Thunderbirds: Mullion's Revenge (Mf,MMMf,inter,oral,anal,voy,ncon)
by Vengence ([email protected])

Mullion had spotted the girl, Tintin, racing deeper into the jungle and
ordered the driver of his buggy to accelerate and follow her. She was a good
fifty yards ahead of him, but he knew that he would be closing the distance
real quick. There was no way the girl could outrun his ATV. However, just as
he cleared a low, overhanging branch, he saw Tintin standing her ground less
than twenty yards away. She was pulling down on the branch of a tree. Mullion
laughed. 'What good is that going to do?' he thought.

They had just gotten a little under twenty feet towards her when Tintin
released the branch. By the time Mullion saw what was coming at him, it was
already too late. The hornets' nest slammed into chest, and Mullion flew
backwards from the buggy and into a small pond. The driver applied the brakes
and came to a halt as he and the other passenger tried to swat the angry
hornets away. With Mullion and his cronies temporarily dispatched, Tintin
rushed away in the opposite direction to meet up with Alan and Fermat at the
old scrap yard.

On the ground, Mullion desperately battled the bees. He waved his arms around
frantically, brushing off a few of the insects. But the bees were relentless.
Mullion felt the excruciating pain of at least fifty sting wounds, most of
them on his bald head. After about three minutes or so, the bees lost
interest and flew away. Mullion got up into a sitting position and scowled.
He was furious! His fist shook in anger at the terrible retribution he would
unleash on the girl. The Hood may have wanted the kids captured, dead or
alive. But what Mullion wanted to do to Tintin was worse. Way much worse. Oh,
yes. The little bitch was going to be punished!

Rising quickly to his feet and hopping aboard the buggy, Mullion ordered the
driver to take off in the direction that Tintin had ran.

Tintin finally reached the scrap yard to discover Alan and Fermat working on
an old, busted up vehicle of some kind.

"Come on, let's get out of here," Alan said.

"On this?" Tintin pointed at the hoversled, arching an eyebrow.

"Unless you've got a better idea," Alan shot back.

"Yeah," she replied. "Let's wait for Lady Penelope, like your dad said."

Alan scowled. "Great plan. Sit and wait to get caught. We have to do
something now, right Fermat?"

"Actually, I agree with Tintin," Fermat said, making some final adjustments
to the hoversled. Tintin smiled in appreciation. "I don't think this craft is

"You don't think anything is s-s-safe," Alan replied, wanting to take back
the words the moment he said them. Awkward silence filled the scrap yard.

"If we're a team," Fermat said, trying hard not to stutter, "we should make
decisions as a t-team."

"Do you want to vote or do you want to get out of here?" Alan asked. "Because
I'm going." He grabbed the hoversled's handlebars and prepared to start it. A
moment later, Fermat joined him.

"You can be a real jerk sometimes," Tintin hissed at Alan. She climbed aboard
the trailer behind Fermat.

They rocked the hoversled back and forth a couple of times, building up
momentum. Then, with a final heave, they all ran towards the riverbed. Alan
kicked the starter and climbed on as the vehicle shot forward.

"R-remember the control difficulties," Fermat called to Alan.

"No problem," Alan replied.

"You musn't exceed f-four bars of boost, or-"

"I said, no problem!" Alan gunned the throttle and the rocket engine burst to
life. The sled rose six inches off the ground and zoomed downhill, kicking up
dust. The trailer followed close behind, sparks flying whenever it hit a
protruding rock. Unbeknownst to the three of them, the iron spike keeping the
trailer attached to the hoversled was loose, and rattled with each hit it

Alan fought for control of the hoversled as they hurtled down the riverbed.
Tintin and Fermat hung on for dear life. The craft swung wider at every turn,
the trailer whipping precariously behind the main sled. Several times, Fermat
and Tintin nearly flew out of their seats.

A roaring sound, audible even above the hovercraft's engine, caught their
attention. Tintin turned around and gasped. "He's coming!"

Mullion's armored buggy hurtled out of the jungle straight at them.

Alan twisted the sled's handlebars and it darted sideways, dipping into a
depression in the riverbed. Mullion's buggy soared over them, barely missing
the tops of their heads. The vehicle skidded sideways and then dropped into
the gorge.

