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Tiger Cruise: Happy Birthday
by Tricksterson

"Have you heard anything, Mom?" asked Maddy Dolan shortly after she came home
from school. Her birthday was tomorrow and, it being a Saturday, she'd been
hoping that she and the rest of her family would have the weekend to spend
with her father.

"No dear, you know he'll make it if he can. You also know that leave is at a
premium right now."

Maddy sighed. She knew it and accepted it. Didn't mean she had to like it.
She knew that her father's job as a Commander in the US Navy had to come
first, especially since 9/11 but she couldn't help hoping that 4/28, her
sixteenth birthday would mean something too.

Her mother's cellphone rang and she walked into another room to answer it. As
soon as she hung up she picked up her purse and keys.

"I have to go out for a bit hun."

What, are you deserting me too? Why can't I come with?

Her mother smiled. "It's a surprise. trust me, you'll like it."

And so she was left to sulkily mind Kylie, her 12-year old sister. It wasn't
long before Kylie started dancing around her chanting, "I know something you
don't know, I know something you don't know."

"Enough! Come on Kylie, tell."

In reply her sister just stuck out her tongue. Being the mature, older child,
Maddie of course had no choice but to chase her kid sister around the house,
finally tackling her to the floor. A tickle fight followed, with some of the
tickling inevitably devoted both to Maddie's growing breasts and the just
barely budding ones on Kylie. Finally, the older girl pinned her sister to
the ground, knees on her sister's thighs, hands pinning her wrists over her
head. This necessarily stretched their bodies up against each other.

Maddie found herself wondering what would happen if she pressed her lips down
on Kylie's? Would she fight? Or would her small pink lips open to let her
tongue in?

She pushed herself off the younger girl, shaking. How could she be thinking
that about her own sister!?! Maddy had known since she was thirteen that
girl's bodies attracted her more than boys did but had never actually done
anything about it. Well, except once. But stil, her sister...

"What's wrong?" asked Kylie, following her into the living room.

"Nothing," was the sullen reply. Kylie sat down on the couch next to her.
She'd never thought about her sister sexually before but now she just
couldn't get how her sister's slender body had felt under her. She moved
as far down the couch as she could but with the innate ability to do the
most annoying thing possible possessed by all younger siblings Kylie
scootched down after her. Maddie didn't know whether to slug her or cover
her with kisses.

Fortunately, Kate Dolan's car chose that moment to come down the driveway.
Maddie used this as an excuse to jump off the couch and greet her mother at
the door. Only her mother wasn't alone.

"Tina? Tina!"

Tina Mercado.

The only time she almost...

* * *

It had been after they had unfurled the huge flag on the deck of the USS
Constellation. Hot and sweaty, Maddy had hit the showers. At first, alone,
she had just let the warm water wash over her hair and body. Then she had
run a sponge over her young ripening body, enjoying the feel of it on her
flesh. Soon her hands were rubbing soap on her tits and she closed her eyes,
enjoying the feel of her pale pink nipples hardening under her fingers.
Using the rare opportunity of solitude she leaned back against the wall of
the shower and worked the hard bar of soap between her labia and into her
slit. A soft moan escaped her lips.

Then the "ahem" of a throat clearing snapped her eyes open. She saw her
friend Tina standing there, wearing a towel. On the one hand she just wanted
to literally curl up and die. On the other hand , and not for the first time
she couldn't keep her eyes off the lean, tight combination of muscles and
curves that made up the other girl's body.

Tina smiled and acted as if she hadn't seen anything. As if the sight
of another girl with a bar of soap (a bar that had been dropped from
shock-numbed fingers) halfway up her twat was an everyday occurence.
Instead she dropped her towel and stood under the shower head letting
the water pour over her smooth brown body while Maddie watched in

"Have you seen the soap Maddie? Oh, there it is." Tina walked over to where
the soap had fallen picked it up, winked at her friend and then put her lips
to what was left of the bar.

That did it. Maddie couldn't stop herself. She threw her arms around the
Hispanic beauty and planted her lips on her luscious mouth. To her surprise
it was already open and Tina's tongue leapt out to dance with hers. Maddie
gently cupped her friends breasts in her hands, her thumbs making circles on
the cocoa colored nipples.

