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ThunderCats: The Kitties Are Restless
by Raven

Part I

Bengali lay half-asleep in bed, tossing and turning. He and the other
ThunderCats had completed an exhaustive day of training. No matter how hard
he tried, he could not get any rest.

Suddenly he felt a rough tongue massage his manhood; it was as though a
gentle wind wrapped around him, caressing every inch of his youthful body.
Bengali kept his eyes closed, moaning with intense pleasure as each lick
became longer and more passionate. After his penis grew to its full 7 1/2
inches, the tongue was replaced by a pair of soft, sensual lips. They
slowly slid down his shaft and milked him expertly. He began to groan
louder and louder until he erupted his sexual juices. His benefactor
resumed the licking, removing every trace of Bengali's cum and making him
penis regain its full height.

Bengali opened his eyes to see Cheetara hovering over him, her firm breasts
just inches from his chest. She looked at him with hungry eyes. "I'm sorry
if I bothered you, but I just couldn't sleep tonight. I hope you don't
mind," she whispered seductively as her hands caressed Bengali's chest.

"No, not at all," Bengali inwardly cringed, thinking how stupid he must
sound. "I didn't mind at all. Thank you very much."

"Oh, but it's not over yet," Cheetara promised as she sat back up. Then she
straddled Bengali's midsection and slid his meat deep into her. She rode him
gently at first, than began to build up speed. Bengali thought he was in
heaven and wished there was something he could do to repay Cheetara.

As if to answer his silent prayer, he looked up and saw Cheetara roughly
fondling her breasts. Bengali sat up, his face now level with her mounds of
pleasure. Remembering what she had done earlier, Bengali began to lick her
valley, gently and lovingly, then slowly sliding to one of her mountains.
She purred and moaned with excitement and pleasure, holding his face close
to her chest.

Bengali wrapped his arms around Cheetara and gently slipped his mouth over
one of her breasts. Slowly building up speed, he sucked and sucked her
breasts until passion overcame him and he softly bit her nipple.

Cheetara roared and shook as a powerful orgasm swept through her body, taking
Bengali with her. They stopped for a minute, panting for breath, when a
voice called out to them, "Did you two perverts start without me?"

Cheetara explained, "Pumyra couldn't sleep either, so I asked her to join

Bengali could only nod his approval. The disbelief on his face turned to
rapture as the women slowly yet firmly pulled Bengali back on the bed.
Pumyra straddled Bengali's chest while Cheetara sat on his feet. The two
of them bent down and licked Bengali's dick, their tongues often meeting
and caressing.

Bengali whispered, "If there is a heaven, it can't compare to this."

He heard Cheetara and Pumyra whisper for a few seconds, then giggled like
school girls swapping dirty jokes at a slumber party. Then they took turns,
each licking Bengali's dick passionately until the first drops of pre-cum

Pumyra laughed. "I made him cum first, so I get the dick and you get his

Bengali tried to bolt up in astonishment, but the weight of the two women
held him firmly down. "What?!" he cried

Cheetara looked at Pumyra and giggled again. "I really envy you, girl.
He's a lot of fun at this end." They then shifted positions so that Pumyra
hovered right above Bengali's hard-on and Cheetara straddled his face,
giving his full access to both her pussy and ass. The two women were facing
each other. With big grins on their faces, they counted in unison:
"One . . . two . . . three!" Cheetara landed on Bengali's face at the exact
moment that Pumyra's hole swallowed his cock. The women rode Bengali with
all their might while licking and fondling each other's breasts. Bengali
had no choice: either fuck or be crushed (not that it was a hard decision).

The growls and moans of the two ladies grew in speed and fierceness until a
joint orgasm swept through the three of them. . . .

Bengali awoke and bolted out of bed with a start. His boxers were ruined;
they were covered with cum, and his manhood was so strong it threatened to
rip his garment in two. Unable to move or even speak for what seemed like
hours, he shook at how real it had all seemed. He finally got out of bed
and ran for the shower, hoping some cold water would awaken him and wash
away the cum.

Part II

After his erotic dream about Pumyra and Cheetara, Bengali took a shower to
get cleaned up and, hopefully, help him go back to sleep. His manhood
finally relaxed, Bengali took a bar of soap and began to clean himself. The
moment the soap touched his penis, however, it sprang to life. A sudden
yank on the shower curtains caused Bengali to swing around. There, standing
completely naked, were Pumyra and Cheetara. The two of them stepped into
the shower, Pumyra in front of Bengali and Cheetara behind him.

Pumyra gently took his meat in her hands. "He looks pretty happy to see us.
What do you think, Cheetara?"

"I think I never realized how sexy his ass is." Cheetara bent down and gave
it a couple of passionate licks. Bengali was paralyzed with astonishment.

"Are you ready back there, or will you just lick him all night?" Pumyra
asked impatiently.

