Womb Raider
by Arthur Dent

WARNING! This story contains material of an adult nature,
including scenes of violence and sexual matter. If this offends you,
please read no further. 'Lara Croft' and 'Tomb Raider' are trademarks
of and copyright 'Eidos Interactive Limited 1999' and 'Core Design 1999'.
This story is meant solely for individual entertainment
and not for written for purposes of financial profit.
No copyright infringement is intended.

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Lara ran quickly through the dark tunnel as though her life depended
on it. Well, her life actually DID depend on her being able to outrun
the massive boulder currently bearing down on her, but let's not get
too pedantic this early in the story. "The things I go through to
make a living" she thought to herself as she ran down the tunnel,
looking for a suitable way out of her predicament.
"Ah-ha! About time for a spot of good luck!" she said to herself
as she leapt into the small breakaway from the main tunnel.

Stopping to catch her breath, Lara used the time to make sure
there were no poisoned darts, spears, or other miscellaneous
traps in the tunnel.
"Hmm....looks pretty safe in here" She thought to herself. Although Lara
was an extremely smart woman, and could have easily become a CEO
in some large multinational country with her wealth and social standing,
she preferred the danger of Tomb Raiding, and her regular adrenaline
rushes she got in her line of work became an almost sexual pleasure
for her. Almost to prove the point, Lara could see her nipples
poking clearly through her flimsy t-shirt, which was struggling
to contain her ample endowments. Almost out of instinct, she began
to stroke her clit through her lacy panties as a personal "reward" for
outrunning the latest death trap she had come across. Although
silent at first, she slowly moaned louder and louder from the
attention of her skilled fingers. With one hand working her pussy,
Lara moved her other hand up under her shirt, and squeezed her
magnificent breasts gently. She closed her eyes and moaned even
louder from her approaching orgasm.
"God, you're a slut" A deep, masculine voice echoed from the
end of the tunnel.
Lara quickly stopped her self-pleasuring and pulled her hands
away from her most sensitive areas.
"Who the hell are you?" She demanded, angry from being denied
her climax, and slightly aroused from knowing a strange man had
been watching her masturbate
"I'm the last person you'll probably ever see" the man said,
as he appeared from the shadows, and pulled out a pistol.
Lara was about to reply, when a second man, who she had been
unaware of, slipped quietly next to her, and held a chloroformed
rag over her mouth.
She inhaled deeply in sudden shock, which proved to be a big mistake,
as she was rewarded with a big lungful of chloroform.
The last thing Lara heard before blacking out was the other man's voice,
It seemed rather squeaky, would have been almost comical, if she wasn't
in her current predicament.
"Hey boss, I think we're gonna have a lot of fun with this one" echoed
around in Lara's mind as her world went black

When Lara came to, she was strapped securely upright to a smooth metal
wall.She screamed angry curses at her captors as she found that she
had been not only stripped of her weapons and treasure, but also of her
"My, my, Miss Croft, that's no way for a distinguished British woman of
YOUR upbringing to speak. Why, I think we might have to punish you" her
mysterious captor stepped into view, holding a syringe and a strange
bottle with a mystery drug inside it.
"What the bloody hell are you sick freaks planning to do?" as Lara became
more alert, she noticed that her thighs were sticky with cum, as were her
breasts. "And what did you do with me while I was unconscious?!?!"
"That's none of your concern now Lara, in fact, you should be more
worried about what's happenning in the PRESENT" the man's voice took on
a bit more menacing as he began drawing the chemicals from the bottle
into the syringe. Lara started to become more and more worried as
she saw the lables on the bottles:
Highly experimental drugs
Side-effects unknown
"What are those?" She asked the man, a hint of panic sneaking into her
"Well, since I'm going to inject them into you, I think I'll tell you
what this particular drug does. It is a special drug developed by some
scientists in order to break down people's will by humiliating them with
their worst nightmares" her captor seemed more familiar now, yet Lara
still didn't recognise him.
"Hey boss! The beast is ready!!" The squeaky voice rang out from
somewhere out of Lara's field of vision.
Lara's captor saw the look of puzzlement on her face, and decided to go
into the usual 'evil villain rant' before he subjected her to her fate.
"Still don't remember me Lara? Try thinking back....waay back" The man's
voice became more and more menacing
"What the hell do you think I'm doing? Trying to see into the future?? I
*STILL* don't know WHO you are, or WHY you're doing this to me" Lara had
almost become hysterical, with the realisation that she was about to be
gang raped......or maybe worse.
"Remember back in high school, Lara? A scrawny young guy asking you out
for a fucking movie?!?! DO YOU?!?! And you heartlessly turned him down,
and then your slutty friends all laughed at me!! I got mocked DAILY after
that!! The rest of high scool was a living hell for me because of you,
Lara!!!!! Well, now it's MY turn to humilate YOU!!! You god damn SLUT!!!"
The man had started to scream, and spittle was flying out in all
Before Lara had a chance to explain, or try to talk herself out of it,
the man shoved the syringe quickly into her left breast, injected half,
and then put the rest of the drug into her other breast.
"Oh, before I go, I want to tell you that that drug also neutralises any
birth control you were taking. Let's just say you're going to be an
unwilling mother soon enough. Release the beast" he said coldly, as he
walked slowly out of the room. Lara tried to ignore his comments, and
started struggling against her bonds.

Lara felt her ample breasts burning, as though there were on fire from
the inside. The feeling was part pleasure and mostly pain. before she had
a chance to consider the feeling more, an unearthly screech echoed around
the room. She quickly turned her head to see a large, moving plant
approaching her. The plant looked like a mix between a Venus Fly Trap,
a school of Pirahna, and an Elephant, with it's giant, sharp toothed
mouth, and giant 16 inch cock, dripping with sickly green slime.
Lara screamed and struggled against her bonds even more desperately,
but the creature had gotten hold of her before she could do anything,
securing her arms and legs, preventing her from moving.
The creature's long tongue slowly started licking Lara, like she was some
obscene lollipop, covering her perfect tits and her cunt with a slimy
white substance, almost like human cum. except a lot thicker, and unknown
to Lara, a lot more potent. The creature's giant cock began swelling, and
within a few minutes had swollen to an incredible 8 inches thick.
"Oh my GOD! Oh my God, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" Lara reapeated
over and over again, as the creature's cock grew, and her chances of
escaping shrank.
The creature roughly shoved it's huge cock into Lara's tight cunt, and
she screamed out in a cry of pure agony, as it felt as though she was
giving birth in reverse. She could see the hard, bulbous head of the
creature's cock through her taut stomach. The sight was almost too much
for Lara to take, but she held back the tears. Her pussy lips,
although red, swollen and feeling as though they would burst with the
inhuman stretching she was enduring still showed no signs of actually
bursting, and Lara realised that this was but one of the the tortures
she was going to endure due to the drug circulating in her blood.
The creature worked 7 inches of it's monstrous cock inside her before
it hit her cervix. The creature and Lara screamed loudly at the same
time. The creature out of frustration, and Lara out of pain.
Tears streaked down Lara's gorgeous
face as more pain coursed up from her well-reamed cunt as the
huge knob at the head of the penis began to push against the entrance
of her womb. "OH MY GOD!!! NOOOO!!! NNNOOO!!!" she screamed.
Her body bucked violently with the reaction to this new onslaught,
her pelvis twisting trying to pull away from the intrusion, and
in response the tentacles tightened their grip on her arms and legs.
Her huge breasts wobbled and milk trickled continuously from her big
hard nipples. The creature rammed it's large cock into her cervix,
slowly widening it. For the first time during the ordeal, Lara
completely lost control, and screamed out in absolute agony.
"AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Please!!! Aarrgh!!! Uuhhnngh! Uuaahhh!!!
No! Uunngh! No! NO!!! Nnhhggg!!! AAHHH!!! No! OH GOD NOOO!!! Uuaargh!!!
With one final push the penis forced its way into Lara's womb!
Through her tear filled eyes, Lara saw the cameras mounted on the walls
surrounding her, in order to get the humiliation from as many angles as
possible. She began to sob uncontrollably as the thoughts of her rape
being telecast on channels around the world for people to jerk off to
came into her mind.