Alan glanced back. Mullion's ATV kicked up huge clouds of dust as he gained
on them, drawing closer every moment.

"Hang on," Alan called to Fermat and Tintin. He twisted the throttle up all
the way, pushing it well past four bars. G-forces pulled the skin taut on
Alan's face. The makeshift trailer rattled behind him.

"You're going too fast!" Fermat yelled.

Alan ignored him and concentrated on the riverbed as it rose into a canyon
around them. Two jagged rocks loomed ahead-too narrow for Mullion's ATV to
squeeze past. If they could make it through there, Alan knew they'd lose
him. He angled the sled toward the boulders and gunned the engine, then
skidded hard around a turn, fighting with all his strength to keep on track.
He didn't dare look back, for fear that Mullion might be right on top of

With a final burst of speed, he shot through the opening in the jagged rocks.
The sled screeched, and metal scraped against rock as it squeezed through the
narrow opening. That final impact caused the trailer to shake loose from the
main sled. Tintin and Fermat opened their mouths in shocked horror as they
slid down the hill and were dumped unceremoniously from the trailer onto the
ground. They looked up to see Alan as the sled shot forward and away from

Oblivious that his two friends were no longer behind him, Alan laughed. "See?
What did I tell you guys?" He glanced back over his shoulder and his heart
froze. "No!"

On the other side of the narrow rocks, the trailer lay overturned. Tintin and
Fermat lay on the ground, looking dazed and battered. Mullion had the driver
of his armored buggy pull to a halt beside them.

Tears of frustration welled up in Alan's eyes. Knowing that he couldn't do
anything to help them now, he turned away from his captured friends and
gunned the hoversled downhill. If he was going to save his family, he would
have to do it on his own.

Mullion and his men got out of the buggy and approached the two kids. Fermat
and Tintin were too shaken up by the fall to put up some kind of resistance.

"Take the runt and tie him up," Mullion ordered his men. "Make sure he goes
nowhere. This little bitch is mine."

Immediately the two henchmen knew what Mullion intended to do to the girl.
They wanted a piece of her as well, but Mullion claimed her first. On their
pursuit of the three kids, he had promised them that they'd get their turn
after he was done.

Fermat balled his hand into a fist and tried to hit one of the men tying him
up with a thick rope, but instead punched empty air. In less than ten seconds
flat, Fermat was completely bound and rendered helpless. Even his mouth had
been gagged for good measure. He could only watch in horror as Mullion
hovered over Tintin.

"You think you're pretty clever, don't you?" Mullion said as he reached down
and grabbed Tintin by the throat. He planted his knee on her chest, pinning
the girl to the ground. He pointed to the ugly swellings on his head. "Look
what you did to me! You think you can fuck with me?" He snarled and leaned in
close to her face. "Well, now I'm gonna fuck you!"

"No...," Tintin gurgled as she struggled to breath. Mullion was nearly
choking the life out of her.

"Yes!" Mullion growled. He motioned to his men. "You two, hold her down while
I introduce this bitch to my cock."

"Sir," the men replied and kneeled on either side of Tintin. They each
grabbed a hold of her arms and pinned it to the ground above her head. Like
Mullion did before, the men placed their knees on top of Tintin's legs,
ceasing her fruitless struggles as she tried to kick at her captors. All the
while Tintin screamed and screamed.

"Good," Mullion said, unfastening his belt and letting his pants drop to the
ground. Like most common military practice, Mullion had gone "commando," and
the sight of his monstrous erection caused Tintin to scream and once more
tried to break free from her captors. Mullion's cock was nine inches long and
three inches thick. It couldn't possibly fit inside her!

Mullion got down on his knees and grabbed the waistline of Tintin's shorts.
With brute strength he tore the zipper open and yanked her shorts off her
legs. Tintin kicked at him with all her might, but it did her no good.
Mullion caught a hold of both her legs with one hand and reached with the
other to grab her white, cotton panties. Tintin screamed no over and over
again as he viciously tore her panties off her body. He tossed the ruined
underwear aside and prepared for full frontal penetration. Mullion gave
each of Tintin's legs to his men.

"Spread her wide," he said, crawling on top of her and aimed his monster cock
at the entrance of Tintin's tight little love hole. "I want to break this
little cunt in half!"

