Just a few boring things you need to know: First of all, the ThunderCats
characters are NOT mine, but are under copyright. I am using them only for
personal enjoyment and do not profit from this story. Secondly, this tale
contains tastefully described sexual intercourse - if you don't like reading
about sex, are looking for some hard-core stuff, or are under legal age to
read this material, trash this now. Lastly, this is my first fan-fiction AND
my first erotic story, so any praise, comments, or constructive criticism is
appreciated. All flames will be laughed at and disregarded.

And now, without further ado:

ThunderCats: A Walk In The Rain (MF)
by Raven ([email protected])

Panthro walked silently around the woods by Cat's Lair. He paused for a
moment, letting the gentle rain and soft wind caress his fur and relax him
as the pressures of the day lifted. A small sigh of peaceful relief from
behind a nearby clump of trees broke his reverie. He crept over to find
Cheetara lying in the wet grass, her eyes closed and a contented look upon
her face.

Suddenly, she leapt up in surprise, startling Panthro. They looked at each
other and began to laugh at each other's expression. Panthro broke the
silence, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you."

"It's okay," Cheetara softly replied. "I just thought I was the only one
enjoying this beautiful weather."

"Not at all. In fact, I love to take walks on rainy nights."

"I used to do that, but then I found something better," Cheetara told him.

"What's that?"

"Laying in the grass. It doesn't take as much energy as standing."

Panthro looked at Cheetara and suddenly felt awkward. He stammered, "I'll -
I'll have to try it sometime." He began to glance around, looking for an
excuse to leave.

"Why don't you try it now?" Cheetara asked soothingly. "I was getting a
little lonesome anyway."

"Okay, I guess for a few minutes." Panthro laid down on the wet grass,
feeling uncomfortable, as though he was intruding on Cheetara's privacy.
He was soon able, however, to close his eyes and feel the gentleness of the
evening surround him like a gentle lover's embrace.

Panthro lost all track of time, until he felt a soft paw slide across his
chest. He unconsciously began to purr and rock in the grass as one paw
became two. After a few minutes, Panthro opened his eyes lazily to see
Cheetara's face a few feet above his. Their eyes met, then they kissed
each other gently.

One kiss led to another, and another, each lasting just a little longer.
Then, as though Cheetara had taken on Panthro's uneasiness, she broke off the
embrace. "I shouldn't be doing this." She moved a couple of feet away and
sat down, her face turned away from Panthro.

Panthro moved next to her, draped an arm across her shoulder and asked her
what was wrong.

"I just felt like I shouldn't have kissed you, that's all."

Panthro told her, "It didn't bother me in the least."

"Really?" Surprise filled Cheetara's voice.

"No, it didn't. In fact, I was kinda hoping that you would."

"But . . . you see . . . "Cheetara hesitated for a second, then took a deep
breath. "I didn't want to stop at kissing . . . " She stopped, deciding
whether or not she should continue.

Panthro gently turned her head to face him, then looked lovingly into her
eyes. "I'm not going to force you to make love to me, but I am willing, if
that's what you want."

"More than anything," she told him breathlessly before kissing him again.

They kissed for several minutes, first caressing each other, then removing
each other's clothes. Panthro lay back down on the grass as Cheetara
straddled him, sliding his penis into her. Her groans of pleasure began to
fill the air.

Panthro sat up and wrapped his arms around Cheetara. He then began to work
his way deeper and deeper into her as their hands stroked each other's back.
Cheetara's mouth began to explore Panthro's neck with both softness and
hunger. Panthro tilted his head back to expose more of his neck as he purred
and groaned with pleasure.

Cheetara stopped kissing Panthro's neck suddenly and leaned back a bit.
Panthro took the hint and buried his head between her firm and supple
breasts, his hands on her back for support. Cheetara purred passionately,
using her hands to guide Panthro across her breasts as she rode him harder
and harder. Panthro let himself be lost in the passion, gently biting her
erect nipples as their sex juices exploded.

Panthro then collapsed on the ground, Cheetara falling on top of him. She
then began to snuggle against his warm, wet coat. "That was wonderful," she

Panthro gently kissed the top of her head and replied, "You don't know how
long I've dreamt of making love to you."

"I know; I just never had the courage to bring it up before."

"Now that we know, things will be different for us."

Cheetara purred, "I can't wait," as the two lovers fell asleep in each
other's arms.

The End


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