Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people
or real events. It is not to read by minors or those who are easily

Tomb Raider: Adventures Of Lara Croft - Dickgirl Raider (FF,trans,herm,magic)
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

Adventurer/archeologist Lara Croft and her assistant, graduate student
Rosemary Chalmers stood before the entrance to the ruined temple deep in the
Amazon rainforest. They pulled some vines aside and studied the inscription
chiseled into the stone.

"This is definitely it," Rosemary said. "The temple of the legendary Pun1
Amazon Tribe."

"First rate," said Lara with a smile. "This validates our research. Let's go
in. What we're looking for should be in the main chamber."

They carefully made their way through the ruined temple until they came upon
the object of their quest. It was a statue, at least six feet tall of a
fierce warrior woman. She held a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.
She was naked, her bountiful breasts jutting out proudly, proclaiming her
womanhood, just as brazenly as the cock that jutted from between her legs
belied it.

"What we've heard is true," breathed Rosemary. "They were shemales."

Lara nodded absently. Her eyes were on the two golf ball-sized rubies that
adorned the statue's crotch. "The Ruby Balls Of Pun," she whispered to
herself as she crouched down and studied some characters carved into the
base of the statue.

"Any male who touches these gems be struck dead on the spot," Lara
translated. "Any female will be forever strengthened...and...Blast it!
The inscription is indistinct. I can't make out anything else!"

"I'll do a tracing of it and work on it later."

"Good girl, Rose. While you're doing that, I'll get what we came for. I know
of several museums that will pay us handsomely for them."

Lara reached out, gently removed the rubies from their resting place, and
placed them in her knapsack. Then she waited patiently while Rose completed
her work, and they headed back to their camp.

They had a celebratory dinner cooked over the campfire and toasted their
success with a carefully packed bottle of Cold Duck that had been chilled
in a nearby stream. They watched a beautiful sunset, then retired to their
tents. Several hours later, just as Rose was completing the translation of
the inscription, she was startled by a loud shriek that came from Lara's
tent. Rose hurried over and opened the tent flap to find Lara, lying on top
of her sleeping bag, a horrified look on her face.

"Lara, what's wrong?"

"I dozed off for a little bit. And I think, well, I think a snake got into
my shorts."

Rose looked in the direction Lara was pointing. Sure enough, there was quite
a noticeable bulge in the crotch of Lara's khaki shorts, and it seemed to
twitch every now and then.

"Ok, stay calm and stay still. I'll see what's there and we'll figure out
how to deal with it."

Rose unfastened the button,then reached for Lara's fly, gently unzipped
it, and got the shock of her life. It was not a snake that sprang from
Lara's shorts, but a cock. A BIG, FAT cock, at least twelve inches long
and glistening with perspiration and precome. Rose also noticed that her
employer's already ample bust had at least doubled in size, stretching
her sports bra and tight t-shirt to the ripping point.

"What's happened to me?" Lara cried out.

"Well..." Rose began, but stopped, as her face flushed and a wave of lust
overwhelmed her. "I'll tell you later, I promise, but right now, I can't
help myself, I've just got to have a taste..."

Lara, similarly overcome, nodded and panted, "Please do. Hurry. I feel like
I'm going to explode."

Rose jerked Lara's shorts down, then her own, and then pulled off their
shirts and bras. She arranged herself into the "69" position, then swallowed
as much of the cock as she could and wrapped her tits around the shaft. She
glided her lips and tits up and down the shaft as fast as she could,
spit-shining the shaft and the head while Lara licked her pussy furiously.
She even wiggled the tip of her tongue into the cumhole. That did it. Lara
felt her new balls tighten up, and groaned, "Ohhhhhhh...fuuuuuuuuck...
yesssssssss!" as the cum started to shoot out. It filled Rose's mouth to
overflowing, trickling out the corners of her mouth and over her chin. Rose's
pussy began to detonate, popping like firecrackers on the Fourth of July and
soaking Lara's face thoroughly.

"I guess I," gasped Rose, trying to catch her

"Sssh," said Lara, pressing her finger to Rose's lips. "There will be time
for that in the morning. Right now, I think we both need to get some rest."

Lara unzipped her sleeping bag and climbed inside, then patted the ground
next to her. Rose climbed in, snuggled up next to Lara spoon-fashion, and
zipped the bag closed. Then both ladies fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.

* * *

Early the next morning, as the sun rose, so did Lara's cock, extending itself
to its full length and gently prodding Rose. Without really waking up, Lara
and Rose grunted and shifted positions until Lara was able to slide her cock
into Rose's moist womanhood and begin gently pistoning in and out. In it
would go, up to the balls, then back out again until just the tip of the head
remained between her pussylips. They fucked like that for what seemed like a
delicious forever. Then Lara gasped, grunted, and grimaced, then shot Rose's
pussy full of hot cum.

* * *

When Rose finally awoke fully, Lara had stepped out of the tent and was
preparing breakfast over the campfire. Rose slipped into her clothes and
joined her.

"Now about that explanation," Lara said, with a twinkle in her eye.

"I was able to translate the rest of that inscription from the statue. In
effect, what it says, is `Any female who touches the gems will be forever
strengthened and transformed into a Pun Warrior Queen, and will be forever
linked by the pleasures and passions of the flesh to she that has served
her faithfully.'"

"Works for me," Lara said after some consideration. "Now I have another
question for you, `Faithful Servant.'"

"Yes, My Warrior Queen?"

"Have you ever taken a cock up your pretty little rosebud bunghole?"

"Not yet. Would you like to be my first?"

"Does this answer your question?" Lara asked, indicating one leg of her
shorts, where her plum-sized cock head and several inches of the beefy
shaft were clearly visible. Rose shimmied out of her shorts and panties,
then helped Lara slide her shorts down and free her cock. Rose engaged
in some enthusiastic cock sucking and ball fondling, making Lara's hard
cock even harder. Then she turned around and thrust her buns up in the

"Ok, Lara. Raid my tomb!"

Lara took some bacon grease from the skillet, rubbed a liberal amount on her
cock, rubbed some more on Rose's rosebud, then spit on it for good measure.
Then Lara placed her cockhead on Rose's rosebud and began to gently squeeze
her cock into Rose's ass, a little at a time, until she was balls deep. Then
she began the pistoning motion once again, driving herself into Rose, her
heavy balls slapping against Rose's pussylips. Rose's asscheeks bounced and
quivered with each thrust, and her pussy dripped and spurted like a leaky
faucet as Lara fondled Rose's tits with one hand and her pussy with the

"Ooooh Lara! You're raiding my tomb sooo good! I...I...I...I can't take it
any more! Here I ...cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!!"

A tidal wave of pussy honey burst forth from Rose's lips, soaking Lara's hand
and the ground. Lara brought her hand up to her mouth and licked it clean.

"Oh fuck, Rosie. I'm cumming too!" Lara gasped as her cock, buried deep in
Rose's rosebud, began jumping and twitching as it shot out long, thick
strands of hot cum.

Once she had finished cumming, Lara pulled out and sat down. Knees weak, Rose
joined her. They poured some tea and discussed the future. The gems, they
decided, were not going to a museum, they were going into the vault at Croft
Manor. Rose would be moving to Croft Manor too, specifically into Lara's
canopied four-poster bed.

As they packed up their camp and prepared to hike out, they spoke eagerly to
each other of the new adventures, both professional and sensual, that they
would share.



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