeling like she took a slap in the face

"Think mom: we are three young girls sharing a same house; we see each
other every day, every time. We live in each other's space, and share

"Don't be so načve, you three!. I believe you all wondered about our
sexual lives, moms always do!"" Clover added.

"Well, but we all thought that you were into...boys!" Stella said,
particularly surprised at how into fucking the bookish Sam was.

"We are into boys! But we like to get each other as partners as well.
Ladies, your daughters are a trio of horny bisexuals", Sam finished,
still seeing her mom with her chin dropped; she could not believe that
her pride and joy, so sweet and studious, could be such a horny female;
Clover she had always felt was a cockteaser, but Sam? The mothers' trio
couldn't believe in what they heard: their "little babies" confessed
right in front of them that they like to have sex with each other. It
was something that they couldn't comprehend. Confronted by fact that
they also went into sex inside their daughters' home, the idea soon was
"accepted", as the moms did not have the moral high ground.

"So, my little baby girl likes to sleep with her friends. Well, better
this than worse stuff", Stella said, relieved.

"Look, you don't need to worry if you get sex right here. We aren't mad
with you. We just would like to be warned first" Sam explained, "Because
what's seen cannot be unseen!" Clover and Alex giggled at Sam's remark.

"Eeer...ok then, but we still feel sorry for this. We just let ourselves
be guided by our own desires", Gabriella said, with her head still low
and feeling sad.

"Please, don't...Eh, well, how about we start that "Mother-Daughter"
thing?" asked Alex.

"But, how do we do that? We are undressed and you are still with the WOOHP
uniforms", puzzled Carmen.

"Simple!" Clover answered as they pushed the button that makes their spy
outfits change into everyday clothing, and they appeared in the nude,
just as their moms were.

"What is that? Why are you naked too?" Stella asked, not understanding
the need to get naked of the teenage chicks.she thought it would be the
other way round.

"Hello-o! Don't you think that you will leave without giving us our
fair share", Clover answered, with an evil grin on her face, Alex had a
glint in her eye and Sam smiled wryly.

"D-do y-you mean?" Carmen asked nervously.

"Well, you fucked on OUR couch. So, I believe you should let us join your
`private party'", Sam explained.

"Samantha! It's incest! It's wrong in all manners!" Gabriella shouted,
shocked at her daughter's filthy mind.

"Sorry mom, but the girls and I have discussed this for years. Why go out
chasing people if we can have people close at hand?"

"With all due daughterly respect, but.we always found you three hotties.
We always discussed a possibility of lesbian incest and we get excited
and wet every time we think about it. Me and the girls even did some
role-playing with this idea", the teen brunette explained to her mother
and the others. The trio looked then at each other and they agreed with
their loved ones.

"Well... I think something like that can't hurt. Anyway, we are all good
and healthy. Not mentioning this is somehow arousing" Carmen thought,
followed by the blonde and redhead Milfs.

"It seems much better than our idea of `Mother-Daughter Day'" Gabriella

"Well, if you all let us join." The redhead teen said, as they
approached to their respective mother to give them a passionate kiss. At
first, the idea of forbidden temptation left the women all annoyed, but
soon this melted and was replaced by a most pleasurable sensation, one
they had never felt with each other. Indeed, this felt even better than
the three Milfs felt with each other.

The mothers and daughters kissed...their tongues interlocking and their
bodies close together. Stella led Clover to a couch and sat down, her
daughter eagerly moving between her thighs. Gabriela grabbed her
daughter's ass and squeezed it, before ordering the redhead to "open
wide for momma". Sam obeyed.

Carmen pressed Alex against a settee, before spinning her daughter round
and bending her over, spreading the latin spy's ample bum cheeks.

"Oh yes, Clover! Go on, eat my pussy!, shouted Stella, with her daughter
munching her genitals and pleasing the mature blonde greatly at one end
of the couch. "Ohh...that feels good."

"Mom, you have a delectable pussy. I wonder on how you kept this away
from me" Clover replied, in between tasting her mother's juiciness.

"You never said it."

"I say it the same". Gabriella comments, while fingering Sam's pussy.
Sam's legs were wide open, with mother on her knees in the middle. "I
did not set out to do this yet I am getting more excited!"

" me.put that finger inside.ohh.", it was everything
that Sammy could say at that time, as she surrendered to her mother's
firm, controlling fingers. Sam was helpless as Gabriella probed and
stuffed her like a pro.

Meanwhile, at the other end, Carmen lapped Alex's pussy, who was eagerly
giving her ass to her own mother. The teenage Latin was squirming under
the teasing tongue of her mother.

