Author's Note: Another monologue based story and once again Lara Croft as main victi... I mean star. I wrote it originally for Ade's Cave (and the ilustrated version is there). Big thanks for Yephike, he get me some ideas and helped me a lot with beta/proofreading. Opinions, suggestions and comments are very welcome, write at [email protected]

Tomb Raider: Good Deal (MF,FF,ncon,toys,rough)
by Pralat

Welcome, Mr. Ivanow. I trust you had a pleasant journey. Please, sit and relax, I guess it was long trip. Almost half of the world, isn't it? Well, it's not every day one of my customers comes personally for his ware. Most of them prefer sending couriers. That's not surprising, they prize their privacy. But you don't have to be afraid; I'm a man of my word. Like I promised, no one will know that you were here. And I can understand your desire to get your merchandise personally. You paid for it, after all.

Please, have some wine, it's first class. Wasn't it a passionate auction? I've gotten used to them, most of my customers like the thrill of the hazard and we can never guess who will be the winner. This time it wasn't any different. But you surprised everyone, sir. I was sure that I'll get two, maybe three million dollars for her, but when you said ten million, everyone were surely stunned.

Even that Arab sheik from Islamistan, I was sure that he would win this time. He's my regular customer and quite a sadistic bastard. I shouldn't be one to judge, but he needs a new one after just a month or two. And he wants only the most famous ones. I had lot of troubles with Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. He wanted them both at once. I see in your eyes that you have questions? Yes, the ones that you can see on TV are actually doubles. Very good ones, I have to admit. The originals are probably warming his bed or singing in his private torture chamber. But that's not my business anymore. I don't care what happened to my slaves when they're in their masters hands. Sometimes I'd like to hear a word or two, because some of my customers like to exchange their slaves with others. If you'll ever like to share Lara with someone, feel free to contact me, we'll provide you with a list of the owners willing to share their slaves.

Oh, the dinner his here. As you will see, my cook is really great. Please, enjoy the meal. You're probably curious how we got her? Yes, catching Miss Croft wasn't a piece of cake. My company is specialized in catching famous chicks, but most of them are weak. Of course, not all of them. We have sold some superheroines as well. Storm from X-Men was the last one. Some rich gentleman from the south was very interested in her. I heard that he cut her hair down and uses her as an animal to plow his fields. He seemed to want to remind her about her slave ancestors...

Those strong ones usually demand months of planning, but it was different with Miss Croft. Actually, it was a kinda funny situation.

See? I said that you'd like the soup. But let us return to Miss Croft. It was quite an amusing situation. We didn't have any orders for her, neither was she on our immediate radar; she just came into our hands by her own will. Apart from my work, I'm a collector of ancient tomes. Necronomicon, Coultes des Goules, Unaussprechlichen Kulten and so on. It seems that Lara wanted to "borrow" something from my library, God knows for what, it's pretty bleak stuff. She's good, but my security is better. You probably already noticed that all of my workers are females. Yes, I prefer them more. They're deadly loyal and much more brutal than any man. They caught her in the corridor. What a fight it was. I'll add a copy of the DVD with that scene, if you want. They were six and she alone. Hair, pieces of clothes were flying around. She managed to kill two of them, but in the end they won. They beat the shit out of her and brought the bitch to me. When they carried her to me, I was really surprised that she had visited my house. She looked terrible, tattered and bruised. They had really made a number on her, not only they gave her two severe black eyes, but her nipples were blue from being twisted, her nose was broken, just like some of her fingers, one of her ears was almost ripped off and she had obviously quite literally been forced to eat dirt; my girls hadn't been easy on her. Don't worry, my medics brought her back to perfect shape for you. But returning to that moment, I could see that she still had her famous spirit intact. I told her what I do for a living and thanked her for coming to me. It saved me a lot of troubles with hunting her all over the world. She spat on my boots. My girls were about to kill her, but I told them to simply put her on my lap with her sweet, bare ass exposed.

It's ironic, even the strongest women can't endure a good spanking. It's something in their nature, some kind of atavism that turns even the manliest dykes into little crybabies. I'd been spanking her nice and long, slowly turning both her asscheeks into small mounds of pain. My girls were holding her down, because she tried to free herself so furiously... And how she yelled and cursed. I was really surprised that a British lady knew such bad words. But after fifty slaps she started to cry and beg me to stop. I can see disbelief in your eyes, but we have everything recorded. It was really priceless how she bawled "No, no, please stop! Stop spanking me! Aaaaaa!", tears were running down her face and she begged me to stop spanking. I gave her twenty more and paused. Then I asked if she was ready for her sex slave training.

