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ThunderCats: The First Time Is A Fun Time (mf,FF,inc,oral)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

"Oh my!" Wily-Kat whispered as he peeked into the bathroom as Cheetara

He could see Cheetara in all of her glory as the showerdoor was made of clear
glass. Wily-Kat became extremely turned on as he watched Cheetara run her
hands up and down her body soaping it up.

"Now I see what Lion-O was talking about when he described her back on the
ship," Wily-Kat said to himself. The fact that Cheetara had gone from
washing her hair to soaping up her breasts turned Wily-Kat on very much to
the point that he now had an erection.

"Oh that's very nice," Wily-Kat whispered as Cheetara dropped the soap and
bent over to pick it up. He began to stroke himself through his pants.
Wily-Kat continued to rub his cock as Cheetara rinsed off.

"Oh man Cheetara's hot. Wish I had taken Lion-O's word for it and done this
earlier," Wily-Kat thought as he left the bathroom doorway and went to his

When he was back inside his room, Wily-Kat shut his door and jumped onto his
bed. Still very excited and sporting an erection he removed his pants and
threw them to the floor.

Wily-Kat laid back on his bed and with thoughts of Cheetara racing through
his head he gripped his penis and started to jack it off.

"Oh yes. Like that Cheetara," Wily-Kat moaned as he imagined her taking his
cock in her mouth and sucking on it.

"You like that? Want me to suck it some more?" Cheetara asked.

"Oh god yes, it feels great," Wily-Kat answered as he continued to

Cheetara continued to lick and lap at the head of Wily-Kat's dick a bit more
before getting on all fours and presenting her pussy to him.

"You like that? You want to stick that big hard dick in me?" She teased

"Oh yes! You're great Cheetara!" Wily-Kat moaned a little louder as his
stroking increased.

Meanwhile outside with her ear to the door Wily-Kit listened intently trying
to figure out what was going on.

"What's he doing in there?" She thought. "I better go in and make sure he's

Wily-Kit opened the door and gasped at the sight before her.

"Oh yes Cheetara! Oh God! I'm gonna come!" Wily-Kat panted as he was
furiously jacking himself off now.

"Oh my! Wily-Kat what're you doing?" Wily-Kit asked incredulously.


Wily-Kat was caught off guard and was completely embarrassed as he scrambled
to put his pants back on. It didn't matter though as his erection still
tented his pants up.

"Something wrong?" He asked innocently.

"What were you doing Wily-Kit?"

"What do you mean?"

"I saw you playing with your thing and saying Cheetara's name. Were you
having fantasies about her?"

"No, why?"

"I overheard from Cheetara and Pumyra that males do have fantasies and that
they do what you were doing."

"You promise not to tell anyone?" Wily-Kat asked.

"Yes, I promise. What is it?"

"Well I was playing with myself. Panthro calls it masturbation, but I swear
today was the first time I thought about Cheetara."

"What did you do the other times?"

"Nothing really, it just felt good so I keep playing with myself until I


"It's when guys shoot this white stuff out of their penis."

"We have something similar happen when we touch our privates."

"Wha- You play with herself too?" Wily-Kat asked astonished.

"Ye- yes," Wily-Kit mumbled beginning to regret she said anything.

"Look I didn't for mean it to sound like that. Where did you learn to do

"I accidentally walked into Cheetara's room once without knocking and I saw
her. I tried it later on."

"Huh..." Wily-Kat responded not sure what to say. There was an awkward
silence for a few minutes. Wily-Kat began to get off the bed when Wily-Kit

"Hey Wily-Kat?"


"Can I... Can I play with your penis?"

Wily-Kat just stood there having no idea what to say, but his member did as
it stiffened back up and Wily-Kit took notice.

"We shouldn't, it's not right. We're too young to play with each other,"
Wily-Kat stammered.

"But I want to. I'll tell Cheetara what you were doing if you don't let me,"
Wily-Kit said with a demanding tone that surprised even her.

"O-Ok," Wily-Kat agreed as he got back onto the bed and laid down. He pulled
down his pants far enough for his erect dick to pop out.

"Oh my," Wily-Kit whispered as her eyes fixated on his prick. She then
wrapped her hand around the soft fleshy member and slowly began to rub it up
and down.

"Oh Wily-Kit..." Wily-Kat whispered as he felt the stroking sensation of his
cock by Wily-Kit's hand. "Keep going..."

The moans and groans by Wily-Kat continued as Wily-Kit kept sliding her hand
up and down his shaft tickling his scrotum from time to time. Curious to see
what it looked like for Wily-Kat to cum, Wily-Kit noticed that not much was
happening at the moment. Wily-Kit then remembered during that same
conversation Cheetara and Pumyra had about masturbation that they also talked
about something else and it gave her an idea.

