Torchwood (MF,anal,zombie)
by Doctor Jimmy ([email protected])

It had been over a year since Jack had lost Tosh and Owen and it still hurt
like hell. Gwen was staring at the water tower out side the hub when she
heard a voice behind her.

"Hello Gwen. How are ya?"

She turned round to see Owen and gasped. There was a shattering sound as she
dropped her mug of coffee on the ground. "Owen..." She breathed.

Owen smiled "Hi there" He moved to hug her.

"Owen..." Gwen sobbed as tears flowed down her cheeks and she wrapped her
arms around him. ""

"Hey, there, there. Its ok. It's ok." He said as he hugged her tightly.

She shook her head and just held him close. "'s been a
year..." She nodded softly and kissed his cheek. She just loved the feeling
of him under her.

"I know, I...I needed time to sort myself out." He kissed her on the cheek
but closer to her lips.

"Owen..." She looked into his eyes. She caressed his cheeks softly. She
smiled into his eyes. "I'm so glad to have you back..".

"Really, how glad?" He asked rather cheekily

She smirked and shook her head. "You cheeky bastered...." She whispered.

"Oh yeah, but you know you love me for it. Hmmm I see your arse is as firm as
always," he said cheekily while moving a hand down towards it.

She chuckled softly and leaned in kissing him softly. "I see you're still as
grabby as ever..." She smirked and pressed her forehead against his.

"Yeah, I am." He smiled, kissed her and squeezed her arse gently.

She smiled and jumped. "Aw...did you not have any women where you were?" She
smiled again softly and leaned in kissing him again.

"Yeah, but no one as good as you Gwen, do you have anywhere private we can go
to 'talk'?" He asked cheekily.

She nodded. "Come to my flat..." She took his hand and walked him to the car
then drove to the flat. She got out and took his hand again and walked up and
in. She locked the door and sat on the couch. "Come..."

He walked towards the couch taking off his jacket and sat down.

"Oh Gwen," He smiled as he squeezed her thigh.

She smiled softly and crawled into his lap. She kissed him softly.

He then proceeded to lean in and kiss her hard on the lips his tongue snaking
past her teeth.

She gasped softly putting her arms around him. She smirked softly and kissing
him deeper.

He continued to kiss her hard and passionate while running his hands up and
down her firm arse in her skinny jeans.

She smiled softly and positioned herself so she was straddling his lap. She
smirked and kissed him again passionately.

He grinned at her and lightly slapped her arse.

She jumped with a smile. "You know for someone whose been dead a
are a horny bastered."

"Oh yeah baby you bet I am" He smirked and rubbed a hand up and down her

She smirked softly and kissed his cheek then she hesitated and a face grew
slightly concerned. " much as I would love to do this....but...I
just want to be in your arms for a little please."

"Whatever you want Gwen" He took her and held her.

"I'm sorry..." She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I's been so
long.." She said softly.

"Hey its ok I understand it's no problem Gwen" He hugged and kissed her

She smiled softly and nodded. She laid her head on his shoulder with a smile.

"Thank you."

"It's no problem Gwen, ok," He rubbed her back soothingly and smiled.

She nodded softly. "Alright..." She smiled and looked at him.

"Have you told Jack?" she asked him.

"No...not yet, only you so far, cause you mean so much to me," He explained
while looking deep into her eyes.

She smiled and caressed his cheek. "Aw...there is a soft spot with you."

"Yeah there has but only you get to see it babes" He smiled.

She smiled and nodded softly. She kissed his cheek and then looked into his
eyes. "Oh Owen..." She smiled and kissed his cheek again.

"Yes Gwen baby" He kissed her cheek and nose.

She smiled softly and rested on him. She smirked softly and closed her eyes.

"Stay here tonight please?"

"Sure course I will Gwen" He smiled and hugged her tightly.

She smiled and hugged him softly. "Thank you..."

"Hey it's no problem, but there is one tiny question I would like to know."

She looked at him, her face full of concern.


"Well how wet do you get when you think of me?" He asked cheekily.