She had enough spirit to reject. I decided to use stronger arguments and used my belt. Twenty more slaps and she said yes. Technically, she was crying with wild enthusiasm "Yes! Yes! I'll participate in your sex slave training!" She was grovelling. I also made her apologize to my goons for causing them trouble and killing their sisters. Of course, I wasn't stupid enough to think that she was broken for good. It was only a temporary weakness caused by the power of a good spanking. But it was useful. She had to lick the boots of my girls clean and beg for their forgiveness. They spat on her, kicked her and called her names. You should see her face when they called her "Stupid, cumsucking anal whore" and she agreed that it really describes her tastes. She had tears in her eyes, but was also very afraid of being spanked again. So she even agreed to repeat "I'm a big titted fuckslut who loves taking horse cocks up my fat ass" and shook her tits and ass while saying it loud. Who'd even imagine Miss Croft doing such things? Very nice and humiliating start of her training, don't you agree? I discovered that she has great potential for being a submissive sex slave. Please, taste the chicken; it's from my own farm. And trust me, you'll never forget about that sauce. It's my cook's secret.

Finally, the girls lead her to her cell. To make her remember who she is now, she was chained to the floor, so she had to spend the whole night in her most fundamental position - on her knees. You probably noticed those paintings on the wall. Right, all of those girls are on their knees. It's a natural position for the slave. And since I'm a slaver, I appreciate this position. Do you know that they say "Man surrenders by raising his hands, woman surrenders by falling on her knees"?

But let us return to our dear Lara. Some slavers are simply brutal animals that torture their slaves till their break. It's barbarism, in my opinion. I'm not against violence, of course, but it's also important to keep the slave in good shape and teach her some new, useful tricks. Who'd like to play with broken toys? When my girls woke her up the next day and brought her breakfast, that stubborn bitch refused to eat. Nothing new, really. We had the same problem when we had Batgirl. So the girls knew what to do. They simply forced her mouth open, put a funnel inside and used it to feed her. After her first force feeding Lara never ever thought about refusing her meals. We added some chemical ingredients to her meals, so her breasts grew a bit larger and her will went weaker.

You can probably guess that she tried to escape. Actually, the first time she almost made it, my girls caught her halfway up the wall. They punished her hard. She had to run barefoot on on burning coals. For such an athletic girl it wouldn't be very hard, but trust me, it's really painful when you have two weights attached to your nipples and two high speed working vibrators in the fuckholes. The girls were cheering and making a bets, because she had a time limit for every run. If she failed, she had to make ten more rounds. I had to stop it because it'd eventually turn her feet into toast. But she learned that escaping is a risky idea.

As for her daily routine... here, I have a card with her typical day schedule here: 6 AM - she wakes up and has her breakfast 6.20 AM - she is washed with a hose.
6.40 AM - cock sucking theory lessons, based upon different kinds of dicks.
8.30 AM - pussy sex theory lessons, she learns how to pleasure a man.
10 AM - lap dancing lessons.
11.30 AM - pole dancing lessons.
1 PM - cock sucking practice lessons.
2 PM - lunch.
2.30 PM - pussy licking theory lesson, educating her how to please women.
3.30 PM - bestiality in theory.
5 PM - anal sex theory lessons.
6 PM - BDSM in practice. She learns how to enjoy the pain.
7.30 - supper.
8 PM - anal sex - practice lessons.
10 PM - using sex toys.
12 AM - bestiality in practice
2 AM - washing and sleeping.

Sometimes her daily routine varied, we remember to keep our slaves ready for everything. But as you can see, she went through a hard yet fruitful education. There's no way of having sex or pleasing her master or mistress that she doesn't know. It's costly, right, but I'm famous because of my slaves. I'm actually kinda proud because of the efforts. You can guess that at the beginning she was bit resistant, so her teachers had to discipline her quite often. But at the end of her education she was quite a willing student. I remember how proud she was when she told me that she managed to fuck three dogs at once and came together with all of them. Or how eager she was to have her next oral sex lessons. Actually, one of my girls told me once that Miss Croft is the most willing pussy licker we ever had here. And she was very creative with finding new, humiliating titles for herself, like "Analara Cumsoft" or "Slutara Whorecroft". We put it into her daily schedule to discover new, slutty name for herself every day. It was painted on her tits and she had to walk with that all day. I remember that I really enjoyed her horse fucking session with the big "Horse mommy" written on her udders. Girls wanted to tattoo all those names on her body, but I had to say no, because I couldn't know if my customers will like it or not. You like it, Mr. Ivanow? Well, you'll have a pleasure to tattoo her as you wish.

How we went with her sex education while there are no men in this house? You're quite observant, Mr. Ivanow. I have some men who work for me. None of them lives here. Why? First, I must be the only man who lives in this house. Second, I don't want any of those men keeping longer contact with my slaves. We, the men, are weak and emotional, it's easy to twist a man around a female's finger. That's why I trust females only. They show no positive emotions against my slaves.

You must understand that my guards come from the lower classes in society. I gave them a home, food, education... They owe me everything. And if there's something they really hate the most, it's those rich, spoiled cunts who got everything for free because they were born in good families or had good connections. That's why none of them ever helped any of our slaves in their pathetic attempts of escape. They love to humiliate and torture them instead. Sometimes I even have to stop them - like I said before, I don't like my wares damaged. I haven't always succeeded in preventing the girls from harming the slaves, however, sometimes accidents happened. I actually keep a photo of one famous singer who was really beaten into death and almost ripped in half by my girls. It's a part of the training. My slaves learn what might happened if they'll be too stubborn. It's very effective, trust me.

