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Torchwood: Tosh And Gwen (FF,oral)
by Dr. Jimmy

Tosh woke up in a shot screaming out load in fear and panic, her chest
heaving. Slowly her breathing became more controlled and her sweating died
down, but not until her body glistened with sweat soaking the clothes she
was in, this was the third night this had happened. The third night since
Jack had murder Mary, her lover, the women she had helped get into Torchwood.
Every night since then Tosh had been having horrifying dreams of her
teammates turning against her for eavesdropping on their thoughts, for
hearing the deepest most secrets.

Tosh turned round and looked at her digital clock and sighed when she saw the
time, 2:00AM, it looked like another sleepless night for her. Resigned to the
inevitable Tosh got up and went to make herself a coffee and turned her
laptop on, at least she could get this list for UNIT done the Jack was
pestering her about. While she was making her coffee she noticed that she was
dripping with sweat and her clothes were not longer the pristine white they
had been when she had gone to bed, so it was off to the shower for her and
some new clothes. As she stood in her shower, the water cascading down her
body Tosh closed her eyes and thought back to the time she a slept with Mary,
she had never been with a women before sure she had thought about it and
admired girls before but she had always lacked the confidence to actually do
it. However, being with Mary had been wonderful, girls were so much softer
and gentle then men, before she knew it her hand was between her legs and
Tosh was moaning in ecstasy as she came.

"Oooh Gwen" Tosh moaned out load then her eyes shot open in horror.

She had just masturbated about her teammate Gwen Cooper, Tosh couldn't
believe it. She quickly cleaned her self up, got dry and put on some clean
clothes. She dressed herself in a green tank top which was slightly too tight
for her and showed off her impressive breasts, a black pair of jeans, a
purple bra and a pink g-string.

As she sat down to her laptop with a freshly made cup of coffee and started
work she found her mind going back to Gwen and thinking about her and her
body, Tosh shook her head and muttered to herself.

"No, I've got work to do and she's my friend and co-worker."

After half an hour of working her phone rang, Tosh contemplated ignoring it
as she was not in the mood to talk but decieded against it and answered it.

"Hello, whose this?"

A voice she was not expecting emitted from the phone which was on load

"Hello Tosh its me Gwen, sorry for waking you I was wondering if I could come

Tosh started at the sound of Gwen's voice and took a sip of coffee as Gwen

"No, its ok Gwen you didn't wake me I couldn't sleep anyway. Yeah sure come
on over I'll see ya in around 5?"

Gwen answered positively and hung up and Tosh put the phone back on its stand
then went and unlocked the door.

Five minutes later there came a soft knocking on the door and Tosh opened it
to revel Gwen standing in the door way.

"Hello Gwen come on in, can I get you a drink?" Tosh enquired kindly

"Yeah ok then Tosh, do you have any wine?"

Tosh did have and went to open a bottle and poured out two glasses, as she
took them over to the sofa she could not stop herself from looking over
Gwen's body.

Gwen was dressed in a black tank top witch had a picture of a pink eagle on
it and a pair of black jeans similer to Tosh's, the top was too small for
Gwen and showed of her breasts very well.

Tosh smiled and handed the glass to Gwen and sat herself down next to her,
Gwen smiled and took a drink of the wine then set it down and turned to Tosh.

"Listen Tosh are you ok? I mean these past few days you've seemed really down
and even now you look like ill." Gwen's face showed absolute concern and she
took Tosh's hand as Tosh began to cry.

"I'm sorry Gwen its just, I've not been sleeping well, I keep on waking up
having these nightmare that everyone turns against me because of what I did
with the pendent and...and...Mary" Tosh broke down into sobbing as Gwen took
her in her arms.

"Hey now Tosh its ok none of us are going to turn against you, we all know
you were manipulated and used by Mary, it's not your fault and we're not
going to leave you. Ok?"

Tosh looked up into Gwen's eyes and nodded.

"O...O...Ok, so err what was it that you wanted to talk about anyway?" Tosh
made an effort to pull herself together.

Gwen looked slightly embarrassed and went a deep red.

"Well err Tosh I was wondering what's it err like to kiss a girl and you

Tosh's face took on one of bemusement as she smiled slightly.

"But Gwen you've already kissed a girl, remember on your first day" Gwen
smiled and took on a deeper shade of red.

"Yeah, but that was due to the pheromones that were being emitted from her,
but ever since then I've wondered what its like to be with a women."

Tosh smiled and laughed slightly as she gulped down her wine.

"Oh Gwen, well in my opinion its fantastic to be with a female, their so much
more sensitive and soft then a man could ever be and err..." Tosh's voice
trailed away as she found herself thinking, once again, about Gwen and
staring at her body.

"God that sounds great Tosh, I really wanna try it now" Gwen's face fell as
she realized that she couldn't really as she didn't know where the lesbian
bars were in Cardiff.

Tosh meanwhile was fighting with her morals about what she should do until
she came to a decision and stood up.

"Come with me Gwen."