"Ohh", moaned Alex, mixing English
with Spanish language.

"Uhh...dear, but what a cunt you have.", praised Carmen, proceeding to
lick her daughter.

The pleasure begun to get hard as the six-piece orgy escalated. The
room filled with the sound of licking, pumping, slurping, and the
whimpers and groans of the assorted females.

Now it was two trios formed: on the left side, Clover, Alex and Stella.
The Latin teenager was laid on the couch, with Stella moving to her
head, sitting on her in order to make Alex lick her. While that
transpired, Clover moved her mouth onto Alex's exposed pussy, setting
about giving her friend a good licking.


"Yes! Yes! Alex, uhh.lick me...oh..."


"Aah...that's it Clover...lick her while she...ooooh...Licks me...unnnh!"

On other side, it was Carmen, Gabriella and Sam. With legs wide open,
Gabriella sit on the couch, as Sam put herself in position to eat her,
ever the dutiful daughter. Below her crotch was Carmen, holding and
gripping the young redhead's ass and eating and fingering her.


"Ahh...Samantha...uhhh...I never thought you were such a minx."

"I can be better than this, mom", Sam replied.

"Your daughter's ass and pussy are delicious, Gabriella. She's nice and
tight; we're going to have such fun with her!"

The moms were getting seriously entertained by this stuff. Stella moaned
at each skilled attack of Alex's tongue in her vagina, while watching
her daughter fingering and eating her best friend. Meanwhile, Carmen and
Gabriella were getting along with Sam, who had become the filling in a
"mom sandwich".

"Who would have known that THIS is the best way to get closer to your
daughter?" Clover's mother observed with a big smile.

After a few minutes, Sam, her pussy still drenched and throbbing from
Carmen's probing and licking, left the group and appeared with a pink
bag in her hands. The redhead teen opened it, showing the very special
content of the bag; a good assortment of dildos, vibrators and
strap-ons, which nearly shocked their moms.

"What the fuck! You girls have all of these `toys'?" Carmen shouted,
with an astonished face.

"Why didn't you tell my anything about this?" Stella said firmly, also
inquiring for an answer.

"Isn't it a good thing telling your mother that you own dildos?" Clover
answered matter of factly.

"Anyway", Gabriella said. "I think now I know where I can get some help
when I am alone!"

The women giggled.

To start with, Sam picked a white dildo, pretty much pen-shaped, with
average size. She showed it to the crew and asked if someone wanted to
be the first to use it. Clover, of course, was the first to manifest.

"Me! Me! Me!"

Everyone in the room made an unsurprised face about Clover's demand, her
cockteasing, horny ways were known before this day. Then Samantha asked
the blonde to sit and spread her legs, which she quickly did. Then the
redhead inserted the dildo into Clover's pussy, being replied by moans
at each thrust.

"Ohh...uh...yeahh...oooh that's goood"

Carmen took a long and thick 17cm (6,69 inches) dildo and looked at
Sam's pleasing ass. She then reached to the redhead's butt, spanked and
squeezed her a little and then assertively put the toy inside the pussy
of the redhead. Following that action, she started to lick the asshole
of Samantha. Carmen was determined to make Sam's pussy and ass her

Gabriella was the next one to look for a toy. She took from the bag a
green strap-on, which sported the WOOHP badge on it, which she logically
assumed it belonged to Sam. She put on the toy and ordered Stella to get
into doggy position, with Alex's crotch `facing' her. The mature redhead
started to screw Stella, while the blonde one moved to lick Alex's cunt.

"Ohhh...yes...fuck her mommy!"




Through that night, the debauchery got far, far nastier than ever
planned. Now there were only strapons. At one side of the couch, Stella
was giving Clover a good ride with the teen's blonde own strap-on,
thrusting the fake cock inside her pussy.

"Take this, you slut!" The mature blonde screamed, as she impaled her
daughter, to the annoying surprise of all on the couch, as much as for
her. Stella personally hated when people told her stuff about Clover's
personal life, especially sex matters. She became furious and felt
violent towards people if she heard that Clover was a slut. But at that
moment, saying such words, Clover's mother got the deal that her little
girl was, in fact, "slutty". And this wasn't that bad. Deep down,
Stella had always known that Clover was a total slut, a cocksucking,
pussy eating, slapper. Now she accepted, it, she realized the joys of
having your own daughter as a fucktoy.

"Ohhh...mommy...yes...fuck your slutty child...oohhh!"

Stella gripped her "pretty little whore", and then mercilessly thrust
forward hard and fast with the fake cock, making her little girl squeal.