Laughing with maniacal glee, the two men pulled Tintin's legs apart as
far as it would go and pushed down. Tintin cried out in pain. She couldn't
believe it. The men had her legs pulled into a perfect, 45-degree angle
split, and her knees had come up and past her chest so that they were
touching the ground! Tintin was in extreme, agonizing pain. But that would
be nothing compared to having Mullion's watermelon cock stuffed inside her.

Mullion slid his hands under Tintin's arms and grabbed her around the
shoulders. He penetrated her, pushing his cock in just a little until
he hit the unmistakable barrier of her unbroken hymen. Tintin started
hyperventilating, fighting to squeeze Mullion's gigantic member out of
her. Then, with a growl of pure, unadulterated fury, he pushed her down
into him. At the same time he slammed his cock into her pussy. His dick
plunged right in all the way up to the balls. Without any lubrication!

"YYYYEEEEARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Tintin screamed in intense, agonizing pain.
Her eyes bugged out of their sockets and she arched her back at the painful

The force in which Mullion's cock entered her pussy was so great that he
utterly ripped her cherry to shreds, pushed past the cervix, and plunged
deep, deep into her womb. Tintin's virginity was lost forever. She started
to convulse uncontrollably. The pain was too great. She wanted it to end
quickly. Unfortunately, Mullion intended to punish her. Torture her. Do
all sorts of unspeakable, nasty things to her body. And, if he came inside
her, which Tintin had no doubt that he would, she would get extremely

"Fuck, this bitch is tight!" Mullion moaned, totally enjoying the ultra snug
feel of the choke hold Tintin's pussy had on his cock. Blood leaked out of
the girl's vagina.

"Not anymore, she isn't!" The soldier on his left, Jake, chuckled.

"Damn, Mullion," said Steve, the other soldier holding Tintin down. "I can
see your cock inside her!"

Mullion looked down. Sure enough, he could see the outline of his cock
pushing up against the girl's flesh all the way up to her stomach. He grinned
evilly and got up in Tintin's face.

"You feel that, you little cunt?" Mullion growled as he started to thrust in
and out of the terrified little girl. "I'm gonna bust up your pussy! I'm
gonna bust you up so good that you won't be able to walk for weeks! I'm gonna
fuckin' put you in a wheelchair!"

Mullion laughed, his thrusts getting harder. Faster. Deeper. Before long,
Mullion was pulling his cock all the way out up to the head, then piledriving
it all the way back in. He used his prick like a jackhammer. All Tintin could
do was shake her head back and forth, screaming and screaming and screaming
until her throat became dry. Tears poured by the bucketful from her eyes. Why
couldn't Mullion just shoot her dead? It had to be the far better alternative
than this.

"No! Stop!" Tintin cried in vain. "Oww! Fuck! Get off of me!"

"No fucking way!" Mullion yelled back. "You're mine!" He continued to pump
his murderous cock savagely into her cunt. Tintin grunted and gasped with
each thrust, still trying to push him off her. However, the more she fought
back, the harder Mullion slammed into her. He was going to come inside her
but good, damn it!

"OWW! FUCK!" Tintin screamed, to which, of course, Mullion paid no attention

For twenty solid minutes Mullion delivered excruciating thrust after thrust.
All the fight had been drained out of Tintin long before then. Her mind had
become numb. Her body battered beyond all means to be able to walk straight.
Mullion clamped his mouth over the girl's neck and started kissing and
sucking at the tender flesh. Tintin let out a soft whimper, consigned to
defeat and allow her rapist abuse her body any which way he pleased. Mullion
gradually moved up to her face, planting kisses on her ear and cheek.
Finally, he fastened his mouth over hers and forced his tongue inside her.
For another five minutes he kissed her vehemently, his cock still pumping in
and out of her in a violent frenzy.

When he finally broke his kiss, Mullion raised his head in the air and his
eyes rolled back. His breathing became ragged, a sign that he was about to
come soon. His thrusts became more forceful, as he wanted to be deep in
Tintin as possible. So deep that she would be instantly impregnated by the
amount of cum that shot out of him.

"Oh, fuck! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!" Mullion screamed. He thrust two
more times into her and held his dick as deep inside her pussy as he could.
Mullion shook violently as he shot his cream way up inside Tintin with a
loud, audible SSSPLURRTTT!