More tentacles came out of the creature, Lara didn't see where, as
her tears were impairing her vision substantially. A shorter, slightly
thinner tentacle rubbed itself between Lara's tits, which had swollen
from her already impressive 34DD to almost three times their original
size. Her chest heaved with sobs, as she felt the huge cock inside her
womb ejaculate like a fire hose, squirting it's potent cum all around her
already fertile womb. SPLURG! SPLUTCH! SPLORG! The ejaculations were so
thick and copious that they were audible to anyone who was listening (or
filming, in this case). "AAAHHH!!! AAUUHHH!!! PPLLEEEASE!!! NO MORE!!!
Lara screamed at the top of her lungs, defeated, but the vile monster
only raped her harder than before. Lara's womb was being battered so
hard by the hard bulbous head of the creature's massive penis that it
felt surely bruised black and blue. The slightly smaller tentacle turned
it's attentions away from her massive tits, and started to explore her
ass. "NOOO!!!! NOT THERE!!!!!! NOO!!!!! UUUUGGGH!!!!!!"
The creature took this as encouragement, and rammed the entire length of
the tentacle up her virgin ass. "NNOOOAAUUUHHH!!!! GGHHAAUUWWWD!!!!"
Lara screamed, her tearful eyes shot wide open.
She could feel the massive intruders rubbing against each other through
her insides, and a strange tingling began in her womb.
"AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHH!!!!!! NOOOO-GGGLLLMMP!!!" Lara's cries for mercy
were silenced by another large cock from the creature in her mouth. She
tried to bite it, but her jaw was opened too wide, and she was already
exhausted from her ordeal. As she was being humiliatingly fucked three
ways by an inhuman creature, Lara saw through her tears in time to see
two vines with what looked like suction cups on them. The cups were
filled with rows of tiny teeth, and Lara began to wonder exactly where
they could penetrate, with all her orifices filled. GLOOOOOORRRRRP!!!
The tentacle cock in her mouth came, filling her stomach with thick,
gooey cum. Tentacle retracted from her mouth, giving her a chance to
breathe, and scream. Her voice became raw and hoarse from her continual
screams, as her rectum was being roughly penetrated by a huge,
steel-hard, inhuman penis, while her pussy was being stretched to the
limit by a massive penis slightly larger than that of a horse.
Her nipples were also being bitten roughly and tugged on by the powerful
jaws of the creature's mouths as her tits were sucked on. Breast milk
squirted copiously from Lara's mauled mammaries and dribbled down her
body. The two suction cupped tentacles seemed to notice the now
abundant supply of breast milk, and clamped onto her gigantic mammaries.

SSSssssshhhhhhhlllllluuuuuuuuuurrrrppp!!!! The sound from the suction of
the greedy tentacles drinking down her precious breast milk.
"NNNOOOO!!!! NNNNOOOO!!! EEEEEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!" Lara's screams echoed
around the room as the feelings of pain started to become almost
pleasurable. The tentacles in her cunt and ass pulled out, leaving a
thick coating of slime on her stretched orifices. Lara breathed out in
relief, thinking the ordeal was over. Her relief was short lived, as the
creature rammed the full lengths of the two cocks into their respective
openings once more. Lara's gigantic, swollen mammaries began to feel
lighter, and she looked down to see that the suckers had drank down
enough breast milk to reduce her tits to their normal size. However, they
didn't stop there, and only seemed to accelerate their slurping on her
mammaries. Suddenly, the unthinkable happened, and Lara's perfect tits
started to soften, growing more and more liquidy as time went on.
The fatty sacks sloshed more violently and spread out more as they
started to lose their mass. They also starting to elongate, drooping
lower and lower as more and more milk was stolen from them. The sight of
her own breasts being mutilated and deformed was sending her over the
edge. They reddened and stretched, forming long purple veins as
the suction relentlessly continued. "NNOOOOO!!! OH GOD!!! NO!!!! UUGH!!!
MY TITS!!!!!" She sobbed and cried under the sexual torment but with no
release. The tentacles slurped long and loud, like a kid with a
milkshake, and Lara sobbed uncontrollably at the sight of her once
perfect tits swinging slowly, empty, by her pussy, being raped by an
unholy captor. The ordeal suddenly became too much for Lara, and she
passed out.

When she came to, her breasts had regenerated to their former glory, and
had returned to their swollen state. The huge cocks in her ass and pussy
still fucked along, occasionally stopping to spurt a load of cum in her.
Through her massive tits, Lara could see that her once flat, muscled
stomach was bloated with the creature's foul seed. Then, with a feeling
of pure violation and horror, she felt a tiny form inside her protest to
the cock in her pussy with a strong kick to her stomach.
"Nnn-Nnn-NNnNNOOOO!!!!" Lara wailed in panic and disbelief, as she
realised the meaning of her captor's leaving words. She was now pregnant
with this disgusting creature's vile offspring. Her pregnancy had been
accellerated from the usual nine months to a little under an hour, and
as Lara realised from the protests, she was about to enter labour.
"Oh GOD! PLEASE! N-Not THAT!!!", Lara screamed as the realisation hit
her. The cock in her pussy pulled out, giving her a small time of relief,
just before the struggling form inside her started to crawl out of her
womb. The labour was surprisingly quick, and when the creature popped out
of her cunt, she was ashamed to see that it was a foul black skinned
tentacled creature, looking almost as though someone had set fire to it
shortly before she gave birth. The creature screeched, and punched a hole
through the wall in order to make it's escape. with the obstruction gone,
the creature rammed it's cock once more into Lara's battered pussy, with
the intent of impregnating her once more. More tentacles appeared from
behind the creature and started to rub themselves all over Lara's
struggling naked form. Cum shot from each tentacle at regular intervals,
and eventually, Lara was covered with a thick layer of the creature's
disgusting semen. After a while, the creature removed the cock up
Lara's ass, seemingly bored with her cries by now. Lara let out a
sigh of relief, as the pressure in her ass was released, letting the
cum planted in her bowels by the tentacle cock was free to stream out of
her stretched rectum. Lara had cum herself a number of times, further
humilating herself at partially enjoying the ordeal, but the orgasms
were nothing compared with the constant pain inflicted by these monster
cocks. Suddenly, Lara's eyes went wide as she noticed the monstrocity
about to enter her ass. "NO!!!! YOU CAN'T!!!!!! IT'S TOO BIG!!!!!"
Her screams were to no avail, as the creature pushed a cock equally as
large as the one in her pussy up her abused rectum. "AAAUUHH...
Finally, the head of the creature's dark cock
stretched Lara's rectum enough to squeeze through and popped into her
bowels. The huge mushroom head of the horse-sized dick stretched Lara's
rectum almost to the breaking point...but thanks to the drug she had
been administered, she managed to take the entire cock up her ass
without being seriously injured. The pain was another matter,
however, and Lara screamed like she was dying. She thrashed her
head from side to side and her whole body writhed in unbelievable
agony as she was totally impaled on the massive cock.