"Wily-KIT!" Wily-Kat shouted half in surprise half in excitement as he felt
her lips wrap around his cock. "You can't do this."

"Why not? Cheetara did it to Lion-O and it made him really happy."

"But... but..."

"Be quiet or we might get caught!" Wily-Kit retorted before returning to her
lip action.

As he felt his member slide in and out of Wily-Kit's mouth with her tongue
lickling his scrotum, Wily-Kat tried to imagine it was Cheetara or even Queen
Willa, but it didn't work as his thoughts kept coming back to Wily-Kit.

For a first timer Wily-Kit did pretty good as far as Wily-Kat could tell. As
her lips moistened the shaft and head and her tongue tickled them, Wily-Kit
felt the pleasure Wily-Kat was experiencing as he let out little muffled
moans of pleasure. Wily-Kat then did something that surprised her as he
placed his hands on the back of her head and began to push down on it as he
pushed up with his hips.

At first the tip of Wily-Kat's dick poked the back of her mouth and made her
gag a bit, but soon she got comfortable with it and was taking it all in
with ease. As Wily-Kat's tongue traced and wrapped its way over his member,
Wily-Kat began to feel it spasm and well up with excitement.

"Oh Wily-Kit, I'm going to come if you keep doing that," Wily-Kat warned
moaning as his penis shook excitedly with every touch of her tongue.

"Come Wily-Kat, I want to see you come," Wily-Kit begged. Her tongue slid up
his shaft one last time before stopping on top of Wily-Kat's pisshole and
pressing down on it.

"OH GOD!" Wily-Kat panted as he stopped fighting the urge and his cock
exploded. Wily-Kit removed her mouth but not before a few drops shot inside
of it. She then watched with earnest as Wily-Kat's penis spurted shot after
shot of white goo and it splattered on his abdomen and legs. When it slowed
down the white fluid just trickled down his dick pooling at its base.

"Oh my, so that's what one looks like," Wily-Kit asked with wide eyes. She
then licked the cum from Wily-Kat's legs. "Hmm... It tastes salty."

"Oh my god..." Wily-Kat muttered as his thoughts went back over what just

"You ok?"

"Yeah, it's just..."

"What is it Wily-Kat?"

"I dunno... I better clean up before anyone sees this," Wily-Kat said as he
picked up a rag off the floor and started to wipe away his fluids.

"Can we do this again sometime?" Wily-Kit asked. "And you stick your dick
inside of me?"

"Look Wily-Kit, I don't think we're supposed to even be doing this. It's for
adults to do you know," Wily-Kat replied as he put his pants back on and was
fully dressed.

"But how will we ever become adults if we don't? We'll just keep getting
treated like kids. Besides it made you feel good didn't it?"

"Yes I suppose..."

"What's wrong with that then? I want to feel like that too."

"Feel like what?" a robe clad Cheetara asked from the doorway.

"Oh! Hey Cheetara, we were just arguing over how fast we should go on the
hoverboards Panthro gave us and how it gave us a rush," Wily-Kit answered
trying to sound as honest as possible.

"Hmm... Ok," Cheetara said as she sniffed the air. Cheetara thought she
smelled something, but thought nothing of it.

The young cats began to worry that Cheetara might pick up Wily-Kat's scent as
she stood there for a few minutes more.

"The others will be back soon with the Thundrillium. Be ready to help,"
Cheetara finally said before starting to walk down the hall.

"I thought I heard the water turn off ten minutes ago," Wily-Kat shouted.

Cheetara stopped and went back to his doorway.

"It did, but I thought I heard something when I was showering so I checked it
out. No intruders though. Good thing right Wily-Kat?" Cheetara asked with a
smirk on her face.

"OH NO! She knows!" Wily-Kat thought in astonishment with his eyes wide

"Seems Wily-Kat is starting to develop Lion-O's habits," Cheetara thought
smiling as she walked down the hall. Her thoughts were interrupted as she
heard a door slam further down the hall. When she got to the door she
realized it was her own. Cheetara slowly opened door and readied herself
for an attack. Instead she found Pumyra gazing out her bedroom window.

"Pumyra? What're you doing here?"

"Oh, hey Cheetara. Sorry about this, I just wanted to talk to you again."

"You do? Why aren't you with the others bringing back the Thundrillium?"