"Aww, fuck! YEEAAHHH!" Mullion cried in pure, heavenly ecstasy. He whimpered
and cried tears of joy. This was too much! Mullion raised his head up to the
sky and gave silent thanks for one incredible day of unbelievably hot, spicy
sex. He collapsed on her then, and whispered in her ear. "You are one amazing

Mullion left his cock inside her pussy, pumping every last ounce of his
baby-making seed deep into the bowels of her womb. A few more sporadic
bursts and he was done. God, he must have emptied gallons of cum inside
her! Satisfied with his conquest, Mullion slowly pulled out of Tintin,
savoring the tightness of her walls as his penis slid free. He leaned
forward and kissed Tintin softly on the lips.

He then looked down to inspect the damage he had done. Sure enough, the
girl's pussy was stretched way beyond its limit. No cock would be able to fit
perfectly snug inside her anymore. Come juice was leaking out of Tintin's
mutilated pussy, and Mullion inserted his cock back into her, making sure
that none of his gooey white spunk escaped. The men holding the girl down had
released her then, and Tintin's legs fell limply to the ground. She stared
blankly up at the sky, near catatonic, and her body twitched from the
aftershock of Mullion's incredible orgasm.

Mullion withdrew his cock from Tintin and rose to his feet. He began to put
his pants back on, as Jake and Steve started to take off their pants. It was
now their turn to fuck this girl silly. Below them, Tintin was vaguely aware
that her horrible ordeal was not over yet. More pain was to come. Much more

Off to her left, Fermat sobbed pathetically. He had just witnessed his friend
get brutally raped, and there wasn't a damned thing he could do about it. He
suddenly got angry at Alan. Why did he abandon them? Fermat tugged and pulled
at the rope binding him, but still could not loosen it. In fact, it seemed
that the more he struggled, the tighter the rope constricted on him.

Jake and Steve had finished undressing and now stood naked from the waist
down. The two men pumped their cocks with their hand, prepping their stiff
erection to a state of pre-cum. They gave Tintin's body the once over.

"Well, her pussy's no good to me now," Jake said. "But I suppose her ass is
just as tight."

"Yeah, I wanna fuck that a-" Steve inched his way over to Tintin's butt.

"No way, man," Jake put a restraining hand on Steve's chest. "Her ass is

"What the hell am I supposed to fuck, then?" Steve complained. Apparently, he
had the same idea. "Her mouth?"

"Fuck, yeah!" Jake said. "Bet you could get that pecker of yours all the way
down her throat."

Steve was about to protest, then thought for a moment. The idea of Tintin
deep-throating his cock appealed to him just as much as her tight little ass.
Hell, what he wouldn't give for this sexy young girl to swallow his entire

"Alright," Steve said. "I'm gonna fuck this bitch's mouth."

"Fuckin' A!" Jake exclaimed.

With that, the two men got into position. Jake got down on his knees and
flipped Tintin over onto her stomach. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted
her up so that he now had her in the perfect doggy-style position. Jake
pulled the girl in to him, his cock pushing up against the crack of her ass.
Tintin finally snapped back into reality and gasped when she realized what
was going to happen next.

"No, please," she pleaded. "Haven't you done enough to me already?" Tintin
struggled to wriggle free, tried to get her hands on her talisman so she
could call on her psychic powers, but Steve grabbed her arms before she could
reach it.

"Grab onto this," Steve said, forcing Tintin to wrap her hands around his
cock. "How's that for hands-on experience!" He nearly buckled under the
intense pleasure the girl's tiny hands were giving him. Steve strained to
hold himself in, otherwise he'd shoot his load into her face.

"Haven't done enough?" Mullion spat, answering Tintin's miserable plea.
"Girl, we haven't even started!" He nodded to Jake and Steve, allowing them
to commence fucking the girl.

Jake opened up the girl's ass cheeks and prepared for full anal penetration.
He aimed the head of his penis at her tight sphincter, then rammed his rock
hard dick into Tintin's ass with all the force and fury of a sex-driven

"YEEEARRRRRRGGGHHHH-MMPH?!" Tintin's pitiful scream was abruptly cut short
when Steve shoved his throbbing member into her mouth and down her throat.