Lara was impregnated seven more times, and gave birth to more of the
creature's foul offspring, and had almost completely had her spirit
broken when her arms, almost numb from being strapped to the same
position for so long, came free from her bindings, slick from the cum
on her wrists. The creature had become exhausted, as was Lara, and was
idly sucking more milk from her tits, which had swollen almost five times
to an incredible size. With a loud scream, she managed to pull her ankles
out of the bindings, and pulled the suckers off her huge breasts. More
milk squirted out of her tits, almost like a water gun, and she used the
moment of surprise to snap the creature's neck quickly, ripping
it's head off it's body, just to make sure. She ran quickly
out of the room, through a hole punched in the wall by one of her
offspring, and managed to escape from the complex.

Hitching a ride home was no problem, as a naked woman as beautiful as
Lara, with her already impressive cleavage enhanced by the ordeal,
had no trouble flagging down a taxi. When she arrived home, she took a
LONG shower, treated herself to an even longer bubble bath, and slept
for what seemed like a week. "At last, the whole thing is over" She
thought to herself, rather pleased with her escape. With the whole
experience behind her, Lara had slowly started to become her old self
once more.

One day, a few weeks later, Lara was walking down the street, attracting
the usual cat calls and appreciative whistles from male admirers, and
a few females, too, when she noticed her picture on a sleazy magazine
cover. She purchased a copy, and found pictures of her during her ordeal,
being raped by that creature, with an accompanying smug story by a
"Mr F. Hopkins" on her capture and rape. Lara suddenly remembered that
pimply faced boy, and her mind was set with a new sense of revenge.
"I think it's time to pay Mr Hopkins a little visit......with my Magnum"
Lara thought to herself as she went home to devise a suitable plan
to give Mr Hopkin a sound lesson, which would preferably leave him
permenantly neutered.

Part 2

Womb Raider Part 2
by Arthur Dent

WARNING! This story contains material of an adult nature,
including scenes of violence and sexual matter. If this offends you,
please read no further. 'Lara Croft' and 'Tomb Raider' are trademarks
of and copyright 'Eidos Interactive Limited 1999' and 'Core Design 1999'.
This story is meant solely for individual entertainment
and not for written for purposes of financial profit.
No copyright infringement is intended.

Before I go into the story, may I invite you to visit some great sites: - Created and run by a friend,
it's got hundreds of Lara Croft pics, as well as jokes,
movies, java games, etc - The Boobraider
site. THOUSANDS of pictures, as well as Lara look alikes and many
great stories. - A great stories site, with many
different sections, with Superheroes, Anime, Fantasy,
Paranormal, and Video Game Characters, including many
Lara Croft stories - The Adult Sex Story Text Repository,
HEAPS of adult stories by many talented authors - Scott's Fake Nude Celebrity Gallery,
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There's a large Lara Croft Section, too.

Now that's all done with, onto the story!


Ever since her experience at the hands of Mr Hopkins (see Womb Raider,
Part 1), Lara's dreams had become filled with sexual fantasies,
as well as her deepest, most darkest desires. It had become commonplace
for Lara to masterbate almost hourly, instead of her usual fortnightly
sessions. She had "dealt" with Mr Hopkins almost immediately after she
had found out his identity, and......well......let's just say he'll be
singing the higher parts of songs from now on, but the effects of the
drug he had put into her body seemed to be the most likely culprit of
the new behaviour of Lara Croft.

"Bloody hell, how many times must I do this?" She thought to herself,
after her third masturbation in as many hours. Lara breathed heavily,
her magnificent breasts rose and fell gently, covered with sweat from her
recent efforts of self-pleasuring. "This is getting bloody ridiculous...
...I'm turning into a slut! I've got to find out a way to stop these
urges" Before she could explore the thought any further, a sudden wave
of lust overpowered her, and she was unable to think properly before she
had submitted to the cravings eminating from her well lubricated pussy.
Lara started to finger herself, slowly at first, but quickly she started
rubbing her clit faster and faster. Soft moans escaped her lips, as her
strong fingers rubbed her sensitive vagina, giving her more and more
pleasure as time passed. "Mmmm.......I need a cock" she whispered to
herself, looking hungrily over at a large collection of giant plastic
vibrators located on her bedside table. Almost out of instinct, she
grabbed the largest, a 15 inch long, 3 inch wide, black plastic
monstrosity covered with various bumps and knobs. Switching it to the
highest setting, she shoved it hard into her pussy, which was already
flowing with her sweet juices. "UHhhhhh!!! AAAAAUUUugggggHHH!!!!!!!!
YYYEEESSS!!!!! YYEEEESSSS!!!!!" Her soft moans had quickly become loud
screams of pure ecstasy, as the huge plastic cock explored her innermost
regions, giving her pleasure that no man could possible hope to rival.
Lara exploded into an earth-shattering orgasm, her scream echoing around
her mansion. She switched off the vibrator and reluctantly pulled it from
her tight pussy. Lara slept, exhausted from her exertions, her dreams
full of even more sexual desires and fantasies.

Less than half an hour after her latest self-pleasuring expedition, Lara
was woken by the sound of her door being kicked open, and what seemed
like dozens of men streaming into her bedroom. The Lara Croft of old
would have taken the pistol from next to her bed and taken out as many
as she could before making her escape, but the sex-filled mind of the
Lara Croft lying in bed right there would only let her watch stunned,
as she saw all the men rush into her room, heading for her. Before she
could let out a protest, or a proposition, the head intruder clamped a
chloroform soaked rag over her mouth. As the familiar smell of chloroform
filled her nostrils, Lara knew she was in for trouble.

Lara awoke in a medium sized room. The walls were made of metal.
"Probably titanium, to make it harder for me to escape" Lara noted to
herself as her mind cleared from the fog of lust and chloroform that had
recently been hazing her thoughts. She was about to wonder about her lack
of clothing when she realised that she had been nude when she was
abducted, and had been sleeping naked for the past few weeks in order for
her to masturbate quicker when she awoke, without having to deal with
clothing to get out of.

