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Tomb Raider: Lara And The Statue Of Venus (FFFff)
by Jangobot

Lara sprinted along the dark passageway of the ruined temple, with a mighty
effort she threw herself off the lip of the chasm. Arms outstretched she dug
her finger into the loose soil, pulled herself up on to solid ground and out
in the harsh sunlight. Looking back she could see the walls of the passageway
collapsing, filling the air with dust and thunder.

She slipped her small pack from her shoulder. Opening the flap she stole
one more look at the gleaming gold statue. It felt warm under her hand as
she caressed the perfectly proportioned breasts, the rounded mounds of the
buttocks, the shapely `v' where the thighs joined, highlighting the
womanhood. Wrapping it gently in a cloth she tucked it back into the bag.

Her greatest triumph was nearly at an end, she had conquered the famous
Temple of Venus and her prize would bring even more fame and fortune. Not
that that was why she traveled the world seeking adventure, she thought to
herself, it was the buzz she got going where so few had been, and succeeding
where they had failed. What made it even better was that the competition was
always men.

Just the long walk back down the mountain to her jeep and a couple of days
driving and she would be home and dry. She set off at a steady pace, her long
bronzed legs striding purposefully downhill towards the safety of her camp.

As the sun slipped towards the horizon the sound of a stream tugged her
gently off to the side of the trail. It would be good to wash the dust out
of her hair. She pushed through the trees into a clearing, the setting sun
shimmered from the surface of wet rocks. The surface of the pool broken by
the waterfall's crystal shower cascading into its blue depths.

She slipped the shotgun from her shoulder. Unlacing the holsters of her twin
pistols, she placed the gun belt on the floor. It was joined by her boots,
and her trademark blue vest. A twig cracked in the distance, the sharp sound
carrying clearly in the early evening stillness. Quick as a flash she grabbed
her guns and rolled behind a moss covered rock. Tensely she waited, every
nerve ready to react. The curtain of trees twitched and parted. A sigh of
relief slipped out of her mouth she looked towards the small monkey peering
at her, as if she was a trespasser at his private pool.

She stepped away from the rock back onto the small beach. 'I must be getting
old,' she thought to herself. I'm jumping at my own shadow.

She unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her long legs. Her white lace
panties joined the pile. Just because she was an adventurer didn't mean she
had to wear frumpy panties. She stepped gingerly into the blue water. She
watched her legs disappear as she moved deeper, the water creeping up her
thighs until the coolness encased her. A step further and she felt it creep
inside as she gently lowered herself, the cool fingers probing her warmth,
tingling and caressing. Shaking her head she freed her long auburn hair from
its restraining pony-tail. Another step and a head first dive deep into the
refreshing depths. She stayed under the water for what seemed like forever,
letting the cool flow wash away the dust and grime of the last few days. God,
this adventuring sure played hell with a girl's complexion!

Finally she swam to the surface, breaking through she instantly realized
something was wrong. Reaching for her guns her heart sank as they slipped
across the smooth skin of her hips. Brushing back her hair she scanned the
edge of the pool.

The first thing she noticed was that all four women were carrying shotguns,
and they were all pointing straight at her. The second thing she noticed was
that all the women were gorgeous. She quickly assessed her adversaries. Two
were blondes, obviously twins, about seventeen, their hair identically cut
into short bobs. The redhead was older, in her mid-twenties, her hair
cascading down her back, stirring gently in the slight breeze. The fourth
woman had hair the color of jet, cropped close to her head. All four women
were dressed in dark green one piece Lycra suits which hugged their breasts,
and cupped their mounds tightly. It was even possible to make out the divide
of their pussy lips through the thin material. Each woman had a golden logo
stretched across their suits. In the dim evening light it seemed to glow
slightly. The logo was a copy of the statue in Lara's pack.

Black-hair stepped forward. "Hello, Lara. I think you may have something
which belongs to us. Would you like to step out of the water and we could
discuss its return?"

'Oh well, old girl,' she thought to herself, looks like they've finally
caught up with you.

As she stepped towards the beach where her clothes lay, the water poured of
her tight body, her nipples hard from the water, her stomach firm from hours
of sit-ups. She felt the eyes of all four women washing over her body,
sliding over her breasts, down to her neatly trimmed bush.

Black-hair raised her shotgun to cover her path to her clothes. "That's far
enough. Just get your shorts and don't try anything funny."

Lara slipped her shorts on, surreptitiously checking the pockets for her
trusty Swiss army knife. As she reached for her vest she felt the cold barrel
of one of the guns pressing against her back. "You won't need anything else,"
she heard Black-hair say. Then she felt her arms being pulled roughly behind
her as a rope snared her wrists. She just had time to see the redhead grab
her bag and her guns before the world went black, as a blindfold was
tightened across her eyes.