She chuckled softly and rolled her eyes. "Sometimes Harper...sometimes..."
She smiled and went into his ear and bit it softly.

"You wanna feel?"

He smirked "Oh yeah, babes why not."

She smirked softly leading his hand down her pants while he smiled and let
her control his movements.

Gwen smirked softly as she kissed him snaking his hand down her pants.

He moans softly and he rubs her arse and lightly slaps it.

She jumped slightly. "Oh Owen..." She smiled and slipped a finger easily
inside her. "Oh god..."

"Yeah you like this don't you babes?"

She nodded. "Oh YES...YES!" She ground herself on his finger.

He stopped and removed his finger and took his top off.

She whined. "Owen...Owen..." She whined again taking off her top to let her
breasts fall out.

He smiles and moved his mouth to her big breasts and sucked on them

"Oh my god...Owen..." she moaned and held his mouth to her breasts.

He and Gwen stood up and pulled themselves into and passionate kiss while he
lifts her up by her arse.

She smirked and moaned. "Owen...take me now...please..."

"Oh no not yet babes," He carries her to her bed and drops her on then takes
off his jeans leaving him in very tight briefs.

"No now...please...please!" She whined as she moved about on the bed.

"Well I might but I've still got clothes on and so do you, so what are you
gonna do about that?"

She growled and ripped of her clothes and his. "Now....NOW!"

He leaped at her and pulled her into a passionate snog while feeling his hard
cock on her belly.

She smirked and kissed him and deepened it. " hard do you get when
you think of me?"

"So hard baby so so hard" He quickly moved up and puts his cock into Gwen's

She smirked and pushed him down and started to suck on his cock. She smiled
and kneaded his balls while pumping and sucking.

He moaned loudly and started face fuck her. While she smirked and kept going
sucking him harder and faster.

He moans loudly and pulls out before cuming all over her face.

She smiled softly. "Oh Owen..."

"Well oh dear what are you gonna do about that" He smiled.

"Something..." She smirked and wiped her face off and kissed his lips.

He kissed her back then pushes her to the bed

"What are you going to do about it?" She smiled.

"Very funny you'll pay for that" He lowers himself towards her.

"Mmm I hope so...punish me Owen. I've been bad" Gwen told him lustfully.

He slaps her on the cheek and a breast.

"OH..." She gasped as the pain flowed through her body.

Then he kissed her and slowly moved up her body.

She smiled and kissed him softly while he entered her and kissed her neck at
the same time.

She moaned. "Oh...Owen..."

He went faster and faster his balls slapping against her arse.

"Oh god...Owen!!!" She moaned louder almost screaming. He screamed and came
in her pussy.

She screamed in pleasure sighed happily. "Good to have you back."

"We are not done yet hunny" He stated as he moved onto the bed so they were
on their side and kissed her roughly while squeezing her bare ass.

She smirked. "Oh I figured..." she smiled.

"Good girl" He smirked and squeezed both ass cheeks hard.

She jumped as he squeezed her ass as she smirked and kissed him.

He then proceeded to flip her over and kiss her neck as she moaned softly.
Then he moved his cock into her ass as she moaned again. "You are so much
bigger then last time..." Gwen moaned in pleasure as she stated this.

"You like?" Owen asked as he entered harder then before.

She nodded softly. "Yes, oh yes," Owen smiled cheekily "Good cause your gonna
love this" He exited her ass then slammed hard into her.

"OH GOD" she screamed. Then he started to ass fuck her.

"Oh god! Owen..." Gwen began but Owen interrupted her "Shush and just enjoy

She nodded softly as her eyes rolled back in her head while he continued to
fuck her hard.

Gwen bit her lip letting him have his way with her, then he pulled out,
flipped her over and put his cock between her breasts as she moaned softly
and squished his cock between her boobs.

"MMMMMMMM" He moaned as he began to titty fuck her and she smirked softly.
"Mmm is right."

Owen just grunted and continued to fuck her big tits as she smirked and
opened her mouth so she could lick his cock as it came up.

Suddenly he moaned and came right into her mouth and on her face again and
Gwen smiled. "I'm going to need to shower after this..."


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