Thundermans: Thundergirl In Peril Part 2 (F-zoo,bmail,exhib,ncon,mc)
by Barry Gregor

The two of them started making out and after about an hour Cherry stopped and asked, "What are we going to do this weekend?"

Max laughed and said, "I think it's time I used a device I found when I searched Dark Mayhems lair." Max rose from where he was laying and walked to a small chest in the corner of the room. Opening the chest Max took out a small flat box and brought it back to Cherry. Opening the small box he showed Cherry it contained two small headbands. Removing the black metal one he placed it around Cherry's forehead where it seemed to adhere to her staying in place. Max removed the second band, "This one we will place on Thundergirl's head this Friday night and then the real fun will begin," Max stated laughing evilly.

Friday night came and Thundergirl entered the warehouse once again. Seating herself on the platform she quietly waited for the pair to appear.

Max and Cherry again in disguise came to the platform Max placed the silver metallic band around Thundergirl forehead. "Now Cherry just think about something you would like Phoebe do and she will do it."

Cherry closed her eyes and then quickly opened them exclaiming, "Oh, I can see out of her eyes."

"Yes," Max said, "You can see and hear what she does and even feel it if you wish."

Cherry closed her eyes and Phoebe started walking towards Max. When she reached him she started kissing him and running her hands all over his body.

After a few minutes Max stepped back and said, "Cherry, as enjoyable as this is do you have something better planned."

"Of course, my love. As you know Phoebe knows everything. I'm having her body do so she will be doing things she will be greatly ashamed to be doing."

Phoebe rose from the platform and removed her Thundergirl outfit and started redressing in clothes she found laying on a large box nearby. First she put on a blue half vest that exposed quit a bit of cleavage and underboob. She then put on a black belted blue very short skirt. She then pulled her black boots and black gloves back on and put her black mask on. Leaving her bra and panties on the floor of the warehouse.

"Now what?" Max asked.

"Now Thunderwhore goes on patrol," Cherry said laughing evilly.

Phoebe knew what was happening to her and couldn't believe it was her brother Max and her best friend Cherry forcing her to do these things.

As her body raced across the roof tops using her sonic abilities to leap from building to building. She could feel the air rushing over her bare cunt and her already erect and hard nipples. She blushed to think what the public would be seeing and thinking when they saw her in her new outfit.

She soon found out when she came across a group of thugs harassing a small family. She leaped in quickly taking down the six gang members leaving them unconscious on the ground.

The mother and father staring at Thundergirl in her new outfit both started stammering, "Thank you, Thundergirl! We don't know how we will ever truly thank you for saving us."

"Well," Thundergirl said, "Let's start with this and see where it goes." As she walks up to the dad and starts a very erotic kiss and when the mother starts to complain Thundergirl moves to her kissing her and sliding her hand up under the woman's skirt.

After a few minutes of this moving back and forth between the two, she leaves them stunned and gasping sitting on the ground in puddles of fluids slowly growing in size. She then turned to the two siblings a boy about eighteen and his twin sister the same age and the large German Shepard standing and growling in front of them. "Now for you two. I can smell the untapped potential on you from here, so let's have a cherry busting party."

She starts walking towards the pair when the boy yells, "Take her down King!"

The large dog leaps at Thundergirl knocking her off her feet as she lands on her ass Thundergirl thinks, 'This can't be happening.'

The boy then yells, "Immobilize, King!" The dog's head goes under Phoebe's skier and his teeth grab her around her pussy. "Don't move and he won't ravage your groin and don't try any of your super powers either."

Phoebe lay there unmoving as the dog panted his mouth inches from her pussy. She unbelievably started getting wet as the dog stood over her and started getting aroused himself as he scented her growing arousal. He started lapping at Phoebe's moistening vagina licking up her pre-cum as her arousal grew. Phoebe started to moan as she grew closer to an orgasm.

The boy started to call King off when the girl said, "Wait! Let's see where this goes!" and took out her phone and started to record the action.

Thundergirl started moaning louder as the dog's tongue went deeper into with every lick. Her first orgasm hit her and with the thrashing her body started doing. She threw the dog off of her and she managed to roll over and struggled up onto her hands and knees. The dog again attacked her first grabbing her skirt in his teeth and pulling it off her where it gathered around her knees. She managed to move a few feet away from him before he again leapt in grabbing the back of her vest and ripping it from her. She was know mostly exposed and her face was now on the ground since pulling off her vest had yanked her arms up an slightly behind her. She was now in the perfect position and King took what she was offering as he mounted her.

Phoebe thought, 'No, this can't be happening! A dog can't take my virginity! Cherry stop this, please!'

But cherry had removed her consciousness from her since she had no intention of feeling what it would be like to have a dog fuck her. She and Max were watching the show from a nearby rooftop and laughing at what was about to happen to Thundergirl.

It only took a moment for King to mount and find Phoebe's hole and at his first thrust Phoebe screamed at the pain as King's large penis tore through her hymen taking her virginity from her. King quickly found his rhythm as he rammed into and pulled out quicker than any man could have in the same position. Her orgasm started to peak as King raped her screaming repeatedly, "No, no!!!!"

She attained her second then third orgasm as King's knot was forced into her and she lost consciousness from the pain.

Awaking some time later she found herself lying naked on the ground with King lying nearby licking himself clean.

The pair were seated nearby on boxes when they noticed that she was awake the girl smiled and said, "Hello, Thundergirl. That was quite a show and congratulations on your pregnancy."

"What pregnancy?" Phoebe replied.

"If you had not noticed our King is special. He is a mutant that is 99% positive to impregnate any female he has sex with and that is you. Oh and you will carry his kids to term or this video we made will be released on to the internet." The pair rose and started away from Phoebe calling King with them as they left.

Crying as she gathered her clothing and redressing as she slowly walked home from the last patrol she would go on for a long time as well as the last time she would dress as Thundergirl for at least a year.

It was however a memory Max and Cherry would make love to often over the year to cum.
(To be continued)


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