She could feel the presence of the four women around her as she stumbled
along the mountain track. Occasionally a smooth warm hand would take her arm
to guide her over a stream or up a few steps. She heard them whispering
amongst themselves then a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She stood not
knowing what would happen next. Then she felt the presence behind her. Two
hands rested on her hips then slowly began to move their way upwards,
caressing her belly, sliding higher to cup her breasts. The fingers found her
nipples and gently pinched them. He body tingled as her nipples responded
growing harder, the fingers stroking and playing with her.

"Stop that, right now!" Black-hair's voice echoed around her. I must be in
some sort of cave, she thought, as the fingers gave one final tweak before
dropping away. "Bring her here, into the light."

A warm hand slipped between her arm and her left breast, the hand guiding
whilst the back of the fingers caressed the silky skin of her breast.

The blindfold was whipped away. She was momentarily blinded by thousands of
candles which cast long shadows around the walls. As her eyes adjusted she
saw she wasn't in a cave but a chamber about forty feet square. The walls
were lined with stone which glowed in the candlelight. Directly in front of
her was an altar unlike any she had seen in all her adventures. The sides
were made of a translucent material and the top was in two parts. The top
end had a raised neck and head support, which rested on the same translucent
material. It appeared as if it would support the upper part of a body. Then
there was a gap, which obviously allowed a person to climb inside the altar.
At the end another piece of the translucent material provided support for the
feet and lower legs. In each corner were restraints. Lara was in no doubt as
to what was going to happen next.

Three pairs of hands grabbed her whilst the fourth unbuttoned her shorts and
whisked them down her legs. The hand slid back up again and briefly cupped
her mound. The warm fingers stroking across her pussy lips. She looked down
to see one of the blonde girls surreptitiously slip a finger into her mouth.
Then all four pairs of hands hoisted her up and onto the altar. The
restraints clicked into place.

She had been right about the design. The top end supported her weight without
discomfort, whilst lifting her head so she could just see her toes. The lower
portion stopped her legs from dropping down into the altar. She was well and
truly caught.

"You have offended the Goddess Venus by your actions. Now you must repay your

Lara looked between her open legs towards the woman who had spoken. She was
seated just a few feet away from the altar, in an unusual throne. Her legs
were spread and supported by two statues, kneeling. If it hadn't been for the
diaphanous gown she was wearing her whole pussy would have been exposed. The
gown shimmered over her breasts, joined at the throat by a golden brooch, a
miniature replica of the statue which had caused all of Lara's problems.

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Would 'I'm sorry' do?"

"It's a start. How do you wish to repay your debt?"

Lara watched the redhead slowly peel away the Lycra suit as she moved towards
the throne. She was nude underneath. Her breasts firm, nipples pointing
upward grew into hard points as she reached the throne. She stepped into the
gap behind and reached round until her fingers found the golden brooch. A
slight twist and the brooch parted. The gown fell away and Lara saw the woman
in all her glory.

It was hard to tell her age, her face was a flawless as porcelain, her
slender neck guiding Lara's eyes down over her breasts. The nipples pink and
proud stood erect, waiting to be sucked. Down over her pure white skin to the
cleft of her womanhood. She was completely smooth. The pouty pink lips seemed
to shimmer with moisture. It was then that Lara realized where she had seen
the woman before. She was the golden statue.

"Your choices are simple, Lara. Submit your self to the Goddess or die. What
will it be?"

"It's not really much of a choice, is it? I don't particularly want to die
just yet, so it will have to be submission."

"A wise choice, Lara. Your death would have been long, slow and painful, but
your submission will take you places you will seldom have visited before,
another world hidden from this by a veil of secrecy. Submit yourself
willingly and join us."

As she spoke she sensed the three other women moving, she looked across and
watched with fascination as the two blondes slowly stepped into one another,
their lips meet in the most sensual act she had ever see. The two girls lost
themselves in each other, an occasional glimpse of tongue, as they sucked at
each other, their hands caressing down over the tight Lycra, hips grinding

She looked away as a shadow descended towards her. She looked up into the
eyes of black-hair. Slowly as if in a dream black-hair's lips descended
towards her, the tip of the pink tongue peeking out. She lowered herself
until her lips brushed against Lara's. The pink tongue snaked out and gently
caressed Lara's dry lips, then slid inside, brushing her teeth, seeking
Lara's own tongue, they touched with a spark and then it was gone.

"My name is Eve," she whispered into Lara's ear. The blondes are Sara and
Emma and the redhead is Amanda. Before we begin we need to clean you up."