Bestiality? Of course, good slaves have to know all possible perversions. I have studs of very good horses. They're racing horses but they're also quite useful when you need to educate a slut. I also have some hounds, my girls like to hunt with them in the forest, but those hounds are very horny bastards, trust me. Lara met them all... very personally. There is no hole of her they didn't penetrate. At the end she really enjoyed her dogs mating sessions. Hope you won't mind? Donkeys? No, I don't have any. You have? Oh, that's good; it will be quite a new experience for her.

You're asking about her spirit? Yes, she is tamed, I guarantee. Three times she tried to act like a tamed slut to weaken our vigilance, but we know all those tricks very well. After all, she wasn't the first one here. And seriously, she wasn't the most troublesome girl we had. Agent Dana Scully was much harder to tame. It was a hell to make her suck horse cock for the first time; she almost bit that poor animal. And that Japanese girl... what was her name... Ai! She was some kinda magic user or something. How many whipping sessions she needed to learn basic things... Oh, memories...

We prepared a few obedience tests to see how far along our subjects have come. Because of her sense of so called "honor" Lara was easily revealed as disobedient. When we asked her to clean all the toilets with her mouth, she refused, of course. So we let her try to escape, caught her with ease and then made her clean the toilets as punishment. She did it willingly, hoping that she avoided a worse fate. When we told her she could call a friend and explain that she was never coming back, a completely fake call, of course, she immediately said that she had been captured. So we presented her a series of the pictures of that friend being kidnapped and brutally gang banged. Fake, like before, but very well done. She cried like a little bitch and begged for mercy for her poor friend. Oh, how we laughed when we watched it later on TV. She was saying that she's an "Ungrateful human fuck toy who was born for pleasing other people with her slutty body".

Finally, when we asked her to passionately act as human toilet paper for twenty of my girls, she pretended to obey, but ended up trying to steal a knife from one of them. She got beaten up and extremely disciplined by them. She really had to beg for her life. Lara looks and sounds like a tough girl, but when the odds are against her, she starts begging immediately. This was another time I had to react, otherwise she'd be killed by them. Can you believe that they wanted to put that knife in her ass! Needless to say, she'll go through any one of these tests now, without hesitating. There were several other obedience tests as well, but I'm not quite sure you would like to hear about them while you're enjoying your meal.

You enjoyed your dinner, I guess. Ok, so it's time for presentation. I already told my girls to bring her here. Oh, look here she goes. Great timing. How do you do, slave nr. 87? Yes, that's her name; she had to forget that she was a Tomb Raider once, so we decided to give her a new title. Of course, you can name her as you will, mister. And, what would you say? That leather outfit is yours, of course. Those rings on her clit and nipples are removable. She looks taller? Look at her heels. They're sexy, right? And she can't even think about running in them but it's funny to make her try. If there are any other modifications you would like, we will be happy to make them. After all, you have paid a tremendous amount of money for this one. What kind of modifications, you ask? Well, some customers have wicked ideas. One, for example, wanted famous heavy metal vocalist with her vocal cords cut down. Other asked for a slave without a tongue. Someone wanted his slave without teeth. We had also requests for shemales, someone wanted Catwoman and Huntress as dickgirls. There was also request for a famous TV actress with her boobies enlarged to watermelon size and from other hand, someone else requested some well known porn actress with her boobies terribly flattened. You'd be surprised at how many wants their slaves rendered unattractive. A lot of customers want them fatteneder to the point where they can hardly walk and some want them anorectically skinny. We can make the erogenous zones of our slaves ten times more sensitive, so even a small touch will be enough to make them cum. Our last invention is a special drug we called "Obedienx". It has no side effects, causes no harm to the body, but it's very addictive. If the user can't get another dose, she gets terrible pain all over her body. Her master buys it from us, so the slave can't really leave him, even if she is able to do it. We provide all kinds of modifications our customers can imagine. I have to admit that their imagination is sometimes very rich.

What is she doing, you ask? She kneels, of course. She has learned that when she's around a man, she must kneel. Like I said before, it's a natural position for the slave. My girls gave her a "goodbye party" today so she might be a bit tired. Those brutes like to use very big, spiked strap-ons, you know. You want to check her body? Yes, please. See? Not a single bruise. Check her ass, it's as good as new. And since you paid so much, we also restored her virginity. That's a gift from the company. Here, take that leash, she'll crawl obediently.

So, good bye Mr. Ivanow, it was a pleasure to do business with you. Enjoy your slave and if you ever have any wishes about more slaves... What? Black Widow? Of course, we'll get her here... next month. What? You want her untrained? I feel obliged to warn you, that slut will be very dangerous. Do you have any experience in slave taming? No? So I really suggest that you start with someone easier. Let me think... how about, let's say, Avril Lavigne? Good? All right. Since she's a celeb, we'll need a bit more time to bring her here. Please call us in two months. Till then, enjoy your Lara. She'll love your donkeys, I bet. If you get tired of her, I'd love to hear about it. We can dispose her discretely. I know about some good brothels. They'll welcome her with open hands.


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