She was suddenly interrupted from her examinations of her new location
by a distorted, electronically scrambled voice. "Good Evening
Miss Croft. It's nice to see that you've been quite active ever since
your escape from our facility." Lara was unable to discover where the
voice was coming from, but while looking for the speakers, she noticed
some cameras nestled into some parts of the walls. The voice continued.
"Young Mr Hopkins came to us, desperate for the experimental drug we had
produced. He said he had some old scores to settle. From his current
state, I think we could say that you more or less likely settled it for
him." Lara didn't like the way things were heading, and was starting to
get a very bad feeling from being trapped in a room, being filmed by
semi-hidden cameras. "However, he has recently given us a considerable
sum of money, as well as the instructions to finish his work for him,
however we see fit. I'm afraid that money IS the universal language Miss
Croft, and that we do like to satisfy our clients." Lara started to
panic, suddenly NOT wanting to be anywhere near this mysterious facility.
"What are you going to do to me?!?!" She yelled out, unsure whether the
owner of the mysterious voice was able to hear her. "Well Miss Croft,
since you asked, we are going to finish the job that Mr Hopkins started
when he captured you. And no, there is no way out of this, you simply
do not have enough money to out-bid him. Sorry about that." The last
hope of escaping from this predicament suddenly winked out of existance,
as Lara realised she could neither fight, nor bribe her way out of this
predicament. "Oh, and before we begin, I think I should tell you that
we have injected a few more new drugs into your body. I think you'll be
quite surprised at their effects. Some you'll be familiar with, and
will have the pleasure of experiencing the same things again, others,
you will have to find out for yourself." Lara shuddered as she recalled
the effects of the last mysterious drug injected into her body (again,
see Womb Raider, Part 1). A door slid open behind Lara, and before she
could see what had come through it, two strong, metallic hands clasped
around her waist, and pulled her backwards.

Before she could move, Lara felt a sharp sting on her tight buttocks.
"AAAHH!!! What the hell was that!!!!" Before she could answer, Three
more blows rained on Lara's ass as she realised she was being SPANKED
by her new captor. The blows continued for five minutes, cries of pain
escaped from Lara's luscious lips. the strong arms holding Lara stopped
her from moving. Her ass grew red from the constant blows on her behind,
and tears started forming in her eyes, as her sensitive ass was being
punished so strongly. Before she actually started to cry, Lara tried
to calm herself down, and get to the bottom of this humiliation.
"UUGH!!! What the HELL is this!?!" Lara screamed, her old, defiant self
once more. She turned around to face her captor, and to her horror she
found that her captor was not a human, but a powerfully built android,
with what seemed like three legs, and multiple arms. As the robot
advanced on her, she noticed with dread that the middle "leg" and extra
arms were not limbs at all, but obscenely large phalluses. She kicked
and punched as hard as she could at the android, but her attacks had no
effect on her inhuman attacker. Lara's eyes widened as she watched the
already large cock between the android's legs grow longer and thicker.
When it had finished, it had grown to almost ridiculous proportions,
and would put many a horse to shame. Lara could have almost marvelled at
it, if she wasn't on the recieving end of this monstrosity.
Lara's screams echoed loudly through the room, as the android roughly
shoved it's gigantic cock into her tightened pussy. She looked down with
dread, and found that once again the drugs had stopped her vagina from
splitting from the girth, but still enhanced the feelings working their
way to her brain from her battered pussy. "UUUUUUUGGGGGGHHH!!!!!
GHHHAAAWWD!! PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!" The cold, hard, steel cock of the
android worked it's way up Lara's pussy, stopping at her cervix. Lara
screamed in pain from the agonising intrusion. The android chose not
to let this minor setback stop it, and started ramming it's huge pole
over and over again into her cervix, slowly widening it. The drugs in
her body started to make her lactate, and milk gushed quickly from
Lara's gigantic jiggling endowments. "UUUUUGGGGH!!!! Please!!!!!
AAAAAUUUGGGGGGH!! Uuaahhh!!! No! Uunngh! No! NO!!! Nnhhggg!!! GOD NOOO!!!
EEEEEYYYAAAAHHH!!!!" Lara's cries had become louder, and more desperate,
as the android's monstrous cock widened Lara's cervix enough to shove
it's huge cock into her womb. "EEEEYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!! NO!!!!
NOOOO!!!!!!! AAAAAUUUGHH!!! NOT AGAIN!!!" Her eyes shot wide open, and
tears streamed down Lara's beautiful face as once more, she was raped,
humiliated and unknown to her, about to be impregnated.

The android pumped it's long, thick fuck pole into her tight pussy for
what seemed like hours. Lara orgasmed many times from the ordeal,
causing her to wonder whether she was being forced to enjoy it from the
drugs, or whether she had finally become a true slut. She was unable to
think clearly for long, because two dormant cocks shoved themselves up
her ass and into her mouth. "MMMGGGGllllpPP!!!!!!" was all Lara was able
to say, as the three giant cocks pumped her three different ways.
Lara's huge breasts had once more swelled from her original 34DDs to
almost three times their normal size. Milk trickled continously from her
large erect nipples, and showed no signs of stopping. With horror, she
felt the cocks starting to pump faster and faster, leading to.....
The three cocks all ejaculated at once, filling her orifices with
sticky cum. The mysterious voice crackled into the room again,
letting her know that she was being watched the whole time.
"Ah, Lara, since you'll be here for quite some time, I
think I should tell you that that cum is highly nutritious, and will
probably be the only source of food you're going to get for quite some
time. So you'd better be sure not to waste it." Lara sobbed from the
humiliating realisation that she was going to have to spend the rest of
her life being raped by a machine, and living on it's cum. Crying,
she swallowed as much of the cum as she could without gagging. "The
sick bastards made this taste like human cum" she thought to herself as
she gulped down the latest ejaculations from the cock in her mouth.

Losing interest with her mouth, the android removed it's long cock from
her mouth. Lara gasped in a big breath of air, filling her screaming
lungs with much needed oxygen. This breath would soon be gone from
her lungs, as she looked down to the cock in her inhumanly stretched
pussy in time to see that her once flat belly had become swollen with
pregnancy. "NOOO!!!!!!!!! UUummmphhhh!! NOT AGAIN!!!! RRRGgggggH!!!!
OH GOD!!! AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHhhhh!! NOT AGAIN!!!!!" The long cold cock in
her ass suddenly chose this moment to expand a further 2 inches,
stretching her abused rectum to almost the same width as her pussy.
The phallus in her cunt pulled out her with a loud SHHHhhhllllUUUURRRP!,
and Lara knew that she was about to become an unwilling mother once more.

cries were of no use, as the newly formed life inside her started it's
journey out of her womb. "AAAAUUUGHH!!!!!! JEEEEESSSSSUS!!!!!! IT'S
TOO--UUUMMppHHH!!!!--BIIIIIIGGG!!!" Her pussy had become stretched so
wide, she felt like she was giving birth to a Volkswagon. With a loud
SSSShhhhCCCCCHHHHH.......POP!, the inhuman beast emerged from her
stretched, abused cunt. She saw the slimy creature that she had given
birth to, and found that it too had the gigantic cocks of it's "father".
The creature was strangely familiar to her, and she realised that it was
an almost identical, if smaller, copy of the one which had raped her only
a few weeks beforehand. In surprise, Lara felt her pussy tighten up from
their battered, stretched former state. "God.....NO!!!! It's going to
stretch me over and over again!!!!" Lara screamed out loud, suddenly
aware of the painful ordeal she was about to endure. Two suction cupped
tentacles grew out from the slimy creature, and attached themselves to
Lara's gigantic milk gushing mammaries.

SSSHHHHLLLLUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuRRRRRPPP!!!! The suction cupped tentacles
started greedily gulping down the milk stored in Lara's tremendous
endowments. The creature grew larger and larger, as it stole more and
more precious milk from Lara's tits. "OH MY GOD!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!"
Lara screamed in shock. Not only was the creature growing quickly,
but so was it's cock. It had soon surpassed it's "father", and showed no
signs of stopping it's growth. The creature roughly shoved it's enormous
endowment into Lara's now virgin-tight pussy. A scream of pure agony
escaped from Lara once more, her voice becoming hoarse from the constant
I CAN'T TAAAAAAKE THIS!!!!! EEEYYYAAAHH!!!!!!" Another huge cock
grew from the creature, and worked it's way toward's Lara's ass, still
being fucked roughly by the android. Lara realised that the android
wasn't going to remove his cock, and she was about to be double
penetrated by two inhuman cocks. "NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! YOU'LL SPLIT
NOO--HHHUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!" Lara's newly born rapist shoved it's
second thick cock into her stretched and abused rectum, still slurping
milk greedily from Lara's now normal sized tits. The cocks of the
creature kept getting bigger and bigger, with new cocks growing, and
simply cumming all over her body. She felt a familiar feeling from her
breasts, one that she had hoped never to feel again. Lara looked
down with dread as her once perfect tits started to soften once more,
slowly drooping and elongating, as more and more milk was stolen from
her shrinking breasts. "NNOOOOOOO!!! OH GOD NO!!!! AAAAAUUUGH!!!
She sobbed and cried under the sexual torment but with no release.
The tentacles slurped long and loud, like a kid with a milkshake,
and Lara sobbed uncontrollably at the sight of her once perfect tits
once more swinging slowly, empty, by her pussy, being raped not by an
anonymous creature, but by her own offspring. The pain and humiliation
of her ordeal became too much for Lara, and she passed out just as the
creature and the android started cumming inside her once more.

When she awoke, she found her tits had swollen back not only to their
original size, but to four times larger than they were before. The cock
in her ass felt strangely different, and Lara looked around her to find
that there were a few new creatures around, each with differently
shaped, or decorated cocks. She also found that the android was laying
on it's face beside her. "I must've fucked him to death" she thought
to herself. "As well as given birth to more of these damned raping
creatures..........Uh oh....they're ALL coming towards me!!!" Lara's
"babies" slowly advanced on her, all brandishing their huge cocks, all
eyeing her rejuvinated milk filled mammaries. "Oh....My....God" Lara
uttered, shortly before four cocks simultaneously tried to force
themselves into the perfect body of Lara Croft.

P-P--AAAAAAUUUGHHHHHH--POSSIBLE!!!!!!!" Lara screamed and sobbed as two
of the huge cocks forced themselves into her virgin-tight again pussy,
in time to stretch it to inhuman proportions once more. The other two
forced themselves up her ass, stretching it to what felt like the
PLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!!! STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!" Lara could feel all
of the thick rods inside her rubbing against each other, and the feeling
was giving her a humilating orgasm. The creatures sucked Lara's breasts
constantly, stealing her precious milk from her enormous mammaries,
emptying them three times. Lara watched with amazement at how quickly her
breasts replenished with milk, and seemed to swell larger and larger
each time.

Without warning, all of the cocks in her came like firehoses, spurting
cum against her insides. Lara felt the warmth of all the cum inside her
and watched with horror as her belly once more swelled with the telltale
sign of pregnancy. "NOOOOO!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!!!! NOT ANOTHER OF THESE
MONSTERS!!!!!" Lara's gorgeous face was by now covered in a mixture
of tears, sweat, and inhuman cum, and her eyelashes were sticky with
her offspring's cum. However, it seemed that she had given birth to her
last creature, as one of the larger, stronger cocks roughly shoved into
her suddenly, crushing the unborn evil against her battered womb. The
sudden pain made Lara throw her head back, eyes wide open and filled with
tears, and scream long and loud. Lara's will was almost completely
broken, and she slumped dejectedly, as the cocks kept raping her
over and over, cumming inside her, making her flat, taut stomach swell
with pregnancy, then killing the newly formed creature.
Occasionally, they would all pull out of her, allowing
gallons of cum to stream out of her pussy and ass, and giving the
drugs time to tighten her once again. The ordeal became too much
for Lara, and she passed out once more.

When she awoke, she found herself back in her bedroom, lying in her
bed. She checked her breasts, they were still at their magnificent
34DD best, and were not producing any milk. Her pussy was as tight
as it normally was, and she found no discernable change to herself.
Her bedroom door was still attached to the frame, and there were no
signs of a forced entry into her room. Just as she was about to dismiss
the entire experience as merely an extremely vivid, and erotic dream,
a soft, feminine voice crackled into the room around her.
"That SEEMED real, didn't it Lara? Or was it just a dream?
Perhaps we can meet someday.....and I'll give you a much more
pleasurable experience. Keep it a secret, though. Girl to girl of course"
The feminine voice purred the words and gave a sexy giggle before
disappearing, which gave Lara a sudden unexplainable arousing
sensation. After the voice dissapeared, Lara shook her head and stood
naked in her room for a while, waiting for further contact from the
mysterious voice. After thinking about this new development, she put
on a robe, and decided to go downstairs and get herself a strong
black coffee.

Womb Raider Part 3 - Lara's Humiliation
by Arthur Dent

WARNING! This story contains material of an adult nature,
including scenes of violence and sexual matter. If this offends you,
please read no further. 'Lara Croft' and 'Tomb Raider' are trademarks
of and copyright 'Eidos Interactive Limited 1999' and 'Core Design 1999'.
This story is meant solely for individual entertainment
and not for written for purposes of financial profit.
No copyright infringement is intended.

Before I go into the story, may I invite you to visit some great sites: - Created and run by a friend,
it's got hundreds of Lara Croft pics, as well as jokes,
movies, java games, etc - The Boobraider
site. THOUSANDS of pictures, as well as Lara look alikes and many
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with all your favourite celebrities NEKKID!! hehehe.....and
There's a large Lara Croft Section, too.

Now that's all done with, onto the story!


It had been two weeks since Lara's strange dream (see Womb Raider Part 2)
and since that rather detailed experience, she had started to notice some
changes in her already unusual daily routine. She had begun to notice
that her usual requirement of dildos and masturbation were no longer
giving her enough sexual satisfaction. In desperation, she had begun
attending the 'shadier' side of her town, and picking up some of the
well-built male population. However, most of her efforts seemed to be
in vain, as most of the 30-second wonders she had come across were
unable to get anywhere close to her extremely high sexual standards and
remarkable stamina. In desperation for a good orgasm, Lara had begun
searching the personal ads as a last ditch effort to find a suitable
partner. As luck would have it, after only two days of searching the
papers, Lara came across an ad that attracted her interest:
"Ladies: Are men just not cutting it for you? Do you find yourself
lying on the brink of a good time, but find your partner is just not
able to give you enough "thrust"? Then come down to the Eros X Center,
and we'll guarantee we'll give you what you need"
Lara quickly copied down the address, and went there the following

Lara hopped off her motorcycle, and walked towards the Eros X center,
a rather large building, almost like a skyscraper. She noted with a
grin that with the strategic placement of shrubbery and two large
spherical water towers, the whole complex looked like a gigantic phallus.
"Hmm...Just what the doctor ordered" Lara thought to herself with a
mischievous grin on her perfect face. As she walked through the doors,
a beautiful voluptuous blonde receptionist greeted Lara enthusiastically.
"Oh my God! You're Lara Croft!! I've always wanted to meet you!!!"
Lara smiled sweetly at the girl "An adoring fan" she thought to herself
"It's a pleasure to meet you too" Lara said, in her high-class British
accent. "I'm here because I saw that ad..." The receptionist became
almost ecstatic with glee "umm....Oh yes!! The ad!! Uhh...Follow me!"
The receptionist led Lara through a long passageway, into a waiting
room with a sign on the door reading 'Doctor X'. Curiosity got the better
of Lara, and before the receptionist left, she asked her "What DOES the
'X' stand for?" The blonde paused for a while "You know....I actually
don't know....and I've worked here for two years. Oh well" Lara shrugged,
and flipped through some magazines while she waited for the doctor.

