Tomb Raider: Lara Croft - Sugar & Spice (mf,voy)
by PJ

Lara finished her last lap around the track, veering towards a bench where
her bag rested. Standing next to the bench, breathing sharply, Lara grasped
a water bottle from the bench and nearly drained it empty, grateful for the
cool drink. Taking a short towel, Lara wiped the sweat from her face and
neck, wanting nothing more than a hot shower and clean clothes to replace
the damp t-shirt and shorts that clung to her slender body.

Placing her water bottle and sodden towel into her bag, Lara zipped it up and
slung it over her left shoulder as she made her way to the locker room. Lara
passed a few other students who attended the Wimbledon High School for Girls
on her way to the gym. It had been a very warm day, a perfect day to run and
stretch stiff legs, especially after the latest batch of exams that heralded
the end of the fall semester. Lara turned down the sidewalk that led to the
school gym, watching two girls walk past while they giggled and whispered to
each other. Lara entered the gym, nodding to the caretaker who sat behind a
counter reading a sports magazine. Lara walked through a brightly lit
hallway, large glass windows to the left and right looking out onto indoor
courts. Lara entered the large locker room, the sound of running shower water
in the distance. The young girl reached her assigned locker and opened it
before setting her bag on a nearby long bench. After unzipping the bag, Lara
peeled herself out of her sticky white t-shirt and shorts, taking a clean
white blouse, navy blue pleated skirt, white ankle socks, white cotton bra,
and white panties out of the bag before shoving her workout clothes inside.
Placing her clean clothes neatly on the bench, Lara removed shampoo and a bar
of soap from her locker before placing her bag inside and closing the locker

Holding her bottle of shampoo and bar of soap against her stomach with her
left arm, Lara walked toward the shower stalls, stopping at a set of shelves
to take a clean wash cloth.

Lara had just grasped her wash cloth when she heard something through the
noise of the shower, a soft, aching moan. Nude body stiffening in alarm, Lara
moved in the direction of the noise, brown eyes narrowed.

Lara peeked around the corner of a locker, stifling a gasp of shock when she
found one of her fellow students outstretched upon one of the long benches,
legs splayed apart as a young man dressed in black leather pants and a black
t-shirt humped the girl's crotch, his leather-clad thighs slapping against
the young girl's bare flesh. Lara was mesmerized by the sight, she bit her
lower lip while the girl sucked on one of the boy's fingers, her wet, naked
body jerking with each powerful thrust of his cock into her young pussy. The
girl slid her left hand through the boy's long, black hair, smiling in bliss
when he placed his mouth on her tiny left breast and started sucking on her
small, brown nipple.

Lara felt her own nipples hardening at the lewd sight, her breathing grew
faster, her heart pounded with excitement. Lara was a virgin, she had never
even dated a boy, her entire world was limited to the school and her circle
of friends. New sensations washed over Lara's young body. Tentatively, Lara
cupped her right breast, already developed and firm, the envy of her friends
and enemies alike. Lara caressed her own creamy, white skin, sighing softly,
her glazed eyes locked on the two lovers as they coupled on the long bench,
the smell of their fornication filling Lara's small nostrils.

The boy entwined his fingers with the girl's, tugged her hands over her head
while he pounded into her cunt, his cock swelling inside her vagina. The
blonde girl arched her back, moaning loudly, her thin legs wrapped around the
boy's thighs. The boy began thrusting faster into the girl's pussy, groaning
with strain, his lips kissing the girl's tits, shoulders, and neck. The girl
panted harshly, her pelvis crashing against her lover's, her soft lips
trembling, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

Lara's pussy became hot, her clitoris engorged while she watched the strange
boy fuck her schoolmate. She leaned against the locker, slowly lowering her
right hand to her cunnie, gently rubbing it with her delicate fingers. Lara
bit back a gasp when the pleasure struck her, her fingers worked faster,
wetness dampened her slender digits.

The boy and girl kissed, sucking hungrily on each other's lips, the girl's
arms entwined around the boy's neck, the boy's hands squeezing her small
buttocks as he stabbed into her moist slit, groaning when her cunt milked
his throbbing shaft. With a sharp gasp, the boy climaxed inside the girl,
his hips shuddering uncontrollably. The blonde girl moaned softly, her legs
becoming limp, her chest pumping.