Stella smiled wickedly, "Plenty more where that came from, my sweet little
fuck princess!"

As for the other mom/daughter duos, the situation was barely the same.
In the middle, Sam and Gabriella were experiencing a quite different
thing. It was the teenage redhead who was screwing her mom, making her
bounce on the toy.

"Uh...Samantha...uh...this pleases me a lot."

"Me too, mom, me too." Sam replied.

On the other half, another mom-fucking-daughter experience. Carmen lubed
her strap on and decided to get inside Alex's asshole, where the Latin
mother was surprised to find that she wasn't virgin anymore there.

"Alex, who fucked your ass? I don't seem to be the anal type."

" was Clover", Alex replied, matter-of-factly.

"Clover??" Carmen asked again, unbelievable to the fact.

"But I asked her to do it. I thought if I lost my anal virginity with a
girl, it couldn't be so bad", the latin teen explained, which by the
way, relieved Carmen, as Clover, despite her sluttiness, was more worthy
of trust than any random boy.

Carmen then proceeded to fuck her daughter's asshole. Soon, there were
only the noises of thrusts and moans, with each fucking becoming thorough
and vigorous.

"Mooom...fuck...moom...fuck me...ohh..."

"Clover, dear. I will do you as no other boy did you...Momma's not going
to show you any mercy."

"Uhh...Sammmy...ahh..." Gabriella bounced on her redhead pride and joy,
humping and grinding on her sexy "little Sam".


"Fuck my assshhh...ohh...ohh" Alex was stretched, stuffed, and pounded in
the ass by her mother.

"Alex, your ass is the best!" Carmen was not just proud of Alex, she was
proud of her ass, too.

As the song says, "the heat is on", and so were the six women into the
heat. They were hotter than the sun, hotter than a super nova, even.
The night went on and on, as every single coupling and "somes" were made
by the group, in just about every combination imaginable. Clover's
favourite was when every one of the mothers screwed her on a triple
penetration gangbang, as Sam and Alex were doing sixty-nine.

Alex also was entertained as Clover fucked her ass madly while she was
licking Stella's pussy, while in another perverted situation Carmen was
sandwiched by another pair, this time Gabriella and Sam.

Many perverted games were also played, in one instance, the moms wore
strap-ons and ordered their daughters to kneel before them and show how
good they are at sucking cock, with the moms giving firm instructions.
At one point the six females all got on their hands and knees, and
formed a circle, so all were licking ass and pussy simultaneously. They
also took photos of the fucking and sucking perversion, one of which
involved Sam being held upside down by her spread ankles by Gabriella
and Stella while Clover and Alex licked and fingered her pussy and
asshole (their free hands were between Gabriella's and Stella's legs,
fingering them). While this was being done to her, Sam had to suck
Carmen's strap-on.

Every single girl fucked the other five more than once and got lots of
opportunities to do everything. It was a free for all. So, the
orgasmic moves sure enough appeared, and it rocked the house.



"Yes...oh My God! Yes!"



"Oh my...oh I'm cummmming mom, I'm cumming!"

The girls did not come once, not twice, not thrice, but lots of times,
so many that they lost count. It was like some gate had opened and the
pleasures of a garden were shown to them, its sights and smells, its
ambience introducing them to a whole new world of sensations and
sensuality. The mothers and their spy daughters did reach the climax for
a while before the sexual odyssey drew to a natural conclusion, with all
the participants tired and smiling at each other.

* * *


The sextet was tired and laid on the couch, all sweaty and covered with
each other's love juices. Each mother embraced their respective daughter
and cuddled them. They were closer than they had ever been.

"Oh, this was amazing!" Stella smiled.

"Don't tell me. I still can't believe I actually l had sex with my
daughter and enjoyed it!" Gabriella agreed.

"Oh Mom, you are so lovely" Sam cheered

"Anyway, it looks like we still have our "Mother-Daughter Day" thing,
doesn't it?" Clover asked.

"But THIS was the Mother-Daughter Day, Clover" Her mom replied with a smile.


"It looks like we found a nice thing to do at our "Mother-Daughter Day",
Clover", Alex said, to which everyone agreed.

"And when's it going to be the next?" Carmen asked, curious as to what
the moms had planned.

"Well, it can be any day, as long as the girls don't mind on calling us
for some `fun'", Gabriella explained.

"Of course we want to call you to do that. In whatever place we can fuck
our moms and still be loved by them", Clover commented.

"Oh Clover", Stella said before she and the other mothers hugged the
naked bodies of their daughters and kissed their foreheads.


* * *

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