Then they had heard the sounds of approaching voices and footsteps and leapt
apart with red and embarrassed faces.

Neither girl had mentioned the incident again, even though Maddie
masturbated furiously over it that night and could hear her friend doing the
same in her nearby bunk. Nor, though they had exchanged frequent e-mails in
the intervening months had they since.

* * *

Now, faced with her friend for the first time in nearly a year, Maddie
jumped at her and wrapped her arms around her. She wanted to do more but the
prescence of her mother and sister stopped her.

"Ahem" Why were other people making noise always interrupting her happy
times?, Maddie thought. Then she saw who had made the noise, Anthony, the
other friend she'd made on board the Constellation. The hug she gave him,
while not as carnally inspired was still enthusiastic.

* * *

They had spent the day mainly talking and relaxing since Tina and Anthony
were both tired from their respective flights and had made an early night of
it. Anthony took the guest room while Tina had brought a sleeping bag with
her and slept on the floor of Maddie's room. maddie had wanted to ask her to
share the bed but was afraid to.

A loud groan brought Maddie awake. When she stirred, the noise abruptly cut
off. She pretended to go back to sleep and listened for what did indeed
happen, a recurrence of moans and sighs from the sleeping bag at the side
of her bed. She took a deep breath and made her decision. She leaned over
suddenly and said, "Do you want me to help you with that?"

Tina stopped so dead that for a second Maddy was afraid she'd given her
friend a heart attack. Then the answer came out in a rush.

"Yes! No! I mean...I," then the beautiful Hispanic girl broke down in tears.

Maddy rolled out of bed to straddle the sleeping bag. "What's the matter

"I'm going to Hell!" was the quiet moan.


"After the cruise i confessed to Father Francisco know...the
shower and he said that if I kept up these thoughts I'd wind up in Hell and
that I shouldn't have anything to do with you. But...I can't help it. I keep
thinking about how you looked...and how you felt and how *I* felt and...I
just can't help wanting you and I'm going to Hell but I hardly even care any
more except I do and..."

Maddy took her friend by the shoulders. "Stop. You're not going to Hell. And
even if you do, I promise, I'll be there with you okay?"

Tina looked at her friend, brown eyes gazing into blue. "Promise?"

Tina answered by kissing her straight on the lips, tongue sliding across then
between them. Tongues slowly, langourously slid against each other, igniting
nerve endings. "Promise."

Both girls had worn oversized t-shirts to bed, with only panties underneath,
a fact that became evident by the fact that their hard nipples were now
obvious. Maddie made the first move by taking hers off. Tina ran her hands
over them wonderingly as they kissed again. Maddy's lips moved to her
partner's neck, bringing a tiny whimper. She then got off the floor and
pulled Tina to a standing position. She reached under her shirt and pulled
it over her head, reveling in the sight of the other girls tight athletic
body. She got onto her bed and crooked a finger invitingly.

"So much comfier here." Tina joined her with a smile, straddling her body on
hands and knees while Maddie slid her sopping panties off. Lips and tongues
intertwined while hands explored ripe young breasts and the two girls
playfully wrestled for top position and finally Maddies underwear joined

Finally Maddie wound up on top and then the two girls shared an embarrassed
smile because neither was entirely sure where to go from there. Maddie bent
down and suckled at her new love's breasts which was as good and fun a way
of buying some thinking time as any. Then figuring that Maddie's loins had
to be as burning as her own Tina slipped her fingers between the blond girls
lust puffed labia.

"Mmmmm, I think you have something there," Maddie cooed. "Yesss, so nice!"
She started lavishing kisses on her newly beloved breasts, then worked her
way down the firm belly. Instinctively Tina spread her legs and, recalling
stories heard in the girls bathroom Maddie bestowed a tender kiss, upper
lips meeting lower, then pushed her tongue inside to a delighted response.


Maddie raised a smiling face wet with her lover's juices. "I'm not really
sure exactly what I'm doing," she admitted.

"I don't care, just keep doing it!"

Maddie complied, at the same time swiveling her hips so that Tina's fingers
and tongue could reach her own aching loins. Soon both girls were shuddering
and moaning in orgasm. Tina's legs locked around Maddie's head as herhands
pushed the blond irls groin harder onto her face. Bolt after bolt of pleasure
surged to ever corner of Maddie's body.