Lara left as silently as she could, entering the shower, moving to a faucet
next to the one that was already running, filling the tiled room with warm
steam. Lara started her own shower, quivering when the cool water contacted
her flushed skin. Lara untied her loose ponytail, let her brown tresses flow
over her small shoulders. The excited young girl was combing her fingers
through her thick hair when someone coughed from the doorway.

Lara spun, heart threatening to burst from her young chest.

The leather-clad boy leaned against the open doorway, eyes devouring Lara's
naked body, a lit cigarette held in his right hand. The young man brought the
cigarette to his lips, took a long drag while Lara covered her crotch and
breasts frantically with her arms.

"Too late, I saw everything, just like you did in the locker room," said the
boy with a wolfish grin.

"I..," stammered Lara, thinking fiercely for something to say.

"My name's Brand, Brand Palen," offered the boy, taking another drag from
his cigarette.

"Lara, Lara Croft," replied Lara, warm water dripping down her bare body.

"Daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, I'm impressed," grinned the young man.

"Do you mind?" reminded Lara, her face red-hot under the boy's dark, brown

"No, do you?" retorted Brand with a smirk.

Becoming angry, Lara lowered her arms and marched up to the young man in
leather. Brand watched with amusement, smoking his dwindling cigarette.

"I'm not interested in becoming another conquest for you, Mr. Palen," snapped
Lara, standing defiantly in front of Brand. "Now please leave so I can finish
my shower."

"Only if you agree to go out with me tonight," countered Brand, staring
deeply into Lara's flashing eyes.

"What about the girl you were with?" asked Lara, indicating the locker room
behind Brand with her chin.

"A bit of fluff," shrugged Brand. "I think you'll be much more interesting."

Lara glared at the impudent boy, arms crossed beneath her gleaming breasts.

"I'll meet you near the front gate, eight-thirty," conceded Lara reluctantly.

"I'll be there," nodded Brand, taking one last look of Lara's naked form
before leaving the shower doorway, flicking his cigarette butt onto the
locker room floor.

Goose bumps covered Lara's wet skin. She shivered, but not from the cold.

* * *

It was a clear but cold evening. Lara dropped down from the wall, landing
lightly on her sneakers, her small purse clutched to her side. She wore her
hair in her customary pigtails, small red ribbons tied to the base of each.
Lara was dressed in tight black pants and a pink, cashmere sweater, a
thigh-length brown leather jacket over her sweater. Lara raked her eyes
along the gate, but found no sign of Brand. The young girl leaned against
the stone wall, keeping out of the gate guard's sight, her breath misting
the air in front of her face.

A form wearing a long, black duster crossed the street towards Lara, the
flare of a burning cigarette illuminating Brand's face.

"Where's your car?" asked Lara, shivering slightly.

"Don't have one," replied the young man. "Follow me."

Lara walked behind Brand, clutching her arms, hoping her companion would
take them somewhere warm. The girl's brown eyes widened when she saw Brand's

A gleaming motorcycle rested near the street curb, a powerful looking machine
composed of shining chrome and supple leather.

"Get on," urged Brand, mounting the bike, tossing his cigarette into the air.

"I've...I've never ridden a motorcycle," admitted Lara with a blush.

"You'll be fine. Climb on behind me."

Lara tentatively sat behind Brand, placing her hands lightly over the boy's

Brand grinned, starting the motorcycle, revving the powerful engine to
impress Lara. The bike sped off into the night, Lara shrieking in terror,
closing her arms around Brand's waist in a vice-grip. The cycle rocketed
through the streets, everything flashing past in a blur of speed. Lara
struggled to breath, the wind washing over her body, her pigtails snapping
behind her. Howling across Wimbledon to the city's outskirts, Lara relaxed,
pressed her body against Brand's. The motorcycle thrummed between Lara's
legs, wild but controlled by its riders. Lara smiled, then laughed, sitting
up, letting the wind stroke her face and hair.

Brand slowed down before going off the road, riding over a patch of gravel
in front of a small pub. There were several other cycles resting in front of
the pub, the building itself brightly lit and filled with laughter.