"I don't know, I just feel out of place I guess. I mean you're used to it
and all, but there's just us two, and I can feel the guys staring at me
sometimes. Even Wily-Kat's trying to peak in on me when I'm taking a shower

"Yeah Wily-Kat's starting to mature. I didn't catch him, but I sensed he was
there watching me. Lion-O did the same thing when he was a child," Cheetara

"Lion-O? He's the leader of the Thundercats. He's noble and good and a great
leader. Why would he have done it back then?"

"Pumyra listen. No matter what rank, or planet, or position someone might
have a male is a male. It's in their blood to hunt the female if you will."

"So what do I do then?" Pumyra asked.

"It's simple. Nothing."


"Wily-Kat's growing up, so you have to cut him some slack. While the others
may stare and grovel occasionally, they're good guys. They don't touch or do
anything unless you let them and they never let their urges get in the way of
what needs to get done. I'm still getting to know Bengali and Lynx-O, but
they seem just as noble as the others."

"They are, but up until we arrived here we were too busy trying to survive,
so it was never an issue. I guess it's something I'll have to learn to deal

"You'll be alright Pumyra."

"You think so?"

"Yes I do."

"Thanks," Pumyra said smiling. She then left the window and headed for the

"Hey Pumyra?"


Cheetara leaned forward and with her hands on Pumyra's face she kissed her on
the lips.

"What was that for?" Pumyra asked surprised.

"Nothing really, I just wanted to make sure everything was ok with you."

"It is thanks," Pumyra replied kissing Cheetara back on the lips. Pumyra was
about to pull back when an urge overcame her and she kept kissing. Pumyra
slipped her tongue into Cheetara's mouth and they began to swap spit.

"Pumyra..." Cheetara whispered with surprise.

"What? You kissed me first."

"Yeah I know, but... I wasn't expecting this kind of response.

"Are you expecting this?" Pumyra asked as she reached into Cheetara's robe
and gave her breast a squeeze.

"Mmmm... Nice girl, but what's with the sudden change?" Cheetara asked as she
dropped her robe to the floor.

"I don't know... Just call it bonding I guess," Pumyra replied as undressed
and dropped her suit to the floor. "You look gorgeous."

"As do you," Cheetara replied smiling as she gently pushed Pumyra back onto
her bed. "Now lay back."

Pumyra did as she was told and laid back on Cheetara's bed. Excited by what
was about to happen Pumyra ran her hands down between her legs stopping to
rub her privates momentarily before bringing them back up to her breasts.
She groped and fondled her breasts pinching her nipples slightly.

Cheetara watched Pumyra with earnest and had begun to rub her clit, fingering
herself from time to time.

"You'll like this better," Cheetara whispered softly as she got on her knees
and spread Pumyra's legs. Cheetara ran her hands up and down Pumyra's inner
thighs before stopping at her mound. She then pushed her thumb on Pumyra's
slit and rubbed it gingerly.

"Oooh..." Pumyra panted before Cheetara really did anything really sexual.

"Good god girl not yet," Cheetara grinned before stretching Pumyra's slit and
letting her tongue slither in.

"Oh my god Cheetara... What're you doing?" Pumyra moaned as she clenched the
bed sheets and the sensation of the wet tongue inside of her pulsed through
her body.

Cheetara continued to flick her tongue about Pumyra's cunt until she tasted
her juices that were starting to flow.

"Mmmm... You taste sweet," Cheetara giggled as she licked Pumyra's pussy up
and down tasting all of her fluids. "Now let's see what happens when I do

Cheetara slipped her index and middle finger into Pumyra's box and began to
pump it in and out as she licked and nibbled on her clit.

"Oh my god, Oh Cheetara, Oh my..."

Pumyra began to unconscienciously thrust her hips into Cheetara as she
started to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples again.

"Good Pumyra good. Do for me what the guys make you too uncomfortable to do."

Cheetara continued to feverishly fingerfuck Pumyra and nibble her clit.

"Oh yes! Cheetara, I love this! I'm fixing to come!" Pumyra groaned loudly
as she ground her cunt down on Cheetara's fingers and her body was now
starting to shake with excitement.

"Perhaps this..." Cheetara quietly said as she flicked her tongue to Pumyra's
clit and her finger tapped Pumyra's sweet spot inside.

"OH YES! CHEETARA!" Pumyra shouted as her body spasmed violently and orgasm
exploded within her. Cheetara was surprised slightly as Pumyra's orgasm
caused her cunt juices to shoot out and splash down on Cheetara's face.
Cheetara didn't mind though as she licked what she could off her lips and
nose before turning her attention to the river flowing from Pumyra's box.