As she spoke Sara and Emma appeared on either side carrying steaming bowls
of scented water. They gently began to wash the trail dust from Lara's body.
Their strong smooth fingers cupped her breasts as with circular motions they
caressed her slowly cleansing her skin. Her nipples grew into hard points
as Emma bent her head and replaced her sponge with her tongue, lapping at
Lara's nipple, sucking it into her mouth to swirl her tongue across it.

"That comes later!" barked Eve. "We must prepare her first!"

The tongue went away much to Lara's disappointment. She could feel her pussy
warming under all the attention she was getting. The hands moved down her
body, over her hips and then down the length of her legs, bypassing the areas
she most wanted to feel those gentle fingers exploring.

In the background she faintly heard the Goddess. "There is only one rule you
must follow: Total obedience and submission. Do you understand?"

It was all Lara could do to nod as a finger gently parted her pussy lips and
slid inside momentarily, before being whisked away.

Towels appeared and the woman dried her gently, whilst Eve ran a golden comb
through her hair. "You are now ready to accept the Goddess," she whispered.

Lara felt Emma and Sara move to the sides of the altar. In turn each woman
began to slowly peel away the tight Lycra, sliding it down over their
shoulders, exposing breasts to her view. Emma and Sara could have been
clones, their breasts were exactly the same, tight and firm not big but with
nipples of dusky pink. Lower moved the clinging fabric, neither wore panties,
which was how Lara could tell the difference at a glance, Emma had a bush of
golden hair sprouting from her the base of her belly, Whilst Sara was shaved
smooth and pink, her lips dripping with love juice. Each girl slipped a
finger into their pussy, and then held it out for Lara to taste. Her tongue
snaked out to lap at the moist fingers, sucking them deep into her mouth
tasting the tangy love juices for the first time.

She looked up to Eve as she slowly began to take off her suit. This became a
slow gyration as it slipped down her body, glimpses of breast, bigger then
the girls with brown nipples, she turned and wiggled her arse, bronzed
buttocks with a slight lighter bikini mark. The suit joined the others on the
floor as Eve turned to expose herself to Lara's view. A belly button ring
highlighted her flat stomach. Her hair was trimmed into the tiniest of
triangles, like an arrow to her sex. Her finger parted her puffy swollen lips
revealing her engorged clitoris with its silver stud.

Lara looked towards the Goddess. Amanda had a breast in each hand gently
massaging the nipples. The Goddesses finger were buried deep inside her
smooth pussy, a look of ecstasy on her face she reached up and pulled Amanda
down into a long lingering deep kiss, their tongues exploring each other as
the Goddess climaxed.

Lara could feel soft fingers alternately squeezing and pinching her nipples.
They felt inches long as one of the girls closed her teeth around it and
sucked her deep inside her mouth, swallowing her breast.

She sensed Eve climb onto the alter, her knees astride her head, she lowered
herself down until her pussy was barely touching Lara's lips. A spot of love
juice dripped from her lips, Lara lapped it up.

Sara and Emma mounted the alter, one of them slipped inside, squatting she
began to lick at Lara's firm buttocks, nibbling at her inner thigh, her
tongue sneaking into the crack she began to tongue her anus.

Emma turned to face Lara's pussy and began a slow journey down her body.
Kissing and licking every inch she glided down past her belly button, down
to the auburn bush, her fingers parted Lara's engorged pink pussy and her
tongue flicked Lara's swollen clitoris.

Eve lowered herself down as Lara's tongue reached for her. She sucked hard on
the clitoris stud. A long low moan escaped Eve's lips as she forced Lara's
tongue deep inside her aching, sopping pussy.

The tingling started deep in her belly, slowly spreading outwards, it grew as
tongues lapped at her most intimate places, her pussy dripped cum down her
crack into her anus. A tongue deep inside both her love holes, her own tongue
lapping at a woman's sweetness for the first time. Her orgasm grew like a
wild fire inside her consuming her as she convulsed time and time again.

Above her Eve had reached forward and was fucking Emma from behind, her long
slim fingers plunging in and out of her dripping pussy. She came exploding
into Lara's mouth. Emma's own climax reached her as she grunted like a wild
animal rocking back deep onto Eve's fingers.

Sara scrambled up and out from inside the altar she didn't intend to miss out
on her own climax. Crawling over her sister she squatted down in front of Eve
and lowered her shaven lips onto Lara's mouth.

The sensation of smooth skin against her face brought Lara back to some
semblance of awareness. She ran her tongue back and forward along the shaven
lips, sucking in the delicate petals, nibbling gently then forcing her tongue
up into the liquid channel which was Sara's pussy, she delved deep as a rush
of cum exploded from Sara covering her face.