As the two young lovers cuddled in each others arm afterward, Maddie
whispered, "Still think you're going to Hell?"

"Don't know, don't care, cause I'm in Heaven now." A frown crossed Tina's
pretty face. "Do you think anyone heard us?"

"Well Mom is on another floor and sleeps pretty sound. Besides, if she'd
heard us she'd be up here by now."

"What about..." and Tina motioned her head towards Kylie's room on one side
and the guest room that held Anthony on the other.

"Let's just hope they enjoyed the show and keep their mouths shut."

* * *

Indeed Kylie *had* been enjoying the show, even if she wasn't entirely
sure what all the sounds signified. They had touched something primal in her
though sending a wave of what she called "the tingles" through her body and
making her hot and flushed. She listened hypnotized to the loveplay next door
and rubbed furiously at her vagina. She'd only masturbated a couple of times
before and while she felt better she still wanted more. It didn't help that
she wasn't sure what that "more" was. Disconsolate and frustrated she trudged
off to the bathroom to pee.

Half asleep, mind buzzing with aroused sexuality she had forgotten they had a
guest and so walked in on Anthony sitting on the toilet, seat closed, cock in
hand. Suddenly Kylie had an idea what the "more" was that she wanted. She
stepped in and closed the door, locking it this time. Anthony meanwhile was
slack-jawed and sputtering.

"K-Kylie! What are you...?"

Acting bolder than she felt she stepped forward and looked at his penis. "Can
I...touch it?"

Anthony weighed his options while looking up and down the girl, clad in a
pajama top and Bratz panties. She was awful young but listening to Maddie and
Tina had him ready to fuck a knothole much less this tweener cutie right in
front of him. He nodded. She ran her hand up and down his thick seven-incher
like she was petting an animal. He reached out and folded her small hand
around it and closed his eyes as she performed her first handjob.

"Mmmmm, that's it honey." He pulled her closer to him and they kissed while
her hand continued up and down his rod. She was even more excited by her
first real kiss then by touching a boys thing. As their tongues mingled more
of the tinglies washed through her and she got bolder, going down on her
knees in front of him. She'd never kissed a boys cock either but had heard
stories from the 'bad girls" in the bathroom at school. 'I guess *I'm* a "bad
girl" now' she thought. 'It's not so bad after all'.

First her lips just went around the head.

"Now lick...yeah that's it. Oh you're good, real good. Now slide it down as
far as you can. Suck it a little. Oh nice, real nice." Anthony wondered if
this mini-hottie would let him...probably not but what did he have to lose?
He'd only lost his own virginity a few months ago and just couldn't pass up
an opportunity like this. He pulled he head off his cock and kissed her
again. As they kissed this time his hands explored her slender body, roaming
up and down her back and clutching at her tight little ass. Eventually they
found their way to her top.

Nervousness and excitment mingled in Kylie as Anthony, or "Tony" as she found
herself thinking of him undid her top. She barely had anything there. What if
he didn't want what she had? What if he did? What if he wanted to...

Kylie didn't really have breasts to speak of, just small swelling that
promised some day to be breasts. Still, he hadn't been excepting anything
more. He rolled her hard little nipples between thumb and forefinger,
producing a small gasp and moan. His lips sucking on them produced more of
the same. His hand slipped into her panties and a finger into her slit.
'Damn! it's tight' he thought. 'I gotta see if i can get into this!' Almost
by accident his fingers found her tender young clit producing an effect as
if she'd had an electric shock. Her body rippled and heaved and she gasped
as if he'd punched her in the stomach.

'WHAT was THAT!?!?' Kylie thought. Her own fingers had *never* made her feel
like that! Right then, she decided she didn't care what he wanted to do. If
he could make her feel that way, she'd let him do anything...*anything*.

Anthony backed his little treasure up against the bathroom wall and slipped
her panties off, all the time keeping his finger sliding in and out to her
enthusiastic moans. He positioned his cock in front of her hole and looked
at her. She gave a small nod. He pushed his head in. her grimace stopped him,
after all the last thing he wanted was to have her run to Mommie screaming
how he'd hurt her.