After ten minutes of waiting, Lara heard a loud scream of pleasure coming
from somewhere behind the wall her chair was situated against. "This
'Doctor X' must be REALLY good" Lara thought to herself, while she
flipped through Cleo's latest article about the female orgasm.

When the door finally opened, a pretty brunette staggered out of it with
a satisfied smile on her face. Lara watched her for a few moments, then
walked into the doctor's office. 'Doctor X' turned out to be a semi-
attractive female doctor, with smallish breasts, and short red hair.
"Ah, Miss Croft! I'm Holly, or if you prefer, you can call me Doctor X,
whatever turns your fancy. Could you please step into the diagnosis
room over to your left" She indicated a highly polished metal door "And
we'll determine exactly what the best treatment would be for your
problem" The doctor's voice seemed strangely familiar to Lara, but she
couldn't quite place it yet. Lara complied, and found herself in a
small room that was padded from floor to ceiling. A single bed lay in the
middle of the room, with a small VR headset sitting on a table next to
it. The door closed behind Lara, and the doctor's voice came in over a
speaker located near the ceiling. "Now Lara, don't be alarmed, the door
is for your privacy only, you're not locked in. Just slip on the headset,
and lie on the bed. And I'll take care of the rest." Lara did as
instructed, and found some soothing music coming in through the headset's
speakers. Just as she was getting relaxed, a strange sound came through
the headphones, and hypnotic patterns swirled in front of Lara's
eyes. She could feel her deepest sexual fantasts coming to her mind,
and she unconsciously started whispering them out loud. After a few
minutes of this, the patterns and music stopped, and Lara could hear the
Doctor's voice once more. "Lara, you can take off the headset too....
and your clothes. Don't worry, there are no cameras in here." Lara
took off the headset, and placed it back on it's original position, and
started undressing. Her aqua top came off first, showing off her large,
perfectly formed 34DD breasts, encased in their lacy prison of a sexy
black bra. She took off her boots and socks next, then moving onto her
tan shorts. Then, she took off her bra, putting it in a neat pile with
the rest of her clothes. Her firm, large tits bounced free as she removed
her bra, and her nipples stood out slightly from the coolness of the air
in the room. Finally, Lara took off the sexy black g-string she was
wearing, showing off her firm ass cheeks and neatly trimmed bush. When
she finished, she noticed a presence in the room with her. Turning, she
saw a strangely familiar android standing near the bed. "That's just like
the one in my nightmare! (again see Womb Raider part 2) Except it's
missing a few of it's cocks." The metallic man standing there invited
Lara to bed with an electronic voice. "If you please Miss Croft.....I am
here to serve your every sexual whim". Lara liked the sound of this, and
cautiously slipped onto the bed beside the android. The machine started
slowly caressing Lara's firm breasts and ass with it's strangely warm
hands. With a strange protrusion from it's body, the android then started
slowly kissing and licking it's way around Lara's shapely form.
"MMMMmm.........That's good" Lara whispered to the android. The foreplay
continued for what seemed like forever to Lara, as the android started
bringing to the surface the tension of all the weeks of no release.
"God!! Stop with the foreplay and fuck me!! Please.....FUCK ME!!!" Lara
had lost control of her lust, and grabbed her mechanical lover by it's
shoulders, pushed it to the bed and climbed on top of it. The android's
cock grew to a large 10 inches long, inviting Lara to push herself onto
the huge metallic rod. "UUuuuuhhhhhh......MMMMMmmm.........Oh yeeaaahhh"
Lara's voice had taken on a sluttish quality, as she felt the smooth
synthetic cock of the android rub against the walls of her vagina.
"AAAAHH!!! UGNNNHH!!!" Lara moaned as the cock hit her sensitive
cervix. She grunted and screamed while the android pumped it's long
rod insistently against her cervix, slowly widening it enough so the
giant cock could enter into her unprotected womb. "UUUUGHHHH!!!!
AAAAHhhhhhhhh.....ooooohhh...." Lara cooed to herself as her pain turned
to sensational pleasure in her lust crazed mind. The android continued
pumping it's cock inside Lara's tight, sensitive pussy, and she started
clenching her vaginal walls as tightly as she could to get as much
sensation as possible. She had only begun to pleasure herself on the
android's dick, when it started to vibrate quickly, producing louder
moans and purrs from deep in Lara's throat. "OHhhhh GOD YES!!!!!!!!
Lara's screams were muffled by the padding on the walls, but patients
outside could nonetheless still hear the loud erotic moans she made.
Lara started cumming.....HARD. Her first orgasm washed over her like
a pleasant wave, and her second orgasm had her moaning in relief.
The android then reversed their positions, with Lara lying on the bed,
and the android on top. "UUUUUuuuuhHHHH.....Mmmmmm....No, no! Naughty
robot!! No missionary style, I can get that anywhere!" Lara pushed the
android off her, feeling the long cock being removed from her hungry
pussy with a bit of sadness. She got onto all fours, and waved her
gorgeous ass at the android's huge cock. The machine, confused at the
sight, positioned it's cock against Lara's rectum, and pushed it's full
enormous length into her tight ass. "AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!
Oh GOD!!!!!!!!" Lara screamed in surprise, as the full feeling of the
reaming she was receiving hit her. "UUAAAAGGGH!!!! AAAAAGGGHHHH!!! AAHH..
AAAAAhhhhhh..........aaaaaaahhhhhhhh." Lara's moans of pain slowly
changed to lusty moans of pleasure, as the experience became more and
more pleasurable to her. A second cock extended from the android's
groin, and pushed itself into Lara's well lubricated cunt. She moaned
sluttily as the two giant cocks worked their way around her insides,
and she came four more times, before the cocks started ejaculating
their synthetic cum into her pussy and bowels. The feeling of the two
cocks pumping her full of cum gave Lara another strong orgasm, as well
as the accompanying moans of pleasure. The cocks started pulling out of
her, and she found herself getting extremely sleepy quite suddenly.
Before she could say another word, she passed out against the android's
chest, sticky with the juices from her pussy.