Cheetara gently took hold of Bengali's tail. "More than ready," she growled

Pumyra immediately shoved Bengali's dick into her. Then Cheetara stuck his
tail between her legs, each thrust rubbing all over his tail and buttocks.
The two insatiable ladies then reached across Bengali and firmly grasped each
other's butt. Then they began to thrust in unison, taking Bengali on a wave
of pleasure even higher than the one he experienced before. Cheetara and
Pumyra, as if on cue, began at the same time to lustfully kiss and lick
Bengali's upper chest, back, and neck, all the while thrusting more and more
viciously. Bengali let out a sudden roar as an explosion of orgasms and jizz
ruptured through the trio.

Bengali opened his eyes to discover the soap at his feet and both his paws
jacking his manhood. He immediately washed off his hands and crotch as he
said out loud, "If I don't get out of here, I'll go crazy!"

He rushed out of the shower, put on another pair of boxers and some sweat
pants. Maybe if I do a couple of laps around Cat's Lair and then work out
for a while at the dojo, I'll be too tired to dream. Yeah, I'll just
collapse and sleep like a baby," he told himself as he walked out the door.

Part III

Bengali hoped if he could just get some night air and an exercise, his head
would clear and he would be able to sleep. His journey, however, took him by
Pumyra's room. From a few feet down the hall, he saw the door open just a
bit and had an urge to peek in. "Maybe I'll see her in some sexy lingerie or
something," the thought crossed his brain. He immediately shoved it aside,
thinking, "I'm not going to think like that. I'm going to go right by her
room and straight out the door."

As he came within a few steps of the door, he heard the sound of moaning,
as though someone in there was having pretty intense sex. Without even
thinking, he opened the door just enough to be able to see what was going

He almost gasped in amazement, covering his mouth quickly lest he be noticed.
There was Pumyra, 69ing with Cheetara. Bengali told himself to run while he
still could. "After all, this could get really embarrassing and hard to
explain if I'm discovered." But his feet refused to move; Bengali's body
fought back his "hard to explain" with the mother of all hard-ons. He could
not look away as Cheetara and Pumyra greedily ate each other and roughly
fondled her lover's butt. Each moan of pleasureful pain went straight to
Bengali's cock. He next thing he knew, he stood there in the doorway, having
shoved the door wide open. His boxers and sweat pants lay at his angles,
letting his dick grow freely.

Both girls turned around, cum dripping from their mouths. Bengali opened his
mouth to explain, but Cheetara and Pumyra just motioned for him to enter.
Bengali, as though he were hypnotized, entered and closed the door behind

Cheetara and Pumyra untangled themselves and gazed hungrily at Bengali's
cock. The horny ladies each extended a paw to caress it. Then they looked at
each other, their eyes full of lust.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Cheetara asked Pumyra.

Pumyra licked her lips. "Yes, I am."

Then the two girls each took a turn licking Bengali's cock until the first
drops of pre-cum oozed down.

Cheetara sat up proudly. "I made him cum first, so I get to fuck him."

Pumyra looked just a bit downhearted. "Looks like you'll have lots of fun."

Cheetara got down on her hands and knees on the bed, her pussy and ass
towards Bengali. "Give me a feline fuck," she ordered.

Pumyra took hold of Bengali's tail and ran it between his legs. She then
positioned herself so that she could eat Cheetara and still use the end of
Bengali's tail as a dick for her own cunt. The three quickly synchronized
their thrusts, building and building up to a monstrous explosion. They
collapsed on each other in exhaustion.

"Look at us; we're all a mess," Cheetara commented.

Bengali finally found speech. "I suppose I should go."

The two women held him back. "We can't let you go looking like that!"
Pumyra protested. "We'd be terrible hostesses to do that to you."

Cheetara grinned as she caught on to what Pumyra was doing. "But we're all
too tired to get cleaned up now."

Bengali couldn't help but grin himself. "How about this plan: we catch a
quick nap, then we can step into the tub and 'get cleaned up'."

Pumyra and Cheetara looked at each other with approval. Soon Bengali was
lying on his back with Pumyra on his left side and Cheetara on his right.
Both girls laid their heads upon his chest and had draped a leg around him.
He sighed contently as they both slept in his arms. "If I turns out to be
another dream I'll really be pissed," he muttered before drifting off to

Tom Servo: That was pointless!! There wasn't any plot at all!! It was just
a weird sex-fest!!

Mike Nelson (sarcastically): Oh, you don't get off by watching cat-people do

Crow (sarcastically): I got a thing for frog-people myself.

Tom Servo: Crow, you are disgusting!!

Crow: Oh, yeah!! Who's got all those old issues of PlayBorg under his bed?

Mike Nelson: Hey, guys, calm down! I'm trying to watch the movie!


(Special thanks to Knight of the Black Rose's story "Dominion Tank Police:
Revenge of the Pumas" for giving me the idea for the ending!)

If you have any questions, comments, constructive criticism, or wish to offer
me a multi-million dollar contract for writing fan fiction, I can be reached
at: [email protected]


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