"It's okay, just...not all at once." she whispered, both more frightened and
more aroused then she'd ever been in her life. Inch by inch he pushed in
until he hit her hymen.

"This is gonna hurt," he told her.

"A lot?" Her lower lip trembled.

"Maybe. But it'll feel real good afterwards."

"Okay, it."

He put his hand between her teeth. "Here, bite down if it hurts."

He pulled back until she thought that maybe he'd changed his mind then pushed
in hard. It was hard to tell who hurt more then, her from his cock, or him
from her teeth. He stopped to let her calm down. Eventually her teeth came
out, his blood on her lips.

"I'm...I'm sorry," she said.

"Sokay, didn't feel a thing," he lied. Still the feel of her pussy muscles
clamped around his cock almost made up for it. He'd never even imagined
anything could be this tight. Soon he started moving in her. 'Oh God!' he
thought, 'This is good!'

After the first few strokes Kiley was feeling the same way. it was as if
every thrust was fire and lightning going through her. Soon she was saying
things she never thought she would, words she was barely aware she knew.

"FUCK me! Fuck me Tony! Shove your big black cock in me! Yeah! YEAH! YEAH!!!"
Her hands tore at his back even as her legs wrapped around him, never wanting
him out of her. Soon his hot jizz was pouring into her as she bit down on his

* * *

Kiley felt herself being shaken awake. After what had happened in the
bathroom, she'd thought about joining Tony but didn't want to be caught there
so had gotten dressed, staggered back to her room and basically fallen into
bed. She opened her eyes. It was light but not very and Maddie was holding
her with her finger to her lips.

"Maddie, what..."

"We have to talk."

"About what?" But of course there was only one thing Maddie *could* be
wanting to talk about at this time of the morning.

"You know what. What were you thinking?"

"Yeah well it's your fault. Listening to you and your girlfriend made me so
horny...besides, it felt good!" If she was going to be a Bad Girl, Kiley
figured she might as well play it to the hilt.


"Yeah, if you tell, so will I." With that she stuck out her tongue.

"Okay, listen, I don't want to get in a fight okay? Tell you what, if you
cover for me this weekend, I'll cover for you. Deal?"


"Listen, what I was really worried about was...have you know...
your period?"

Even after all she'd done, Kiley still blushed at this. "Um...three months

Maddie made a face. "Well, then I better steal some of Mom's pills and show
you haw to use them. She probably won't notice. After all, Dad's hardly ever
here for her to use them.

Kylie went pale, "Omigod, I didn't even think about that!"

"Well, that's what older sisters are for, to think of things that younger
sisters don't," Maddie said with an indulgent smile.


* * *

It was Sunday. Maddie awoke in Tina's arms, both happy and sad. Happy because
of who was wrapped around her, sad because she'd be leaving. In between bouts
of wonderful sex, they had talked about the future. They figured that they'd
find ways to spend as many holidays and vacations together as possible. After
that they didn't really know but hoped they'd find a way. Maddie unwrapped
herself. It was a slow process involving many kisses and caresses but she
wanted to make sure she got Kiley out of Anthony's bed before their mother

When she got to Anthony's room, she found them in the middle of Kiley giving
her black lover a good-bye blow job. She knocked on the door.

"Are you coming?

"No but I will be in a second, hold on," was Anthony's gasping reply.

When they had all come down, eaten breakfast and were on their way out Kate
took her older daughter aside and said, "When we get back, I want to talk to
you." Even though there was nothing threatening in her tone, Maddie had an
"Uhoh" feeling in the pit of her stomach. Had she and Tina been busted?

All the way up, as she sat between Anthony and Tina and Kiley cast envious
glances from the front seat the worry built.

"Don't worry mi amor," whispered Tina. "If she knew, wouldn't she have busted
things up all ready?"

Anthony was more nervous. "Do they still lynch people around here?" he said
only half jokingly.

"If you and Kiley were caught, you'd already be dead, so I wouldn't worry.
Could be worse, Mom's a bit cooler about these thing then Dad would be."

When they got back to the house Kate asked Maddie to join her in her room.

"Sit down," she said motioning to the bed.

"Um, Mom, what's this about?"

"It's about whether you want to have your friends visit again and the rules
your going to have to follow if you want that to happen."