She awoke in a similarly padded room strapped to a cold metal table.
Another metal table was on the other side of the room, and a strange
device protruding from the wall was pointed at both the tables. One
padded wall had been replaced with a large mirror. She saw her nude
reflection in the mirror, and began getting extremely outraged.
"What the BLOODY HELL is going on here?!?!" She screamed as she
struggled against her bonds. "Oh Lara, Lara, Lara, you should have
recognised my voice right away. I thought you were smarter than that.
You got yourself into such an easy trap" The doctor's voice sounded once
more, and Lara realised suddenly where she had hear that voice before.
"You're that voice I heard after that weird dream!! What do you want!?!?
How did you do that to me???" Lara shouted, hoping the doctor could hear
her. "My dear Lara! We've just been pumping a special hallucinogenic gas
into your bedroom ever since you escaped from one of our clients
(See Womb Raider part 1). The gas allows us to control your dreams and
subconscious behaviour once it has been inhaled for a long period.
Didn't you ever wonder about your recent jump in libido? Or were you
too occupied with masturbating a slut?" The voice
had become smug, almost preachy. "But WHY are you doing this to me?"
Lara yelled out. "Ah Lara, I don't think I'll tell you....instead I'll
just do it. I've always hated those villains who felt a need to brag
about the dastardly deeds they were about to perform." Holly walked into
the room, naked, and lay down on the second table in the room. She
carried with her a small remote control. "Oh Lara, the mirror is for you
to watch what is about to happen. I think you'll get the lesson you
sorely need. Don't worry, this won't be I promised you,
it'll be quite pleasurable." Lara began to worry, when Holly suddenly
activated the strange device with the remote. It hummed to life quickly,
and bathed Lara's body with a strange blue light. Lara screamed loudly,
but not out of pain, but out of half surprise and half pleasure, as
she felt a powerful orgasm pass through her. She looked towards
Holly, and found her bathed in a yellow light, but experiencing the
same pleasure. "UUUUUuuuuuggggh!!!!! You---UUUUGGGGH---ssiccck--AAUUGGHh-
Lara was having trouble shouting insults at Holly as she starting
cumming over and over again, her orgasms repeating over and over, coming
in shorter and shorter intervals. She could feel her breasts swelling,
filling with milk, and her pussy was flowing constantly with her sweet
juices as she came repeatedly, her orgasms hitting her in a machine-gun
fashion. She turned her head weakly, and watched her reflection in the
mirror. Her swollen mammaries were spurting milk like a water fountain,
and had covered most of her shapely body with her own lactation. The
orgasms seemed to merge into one continuous climax, causing her to scream
loudly and constantly. Lara scrunched her eyes shut and let out another
loud moan of pure pleasure and outrage. "AAAAAAAAAAUUUUGGGGGH!!!!!!!!
THIS?!?!?!?!" She opened her eyes, and saw a horrifying vision in her
reflection. Her swollen breasts, still spurting with milk, had started to
deflate! They shrank lower and lower, losing their mass, shrinking
like week-old balloons. Holly's breasts started swelling in time with
Lara's humiliating breast deflation, getting larger and larger, while
more and more of Lara's once ample cleavage shrank and disappeared.
"N--N---NOOOOOO!!!!!!! MY TITS!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAUUUGHHHH!!!! YOU...
Tears streamed down Lara's gorgeous face as she was robbed of her
perfect endowments. Her breasts gave one last spurt of milk, before they
lay sagging down, empty and shrunken to a shadow of their former glory.
RUINED!!!!!!! EEEYAAAUUUGGGHH!!!!!! NOT MY TITS!!!!!!" Holly's once
small breasts had swollen to Lara's perfect 34DDs, and had begun to
spurt with milk. As another orgasm hit Holly, she fondled her new
breasts with a smug smile. The intensity of her orgasms started
increasing, and Lara was having a harder time staying conscious with the
humiliation she was suffering along with the constant climaxes hammering
at her spirit. Lara's thin waist started expanding, and she completely
lost all hope as her figure was being stolen by this sadistic woman.
She was hit by one more powerful orgasm, before it all overcame her, and
she passed out unconscious.

When she awoke, she was still in the same room, but her bonds had been
released. She noticed that Holly had also disappeared. She hopped off the
table, dizzy, and her legs weak. Lara turned around to face the mirror,
and was hit by the image she had been fearing. "OH MY GOD!!!!! NOOOOO!!!
OH GOD NO!!!!!!" Lara fell to her knees and sobbed and cried into her
palms, as she tried to come to terms with her new condition. Her once
large and perfect breasts had not only been drained as
before, but had failed to regenerate to their former glory, and had
shrunken down to small, empty sacks. Her thin waist had expanded to
fit her hips and chest, and her once tight pussy had been stretched
so wide it looked as if she had fucked elephants all her life. "HOW!!??!
OH GOD.......WHY?!?!?!?!?" She sobbed tearfully. "I'm RUINED!!! GOD....
MY TITS!!!!!! MY FIGURE!!!!!!! GONE!!!!!!!" Lara was interrupted from
her misery by Holly's entrance into the room. "Ah Lara!! Good to see you
suffer like us REGULAR women!!! How do you like your new figure?!?"
Holly's once small breasts had swollen so much as to surpass Lara's 34DDs
and looked as though they were somewhere in the G's. Her waist had Lara's
thinness, and her hair had even become a Lara-like ponytail. Lara turned
her tearful eyes towards Holly, and her sorrow turned almost instantly
into hatred. "YOU!!!! YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!" Lara leapt to her feet,
and rushed towards Holly, intending to strangle her for stealing Lara's
perfect figure. Holly easily stopped Lara's blow with her left hand.
"Uh-uh-uh Lara.....not only did I steal your figure, but I stole your
strength too! You're as weak as a kitten, and in no condition for
tomb raiding. Why, you'd even have trouble getting a MAN in this state...
Guess it's not so easy to pick up men when you don't have giant tits, and
a shapely ass, now is it Lara?"
Holly wrestled Lara to the ground, and forcibly started kissing her.
"MMMMphhh!!! STOP IT!!!! What are you DOING?!?!" Lara screamed in
outrage as she broke the kiss off. "I'm just doing what well-brought
up British girls are never supposed to do.....FUCK ANOTHER WOMAN!"
Lara gasped as she realised the woman's intention of fucking her forcibly
against her will. "Oh....I've put some more gas into the make
you less resistant. There's a camera behind that mirror getting the
whole thing on tape, so EVERYONE can see the slut Lara Croft get
fucked by a REAL woman." Lara let a few more tears escape from her
eyes, before she began to succumb to the urges pouring into her mind.