Gwen looked slightly confused and stood up then followed Tosh into her

Tosh smiled and gestured towards her bed. "Please sit down Gwen". Mentally
shrugging to herself Gwen sat down onto the soft mattress and Tosh sat next
to her, "Now I just want you to close your eyes and relax, what I'm about to
do will help you" Tosh smiled as she spoke to Gwen softly.

Trusting Tosh completely Gwen closed her eyes and breathed out to relax
herself, despite this she was very aware of the sound of Tosh's breathing
next to her. Meanwhile Tosh was slowly moving closer to Gwen's red lips while
also gently rubbing herself through her jeans, finely Tosh moved her lips
onto Gwen's and kissed her gently and softly. Gwen's eyes shot open as she
felt Tosh's lips on hers, almost immediately Gwen began to pull away until
Tosh stopped her by pressing her hand onto the back of Gwen's head and
pressing it forwards towards Tosh. Resigning herself to the inevitable Gwen
stopped fighting and began to formulate the angry reply that she would shout
at Tosh for doing this, however, all thought soon went out of her mind as her
mouth was forcibly opened and a tongue slipped into her mouth and began to
explore it.

Without realizing it Gwen suddenly noticed that her tongue was also sliding
around inside Tosh's mouth and that Gwen quite liked it. She also began to
feel a tingerling sensation down in her crotch as she inadvertently moaned
softly into Tosh's mouth, upon hearing this Tosh stopped the kiss and smiled
sexually at Gwen. Gwen stopped short when she saw Tosh like this, this was a
more confident and sexual Tosh completely unlike the one Gwen normally saw.
Smiling confidently Tosh reached towards the bottom of Gwen's top and began
to pull it up; Gwen began to protest thinking that this was going too far
when Tosh leant down and began to plant small kisses on Gwen's stomach
causing pleasure to ripple through her body.

Tosh proceeded to take off the whole of Gwen's top and reveled that she was
wearing a red lace bra that failed utterly to hold in her big breasts, Gwen,
upon realizing what was happening, leant back pulling Tosh on top of her,
meanwhile Tosh inwardly smiled at this triumph and adjusted her self so she
was stradderling Gwen's hips. She then proceeded to pull off her tank top
and revel her purple bra and took it off to display to Gwen her impressive
breasts with her medium sized nipples which were very erect.

"Why Gwen aren't you going to take off your bra as well?" Tosh asked but to
Gwen's ears it didn't sound like the Tosh she knew, this was a more confident
and sexual Tosh, a Tosh who wouldn't take no for an answer.

Rather submissively Gwen reached behind herself to her bra strap and
un-hooked it and removed it, this reveled her bid breasts with very erect
nipples. Tosh smirked and dove down and encircled Gwen's left breast with her
mouth as Tosh sucked on it eliciting a moan from Gwen as she squeezed Tosh's
ass though her jeans. Tosh began to move down Gwen's body trailing kisses
down her skin until she reached her jeans and began to undo them, pulling
them down and reveling Gwen's underwear, which was a red lacy thong. Tosh
soon discarded the jeans and gazed upon Gwen's near naked body, her chest
rising deeply after being kissed so forcefully, Tosh then virtually ripped
off her own jeans, reveling the pink G-string which barely concealed her
shaven pussy. Tosh then advanced on Gwen, her face full of lust.

As Tosh reached Gwen she reached down and took off her g-string, then she
leaned towards Gwen kissed her softly on the lips while gently squeezing her
right breast. Meanwhile Gwen opened her mouth to allow Tosh to plunder her
mouth mercilessly, her tongue exploring every inch of Gwen's mouth and teeth.
Tosh broke the kiss causing Gwen to moan in disappointment.

"Gwen stop that right now and take of your g-string" the voice that came out
of Tosh's mouth was filled with such authority that that Gwen, rather meekly,
obeyed and removed the remainder of her clothes and stood silently in front
of Tosh.

"Good girl now come here and get your present." Tosh commanded her and Gwen
obeyed, once again submissively and stopped close to Tosh so that their
nipples were touching which sent a ripple of pleasure coursing through Gwen's
body. Tosh smiled and kissed Gwen roughly, their tongues plundering each
others mouths as they backed up towards the bed, once they got to the bed
Tosh arranged herself so she was at the head of the bed and spread her legs

"Now Gwen eat me out or suffer," Gwen bowed her head in submission and moved
her head close to Tosh's pussy and inhaled deeply, smelling the scent of
Tosh's juices.

Tentatively Gwen stuck out her tongue and hesitantly began to lick Tosh's
pussy, eliciting a moan from Tosh. This encouraged Gwen to become bolder and
soon she was licking quite gladly and he began to insert a finger into Tosh,
this caused a load moan to erupt from the Japanese beauty and she was soon

"Drink it all up young lady or there will be trouble" the stern command of
Tosh once again caused Gwen to become a submissive little girl who obeyed
without question.

Once she had cleaned Tosh up she laid down next to Tosh who started to stroke
her hair and smiled.

"So Gwen does that answer your question?"


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