"This is my usual haunt," said Brand, helping Lara stand, her legs weak and
trembling after the exciting ride. Lara held Brand's hand as he led her up a
short flight of steps to the pub's door. Loud voices assaulted Lara's ears
when Brand opened the door, several groups of men in leather were laughing
and trading stories around tables laden with beer and bowls of nuts. Brand
led Lara to the bar, where a fat man dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans
waited on customers.

"Two mugs of your best," said Brand, slapping two bills onto the clean
counter top.

"I haven't seen this one before," replied the bearded barkeep, nodding
towards Lara while she sat gingerly on a bar stool.

"Her name's Lara."

"Nice to meet you, Lara," greeted the barkeep, setting a frothy beer in front
of the young girl.

"Won't he get in trouble?" murmured Lara, leaning close to Brand.

"Nah, Salton's pretty easy-going," answered Brand before taking a long pull
from his glass mug.

Lara regarded her beer warily, picking up her mug and bringing it slowly to
her lips. She took a long swallow, making a face from the drink's bitter

"It tastes better when you drink a lot of it,"chuckled Brand, draining his
mug dry and motioning for a refill.

Lara sipped her beer slowly, watching Brand light up another cigarette.

"Want one?" offered the young man, tilting his open cigarette pack at Lara.

"I'm not supposed to smoke."

"You're not supposed to ride off with strangers or drink alcohol, but you're
doing it," pointed out Brand. "Why not give it a try?"

"Are you trying to corrupt me?" grinned Lara, taking a cigarette from the
pack and holding it out for Brand to light.

"You found me out," smiled Brand, flicking open a small, silver lighter and
touching Lara's cigarette with the flickering flame.

Lara placed the butt in her mouth, inhaled sharply, and broke into a violent
series of coughs.

Some of the patrons nearby glanced at Lara, laughing at her antics.

Brand patted Lara on the back, stifling his own mirth.

Lara took another drag, a slow one. She exhaled, releasing a coil of smoke
into the air.

"Not..not bad," croaked Lara, her eyes tearing.

"Have another drink," said Brand, handing Lara her mug.

* * *

Lara stretched out on the small bed, luxuriating in the warmth of the nearby
fireplace, smiling while Brand slipped her jacket off her shoulders and
folded it over a nearby chair.

"You let me get drunk," giggled Lara, half-heartedly pushing away Brand when
he tried to pull off her soft, pink sweater.

"That was the idea, angel," grinned Brand, kissing Lara roughly, his left
hand running down her right leg, stroking her thigh.

"You're a very bad boy!" chuckled Lara, wrapping her thin arms around Brand's
neck, nuzzling him.

"Uh, huh," agreed Brand, opening Lara's pants and sliding them off.

"Do you want to have sex with me?" whispered Lara into Brand's ear, moaning
when the boy caressed her bare legs.

"Very much," smiled Brand, tugging off Lara's panties, dropping them onto the

"You're my first," admitted Lara, lying back on the bed, gazing up into
Brand's dark eyes.

Brand stopped for a moment, regarded Lara inscrutably.

"Then I'll try my best to make it memorable," replied the young man, leaning
over Lara, kissing her wet lips earnestly.

Lara allowed Brand to slip his tongue into her mouth, her arms around his
waist while his hands slithered underneath her sweater to fondle her
bra-covered breasts.

"You're so beautiful," murmured Brand, squeezing Lara's tits, his mouth
touching her throat, the side of her neck.

"Feels...good," moaned Lara, breathing quickly as Brand pulled up her sweater
just enough to bare her breasts. Brand unfastened Lara's bra and cast it off
near her discarded panties, lowering his mouth onto her left nipple, sucking
sharply upon it. Lara writhed underneath Brand, her legs opening for his left
hand which stroked her naked cunt, sliding slowly up and down, caressing her
puffy labia.