Holly rubbed her huge tits against Lara's face, milk trickling
continuously from the hard nipples. Her hand worked it's way around
Lara's new figure, shoving a fist roughly up Lara's stretched cunt.
"AAAAAUUGHHH!!!! It's so loose....but why does it feel so sensitive down
there?!?!?" Lara sobbed against the giant mammary being pushed into her
mouth. "Oh....that gas has made you MUCH more we'll get
some nice moans out of your slut mouth, Lara" Holly replied, working her
fist deeper into Lara's pussy. "NNNOOOO!!!! AAUUUGHHHH!!!! NNNNOOOO!!!
EEEEEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!" Lara screamed in utter defeat, as her cunt was
raped by Holly's intruding fist, and her body was being covered in breast
milk, gushing out of Holly's giant tits. "Now Lara, I'm not doing all
the work in this relationship" Holly whispered in Lara's ear "Start
licking my clit............slave" Lara sobbed, and resisted as much as
she could, but the gas overpowered her, and she licked Holly's swollen
clit. "mmmmmmmmmmmm.....That's more like it, bitch. But why aren't you
sucking on my tits yet? You'd better get to work, cunt" She slowly
licked the milk off Holly's gigantic tits and started sucking on and
around Holly's nipples. "AAAAHhhhhhhh.....Good slave....For that,
I'll give you a bit of pleasure." Holly knelt down, and licked on Lara's
sensitive clit. "AAAAAAAAAAAUUUHHHH!!!!!! Oh GOD!!!!" Lara screamed in
surprise. She felt as though she was cumming over and over again, with
each lick of Holly's skilled tongue. "Now Lara, it's my turn." Lara
moved slowly towards Holly, her eye's lowered, and started licking and
kissing all over Holly's perfect figure. "UUUAAAAAAHhhhhhhhh...Now you're
learning Lara.....OOOooohhhh.....YES!!!.....Mmmmmmmmm....Right there.."
Holly climbed onto the table and spread her legs, allowing Lara better
access to her sensitive pussy. Lara's pleasuring caused Holly to cum
over and over again. A string of continuous orgasms caused Holly
to scream loudly for what seemed like hours to her. When she stood up,
she simply said to Lara "STAY!", before she walked out of the room.

When Holly returned, she found Lara staring sadly at her reflection in
the mirror, clutching what had once been magnificently proportioned
breasts. Holly was carrying a familiar remote, which she placed down
on a table, and was wearing a large strap-on dildo. Lara eyed it with
horror, as she saw the bumps and sharp-looking edges on the length
of the foot-long monstrosity. Holly grabbed Lara, and roughly shoved it
deep into her pussy. "AArrrrrrrrrggh!!!! UUUAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! SO.....
of torment were being captured on film, and that knowledge was effecting
Lara's spirit even more than her stolen figure and lesbian rape combined.
"AAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!! I'M CUMMING!!!!!!" Lara screamed, as her orgasm
hit her. She clenched her eyes tightly shut, and hoped the ordeal would
be over quickly. Lara felt the dildo being pulled slowly out of her
sloppy cunt, and found Holly laying on her back on the nearest table.
"Climb onto it, bitch. This dildo works two ways, you know." Lara
had no choice but to climb onto the long plastic phallus, and start
fucking away. Both women soon started cumming, Lara against her will,
and Holly due to the special dildo. "AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHH!!!!!!!"
Both of them screamed in union. "Lara.....get that remote for me" Holly
mumbled, tired. Lara did as she was told, and handed the remote to her.
Lara noted the remote had two buttons, one labelled "Figure stealer" and
the other labelled "Orgasmotron". "Climb back onto the fake cock Lara,
you're about to get the experience of your life." Lara did so, uneasily.
Holly pushed the green Orgasmotron button, and both women were bathed in
a yellow light. "EEYYYAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! UUGGGGGHH!!!!! OH GOD!!!!!!!!
NNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Lara screamed from the wave of orgasms
washing over her, as well as the huge dildo buried deep in her battered
pussy. Holly was feeling the same pleasure, and she rubbed her giant milk
trickling tits, and pinched her nipples while fucking Lara with the cock.
Holly's ecstasy was rising, and her juices flowed out her pussy and
joined the puddle already formed from Lara's constant cumming. Holly
switched off the machine, and her eyelids began getting heavy,
as the constant exertion and orgasms were draining her energy. Lara
seemed to sense this, and continued to rub herself on Holly's dildo,
getting her even more exhausted, hoping to get her to pass out.
"EEEYAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Ooooooh Lara....Much better......MMMMMMMMmmm"
Holly moaned sleepily as she let her head drop to the table, unconscious.
"This is my chance!" Lara thought to herself. She strapped Holly securely
onto the table, the one she had been on before, and retrieved the remote
from Holly's hand. "Now Holly, It's MY turn to humiliate YOU!" Lara lay
on the other table, and pressed the red "Figure stealer" button.

Holly's eyes snapped open as she started to orgasm. "WHAT THE HELL!!!
I'M TIED UP!!! WHO DID THIS??!?!" Her body was bathed in blue light,
and her breasts had started to fountain milk. Lara lay back, bathed in
yellow light, enjoying the experience for once. "UUUGHHH!!! NOOO!!!!!
Lara moaned in the sheer pleasure that she was experiencing at the hands
of this unusual machine. "AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHH!!!!! GHAAAUUD!!!!
NNNOOOO!!!! NOT NOW!!!!!!!! UUUUHHHHHHHRRR!!!!! NOT NOW!!!!!" Holly's
screams had become desperate, as she realised her recently stolen
endowments were about to be returned. Holly's monstrous tits starting
to jiggle, shaking all over the place, as they started to gush with more
and more milk, fountaining out of her big hard nipples. "AAAHHRRR!!!!
AAAAGGGGHHHH!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Holly screamed and whimpered as another
orgasm was being extracted from her tired body. Lara looked down, and
saw her shrunken, deformed breasts start to swell. "NNNOOOO!!!!!!
AAAAAAAHHHHHGGGGHHH!!!!" Holly's breasts started to deflate, losing
more and more of their mass, as Lara's tits started returning to their
former gloriously perfect size and shape. Holly stared in horror, as her
swollen breasts shrunk lower and lower, elongating and stretching to
sagging empty sacks of mammary meat. Her thin waist began expanding, too.
As it went further and further out, Lara could feel her body returning
to it's former, perfect state. Holly screamed in bitter anguish, getting
what she sorely deserved as revenge from the one she had perpetrated it
on. Lara, in between moans of pleasure and lust, laughed at Holly's
predicament, getting her just desserts. The light intensified on the
two women, and Lara could see her thighs firming up again, and her cunt
tightening up from it's sloppy state. Holly got exactly the opposite
view, and could only stare in shocked horror as her cunt stretched out
to sickening proportions, and her thighs became covered with cellulite.
Holly sobbed and cried as the machine extracted more orgasms from her,
and sent more of her womanly figure to Lara's returning beauty. With
one last scream of pure anguish, Holly came one final time,
with an ear splitting
passed out.

Lara broke through the mirror, and destroyed the evidence of her
humiliating experience at the center at the hands of the demented female
doctor. After she had retrieved her clothes, and gone home, she climbed
into a nice hot bubble bath, and stayed there for several hours. "Well,
at least I've gotten over the problem of not enough orgasms" She thought
to herself, rubbing her gloriously large breasts and running her hands
all over her sexy figure, rubbing a little longer on her virgin-tight

The news the next day was exactly what Lara needed to hear. She had
removed the gas injectors in her air vents, and had set up further
security measures to prevent that sort of thing occurring again, and was
just settling in for a quiet night watching tv, when she happened upon
a news bulletin. The announcer's voice droned on with the news item.
"The Eros X Center has burned to the ground, apparently
from some kind of electrical fault in one of their computer systems. The
fault was apparently accidental, and caused by a sudden power
drain. So far, there have been no casualties except for one 'Holly
Webster', or 'Doctor X' as she was known around the center. The arson
squad has stressed that this was a complete accident, and is under
no suspicious circumstances. CNN reporting"
Lara smiled to herself, knowing exactly where the "accidental" fault
occurred, and wondered exactly how strong the Orgasmotron got to before
it caused the fire. " least that slut died cumming" Lara
said to herself, laughing at her tormentor's demise.


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