Maddie was of mixed feelings. On the one hand it looked like Mom knew what
was going on over the weekend. On the other hand she wasn't holding a butcher
knife, gun or whip, so maybe she and Kylie could get out of this relatively
unscathed. In fact her mother didn't seem to know about Kylie and Anthony so
maybe she could keep her sister out of this and have the brat owing her
*major* brownie points. She decided to play it cool.

"Okay, what rules?"

"Well, first you shuld understand that I experimented around when I was in
college so i understand about you and Tina. As for you and Anthony, well he
seems like a nice boy but next time, *ask* for some of my pills. And try not
to be so noisy? I don't want Kiley learning *too* much too soon."

A mixture of shock and relief flowed through Maddie. Shock that her mother
thought that she was fucking *both* her friends, relief that her mother was
being so calm about it. SInce she *was* being so nice, she decided to cover
for her little sister. But since her mother knew anyway she had a question
that had been going through her head.

"Mom? How do you stand it?"

"Stand what?"

"Not just being away from Dad but, being *away* from Dad?"

"Oh. That. Contemplating months without sex?"

She couldn't believe she was having this conversation but as long as she was,

Well, it's not a perfect solution but let me show you something you can
borrow. Kate went to her wardrobe and took someting out. It was a huge,
glistening penisshaped cylinder. Maddie had heard of vibrators but never
actually seen one.

"How...," she couldn't believe she was going to ask this of her own mother!
"how do you use it?"

Kate looked shocked for a second and then seemed to come to a decision. "let
me show you." She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down, along with her
bikini-cut panties, revealing a pair of slender shapely legs. Maddie began
to feel the same disturbing attraction that she had felt momentarily for her
sister. it only increased when her mother stripped entirely except for her
bra, revealing a body better then maddie felt anyone her mother's age
*should* have.

"Wow, Mom, you're..."

"Not so bad for a Mom?"

"I was going to say, 'really hot', but that too."

Kate Dolan lay on the bed, legs slightly spread. She turned on the vibrator
and used it first on her breasts, massaging them through her bra. She sat up
and looked at Maddie.

"Would you be more comfortable with your clothes off?"

Maddie wasn't sure of the answer to that but stripped down to her underwear
to her mother's openly admiring gaze. Kate then took off her bra, the last
of her clothing and reapplied the vibrator to her nipples, producing a small
moan. By this time Maddy was hypnotized by the sight of her mother's tight,
fit body. Her own nipples were hard and she removed her bra and started
rubbing them. Kate took the vibrator in her mouth and licked it until it was
slick with her spit. Then, spreading her legs, she inserted it.

"Mmmmmm, that's good." She closed her eyes seeming to be unaware of her
daughter watching.

"Can, can I..."

Kate's eyes, opened. "Help me, ohhh yessss." Maddie had meant to ask for the
dildo herself but couldn't bring herself to pass up the offer. She took it
and pushed slowly in.

"Faster Maddie, faster. Fuck Mommie gooood! Oh yes! Yes!" Kate's back arched
as she hit an orgasm. Forgetting herself entirely she pulled her daughter in
for a passionate kiss. Maddie pulled back for a second then gave in.

When they pulled apart, she asked, "Mom, isn't this...?"

"Incest? Technically but since neither of us can get pregnant this way, is
it so bad?" maddie had no answer to this. "Now you lean back and let Mommie
show you how it's done." Maddie happily switched positions and soon was
experiencing the joy of the vibrator expertly weilded by her mother. Soon
she too bucked and heaved both to the rythms of the dildo and to her mother
free hand and mouth caressing her body.

As they cooled down, or perhaps just prepped for another round maddie felt a
small feeling of betrayal about doing it with someone besides Tina but then
again, it wasn't as if she'd planned this. Besides somehow doing it with a
family member felt somehow more right then if she'd cheated on Tina with just
some other girl.


Yes?" she said, snapping out of her reverie.

"Let's keep this just to ourselves. Your girlfriend might not unfderstand and
Kylie, well she's just too young and innocent."

Maddie wasn't sure whether she would keep this from Tina. But maybe she wait
until Tina visited again. This was something she thought was better worked
out face to face. As for the second part...

"Mom, there's something you ought to know."


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