"First time with a female I see," Cheetara laughed as she licked and lapped
up the fluids pooling on her bed sheets beneath Pumyra's cunt.

"Oh my," Pumyra panted trying to catch her breath. "That was great!"

"The first time always is, though that's not to say the experience will ever

Cheetara got up, walked over the table where her extendable bo was sitting,
and picked it up.

"This is good for two things. One is beating up those lowly mutants and the

Cheetara slid her tongue up and down the bo before taking the end of it in
her mouth and sucking on it. The site of Cheetara giving oral to her bo
turned Pumyra on and made her vagina tingle with excitement again. Pumyra
then sat up on the bed and ran her hand down between her legs.

"Horny again are we?" Cheetara grinned as she watched Pumyra plunge a finger
inside of her cunt.

Cheetara climbed on to the opposite of Pumyra and placed her legs on top of
Pumyra's. She then licked her lips as Pumyra earnestly penetrated her box
with her fingers. Cheetara leaned forward and kissed her on the lips as
Pumyra kept busy to herself. Cheetara leaned back and spread her slit open
with one hand and with the other pushed her bo inside.

"Cheetara... Cheetara..." Pumyra whispered as she closed her eyes and saw
herself getting split open with pleasure as Cheetara penetrated her cunt with
some sort of strap-on device.

Cheetara furiously continued to dig her pussy deep and hard with her bo as
she heard moans start to emanate from Pumyra.

"Oh my god Cheetara! Fuck me hard! Fuck me!"

"Mmmmmm... You want me to fuck you? Want me to fuck you hard?"

"Yes! Oh yes!" Pumyra begged as her fingers thrashed deep inside of her

"Move your fingers Pumyra," Cheetara commanded with the bo still in her box
as she leaned forward and pulled Pumyra's fingers out of herself. "It won't
be the same, but move climb on."

Cheetara pushed a button on her bow that extended until it got close enough
to Pumyra. With her slit still moist and wet Pumyra easily inserted her end
of the bow. Both Thundercats then began to push forward on their ends of the
bo, and moan as it touched off inside.

Being new to this, Pumyra's juices began to slowly flow again as the shaft of
the weapon rubbed up against her vaginal walls. With her keen sense to pick
up the smells, Cheetara noticed Pumyra's scent again and was turned on by her
eagerness. They both soon found themselves pushing down hard and deep on
Cheetara's bo.

"Oh god this is great," Pumyra panted back in her own fantasy world. "Fuck
me hard Cheetara! I want to come again!"

"Come for me Pumyra! I want you to come so I can taste you again!"

The thought of Cheetara and the feeling of the bo violating her pussy started
to become more than Pumyra could handle. She was slamming her herself hard
into the bo as her body worked itself up again.

"Oh God! I'm gonna come!"

With one last thrust from Cheetara in her mind, Pumyra's body started to
shake from its second orgasm.

"Ooooooh Cheetaraaaaaaa!" Pumyra yelled as a second wave of ecstasy rushed
through her body and her cunt started squirting out its juices again. This
time they slide down the shortened bo and tapped into Cheetara's pussy.

As she rode the bo hard, Cheetara heard Pumyra's screams of pleasure, and
felt her love juices.

Pumyra climbed off the bo when she finished and held it down with one hand
so it wouldn't move. She then leaned forward and licked around the bo and
Cheetara's cunt lips as she continued to grind down on it.

"Oh Pumyra! My clit! I want to come for you!"

Pumyra then moved her tongue up to Cheetara's clit occasionally pushing down
on it and biting it.

It had been awhile since Cheetara had been with another female Thundercat, so
Pumyra's actions soon brought pleasure to her body.

"Oh YES! OH GOD YES!" Cheetara moaned as orgasm rushed her body when Pumyra
nibbled on her clit. Cheetara leaned forward on her weapon as her pussy
quaked and her love fluids started to gush. "Oh my..."

When the pleasure subsided Cheetara smiled, kissed Pumyra on the lips, and
rolled onto the bed. Pumyra turned around and laid down next to her.

"I'm won't be anymore comfortable around the guys, but... but it's nice
knowing your here."

"Well it's good to finally have another female around I can relate too."

"Hey Cheetara did Pumyra come back?" Lion-O shouted knocking on her door.

"Yes Lion-O she's in here," Cheetara answered startled. "She wanted to talk
and Wily-Kat kept trying to spy on us so I locked the door."

"Is she ok?"

"Yes everything is fine."

"Well come outside and help us bring in the Thundrillium will you please?"

"We're on our way down."

"Thanks Cheetara."

"Looks like were needed outside," Pumyra said smiling.


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