"Hot," panted Lara, shivering when Brand inserted a finger into her pussy,
slowly digging it inside her vagina. Brand licked across Lara's left tit,
then moved to her right, flicking his tongue over her stiff nipple, his
finger thrusting inside her cunt which was becoming wet with arousal. Brand's
weight was heavy upon Lara as he took her arms and held them over her head.
He kissed her, a long, savoring embrace, her mouth filled with her lover's
breath. Brand completely removed Lara's sweater, leaving her naked beneath
him. The boy positioned himself between Lara's slim legs, crouched over her
glistening pussy. He slowly pressed his mouth to Lara's young cunt, his
tongue tasting the beads of honey gleaming upon her pink flesh. Lara groaned
loudly, her breasts pumped swiftly, her crotch on fire as Brand nuzzled his
lips inside her vagina, his tongue stroking the clenching walls of her cunt
hole, probing insistently. Lara clutched the bed sheets, her hips rocked so
violently that Brand had to hold her down on the mattress, his mouth
continuing to slurp on her sex, the young girl's juices running down his
cheeks and chin. Incredible, indescribable ecstasy overwhelmed Lara. The
girl shuddered on the bed, her thighs quivered when she experienced her
first orgasm, a fire that blossomed in her pussy and exploded into her
small, flat belly.

Brand sat up from the bed, gave Lara a moment to catch her breath, her naked
body gleaming with sweat. He brought back a mug of beer, sat Lara up so she
could take a long drink. Brand finished the mug before setting it on the bed
table. The young man stood up, his long, black hair shining in the firelight
while he undressed before Lara. Lara slid forward on the bed, waited for
Brand to draw close. When the naked boy came, Lara leaned forward, placed her
mouth on the head of Brand's cock. Slowly, Lara took the prick into her
throat, sucked lightly on it, her tongue caressing the veined shaft.

"That feels good, Lara," moaned Brand, stroking the girl's warm hair.

Lara wrapped her fingers around the base of Brand's cock, her head jerking
back and forth as she sucked harder on the boy's member. The penis stiffened
inside Lara's mouth, it swelled and throbbed, tickling the girl's esophagus.
Lara slid her lips across the bottom of Brand's pole, took his balls one at
a time into her warm mouth and sucked wantonly on them. Lara's small left
hand stroked Brand's shaft, squeezing and soft. Lara kissed the tip of
Brand's cock, then allowed the gasping boy to push her back into the bed.
Brand straddled Lara's body, placing his hands over hers, pinning her to the
mattress while he slipped his aching cock into her pussy.

Lara moaned in pain when Brand pierced her hymen. The sharp pain ebbed as
Brand slowly started thrusting into Lara's vagina, her cunt closing around
his prick. Brand kissed Lara, inhaling her sweet breath, sucking on her
tender lips with his own. Lara pushed up with her tiny hips, forcing Brand's
member deeper into her belly, heat building up within her pussy once more.
The lovers' groans of effort filled the small bedroom. Firelight gleamed
across Lara and Brand's nude bodies as they writhed together, moving as one,
the boy's shaft sliding smoothly into the girl's wet pussy. Lara squeezed
Brand's strong hands, thrusting her tits forward, her thighs quaking when
the second orgasm struck, leaving her breathless and weak. Brand was pushing
into Lara like a machine, grunting wildly, sweat dripping from his body onto
Lara's. The young man threw back his head and groaned, his cock blasting
Lara's vagina with a torrent of cum.

Brand slid off of Lara, panting for air, his strong chest heaving. Lara
nestled her body next to her lover's, running her nails over the flesh of
his torso.

"That was... incredible!" smiled Lara, her body pleasantly exhausted and

"You were great," grinned Brand, planting a kiss on Lara's pert nose, then
kissing her soft lips.

Lara hugged Brand's waist tightly, drowsiness overwhelming her senses. The
last thing Lara felt was Brand's hand stroking her hair, his warm skin
pressing against her left cheek.

* * *

Lara's eyes fluttered open. She smiled, slowly stretching her arms and legs,
yawning widely. The girl sat up, blinking from the warm sunlight beaming in
through a draped window. Lara pulled up a damp sheet to cover her breasts,
alarm filling her when she realized Brand was not with her. Wrapping the
sheet around her body, Lara searched for Brand's clothes, there was nothing.
The frantic girl looked out the window, which had a clear view of the pub
front. Brand's motorcycle was gone, the boy had left her.

Tears fell unnoticed down Lara's face. She sat down heavily on the bed,
noticing that there was something left on the bed table. Lara picked up
Brand's half-empty pack of cigarettes, a book of matches had been set next
to it. Lovely face contorting with anger, Lara threw the cigarette pack
into the remains of last night's fire, the blood roaring in Lara's temples.

The End


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