The four bodies entwined on top of the altar twitched gently, each coming
slowly back to reality.

"You have shown yourself to be a willing and able disciple. Are you now ready
to accept the Goddess?"

"If it pleases you, Goddess, accept me."

"Release her, and let her come to me!"

Lara felt first one hand then the other released from the restraints, then
her feet were freed, should she try to escape whilst they all recovered from
their orgasmic state. What were her chances? Glancing round she caught a
glimpse of daylight high-up on the wall. Was it a way out? she thought to

Just as she was about to reach for her clothes she felt hands on her
shoulders. She looked down as a white silk gown was fastened around her

"You must approach the goddess on your knees. Do not look at her until she
tells you to. Go, accept the Goddess." Three pairs of hands caressed her
through the silk, pulling her down onto her knees.

The gown fell like a gossamer sheet around her as she edged slowly forward,
the cool stone under her, her eyes averted. She reached the edge of the dais
on which the throne sat.

"Do you repent your sins against the Goddess Venus?"

"I do."

"Look up into the face of your mistress!"

Lara slowly raised her eyes to look into the face of the Goddess once more.
Her eyes were piercing blue, Her blonde hair fell in waves over her shoulders
spreading across her breasts, her alabaster skin was completely flawless.

Lara glanced at one of the statues which supported the Goddess legs. She
realized that they were of men, every detail carved to perfection. She could
see their well defined chest, their smooth stomachs and most surprisingly
their huge erect penises.

"You Like my toys I see. That is how men should appear before the Goddess of
Women, humble but ready to serve. Are you ready to serve the Goddess? Come to
me!" The Goddess held out her hand to lift Lara up. "You have performed well
with my hand-maidens. Now it is time to prove yourself to me."

Lara's eye caught a gleam of gold at the goddess' right hand. In a flash she
realized it was the statue she had stolen only a few hours ago.

As her gaze moved slowly upwards she felt hands lift her onto the dais, she
knelt in between the goddesses wide-spread thighs and looked directly at the
immaculately shaven mons only inches before her.

The Goddess' lips were the deepest pink, like a rose in bloom, each one a
delicate petal to be savored. Her clitoris stood erect from its sheath. Lara
leaned forward and gently placed the tip of her tongue against it. The
Goddess shuddered deep in her soul. Lara flicked her clit back and forward,
as cum started to flow from the Goddess' exquisite pussy. Stretching slightly
further Lara lapped at the juices then gently ran her finger down the swollen
slit, sliding inside her pussy Lara reached for the 'g' spot deep inside the
Goddess' drenched vagina. Feeling the slightest firmness she gently began to
caress her.

Amanda stepped behind Lara, twisting the base of the statue she withdrew
the solid gold 8" penis from where it nestled inside the statue. As Lara
continued to lap and suck at the Goddess, she reached down to her own soaking
pussy and anointed the statue with her own juices. Gently lifting Lara higher
onto her knees, she spread her cheeks wide and slowly began to fuck Lara, the
golden rod sliding easily in and out of Lara's eager pussy.

Lara felt the slick metal pressing against her warm lips, she pushed back
against it as it entered her. She began to feel her orgasm build deep with
in her. The Goddess began to twitch and shudder in time with the thrusts of
Lara's tongue and the statue. Both women on the brink of their orgasm.

Lara felt hands reached for her tender nipples, squeezing them gently, the
diamond hardness painful and pleasurable at the same time.

Eve leaned down and took the Goddess' tongue deep into her mouth as Sara and
Emma sucked on Amanda's nipples then sank down to drink in her juices, their
fingers buried deep in each other.

All five women climaxed at the same instant.

Lara awoke slowly. Emma and Sara were asleep in each others arms, Eve's head
was cradled on the Goddess' breasts and Amanda was sprawled across Lara's
legs. Lara looked around. The statue was lying about four feet away where
Amanda had dropped it as she fell asleep. The golden dildo along side it.
Slowly she slipped her legs from under the sleeping Amanda. Hurriedly Lara
slid the two parts of the statue together. Stuffing her shorts inside her
pack she pulled one of the green Lycra suits on. Its tightness cupping her
tender nipples and battered pussy. Her gun belt firmly locked around her
waist she was ready. Scooping up her pack and the statue she eased her way
across the floor. She stood and looked back at her sleeping companions. Now
I know why they valued it so highly, she thought to herself.

With a huge running leap she grabbed for the ledge, hauling herself up she
looked out onto the mountain below, with a backwards glance at the beauty she
was leaving behind she leapt down and set off at a run towards her waiting

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