The brutal intensity of his assault on her ass was so great that Jake's cock
plunged all the way in up to the balls without resistance. The tightness was
incredible! It was so tight that Jake feared he would be permanently stuck
inside Tintin's ass forever. Not that he was complaining, though. Her ass was
built for fucking.

"Oh, fuck, yeah!" he shouted in triumph, relishing in the feel of how snugly
his dick held inside her.

Jake wasted no time in plundering Tintin's super ultra tight ass. He slammed
his dick in and out of her, pulling out just enough to leave the head inside,
then slamming it all the way back in. He was reckless in his assault. He
didn't care what kind of abuse he was putting Tintin through. At that moment,
his dick was built for one purpose. It was his tool. His weapon. And right
now, Jake was using his weapon to destroy Tintin's ass.

Yeah, that's it, Jake thought. My 8-inch cock: a weapon of ass destruction.

On the other end, Steve started to fuck Tintin's mouth, grabbing her by the
ears and repeatedly pulled her in to him while he thrust forward. He could
feel the head of his cock bumping up against the back of her throat, and
Tintin gagged each time, fighting to breathe. Steve groaned as the girl's
tongue slid up and down his cock, sending shivers up along his spine. He was
in complete nirvana.

For ten straight minutes Tintin was pounded on both ends. Steve and Jake had
worked themselves to an uncontrollable frenzy. Faster they slammed into her.
Harder. Deeper. Each men tugged and pulled the girl's body as if it were a
rag doll. Seeing Tintin's mouth and ass being brutalized by both men was too
much for Mullion. He wanted another go at the girl's pussy. Moreover, his
cock had never lost its rigidity since he first fucked her, and he felt the
cum-load building up would be his biggest yet. Dropping his pants once more,
Mullion walked up to the sandwiched girl.

"Lift her up a little bit," he told his men. "Let's give this bitch a

"Yeah," both Steve and Jake agreed.

While still managing to fuck her mouth and ass, Steve and Jake lifted Tintin
off the ground so Mullion could scoot beneath her. Once he got into position,
he motioned for the men to lower her down on his cock. Steve and Jake
complied, and as soon as Mullion had the tip of his cock at the entrance to
the girl's vaginal lips, Jake slammed into her ass with all of his weight.
Tintin was violently impaled on Mullion's huge dick once again, causing the
girl to scream in pure, agonizing pain.

All three men growled in animalistic, berserker lust and proceeded to fuck
the shit out of Tintin. Steve furiously rammed his cock into her mouth.
Mullion viciously speared her cunt over and over again, assisted by Jake's
savage pounding of her incredible ass. Tears ran by the bucketful down
Tintin's eyes, consigned to her total humiliation and degradation.

Finally, after a full thirty minutes, but what seemed like an eternity to
Tintin, all three men began groaning wistfully. It was a sign that they were
going to come soon. A few more thrusts and Mullion, Jake and Steve screamed
as they exploded violently into Tintin with a loud SSSSPPLLLORRRRRTTT!!!!
The intense force of the triple simultaneous orgasm literally tore up her
insides. Steve held his cock in Tintin's mouth, forcing her to swallow his
entire load. Jake snarled with primal, carnal rage as he pumped every last
ounce of his seed into her ass. Mullion laughed maniacally as he impregnated
Tintin a second time.

When all three men's cocks had emptied all its juice, they pushed themselves
out of the girl. Steve was the first to slip his dick out of her mouth,
letting the shaft of his cock slide on her lips. Jake gave Tintin's ass one
last hard thrust, then viciously yanked his cock out of her as he got up.
Mullion lifted the girl off him and tossed her to the side. Tintin hit the
ground gasping and heaving, her body curled into a fetal position. She was
in tremendous pain! Her whole body shook uncontrollably, and she cried and
cried and screamed and screamed. Her nightmare was finally over, but she
would be haunted forever by the violence upon her body. Above her, Mullion,
Jake and Steve slapped each other high-fives.

By the time Mullion had pulled her tattered shorts back on, Tintin's body
had been completely numb. Mullion had been right. Tintin was permanently
crippled. She was vaguely aware that he had slung her over his shoulder as
he carried her back to the Thunderbirds home base, where The Hood had
recently taken control over.

The End


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